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Mark Hill Style & Go Travel Dryer

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Brand: Mark Hill / Type: Hair Dryer - Travel

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2010 16:04
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      A brilliant travel hairdryer that doesn't compromise on quality

      Like most women I know, I'm reliant on my hairdryer (plus a pair of straighteners) to shape my hairstyle and make myself look presentable in the morning. I have a really good hairdryer that does the job and was an absolute bargain, but like most hairdryers it's massive and heavy and when you go away for the weekend, or head off on holiday, it's a nightmare to fit in the suitcase (and weigh your case down!). I can't rely on hotel hairdryers as they're always useless, and if I go to stay with friends I can't always assume that there will actually be a hairdryer at all. One of my female friends doesn't own one - she's one of those lucky women who can just let their hair dry naturally and it looks amazing (bah!), and when I went to stay with a male friend once I forgot a hairdryer and ended up having to dry my hair with his floor heater, which is not an experience I wish to repeat!

      I used to have a rubbish silver travel hairdryer that wasn't very powerful, but earlier this year the Mark Hill Professional Style & Go Travel Dryer caught my eye as it was in the Boots January sale. The dryer was originally priced at £40, but was on offer for half price. I checked and the hairdryer is still being sold at Boots, albeit at full price - however you never know, at some point during the run up to Christmas or after it may well be on offer again.

      The dryer comes in an orange and black box with a picture of a blonde-haired woman (with very beautifully styled hair, naturally!) and a background of a palm tree, presumably to communicate the holiday spirit. There is also other information about the product and about Mark Hill. Mark Hill has been British Hairdresser of the Year twice and International Hairdresser of the Year twice too - quite a record!

      About the hairdryer:
      "There's no need to compromise on style and the condition of your hair just because you're on holiday. This dual voltage hairdryer is powerful enough to deliver salon results, yet compact enough to fit into the smallest suitcase. Creating beautiful hair on holiday has never been easier".

      The hairdryer has:
      - Conditioning ionic technology with Tourmaline - gentle drying for smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair on holiday
      - Super fast drying 1800W for salon professional results
      - 2x heat/speed setting plus cool shot to create any style
      - Lightweight and compact design - dual voltage for use in Europe and the USA
      - 2m cord and a unique foldable handle

      The hairdryer also comes with a safety instruction booklet.

      The hairdryer comes in a smart black pouch which makes it very compact. The folding handle is a great idea and even though the hairdryer is about half the size of my usual one (which is a massive salon one), folding it makes it even more compact. The hairdryer itself is very attractive and neat: black and shiny, with the Mark Hill logo and orange trimming. One thing I really like about it is that the narrow nozzle is securely fastened - I've given up using the nozzle on my normal hairdryer, as it kept falling off, but this one has never fallen off and I don't suppose it ever will as it's fixed firmly (although it can be removed if you want to!).

      The voltage switch is on the back of the handle and I think you'd need a screwdriver or other related sharp implement to do anything with it. I should point out that although the box states Europe and America I have used the hairdryer in Hong Kong with no problems although I have no idea if that was the right thing to do or not!

      The hairdryer has two heat settings and a cool button, so just like my normal hairdryer! I tend to use the hottest heat setting at first followed by the second to style more precisely, finishing off with a blast of cold air. The 2m cord is also as long as my 'proper' hairdryer's cord, very handy in badly designed hotel rooms where the plug sockets always seem to be miles away from the nearest mirror!

      The power of the hairdryer is excellent and although not *quite* as powerful as my standard salon performance hairdryer it stands up well beside it. It is much better than my old silver travel dryer and indeed any travel dryer I have heard of or tried in the past. In fact it is even much better than my parents' normal hairdryer, to the extent that when I am living away from home I take this one home with me when I visit rather than use the one that is there! My hair is quite thick and a bit of a nightmare to dry, but this does a really good job in a relatively short time. If my normal hairdryer broke I wouldn't be in any hurry to replace it as this hairdryer would form a perfectly adequate replacement.

      The dryer stands up well to being tossed about in a suitcase: I've taken it on two holidays and several weekends away so far this year and have met with no problems. I'm sure the bag plays a part in protecting it.

      Overall I can't hesitate to recommend this hairdryer to anyone who wants a travel hairdryer that doesn't compromise on features and style. The only possible criticism is that it is not quite as small as some travel hairdryers I've seen, so if space is at an absolute premium you may wish to look elsewhere. That said, I doubt if a smaller hairdryer would have the power that this one does and a less powerful hairdryer would not make my hair look good. This hairdryer is still a lot smaller than a normal one (and a lot lighter too, which is crucial) and it's quite small enough for me!

      I've given it the full five stars as it's an absolutely fantastic product. £40 is certainly a lot of money, but it's entirely possible that it will be discounted again this season.


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