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Paul Mitchell Express Style Hair dryer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Paul Mitchell / Type: Hair dryer

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    2 Reviews
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      04.03.2012 17:58
      Very helpful



      I love my Paul Mitchell.

      Paul mitchell Hair Drier Express.

      I have fairly long hair and it takes ages to dry if I leave it to dry naturally. I have tried other hairdriers and have recently decided to treat myself to this one, as I had recently read a review on this particular hair drier I had decided as I had some money left over from Christmas that I would buy this particular one.

      I find that this dryer is very elegant and stilish in looks, and the performance is well good. It is very powerful.

      I ordered mine from on line direct, it came in a large carboard box, which looks very stilish. Inside it has a manuel that shows you how to not only operate this drier, but also how to use it and work the multi function button which allows for several speed settings.

      I liked the way you can control the heat settings on this drier, at a flick of a switch from low slow drying, to fast furious hot blasts of air. It dries my hair in no time at all.

      I also find that this hairdrier is great if you use a brush to style your hair too, say if you wanted to style it so it turns under, or if you wanted it to turn up, as the flow and speed of this hairdrier is so good I dont ever have a problem using it to make my hair look hollywood style for any occassion, I love this hairdrier it is fantastic.

      What I also love about it is the long cord that it has, it is great to be able to plug into my limited plug sockets in and around my house, and streach it to reach anywhere where there is a mirror available in my house.

      I also love the fact that my old hairdrier used to be so heavy, that drying my hair became a real chore. and with this Paul Mitchell's hair drier it is so lightweight that it makes the job of drying your hair so easy, I am unfortunate in the fact that I suffer from painfull joints, and holding anything too heavy would be a real task, with this one it is great.

      What I also love about this hairdrier is the fact that it has a nozzle which helps to spread the heat directly onto your hair to the places where you most want it to arrive at.

      This drier is 2000 watts, so it is a fairly heafty powerful drier, and makes light work of even the longest of hair, mine in particular.

      The price for this is currently £44.50pence and I would certainly recommend this to all of you, because of not only the great drier you receive for a great price, but also performance wise it is really second to none.

      This hairdrier has ionic technology, it helps your hair by maintaining condition and shine, it acheives this by simply diffusing water molecules into micro fine particles.

      It has three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot.

      The drier I think looks really great, it is black and shines, it has red writing across the centre stating that it is made by Paul Mitchell, it also has a red button on the shaft of the drier in red which is the button you use to work the speed settings with.

      I absolutely love this drier, it is so good and I feel that it is a great price for a product that works so well.

      I would rate this five stars as I feel that this drier is well worth the money and has cut my drying time in less than half compared with the heavy bulky drier that I used to own.

      Thanks you for reading and rating my review.


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      20.10.2011 20:54
      Very helpful




      *Why buy this one?*

      I was struggling with a bulky dryer that was causing my upper arms to ache and occasionally my hands ached too. The dryer did not feel especially weighty when I picked it up to use but once styling with a brush it soon became apparent.

      I was impressed with the dryers that the salon uses where I am a customer. They are Paul Mitchell - not only did they look good, they actually did a damn good job and in less time. They were sleek units and lightweight. I decided to look into a Paul Mitchell dryer for use in the home - obviously these would be less pricey than the salon standard ones.

      *The advertised specifics met my requirements* -

      Light unit
      Sleek design
      Ultra thin nozzle
      Express drying
      Ease of use with controls
      Good range of heat settings

      Another attractive feature was ionic technology and eco friendly.

      *Went online - spotted a bargain - bought it - simple!*

      I am not going into detail about the packaging but you can rest assured that it is impressive and high quality. The dryer will be protected in the post. A good handbook is included that I found to be user friendly, though I could easily work out what to do without it.

      Importantly the weight of this dryer is impressive - I was so very relieved as I ordered online and was in the dark with only the description within the advertising to rely on. That box is well and truly ticked. The design is minimalistic and sleek - this is great for me as I just want to get on with the job of styling my hair with as little fuss as possible. I appreciate the lack of fancy gadgets and buttons that I will never use - this has two simple slide controls that are self explanatory. The nozzle is so thin - it is just what I hoped for and incredibly similar to the salon models. I like the matt finish on the black unit - minimal fuss but looks good.

      *Dry and go please*

      What a pleasure it is to style my hair with this dryer. I can hold it for as long as I am needing too without the horrible aching arms and hands that used to plague me. The fact that the dryer uses the ionic technology with the ultra thin nozzle means that you can power blast the hair in a controlled way without it becoming frizzy and poofy. I hold the dryer downwards to dry my medium length layered style and the air is projected where I want it to go. The results are smooth and sleek hair.

      I am very impressed with the controls - firstly because unlike my other dryer there is an option of a comfortable warm setting along with hotter or cooler and even a cold blast via a separate button! This is a luxury for me as my last model had cold - hot - hotter and was not pleasant. The speed control on this unit has great options too and I tend to stick to the lowest one - this dries my hair in far less time than my last one did on full speed! So I am on less heat and less speed and my hair is dryer sooner - I am very happy with that. It means that I am spending reduced time with arms up drying my hair.

      I need to mention the impressive length of cable too - which is high quality. This is great because sometimes I like to stand up near the mirror in the middle of the bedroom and with this cable it is possible. I have choice now.

      Because the unit is matt finish - it looks really good - hair does not stick to it as with my last shiny unit. I inspect the dryer after styling has finished and I cannot see any hair on it! Making life much easier.

      I have had lots of hair dryers and was never completely happy with any of them - that is why I have changed them in order to find one that is 'just right'. I am surprised that I have a dryer that fits all of my needs perfectly! I thought that it was impossible and I would always have to make do - what a welcome surprise.

      *Star rating and recommendation*

      I am happily awarding this dryer 5 stars - it is easy for me to do this. Sleek, lightweight, minimalistic and fit for purpose. The unit is high quality and includes an impressive length of cable. Ease of use when accessing the controls - slide up and down. Fabulous ultra thin nozzle directs air to where you want it. Drying time is far less due to the ionic technology and impressive settings. I have no hesitation in recommending this one - highly.

      *Stand out features*

      Nozzle - ultra thin
      Slide control features

      *Sourcing and pricing*

      From Paul Mitchell stockists (salons) the website has a list of salons www.paul-mitchell.co.uk
      Google search will reveal alternative options

      Price £44.50

      I was incredibly fortunate to get a brand new unwanted gift on eBay for less than half price delivered! An absolute bargain and having used the dryer I would definitely buy full price as you get what you pay for with this one.

      *Thank you for reading - also published on Ciao*


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