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Babyliss Turbo Shine 2000 Hair Dryer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss

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    4 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 01:16
      Very helpful




      ~*~*~ Babyliss Turbo Shine 2000 Hair Dryer ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a hair dryer from Babyliss, it's a 2000 watt dryer with 3 heat settings and three speeds.

      ~ Why I bought it ~

      I had this hair dryer bought for me by my step mum a few years back and although I have had other dryers bought for me since then I do quite often revert back to using this one as it's the lightest one I have!

      ~ The dryer ~

      It's nothing spectacular to look at, it has a black plastic body and the switches are housed on the handle. It came with a concentrator nozzle that I have since lost but it functions perfectly well without it.

      It's a decent sized hair dryer but is quite light to use so your arm doesn't start to ache from using it, which is a good thing.

      It has three speed and three heat settings I tend to use it on the lowest heat, maybe medium sometimes and at the fastest speed and this will dry my hair off fairly quickly.

      ~ Using it ~

      This is nice and easy to use, simply plug it into the point and use the switches on the handle to choose you speed and heat setting, it's also easy to change between whilst drying your hair and the cold shot button is also easily located at the top of the inside of the handle.

      Being light to hold it's comfortable to use and I can easily give myself a complete blow dry as easily as I can rough dry my hair.

      When used with the concentration nozzle you can direct the heat down the hair shaft to ensure a good shine on the hair.

      ~ Overall ~

      I like this hair dryer, I haven't been particularly careful with it and it has lasted well, it's usually just thrown into a draw and just pulled out when needed, even so it show little sign of wear and still has it's nice black glossy finish.

      It can be bought for around the £10 - £15 mark which I think is pretty cheap for a decent hair dryer so I would recommend this if you want a decent hair dryer at a low price.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      07.10.2013 23:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A bargain, high quality dryer

      I distinctly remember buying my Babyliss Turbo Shine. I was in my third year of uni and my hairdryer broke, so I bought a new one in with my food shop at Morrisons. I remember being really resentful at the time at having to spend £20 on a hairdryer!

      Well, I graduated 5 years ago now and my hairdryer is still going strong so it was certainly a good investment. My straighteners are Babyliss as well, I've always found them to be an affordable but high quality hair product brand. The dryer currently sells for around £15-20 online.

      The hairdryer is the perfect size, the barrel (full length) is 22cm and the handle is 17cm. It is incredibly lightweight and easy to hold up for long periods of time. I'd say the size is just perfect - not too small but not too big and a good weight. The cable is 177cm so again a good length, although it doesn't 'twizzel' where it meets the hairdryer, although that's never bothered me.

      The dryer is black all over with silver detailing. Mine used to say 'Babyliss Turbo Dry' along the nozzle but after 5 years that has almost completely worn away! There is a clip to the back so that you can remove any dust that gets caught. I've cleaned it out maybe twice in five years so it doesn't need much maintenance!

      The dryer has three settings, all increase the intensity of the blow. Personally I always use it on the highest setting, but my hair is very long and thick. The settings are on a sliding button which is really convenient, and located to the outside of the handle so it's easy to change when you need to but you don't catch it by accident. There is a 'cool' button to the upper inside of the handle. I wouldn't say it's in a very convenient place and you have to hold it in so it does kind of hurt your thumb. However I never really use it anyway as I don't find the dryer gets uncomfortably hot.

      When using, this fairly small dryer packs a powerful punch! I find it has a strong airflow and a good heat, and it dries my long, thick hair quite quickly. I tend to dry my hair through, let it go crazy and then straighten it, but I have dried it with a barrel brush before and this hairdryer leaves hair shiny and sleek. I've never had any problems with my hair looking dry or dull after using this dryer, but then I always use heat protection and good quality shampoo/conditioner, as well as a vast array of other hair care products.

      I've done some research on Amazon and apparently this dryer uses 'ion technology'. I've discussed this in a review before - I have no idea what it is but it sounds good. Apparently it keeps hair frizz free and shiny. My dryer did come with a removable concentrator nozzle but this has long been lost. It clipped on and off, as is standard. The motor is apparently 2000w (again, means nothing to me but might be helpful to you out there!)

      Top drying tips;
      * Always use a heat protection spray to protect hair
      *If you want volume, flip your head upside down and dry, then don't strraighten from the roots. Use straighteners from about 3-4cm down from your roots.
      *For a sleek look, use the concentrator attachment, and blow dry hair in sections using a barrel brush (if you struggle with this like me, invest in a hot brush - see my previous review!)
      *Always angle the dryer down your hair as opposed to at 90 degrees or up, as this will encourage your hair to dry straight and not cause it to get blown upwards and tangled

      I've used this hairdryer approximately 3 times a week for 5 years. That's approximately 468 times and it's still going strong. That works out at 0.04p per blow dry (so far!) which is pretty cool. I can see this dryer lasting for much longer, there's nothing wrong with it and I don't spy any distress signals. Overall, this dryer is the perfect size and weight, dries hair effectively and the ionic technology leaves your hair smooth and frizz free. I think I've got a great product, and definitely a huge bargain! If it ever does die, I will definitely get another Babyliss dryer


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        25.05.2013 12:54
        Very helpful



        A little gem of a dryer

        After being away for a few days last week, we returned home and I was gutted to realise I had left my hair dryer behind!

        Very gutted in fact as we had checked the room before we left to make sure we had everything.

        Anyway, a girl can't live without her trusty drier so out came the Argos book to look for a cheapish replacement.

        I say cheapish because I don't really spend hours on my hair so just need one that dries it in a reasonable time.

        The babyliss turbo shine jumped out of the page at me and at £14.99 it wouldn't break the bank.

        It came in a black box with a picture of the dryer

        Turbo shine 2000
        Powerful drying with shine
        High shine ionic conditioning
        2 heat/speeds plus a cool setting
        Slim concentrator nozzle
        Hanging loop for easy storage

        Did it live up to expectations?

        Well, it was very light weight which will be great for travelling and I did notice a slight improvement in condition after using. My hair felt more sleek and looked a tad shinier than it usually does, which is a bonus and maybe with continuous use this may improve further.

        The dryer was quite noisy but then most of them usually are but I don't find that a problem. Hair was dry in about just over five minutes. The cable is also plenty long enough .

        All in all a very good quality, reasonably priced hair dryer I would recommend.

        A couple of days later I found my old dryer in the bottom of my bag! I hadn't lost it after all! How annoying! No worries though. Me and daughter can have one each now. But I get to keep the new one.


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          19.05.2012 13:10
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended.

          I bought this a few years ago as the cheap old travel hairdryer I'd been using blew up in my hands!

          I had to borrow my flat mate's super-charged 'cermaic' hair dryer and was so impressed with how sleek and shiny my hair looked after use I decided to invest in a really decent hairdryer.

          I was looking for a compromise between performance and cost and found this item in Boots for just under £30 which was a good price (the £15 listing on Amazon is an absolutely bargain!). It was the lowest price 'performance' haridryer in stock. I've had many Babyliss gadgets before and have confidence in the brand.

          This came with minimal packaging and instructions (which again I didn't read, as it's simple to operate!). Mine is in silver and has a rubber 'valve' on the end so it can be hung up for storage when not in use (like in the hairdresser's).

          It comes with a detachable diffuser (as pictured) and which I use all the time as I find the directed heat helps to keep hair smooth during drying.

          It comes with three settings which increase the power of the warm air rather than the temperature. It also has a button for cooler air. I use this setting all the time as I find it is perfect for damaged or over-processed hair (my hair can't stand exposure to a lot of heat). I find it takes a bit of dexterity to hold the dryer and depress the button with one hand and this is my only criticism - it would be much improved by having a cool air switch rather than a button, but this is a minor quibble. I do have some RSI and problems with my thumbs but have managed with it so far! The button is quite small though so not sure it would be suitable for anyone with arthritic joints in their hands.

          Sincce using my hair has been more manageable, shiny and healthy looking.

          I liked it so much I bought one for my mother too.

          Highly recommended.


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