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Babyliss Essentials Turbo Dry 2000 Watts Hair Dryer

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Brand: Babyliss

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2013 22:48
      Very helpful



      The ideal dryer for me

      I've had bad luck with hairdryers - they keep dying on me. I'm not sure why, maybe hair gets into them, but for several years I seemed to be buying one every 1-2 years. However my current one has reached the three year mark, so it must be doing something right.

      I bought the Babyliss Essentials Turbo Dry from Argos for around £14. I didn't pay much attention to the features, I was simply looking for one which looked like it was of reasonable quality for a low price, and not the cheapest in the catalogue. The hairdryer is black, with a purple Babyliss logo and design on the side. It has just one switch on it, which controls the speed or force of the air, whatever you want to call it.

      At the time I bought the hairdryer, I had shorter hair which needed a bit of styling - not much, just some attention with a hairbrush while drying to make sure the ends curled under properly. Now I have very long hair, and my only aim is to get it dry so I can pleat it - I find that if I pleat it while wet, it sits very flat on the top of my head.

      For both short and long hair, I've found that the Babyliss hairdryer does the job. I used the lower setting with short hair, which enabled me to style it a bit easier, but for quick drying the high setting is ideal. It really is quite a powerful hairdryer, which is just what I want. I let my hair dry a little naturally while I have my breakfast, then a short blast with the hairdryer is enough to get it dry, usually around three minutes. I don't use a brush during this, just let the hot air do its work.

      The Babyliss dryer is hot, but not scaldingly so. The temperature is not changeable, which is a shortcoming of the dryer if you want to control the heat, but this isn't something which bothers me. I actually find the temperature to be just right: not so hot as to burn, but pleasantly warm, especially on cold winter mornings.

      The hairdryer isn't too heavy to use, and it is easy to use, but it could do with being a touch lighter. It is easy to grip however.

      Recently I've been using new hair products designed to encourage hair growth in thin hair (which I have), and I've found it a little more tricky to dry my hair after using the scalp treatment mousse. I've started to dry my hair with my head upside down in order to try to get a bit more volume and combat the flatness the mousse seemed to cause the first few times I used it, which may have been down to me applying it wrong. I find I have to be careful using the dryer like this, as my hair is very long and seems to get caught in the back of the hairdryer quite easily.

      Over three years and the Babyliss Essentials Turbo Dry is still going strong, not even making funny noises or slower air flow. Either I've stopped doing whatever it was that kept breaking my previous dryers, or this one is a better one which can last longer. I got a bargain with this hairdryer, and the only reason I can see for anyone to pay more for a hairdryer would be to get one with temperature control, but for me this Babyliss dryer is perfect.


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