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Mark Hill Style & Shine Raw Power Hair Dryer

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11 Reviews

Brand: Mark Hill / Type: Hair Dryer

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    11 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 01:41
      Very helpful



      Great value (half price) hairdryer, and does amazing job on my daughters hair

      =Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Hair Dryer=

      =Advantages of having a daughter=
      My daughter is nearly 11, and she has quite long hair, which I have to give her due where found, she does look after her hair, sometimes with a bit of help, but she loves my funky hairdryer.

      =Just Before Christmas=
      Having a final run around Boots, as we were off to Lapland before Christmas, I knew everything had to be organised, and this hairdryer from Mark Hill range just jumped out at me, it jumped off the shelf and into my basket, and it was half price, £29.99 instead of £59.99, so there is stayed.

      The hairdryer comes packaged in a large pink leopard print designed box. The box has "Mark Hill" and the product name "Salon Professional Style and shine Power Dryer", are wrote in silver lettering on the one side.

      On the front of the box there is a picture of a model, and also a clear see through window so you get to see the hairdryer.

      =Additional Information=
      There is a vast amount of information on the box, including it has a 3 metre cord (Salon length), two speed, three heat plus cool shot. As well as information about Mark Hill.

      I would say this is a 10/10 for the information given as if you were deciding was this the right model then the information is short, clear and gives a good array of information to help decide on your purchase.

      =Inside the box=
      As well as the hairdryer, (there are three different colour ways available, plain black, zebra print and pink leopard print) as well as three nozzle attachments and the instructions.

      There are two switches on the hair dryer, these are located on the handle section and each of these have three setting.

      =Heat Switch=
      This is the first switch, - the settings are low, medium and high.

      =Speed Switch=
      These are high, off and low.

      =Overall thoughts to the buttons=
      I will say at first that the hairdryer may feel heavy to some, but it is amazing quality, and a hairdryer that I feel is built to last. The buttons are easy to press, and once you have experimented with what suits you best, it is a doodle to use.

      =I tend to Stick to=
      I tend to stick to medium when I am doing my daughters hair, or she is doing it herself.
      =Cool Shot=
      There is a separate cool shot button, which is located further up the handle, which is good as your not going to accidently get a shock by pressing the cool shot in mid use.

      =Three Nozzles=
      The nozzles are easy to attach, and to use you just simply snap onto the nozzle, what I would say does let this down slightly, (or maybe I am being a little bit picky), I would have like to have seen a little fabric bag to store the nozzles in, although we use a makeup bag, so problem solved.

      Mark Hill does recommend that when you use the nozzles that these should not be used on high temperature as the heat is intensified, and this can result in burns.

      = The Concentrator Nozzle=
      I tend to use this with my daughters hair at the end, when we have got most of it dry, this just gives a final finish and styles the hair.

      = The Volume Nozzle =
      This volume nozzle can be used to assist in straightening your hair as well as add volume to it, it has similar to a built in comb to it, so you get a concentration but you can brush at the same time.

      = The Airflow Concentrator Nozzle =
      This is the one mum (me borrows) as it is recommended for drying curly hair, similar to a diffuser.

      =Overall View of the Attachments=
      I would give this a 10/10 for the nozzles, they cover all aspects of hair styling, and although now my daughter isn't getting the full benefit of the nozzles, in a year or so there be 2nd nature.

      I was impressed with the length of the cord as it is 3 metres long and allows you the freedom to get comfy when drying your hair.

      The 1st booklet is a instruction come guarantee booklet which explains everything.

      The 2nd booklet - "The Style Guide" this shows different styles, advertises additional Mark Hill Products, offers ideas and tips, it is definitely worth a look through.
      Also included in the box are two leaflets:

      =Iconic Technology=
      This helps control frizz and leaves my daughters hair with an added smoothness and shine.

      =Price and Availability=
      Mark Hills Salon Professional Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer is made exclusively for Boots. It is priced at £59.99 but is often available half price as mine was.

      =Which colour did I buy??=
      Was it black, zebra print or pink leopard print! It was the pink leopard print hairdryer that jumped into my basket.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this dryer, I usually wouldn't pay more than £20 for a hairdryer, (especially in a sale) but the additional £10 is really worth its weight in gold. If I had long hair, I would have had one for myself.


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      17.03.2013 18:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Brilliant, especially if you pick it up half price!

      I was really excited to receive this Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power hair dryer for Christmas as I had wanted it for quite sometime. 

      The hairdryer comes packaged in a large pink leopard print design box. The make "Mark Hill" and product name "Salon Professional Style and Shine Power Dryer" are written in shiny silver lettering on one side. Also on the front is a large picture of a model with black hair and a plastic see- through "window" which partially displays the hair dryer inside. Plenty of information on the hair dryer is also given:

      *Super-fast drying 2000w for salon professional results

      * Conditioning Ionic technology with tourmaline - gentler dryer for smooth, shiny, frizz free hair

      * Two speed, three heat settings plus cool shot for precise styling

      *Super slim salon professional nozzle for total control

      * Unique styling attachments to straighten, lift and smooth your hair

      * Salon Professional 3m cord for easy styling

      Some general information on Mark Hill is given on the side including awards he has won and the fact that he was the official hairstylist on the British Academy Television Awards, although it doesn't say what year this was.

      Inside the box is the hair dryer itself along with three nozzle attachments and some leaflet instruction booklets.

      Their are three different designs of this hair dryer, plain black, zebra print and pink leopard print. I received the latter, as I love all things pink. I absolutely adore the design, it is amazingly girlie, trendy and unique. I think it looks fabulous and eye catching on my dressing table. Whilst the design is what made me initially fall in love with the product I have also found the hairdryer to be of an excellent quality. It is strong, robust, sturdy and  looks professional. One big negative about the hairdryer is its weight, as it is on the heavy side it sometimes hurts my wrists a little whilst drying my hair which I find rather annoying. This also means that it is completely unpractical to take away with me when going on holiday for example.

      Two switches are located on the hair dryers handle each with three settings. The first is the heat switch and has the settings: high, low, medium. The second is the speed switch with the settings: high, off, low. The buttons are easy to press, although perhaps a little to easy as I have accidental turned the hairdryer off or changed it to another setting during use on a few occasions. The speed and setting needed vary depending on the hair type. My hair is long and thick and I usually use the medium setting on both, it tends to take me about 8-10 minutes for my hair to be completely dried.

      There is also a "cool shot" button located further up the handle.

      The three nozzles are easy to attach and simply snap into place, they are all of a good robust quality. Unfortunately nothing is provided to keep them in. I think a small inexpensive fabric bag could have been enclosed in the box to keep the nozzles safely together. I ended up buying a little vanity bag to keep them in as I feared I would end up loosing one otherwise.

      * The Concentrator Nozzle

      I tend to use the concentrator nozzle the most as it works well at drying my hair straight and minimises any fly-aways. To use this nozzle I divide my hair into sections using clips, I then angle the nozzle in a downwards position beginning at my roots and working down the full length of my hair. I finish with a cool shot to set the style. After using this nozzle my hair is always left super straight and I rarely feel the need to use my hair straighteners afterwards. Hair also has an added gloss and shine and looks less frizzy. Mark Hill recommends that the concentrator nozzle should not be used on the high settings due to the fact that it produces very high temperatures and could cause burning. I have always followed this advice, I find the medium settings hot enough and think the high settings would probably be  damaging to my hair.

      * The Volume Nozzle

      This attachment can be used to both straighten the hair and add volume. I use this less often as I tend not to go for voluminous hair unless I am going out for the night and I much prefer the concentrator nozzle detailed above for straightening.  This attachment has a sort of "comb" design. To get a straight look I section my hair using clips then placing the nozzle close to my roots then simply "comb" down to my ends. I find the combs a little annoying and overly time consuming. Still the results are good and hair is always left nice and straight. To add volume to the hair I place the combs near to my scalp, although avoiding getting too close to avoid burning, I then move the hairdryer in circular movements. This technique adds plenty of extra lift and volume and stays in place provided a decent hairspray is used.

      * The Airflow Concentrator Nozzle

      This is the attachment I have used the least, since owning the hairdryer I have probably only used it three or four times. This is simply due to the fact that this nozzle is simply not really designed for my hair type or the way I tend to style my hair. On a few occasions I have used it to simply dry and straighten my hair but found the results rather unremarkable. Mark Hill recommends this attachment for "drying curly hair naturally", although I don't see how hair can be dryed "naturally" using a hair dryer anyways. Mark Hill suggests using this nozzle as a "diffuser" which will "create soft, gentle movement and curls without frizz", as I don't have curly hair I cannot really comment on how well it works at this. Again, this nozzle should not be used on the hot settings as it may cause burning.

      When in use the hair dryer is not particularily noisy, no more than any other hairdryers I have used in the past anyways.

      The 3m cord is of a perfect size being neither too long or too short and I have not experienced any problems with it.

      Also included in the box are two leaflets:

      The first is a small instructions and guarantee booklet which of course should be read thoroughly before using the hairdryer. It contains general information about the hair dryer and instructions on all the settings and attachments. There is also a rather extensive safety list.

      The next booklet is titled "The Style Guide" and is rather thick and glossy. Inside it has some helpful information on what hair styles suit specific face shapes. The rest of it seems to be there to simply advertise other Mark Hill products. Still there are some interesting ideas and tips on how to get certain celebrity looks and what products to use to achieve them. I would have liked more information on how to get great looks from this particular hair dryer but unfortunately only a couple of pages are given and they contain very little information.

      Apart from a few niggles with this product I have been overall very happy with it. It has a brilliant funky design and contains enough attachments to achieve my desired style. It is strong and powerful enough to dry my hair quickly and efficiently whilst the ionic technology helps control frizz and leaves my hair with an added smoothness and shine.

      Mark Hills Salon Professional Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer is made exclusively for Boots. It is priced at £59.99 but is often available half price.


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        13.02.2013 12:38
        Very helpful




        When I purchased the Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer I didn't actually need a hairdryer, it was a matter of seeing it in Boots and liking the look of it that I treated myself to it. As most of you may be aware. The Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer are very attractive and definitely stand out from most of the hairdryers on offer. For a start the Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer comes in several eye catching designs. These include the pink leopard print style, leopard and the Zebra design. I picked the zebra style as I found it the most eyecatching look and I have never really been the type to buy a lot of pink despite been fairly feminine.

        The hairdryer is retailed at £59.99 but if you shop around you can usually purchase the hairdryer for around £29.99. this is the current price at boots so if you were to buy it, buy it now whilst it's on offer.

        The hairdryer comes in a box and the design of the box depends on what hairdryer you have picked, the hairdryer I have is the zebra style design so therefore the box was a zebra style like the hairdryer. The box is just as eyecatching as the hairdryer, they definitely have designed the hairdryers so well, they look brilliant and it is not often said that the box is as nice as the hairdryer design. There is a picture of mark hill on the box; it is good to put a face to a name. I like it when designers use a picture of themselves on their products. It makes it more personal. The hairdryer comes with a celebrity style hair guide, which contains advice for celebrity hair looks. The book predictably advertises a lot of Mark hills other products by advising you use them when styling the hair. I have found this the case with any 'free hair style guides' that come with a branded product. I guess you cannot blame them for trying!

        Well of course it has more than just it's eye catching design. It also has good features too. The hairdryer has Conditioning Ionic technology, AC 2000W., 3 heat and 2 speed settings, Cool shot and 3m cord.
        I think it is important to look mainly at how powerful a hairdryer is when you purchase it if you need a hairdryer that dries your hair fast before you go to work. You will find most hairdryers now are 2000w and some maybe more.
        The dryer comes with 3 nozzle attachments, which come in handy when styling your hair. There is a Volume nozzle which helps give your locks added volume and lift and then two concentrator nozzles which can be used to straighten and smooth hair. An issue with these nozzles is they can't be used on the highest settings. For someone like me who washes their hair in the morning and needs to dry it fast it isn't ideal because it means I cannot use the highest settings with the nozzles on so it will take me much longer if I want to use them. This means I tend to only be able to use the nozzles when I'm not in a rush.

        I was very pleased with the speed of the hairdryer and how hot it gets. I think though the aspect that 'blew' me away was definitely the appearance. Whenever I have friends over and they borrow the hairdryer they always compliment the way it looks. It is too catching not to. I never thought I'd like the look of a hairdryer so much. Because of it's gorgeous appearance it could even make a nice gift for a woman, we all know most women like 'pretty' things so most women would love this as a gift.

        The features of this product cannot be forgotten though, they are really good, the fact it comes with 3 nozzles is a godsend to people who love giving their hair a proper salon blow dry. A lot of hairdryers come with just one nozzle so this is great. The speed and heat is very good too and to be quite honest I cannot pick a fault with the hairdryer. It ticks all the boxes and even more thanks to its lovely appearance.

        Top hairdryer, great settings, looks fantastic and is a reasonable price (when you get it on offer too)

        5/5 .


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        02.01.2013 19:47



        Brilliant, cannot fault this hair dryer at all, I have red frizzy hair but not any more I have justused my new dryer with attachment for frizz and its worked cant believe it no more straightnersits that good :)


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        13.07.2012 17:54
        Very helpful




        The background

        So when my birthday comes up everyone asks me for "the list" I never used to make lists but since everyone classes me as "the girl that has everything she wants" it seems I have become rather hard to buy for... I don't know why everyone else has this trouble. I find it very easy to buy for me ;) Anyway these days my close friends and relatives demand a list! So I more than happily make one of course! When it comes to birthdays I tend to ask for things I don't really need and wouldn't justify spending money on so that they are a real reat. However since my hairdryer broke around a year ago I have been using a teeny tiny pink travel hairdryer and I decided enough was enough. My strands needed a powerful hairblaster! I had a look around and saw some very nicely designed hairdyers, gone are the boring old black models!!

        I found a beautiful zebra patterned Mark Hill hairdryer with lots of functions (which I will go into) and fell in love. Is it possible to fall in love with a hairdryer? Possibly not. But I knew this was the one! With my birthday being at the end of the month along with payday I thought I may as well put it on my list and if I didn't get it for my birthday I could buy it when I got paid. My birthday came... and there was my new Mark Hill hairdryer! So down to the details...

        The details

        The haridryer comes in a huge box full including the hairdryer itself, three "ends" as I would describe them..or a Narrow Concentrator, Lifting Concentrator and Smoothing Concentrator as it says on the box if you want to be technical about it! It also comes with a Mark Hill Style guide which is a glossy booklet with lots of funky hairstyles and products...so basically they're just trying to make you buy more!!
        The features on this hairdryer include:
        - 2 Speed settings
        - Three heat controls
        - A cool shot
        - 2000W
        - 3m salon length cord
        It also is said to have 'shine technology' but I'm not sure how!
        The hairdryer as already stated previously is zebra patterned as pictured above and all the controls are in hot pink aswell as the logo and the air filter.
        I am very pleased with the product as it cuts my hair drying time down and leaves my hair feeling bouncy and full of volume. It probably takes me around 3 minutes to dry my hair now which mostly just means me hanging my head upside down and pointing the dryer at it! It's also not too loud or very heavy as I know some hairdryers can be!! I would say it is average size but its alot bigger than my old little travel blower and there is no option to fold it away for holidays so if you are looking for something more practical this may not be the product for you! The nozzles/ends/concentrators really do help with styling especially if you are doing someone elses hair - two hands just aren't enough for hair styling if you ask me..and that's why we know god wasn't a woman ;)
        The striking animal-print inspired range goes by the name RAW and comes in two other patterns - pink giraffe and black and white leopard - I think they are all beautiful! The range also includes a curling iron and straighteners. SInce I now have some trusty GHDs I won't be buying the straighteners but I think the curling iron may have to be the next purchase!
        My favorite factors from using this product are:
        - The style and design
        - The speed
        - The styling ends for a great blow dry

        Like the sound of it?

        Since I did not purchase the product myself I have looked online and it has gone down in price from £59.99 to £29.99 so it really is a steal - plus if you buy from Boots you will earn 116 advantage cards points to spend on a rainy day! You can also purchase this product from stores such as Argos, Tesco or online at eBay or Amazon!
        I would 100% recommend this product for girly girls and it also makes a great present! Hope this helps...any questions...ask away! :)


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        04.07.2012 15:48



        Great hairdryer, no need to look for another.

        I got this hairdryer as a christmas present- it matches the colours of my bedroom so it was only really bought based on how it looked.
        However, the hairdryer has actually turned out to be the best one i've ever had!
        I was a bit apprehensive as to whether the paint may chip, yet none of it has come off at all.
        There are 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings- i always use the highest and fastest settings, and it dries my hair so fast! I have a lot of hair, it is so thick, therefore the speed at which it dries my hair is amazing! The 3rd setting is very hot, therefore i'd even say that many people could get away with using the 2nd setting and still have their hair dried and styled in a decent amount of time.
        The chord of the hairdryer is 3m, this doesn't really make a difference to me as i dry my hair in the same place which is right by the plug; however i would say it is more than enough.
        Finally, it claims to leave your hair smooth and shiny. With having blonde in my hair, i have always been prone to having frizzy hair, however this hairdryer does indeed help with stopping the frizziness (not completely, but enough to notice)


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        30.01.2012 11:16



        a good value hairdryer which does the job - i would recommend

        I got my hairdryer in Boots just before Christmas. It was on offer and I bought it for under £30 which is about the price I am happy to spend on a hair dryer.

        It came in the funky animal print style although to be honest, that wasn't a selling point for me. Personally, my hair dryer is not a style statement, no-one outside the house sees how I dry my hair so as long as it does the job, it is good for me!

        The dryer came with three nozzle attachments as well as an instruction book to guide you through hair styling.

        I thought the book was to be used in conjunction with the attachments e.g. if you want voluminous hair use nozzle X followed by nozzle Y but it wasn't like that. It was just a bog standard hair styling guide which contained information most of us have already read in magazines. It was handy to have a little guide by way of reminder but it wasn't anything new.

        The nozzles were relatively easy to put on, although they shouldn't be used on a high setting as they get extremely hot so no grabbing the hairdryer at the nozzle end when you are putting it away!

        once the nozzles are on, they are fixed into place which I didn't like so much. My hair is long and i like to tip my head upside down to dry. I like to turn the nozzle around so that it dries my hair flat and i am not left with flyaway ends but that isn't possible with this dryer. Having said that, i haven't noticed that my hair is particularly flyaway nor do the short hairs stand up any more than they did previously so it is obviously just a habit i have got into rather than serving any purpose.

        The power is great, my hair dries reasonably quickly and there are three speed settings and three heat settings. This may also just be me but sometimes i find that it is too easy to change the settings and i change them inadvertently which is a mild annoyance.

        Although there are three nozzles, i tend only to use the bog standard one, i like the fact that it narrows very thinly and i think this is what helps my hair look sleek with no flyaway ends. It also helps styling particularly if you are turning your hair around a brush.

        The other nozzles, i assume because there is no guide, are for volume.

        Overall, a great hairdryer and I would recommend it.


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        17.01.2012 17:56
        Very helpful



        Nice product but I wouldnt buy again

        With my hair drier recently blowing out I had to spend a month using a poxy travel hair dryer, so I was over the moon to receive a new Mark Hill Raw Hair Drier for Christmas.

        The Raw hair drier is 2000w of raw power and comes in a range of animal print, eye catching designs. Mine is a pink zebra print design. It looks young and trendy and comes with 3 nozzle attachments and a booklet of recommended hair products and know how tips to get the perfect hair styles.

        There are three heat settings and three speed settings (on being 'off'). These are great and the drier is extremely powerful and dries your hair super quick, if ever so noisy. The only issue and it's a major issue is that the buttons are on the side of the hair drier you hold, so every few seconds I accidentally knock the buttons and it turns off. This is a flaw in the design and I'm your typical right handed person, its just the positioning of the buttons and the fact that they slide. Maybe if they were harded to move it wouldn't be an issue but hey ho.

        Overall its a nice design, fair price (mine was a gift but I believe they are often reduced to £24.99), the speed and heat settings are just what you need for a speedy hair dry its just a shame about the buttons.


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        12.01.2012 16:34



        A very good hair dryer would recommend!

        My attention was first brought to this product when my mother bought it for herself. She has very thick hair so needed a hair dryer with lots of power and at 2000W this definatley has power! The product dries my mother's hair really quickly so for me, with very much finer hair it dries my hair in minutes. I therefore asked for a Mark Hill hairdryer as a present for christmas off my parents.

        Looking at the price of the product on the internet (approx £60.00!) I was quite shocked and even though I love the product I do think it is a bit expensive.

        It comes in some fabulous designs (which I feel is totally unique for hairdryers and havent really seen this been done before!), I have a gorgeous leopard print design and I have also seen zebra prints and various other colours in the shops.

        The hairdryer comes with three different nozzles and a little book to tell you what they are for and how to use them. I personally use the concentrated nozzle as I feel its gives my hair a sleeker and shinier finish. I find it very easy to style my hair with the hair dryer as it is a very nice shape to hold on to. I have no experience in hair dressing but find myself blow drying my hair well and also being able to create different shapes and flicks.

        The hair dryer has 3 heat settings and three power settings. Although there isnt much difference in the heat settings (I always just use the hottest), the power settings come in handy when I need less power for setting rollers for example.

        Overall I think its a very good hairdryer and would reccomend it to anyone! It may be a bit pricey but its definatley worth it!


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        14.04.2011 20:35



        Great product!

        I received this hairdryer as a christmas gift. Having never used any of Mark Hill's products before I was unaware of his profound influence in the hairdressing world however, having used this hairdryer for over 3 months now I would not hesitate to purchase any other products in the Mark Hill range.

        For starters the hairdryer came in a funky print-pink leopard print! and I have also seen other designs recently. There are 3 settings on the hairdryer and despite there not being much difference from the 2nd and 3rd settings (hot, very hot supposedly) the temperature is ideal for my hair.

        My hair is very long but this hairdryer manages to completely dry my hair in 15 minutes which is brilliant!

        Another advantage to this product is that it came with Mark Hill branded sectioner clips which really speed up the hairdrying process and look fab!

        The power of this hairdryer is second to none, unable to comment on the price as it was a gift however I would be willing to pay up to £60 for a product of this calibre.


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        27.11.2009 17:25
        Very helpful



        A Blow Dryer that delivers great Quality and great Results

        The other morning I had a total hair disaster, I washed my hair like every morning but this time mid way through drying my hair my blow dryer decided to have a total hissy fit on me, One minute I was drying my hair and the next the blow dryer itself was emitting a plume of smoke (Not Good!) and then there was nothing, It was dead. That afternoon I dragged and my fiancé along to our nearest shopping centre and headed to Boots as I've always noticed that they have a large selection of electrical products and often have really good promotional offers and best of all If I purchased anything I could use my Advantage card and increase my card balance too.

        Now when looking for a Blow Dryer one of the most important features which I look for is the power from the motor out-put, I have very long hair, mid way down my back so need a powerful dryer to be able to dry it quickly and not be sitting there for an absolute age trying to get it dry. If its lower than a 2000AC then I'm not interested
        When I got into Boots I was confronted by a vast selection of different brands and there were many different power outputs available but that meant I was able to narrow the list down by eliminating those that didn't offer that higher 2000plus output. so out of the remaining few I instantly fell in love with one, you could say that it was jumping out at me wanting to be bought and that admittedly was primarily because of the packaging which was very appealing and very eye catching...

        The Blow dryer which I purchased was the Mark Hill limited edition pink and black Leopard print Salon professional style and shine RAW power dryer (what a mouthful). Although I will admit that as well as the power output which it was offering the colour and design of the product had something to do with it too. I have a huge obsession with anything pink so seeing this dryer in its matching pink and black leopard print box you could say is what attracted me to this product, it was very eye catching to say the least.( This product is also available in the limited Edition Black and White Zebra print too just so you know)

        Now Mark Hill is one of the most successful hairdressers in the UK at this time, His technical ability, his flair and creativity have earned him many awards over the past few years, he believes in being able to work with what you have got and making the most of your hair, being able to create beautiful and wearable styles that can be repeated in general day to day life and in 2005 as well as a successful salon business he branched out into Mark Hill Hair Cosmetics and Mark Hill Heat Stylers which turned into an international success too.

        The product itself comes in a box which is black and pink in design, it has a solid block of black colour around the bottom and to the top a black and pink leopard print design. To the front left corner a model is pictured boasting that perfect hair we all dream of and to the top right a small window that allows you to see the product inside and to see that the dryer carries on that same black and pink leopard print theme .The right side of the box lists the contents as does the back along with the dryer's specifications too. To the left side is an endorsement by Mark Hill and photograph of him.

        Within the box a clear plastic housing holds the dryer itself along with the three additional nozzle attachments. The box also contains a celebrity style guide full of tips and advice for those stylish up to date looks although I will admit that this found itself in the bin within a couple of days as it was more promoting his other products than actually telling you how to achieve those up to date looks...

        The Mark Hill Raw power dryer itself is a salon professional dryer ,it boasts a 2000AC motor for super fast drying, just perfect for what I needed as it meant I would have my hair dry in no time at all.
        It has two different speed settings and three different heat settings and also has a cool shot button too. The Dryer has a 3m long salon length cord which is great if the plug socket is not close by you or if you need to move around the room for some reason or another.
        The Dryer also comes with three different nozzle attachments, a black volume nozzle for giving your hair that extra volume and lift and then a small and larger black concentrator nozzle which are suitable for smooth, sleek, straight results which I found absolutely brilliant. My hair has a natural curl to it so with the combination of the ionic technology this blow dryer uses, the different heat settings, high power and the larger of the two concentrator nozzles I am able to blow dry my hair practically straight achieving smooth, sleek, frizz free hair and only find myself needing to use my GHDs to finish off the style, instead of having to completely straighten all of my hair like I have in the past taking absolutely forever.

        All in all this is a really great Blow dryer, its stylish, funky and fun with the colour and leopard print design and the dryer itself delivers outstanding results, the dryer is suitable for all hair types with its different heat settings. It's really cut down the time which it takes me to blow dry my hair which as a Mum to a three year old I don't always have that much time on my hands.
        The only grumbles I really have concerning this product is the fact that its recommended that the concentrator nozzles are not used in conjunction with the highest heat setting or the highest power setting although I still do anyway but sometimes find the nozzle being blown off when I use the highest power setting as it's not a completely snug fit directly onto the dryer itself. Other than that I love it.

        Now this Blow dryer has an original RRP of £54.99, a more higher end price range for a Blow dryer but I was lucky enough on the day to go into Boots to purchase one and find this product on promotional offer at ½ price so I was able to pick it up for £27.99..An absolute bargain so make sure you look out for these sort of offers as they are out there :D
        Overall a really great blow dryer which delivers great quality and great results


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