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Babyliss Turbo Power 2200 Hairdryer

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3 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss / Type: Hair Dryer

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    3 Reviews
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      13.08.2012 18:12
      Very helpful



      1,000,000% 5*s from me!!

      When it comes to styling my hair at home I've never really been one for using a hairdryer. I tend to find that when I do it makes my hair a lot harder to manage and makes it look a lot frizzier - and the split ends more noticeable so I would much prefer to let it dry naturally than use a hairdryer. However that method is very time consuming as I have very long hair that takes a VERY long time to dry all by itself and when in a rush before work or before a night out that's not the most ideal way to go so a few months back I thought I'd buy myself a hairdryer just for the occasions that I simply don't have time. Now knowing absolutely nothing about hairdryers due to total lack of experience I have to admit I went with one of the first ones I found that had decent reviews from other users - the 'Babyliss Turbo Power Hairdryer' luckily my first impressions on this hairdryer were totally accurate is it is actually amazing - I'm now blow-drying over natural drying all the time - its saving me hours in a week!!

      Useful Information:
      Price: I believe when I bought this I got it for around £20 but the cheapest I have found today is around £22 - I guess prices on this vary quite a bit so make sure you shop around before you buy!
      Stockists: Amazon - where I purchased mine. Boots & Superdrug also have this online - unsure whether they stock this one in store though!!
      Other Info: This hairdryer is said to offer a special conditioning technology to ensure an anti-frizz style and result - one of the main things I bought this for because as I mentioned I find hairdryers make my hair very frizzy! This Babyliss hairdryer also comes with a 3year guarantee as standard - perfect for people like me who have VERY bad luck with electrical products of any kind!


      Appearance & A Few Technical Bits & Bobs:

      Design wise it looks pretty standard for a hairdryer - although very striking nonetheless. I've had a lot of people comment on this saying its rather large for a hairdryer - I don't think it is however it's still the perfect size to hold in your hand without it being too heavy or be too big to hold comfortably - if you're looking for a more travel sized hairdryer though then maybe this isn't the one for you. Anyway back to the design - this hairdryer is silver and black in colour - very professional looking in my opinion - and in normal design has the nozzle sticking out from the top and the handle protruding from the bottom attached to the lead and plug - more on that later!! I think this is more of a professional looking dryer because there are plenty of buttons all over it offering special added features - at first for something of a hair dryer virgin I found that a bit daunting because I had no idea how to use anything but now I'm so happy I bought a more professional dryer. Don't worry about the design looking a bit complicated it isn't in the slightest. A very professional looking dryer in my opinion.

      I have to be honest as I'm writing this review I'm intending to throw the box that this came in, in the bin as simply I don't have use for it anymore as I don't use this anywhere but at home but there is some information on the box that others might find useful -

      * Information on all the buttons and their uses - again more on that later.
      * Styling tips for literally anything you want to do with your hair that requires a dryer.
      * How to use it - with or without the added concentrator nozzle
      * Also a customer care helpline and email address for more questions or queries.


      The Nozzle & Buttons:

      As I said for someone who was once very inexperienced with hairdryers I found all the buttons slightly confusing so I thought I'd add this section to shed a bit of light on what each one does and where it positioned - for hairdryer virgins:

      The Heat & Speed Switches:

      These to switches are placed on the back of the handle and have 3 different settings on each so you can control the exact heat and the exact speed you need each time you use this. Personally I normally have it on the middle heat and middle speed. If I have it any higher I think my hair would be blowing about everywhere and it would be far too hot on my head - but obviously it's nice to have the choice and as everyone has different hair types and can withstand different amounts of heat each person's opinions on what they like will vary - a pretty standard feature I would assumed but a very important one nevertheless. The buttons are very well positioned to switch around should you chose whilst using it - and they don't just slip to different settings while you're using it so I am very pleased with this feature.

      The Turbo & Cool Shots:

      The turbo button is designed for giving your hair a really fast and intense shot of heat when you first start drying your hair - its meant to be basically a quick way of getting a lot of the excess moisture off your hair before it comes to drying the rest of it and styling it and it definitely works - at times I do find it slightly too hot for my head to handle BUT because you only use it for such a short time it's not unbearable in any way. The cool shot button I have to admit I haven't use that much but on the few occasions I have it has worked wonders. The cool button is designed to be used is designed to be used after all the heat to help cool your hair down and helps set it in place very well - I like that the cool button is added because sometimes my hair gets VERY hot whilst using this and it's nice to have the option to cool it down slightly before I start styling it properly - the juries out for me on whether it helps my style set in place as I often use Straighteners and curlers afterwards but for people who prefer the more natural, wavy blow-dried style I think it will work absolute wonders for you.

      I do have one slight issue with these buttons - they are placed in an awkward position I find. They are right at the top, inside the handle and my hand often slips onto them when I'm in the middle of just drying my hair and a quick shot of heat when I'm not expecting it is not good! Also the buttons are quite tight to press - even though I've owned and used this for quite a while now, so I like the fact the buttons are included but they aren't placed as good as they could have been.

      The Nozzle:

      The nozzle is quite an important feature because it's that little part that is supposed to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. And I have to say it actually does work - when used in the right way of course. The nozzle is easy to attach and thankfully doesn't keep falling off whilst your using it - some others I've attempted to use in the past have been very flimsy. The nozzle works best when used alongside a brush to really control your hair rather than giving it an all over blast of heat just to dry it rather than attempt any kind of style. I definitely agree the nozzle helps control frizz - as I've mentioned previously hairdryers normally make my non frizzy hair look like I've been dragged through a hedge but when using this I've been amazed with the results. This helps my hair look glossy and healthy rather than bedraggled and messy and so its 100% my favourite feature of this dryer.


      Using It:

      Using this is incredibly easy - believe me when I say all the added features don't make this complicated at all as at the end of the day this works perfectly fine whether your using it as a normal hairdryer OR with all the professional, funky features. It's easy to hold without being too heavy or awkward to hold and manoeuvre, it saves me SO much time in getting ready because genuinely this dried my hair in less than 5 minutes - and I have very long hair so most people will find its even quicker than that for them depending on your hair length and thickness and one thing I really like is the plug length - however strange that may sound! I've found before when using hairdryers the cord is really short and it makes it more difficult to use or move around with but this one is pretty long so I can comfortably use it and walk around the room to an extent - sounds like a strange thing to add to my review but it's worth mentioning in my opinion! Easy to use for sure - for hairdryer virgins and professionals alike!


      The Results:

      In case you hadn't guessed by now I'm over the moon with this hairdryer! The best thing about it obviously is the way it makes my hair look and feel afterwards which without blowing my own trumpet is pretty damn amazing. I've shied away from hairdryers in the past because yes they are a massive time saver but they don't do anything good for my hair - but this one does. It saves me tonnes of time getting ready but also makes my hair look and feel fantastic afterwards as well. Rather than looking frizzy my hair looks soft and shiny and is so much easier to manage and style afterwards as well and my hair feels so healthy and soft with no sign of frizz anywhere to be found. These results last on my hair very well until the next time I wash and restyle it so the effects aren't just short term they will last a good few days - or until your hair gets to need another wash. The anti-frizz was the main thing that attracted me to this one in the first place so I'm very happy that it actually works in that respect - it does manage to live up to all the claims it makes.



      * Ease of use for beginners as well.
      * All the different buttons - good for different hair types.
      * Looks and feels very professional to use.
      * Pretty cheap.
      * Look of hair afterwards.
      * Feel of hair afterwards.
      * Anti-frizz technology actually works.


      * The position of some buttons is a bit awkward.

      As a final note though I would definitely recommend this hairdryer to literally anyone because it has something for every hair type/length and for whatever you like to do with your hair as its perfect for styling or just a quick dry. Don't worry if you're not a professional this would also be a great 'starter' hairdryer!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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      03.01.2011 12:42



      A good dryer

      I gt this hairdryer around 2 years ago as a gift. I use it every day and so far it has been reliable and easy to use. It has hot and cool settings, 2 fan settings and 2 heat settings. Unlike some hairdryers the air vent at the back is deigned so that it doesn't clog up thus causing the hairdryer to overheat. it comes with one attachment for drying hair straight which fits on and off easily. It is easy to use and the buttons have grip ridges on them so that tey can be easily moved. The dryer is a black and grey design and looks slick and professional. The cord does not need an extension lead as there is anough to stretch across an average sized bedroom and handle has grips on it. I suppose my only suggestion for improvement is that even the hottest setting is not s hot as other dryers i have had in the past and not as hit as salon dryers. Overall though a good dryer.


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      13.12.2010 16:37
      Very helpful



      Good value hairdryer.

      I bought this hairdryer for my mum who was beginning to have trouble holding her rather old salon hairdryer due to the sheer weight of it. Not only that, but it was long and entirely made of metal which heated up to such a degree that the metal end burnt her neck were she to accidentally touch her skin with the nozzle.
      Since I've been getting by with a small travel size hairdryer since my last one blew up, I decided to get myself one as well...plus the ionic technology souded dead good!

      The Babyliss Turbo is not at all wieldy; it's light, not too long and the nozzle is plastic, as I suppose most dryers are these days....
      This hairdryer is made to dry your hair quickly and to leave it smooth and shiny - it does all three.
      There are actually two speeds...the standard one and the turbo - the standard is great if you're looking to style your hair and have the time to do so, and the turbo speeds things up a bit for when you're in a hurry and just want a dry head of hair. Mine tends to frizz if I leave it to dry naturally and although the turbo can tangle your hair up initially, once it's brushed, it's left smooth and shiny.

      As well as the two speed settings, there are three heat settings: warm, hot and a cool shot. I never seem to use the cool setting and tend to leave mine permanently on the hottest setting....but that's just me - hairdrying is not my favourite activity and I just want to get it over and done with as fast as possible.

      The ionic conditioning I originally suspected to be something of a gimic, but it does leave your hair smoother and shinier...and makes a noticable difference to my mop!
      Only small problem is the length of the cable which was the same with my last hairdryer and a tad short without and extension... but perhaps my plug is farther from my dressing table than it should be....

      The dryer comes with a three year guarantee.
      I bought mine in my local supermarket, but I know it's available online at Amazon and also from Argos at around 20 pounds.


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