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Charles Worthington's Performance Dryer

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Brand: Charles

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2001 15:11
      Very helpful



      I’ve been using this hairdryer for a few months now, and I like it, but in order to write a fully rounded Dooyoo opinion, I felt I needed to do a further in-depth analysis, an independent Which-type test. The logical thing to do was to enlist the help of another family member. There are two members of our family who use a hair dryer, both female. My hair is thick, fairish-grey and about eight inches long. Deefa’s is mostly an inch and a half long, with long tufty bits around her neck. It is black and white in colour. I would describe the texture as dense rather than thick and it completely covers her body. “We’re just going upstairs to test the hairdryer” I announced on Saturday. “You’re never going to take Deefa with you!” said husband. “Yes.” I said “She’s going to help with the independent test. We’re both going to answer the list of questions I’ve got. You’re always saying she’s an amazing dog with a wide vocabulary. She’ll understand.” Husband raised his eyebrows, shook his head and went back to his paper. I washed my hair and wrapped it in a towel. I ran the bath, called out “Bathtime, Deefa!”, whereupon Deefa promptly ran downstairs to hide. I dragged her out from under the dining room table, carried her upstairs and put her in the bath and washed her. (Next I changed my clothes, having become rather damp.) I took one bath towel and towel dried my hair by rubbing it on the towel using my hands. I spread six doggy towels out on the carpet and Deefa towel dried her hair/fur (she just rolls over and over on the towels). I got the hair dryer out. Deefa looked up at me eagerly. She loves having her fur dried. Now to start on my independent testing ... 1 Does the hairdryer look and feel good? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a large, but not heavy, hair dryer,
      and I find it comfortable to hold. It’s made of black plastic with a kind of metallic sheen. I don’t like the look of it actually, but thought I would ask the opinion of my co-tester. “What do you think of this horrid beetle wing effect, Deefa? Does it work for you?” Deefa disappeared, came back two minutes later, dropped her collar in my lap, and looked up at me with her head on one side. Oh dear, she must have misheard -perhaps she thought I said ‘walk for you’? I explained to her very carefully that she was helping to test the hair dryer, and she sat back to wait. 2 Does the hair dryer perform well? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dried my hair, timing the process carefully. It took 15 minutes, compared to nearly half an hour with my ancient Moulinex 1000 watt hair dryer. The power of the dryer is amazing and I couldn’t be better pleased with it. The wattage is 1800, but you can take it up to 2000 watts by using a little booster button. I don’t usually bother with the booster, as you have to hold your finger on the button to keep it on, and it’s fierce enough for me without it. There is also a setting which reduces the power, for a gentle output, but I never use it. Someone with very fine hair might find it useful, though. Right, now to confer with my co-tester. “Deefa, your turn now.” I laid another doggy towel on the bed, and Deefa assumed the correct position, on her back with her paws in the air. I turned the hair dryer on, and Deefa enjoyed the full 1800 watt blast of warm air, rolling over and over so that I could get to all the damp bits. This time, it took a full 25 minutes, and her armpits (pawpits?) were not quite dry, but I decided to leave it at that as she appeared perfectly happy, and besides, my arms were aching. “Deefa, is that a good hairdryer, do you think? “ I asked her. “I know you’d like me to blow dry you f
      or a bit longer, but my arms feel a little weak.” Deefa ran downstairs, came back up with her lead, and tastefully arranged it over my feet. “Erggh, Deefa, I said ‘little weak’ not ‘little walk’!” I was rather cross with her for not properly fulfilling the co-tester role. She was definitely neglecting her duties. A passing son kindly demonstrated the problem by saying “Deefa, shall we whack some whelks in a wok?” Deefa jumped up and down like a miniature pogo stick, and then dashed around, fetching an assortment of outdoor shoes, hats, doggy treats and poo bags. At that point I gave up the idea of involving Deefa, and just carried on by myself. 3 Other good points? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The hair dryer comes with a detachable concentrator nozzle for spot styling. Another feature which I find very useful is the long, three metre flex. It means I can get right up close to my mirror without having to use an extension lead. It also has a three year guarantee. Another advertised feature is a hang-up loop, although I can’t imagine anyone finding this useful. (Does anyone ever hang up their hair dryer?) 4 Other Bad Points? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There’s no cool air setting. This doesn’t worry me too much, but Deefa appreciates a nice shot of cold air when she’s hot in the summer. Also, the hairdryer doesn't appear to be widely available. Boots stock it and, I believe, Argos. Charles Worthington (a world famous hairdresser) puts his name to a number of hair styling products. He also makes heated rollers, and various types of brush hairstylers, as well as shampoos and conditioners. The website is www.cwlondon.com Finally, I’m going to end with some advice. When using a dog to help with an opinion, make sure they can understand vowels as well as consonants. Elli x


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      This is a powerful, lightweight, hair dryer with a contemporary design.

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