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Diva Rapida 3600 Hairdryer

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Brand: Diva / Type: Hair Dryer / Gender: Ladies Accessories

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2011 09:33
      Very helpful



      For hair that dries quickly!

      Those who have thick hair will relate to my feelings when I say drying hair can be a chore. Even more so when you have thick hair that is half way down your back. In the past I have been known to spend over 30 minutes giving my hair a "quick dry". That was until Mr Lools bought me a salon quality hairdryer (thanks to his sister being a hairdresser giving him both advice and use of her discount)and one of the most practical Christmas presents he has bought me is the Diva 3600 Rapido Pro Hairdryer.

      ***Diva 3600 Rapido Pro Hairdryer***
      The Diva 3600 Rapido Pro hairdyer is a 2000W professional hairdryer. It has a long life AC motor and is lightweight and has a slim barrer for expert results. The hairdryer has airflow of 110m and ¾ heat. There are 2 speed settings and 4 heat settings with a cold shot of air. The hairdryer has ionic conditioning. The hairdryer also has a 3m power cable. The hairdryer comes with two concentrator nozzles for styling.

      The hairdryer is available in a number of colours including black, white, pink, purple, red and blue. I have this hairdryer in black therefore my review will be based on this product. On the Diva website the product is actually described as "entry level" in the range. However based upon the results I would describe this hairdryer to be anything but basic!

      The main disadvantage of this hairdryer is that it is not widely available from main stream highstreet retailers like Boots, Argos etc. It is available through Sally's Hair and Beauty Supplies which is a wholesaler for hair and Beauty supplies. You can purchase the hairdryer from these stores however the prices will be higher than the trade price for it. The hairdryer is available online from Sallysexpress.co.uk , Amazon, and Harrods. The black version of this hairdryer is around £44.99 however you will pay slightly more for the brighter colours (around £50).

      ***My experience***
      As someone who has had long hair for the last 10 years I have always opted for the "premium"/ "salon" quality hairdryers as my hair is thick and therefore with a very basic hairdryer my hair can take 45 minutes to dry. My previous hairdryer was a Nicky Clarke £30 "salon quality" product however I felt the results ; both in terms of how long my hair took to dry and also that it made my hair frizzy was not satisfactory hence why I put a new hairdryer on my Christmas list.

      The box the Diva hairdryer came in was functional and an instructions manual was also included. I didn't refer to the instructions and instead opted to use the hairdryer immediately.

      I plugged the hairdryer in and switched the hair dryer on. There are two black buttons on the handle of the hairdryer. To turn on there is a button which controls speed and acts as the on off switch. The positions for this switch is off, half speed and full speed. The button above this has three settings which are hot, warm and cool. There is also a circular blue button on the handle which when held blows out a very cool shot of air.

      I was very surprised firstly at how quiet this hairdryer is. The hairdryer obviously makes some noise but this is more of a whirring noise rather than a screeching type noise that many hairdryers have. That is a big bonus for me if I am up early getting ready as I'm less likely to wake everyone else in the house up.

      When I first used this to dry my hair I was extremely surprised at just how quick my hair dried. My usual drying time of having soaking wet to perfectly dry hair was cut from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. On a normal day I tend to quickly dry my hair not blowdrying or styling like I would if I was going out to a special occasion. To do this I tend not to use a nozzle or attachment as I feel more air comes out of the hairdryer. When using the Diva 3600 when using with no attachments I was surprised at just how quick my hair dried.

      With my old hairdryer I sometimes felt that my hair had a fuzzy fluffy type feel to it if I dried my hair quickly without attachments but with the Diva 3600 even drying quickly my hair felt smooth and individual hairs looked silky and not flyaway.

      When I came to using for styling and blowdrying I found the Diva 3600 was even more effective. Firstly because it dries hair so quickly I tend to style my hair more often. I dry my hair first for 5 minutes using no attachment on the nozzle and then use a rounded vented brush to blow dry straight and use of the nozzles. There are two nozzles that come with the hairdryer for styling. The larger is better for larger sections of hair and the sloped nozzles is about 2cm at the end. The smaller nozzle is less that 1cm at the end and I find better for shorter hair or in my case my fringe.

      The nozzles pop on and off very easily but stay fixed when you blowdry your hair. When using attachments on the nozzle I often found in the past my hair often smelt or felt like it was burning because of the concentration of heat but this is not the case with the Diva 3600. It delivers heat to concentrated areas without making hair too hot to touch. I tend to use the hot heat setting and then use the cool heat setting to finish off my style and give it a soft smooth silky feel using the cool burst button for the last minute or so. The cool burst button does require you to hold down constantly which does make your thumb or finger ache if you need to use for longer periods of time.

      I tend not to use the mid warm setting however for someone with shorter hair and is concerned about damaging their hair heat styling the warm setting would dry hair effectively without inflicting too much heat on your hair. My mum uses this setting on her hair which is a shoulder length bob and has quite thin hair. Even on this setting she can dry her hair in 5 minutes.

      The Diva 3600 is lightweight and I find my arms do not ache if I am styling my hair. This is particularly advantageous if you have long hair and spend a long time drying or styling your hair.

      The 3m power cord is definitely a huge advantage when using this hairdryer. Because the cord is so long even if the plug socket is not close to a mirror you can still dry your hair in front of your mirror. In my old house my mirror was at the other side of the room to the socket. My old hairdryer had a shorter cord and meant I had to dry and style my hair away from the mirror which was quite awkward. When I received this hairdryer this problem was solved.

      I don't really have any criticisms of the hairdryer and it is definitely one of the fastest drying I have used and creates the smoothest results. I would say it is lightweight and reasonably compact but not the smallest of hairdryers that you can purchase. This is not an issue for me but because the nozzle is thin but quite long it may be an issue for those that travel a lot and are short on space in their luggage. Although I have not yet used a smaller travel sized dryer that can rival the results of the Diva 3600 therefore there may have to be a compromise between size and results.

      After 3 years of use I have had no issues with the hairdryer. In the past because of how long I would be drying my long hair for hairdryer would often overheat and turn off and there were even two hairdryers that literally blew up. The Diva 3600 is still going strong even though it is used daily. The lettering on the hairdryer has scratched off slightly but the casing of the hairdryer is still in excellent condition. I am not the most careful of people and slightly clumsy and the Diva 3600 has been dropped a number of times and suffered no damage.

      Every month or so you do need to take the filter on the back of the hairdryer and clean as this gets filled with fluff and dust. This takes less than 2 minutes to do.

      This has definitely been one of the best hairdryers that I have used and one of Mr Lools' better choices of Christmas present for me. The hairdryer does cost slightly more than a typical hairdryer but the amount of time it saves drying hair is definitely worth paying more for. My old hairdryer was a £30 Nicky Clark hairdryer which was described as "professional" but took around 30 minutes to dry my hair. With the Diva 3600 Rapido Pro, my wet hair can be fully dry within 12 minutes of drying.

      Not only does this give me more time to get ready (and less likely to be late), my hair looks smooth and silky. The different heat settings allow you to dry hair quickly but create smooth sleek styles that you can finish off with a cool shot of air.

      Not only have I been impressed with the Diva 3600 Rapido Pro so have friends and family. Both my mum and best friend ordered this hairdryer online after trying mine out. After 3 years the hairdryer is still going strong and getting used daily making the £40 purchase price seem a bargain!


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    • Product Details

      The Rapida 3600 pro hair dryer features amazing power ensuring faster drying, four heat and two speed settings. Accident protection in super-tough nylon housing. Three metre flexible cord makes it easy to move around. Features and Benefits Long Life AC Motor tested for over 1000 hours Watts with thermal cut-out providing up to 110?C 110 cubic metres per hour airflow True ionic conditioning generator with indicator light plus ceramic and tourmaline grille for less static, better condition and faster drying 4 heat and 2 speed settings and cold shot using long life switches 2 super-slim nylon concentrators Super-tough nylon housing 3 metre soft and flexible cord UK and Europe plugs

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