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Philips Tresemme Salon ProCeramic Hairdryer

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6 Reviews

Brand: Philips

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    6 Reviews
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      06.09.2012 16:15
      Very helpful



      Great, fast drying hairdryer at an affordable price.

      A good few year ago, my simple hairdryer packed up and so I added a new hairdryer onto my Christmas list, being 13 at the time, I just left it to my Mum to pick me a decent one, and this Philips TRESemme Salon Pro Ceramic Hairdryer is the one I unwrapped on Christmas Day!


      TRESemme is a brand of hair care products, which first launched in the 40's selling just shampoos and conditioners. As the years have gone on, they've started producing other hair products including electrical. They are well known for their motto 'Professional, Affordable' as they claim to give you a salon result but not at a salon price. Their products are well known for treating frizzy and heat damaged hair.


      In the box is the hairdryer, which is of average size and is black in colour. It bears the TRESemme logo on the nose of the hairdryer.

      There is also a diffuser and a concentrator attachment included in the box.

      The cable is 3m, and is said to be an ideal length for use in salons.


      A diffuser is mainly for people with curly hair. My hair is naturally curly, but I never use a diffuser on my hair as I prefer my hair straight, and I struggle to use a hairdryer with the diffuser on as I find them too big and they get in my way!

      A concentrator is used when blow drying to ensure air reaches just the bit of your hair you want it to try, as if you try blow drying without a concentrator attachment on, most hairdryers I have had ether blow my hair off the brush and all over the place, and also tend to overheat the dryer at times which is annoying as you have to wait for it to cool down to be able to turn it back on again and continue drying your hair. I'm sure most women have encountered this, so due to this I always use the concentrator even when not blow drying and just quick blasting my hair.

      Both attachments click onto the nose of the hairdryer very easily. You just push until there is a small click and again taking them off enquires you to pull them and again, you hear a little clock and they are off the hairdryer!


      There are 3 heat settings and 3 speed settings which are activated by 2 sliding grey switches on the handle of the hairdryer. The 1st switch is the heat setting which you can either have cold, warm or hot. Once you have chosen a heat setting, you can then slide the 2nd switch to set it on slow flow, medium flow or fast flow. I always tend to use the hot setting on the fast flow, as I have quite thick hair that takes absolutely ages to dry if I use cool air or a slow flow setting.


      Having thick hair, if I just use the hairdryer to blast my hair dry without blow drying, which is usually before bed or if I am just going to tie my hair up once it is dry, then it does take literally 5 minutes on the setting I use. If I do blow dry, which is sectioning my hair and using a brush to dry one section of hair at a time, then of course this takes longer due to the sectioning, but drying time usually takes around 3 blasts on each section to become dry.

      My Daughter who is 3, has quite fine hair, and I tend to dry her hair using the warm setting on a medium or slow heat. It does take a bit longer than if I used the hot setting but obviously I cannot do that on a 3 year old as it burns her head! But even so, the medium setting on a medium flow takes around 5 to ten minutes to dry her hair completely. I think if an adult has fine hair like hers, then it will take less time if you can use the hotter setting.

      So, overall drying time is decent as even on my thick hair, the hot/fast option is great, but then again can damage my hair with the heat, so if I have got the patience, then I do use the medium heat setting, which adds about another 5 mins of drying time to my hair, but people with thinner hair should find it a lot quicker.


      Ionic drying is said to cut drying time in half. It is a fairly new technology used in most modern hairdryers which is said to give your hair negative ions. Apparantly when hair is wet it is positively charged with ions, which is what makes hair frizzy, so using an ionic hairdryer is said to condition your hair and reduce frizz.

      Back when I got this hairdryer, I had very frizzy hair. I am one of those people who will straighten their hair and it will just frizz and kink after an hour or two. It's not that bad now. But back when I got this hairdryer, my hair was hard work. This is one reason my mum bought the dryer as it claimed to reduce frizz and the ionic technology was new back then, as this was 11 years ago!

      Having used the dryer back when my hair was frizzier, I cannot really say if the ionic technology in it reduced frizz in any way, or maybe it's that long ago, that I simply cannot remember, but I know that without my GHD's, which were bought the same Christmas, even now, my hair is useless without them, so I simply do not know if this ionic technology works or not on the frizzy part, but my drying time s certainly a lot less than it used to be before I got this hairdryer, so maybe in that respect t does work.


      Overall, I would recommend this hairdryer as it is a speedy one. Before I got this dryer my hair took absolutely ages to dry with the thickness and this has cut down my drying time, whether it's to do with the ionic conditioning or not I don't know, but as long as it dries my hair quicker than I am happy.
      The 3 different heat settings and speeds are very handy as I can use on me and also on my children who of course need it cooler. I also get too hot sometimes when drying my hair so switching to cold and blasting my back comes in handy!

      The long cable is also handy as I hate having to not move much with short cables so this lets me walk about sometimes when drying my hair instead of putting it down to grab something from another area of the room I can most of the time reach t whilst still using he hairdryer.

      It is said to be 2000w long life motor, which is definitely true as I have had this dryer for 11 years, use it regularly and I still havent had to even change the fuse, so it is definitely long life!

      As the dryer is old, I can't find anywhere online that sells it other than Amazon, who say it is currently unavailable and I am guessing will be for a long time. So I do not know if they even make it anymore as it is one of the very early models, especially of the ionic conditioning hairdryers, and all TRESemme hairdryers seem to feature this now anyway and most are around £25. If you can get hold of this dryer, then I would say buy it, but as good as it is, I'm sure TRESemme's modern hairdryers will be just as good if not better.


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      05.09.2011 22:00



      Really good hairdryer that lasts a long time

      This hairdryer is really good as it has 3 heat/cold settings which means that you can chose the temperature that suits you best I personally use the highest as I like to dry my hair quickly. I have to admit that it does get very hot so you do have to hold it a bit away from your head. It also has 3 speed settings so you can have it slow, medium or fast yet again I have it on the higher setting. It does make my hair feel nice and soft when it's dried and it doesn't make my hair frizzy even on the highest speed and temperature which I am surprised at as my hair is really fine. It is quite a big hairdryer but that doesn't bother me too much as it does my hair well and it does have a rubber grip on it so it doesn't slide out my hand.

      I bought this product from comet about 3 years ago so as you can see it has lasted a long time especially when threes 3 people in the house that use it, the cost of the hair dryer was between £15 and £20 as it was on offer definitely good for the price.


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      20.10.2010 14:31
      Very helpful



      Would be perfect if a bit easier to handle

      After my faithful little Babyliss hairdryer died an untimely death; I needed to find myself a new hairdryer.
      I'd done a little research, and after seeing the words: "shinier hair" and "frizz-free" I knew I needed to look no further and shortly recieved the Tresemme hairdryer as a christmas present from my mum.

      The hairdryer has 3 heat settings, and 3 speed settings, with an optional cold blast, and Ion setting to deal with frizzy hair (although why you wouldn't use it is beyond me- mine is permanently on)
      With the heat and speed options; I found that if it was any higher than medium- even with the Ion setting on- my hair would end up all frizzy. But its fine with the medium settings, just taking a little longer; its definately worth the wait.

      My only issue is I found it really heavy and bulky to use- although from reading other reviews it looks like its just me in that respect (trip to the gym perhaps?)..but that might be because my previous hairdryer was travel sized; so I haven't built up my "styling" muscles.

      Overall; I do really like this product, but I wouldn't buy it again due to the sheer size of it. If Tresemme did a smaller sized one though, I would definately change my mind.


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      18.09.2010 09:34
      Very helpful



      Great product

      I have been using the same hairdryer now for the best part of two and a half years and I thought it was about time I wrote about it. One of the reasons this hair dryer is still going strong is that it is one that is suitable for use in a salon and therefore the motor has to be able to handle a lot of use and it also has a ceramic element so that the heat is controllable and will not be so hot and intense that your hair gets damaged.

      It is black in colour and is not too heavy to use however I do find it too bulky to reaklly take on my travels when I'm trying to reduce the weight of what I'm carrying, it comes with a really long 3m cable, again I guess to meet the needs of a salon however it is still useful I guess to have if ever the mirror to plug distance was not ideal for normal hairdryers.

      It is comfortable to hold and the handle is nice and slender with a rubber finish to make it easy to grip. It is easy to operate the strength of the flow and heat as the controls are on the handle.

      This hairdryer is a powerful beast with a 2000w motor and it is certainly very effective at drying my hair without actually drying out my scalp or overly damaging the hair. I also find that my hair does not frizz.

      I can't remember how much I actually paid but if it ever does konk out I would certainly buy the same or an updated model again from Philips.


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      24.02.2007 19:28
      Very helpful



      A recommended hairdryer especially for anyone with problem hair.

      My old faithful Babyliss hairdryer was on it's last legs and it was time to find a replacement,
      I had heard a lot about Ionic hairdryers and how they left your hair shinier and frizz free..........
      Shiny, frizz free.............I want one ............and so began the search for an Ionic hairdryer.

      My search began with Amazon and it was'nt long before I found and ordered the...................
      ''Phillips Tresemme Salon Proceramic Hairdryer''
      that was a few weeks ago and so far has proved to be a worthwhile buy.

      What prompted me to buy this one (apart from the style and functions) was it was on sale down from £30.00 to £22.99 and iincluded a separate Ceramic straightening brush.

      The hairdryer is all black apart from the slider switches, the air inlet grille and the hanging loop which are light grey ( see pics )
      and looks very professional and sleek.
      I'd say the dryer is average weight and easy to hold and has a long 3m Salon length power cable.

      The handle of the dryer has a rubbery black matt finish and feels really comfortable to hold all through drying and gives a good grip,
      the temperature and airflow control switches are on the handle along with the coolshot button and the Ion slide switch and are easy to operate by sliding up or down with the thumb.

      The concentrator / styling nozzle is easily fitted by pushing on and removed by pulling off.
      The air inlet grille is easily removed and replaced for cleaning in the same way.

      This hairdryer has a powerful 2000w motor and a ceramic element that creates a gentler warmth than the conventional element, which then protects your hair from overdrying.
      I have quite thick hair just below shoulder length and I can
      dry my hair really quick with airflow on medium and temperature on warm.

      I'm not sure how the Ion function works ......but the negative Ions neutralise the static in your hair preventing further damage and leaving it frizz free and shiny.............as I said not sure how it works but it does !............ since I started using this dryer my hair looks and feels in better condition.

      Although I've stopped using ceramic hair straightners the damage has been done and I've been left with dry and frizzy hair, my old hairdryer did'nt help and sometimes made it worse,
      since using the Ionic hairdryer I have definitely noticed a big improvement,
      my hair is still dry but softer and looks much smoother rather than frizzy and flyaway like it was before, and theres a better shine to it too

      At £22.99 I think I got a bargain and even at the full price it would still be worth it,
      this is a sturdy professional and nice looking hairdryer with a variety of settings and good functions that seem to work.........a recommended hairdryer especially for anyone with problem hair.
      The hairdryer arrived well packed in an easy to open box containing....................
      The dryer,
      The concentrator / styling attachment,
      The cramic straightening brush.
      Easy to understand manual and a 2 year worldwide guarantee.

      Included in the box was a ceramic straightening brush used for straightening hair when used with a hairdryer,
      I tried the brush but found it really awkward to use and think it would work better if someone did it for you.
      Otherwise a well made brush that looks like it might work.

      Ceramic element for fast gentle radiant heat
      EHD - Even heat distribution technology
      Ionic conditioning
      3 heat settings.....cool / warm / hot
      3 speed settings low / medium / high
      Cool shot
      Turbo shot
      Cool blue indicator light
      3m salon extra length cable
      Hanging loop

      Thank you for reading.


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        13.11.2006 19:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        the treat your hair has longed for for ages

        I have spent weeks searching for a new hairdryer that leaves my hair feeling silky smooth like when you leave the salon and after weeks of trailing the shops,mail order and online shops i finally caught sight of this beauty...

        It is made by phillips but carries the tresemme brand name on it..If any of you use the tresemme products then you know you not only get value for money but you also get fantastic results..

        The name sold it for me to be honest i have a very sensitive scalp so needed to buy something that would not be only gentle and effective for me to use but also be usable by the rest of my family...

        This model is sold as a salon proceramic hairdryer..It is a powerful 2000w dryer that has some fantastic features on it that helps prevent the damage that can occur when blow drying or heat styling you hair...Also comes with a professional AC motor which has a longer lifetime

        It comes with a function i have never come across before and that is an ion function which basically means it produces negative charged negative ions which neutralise the static in you hair and help it to be frizz free.
        Along with this there is a ceramic element which produces a gentler heat than most other heat elements, this helps to protect against over drying your hair that can cause more damage to your hair..

        You have 3heat settings

        3 airflow settings
        low :- specially for styling your hair
        medium :- for drying
        high :- for ultra fast drying

        It also comes with removable air inlet grille so you can clear away any hair that may become trapped enabling longer life from your dryer,A professional nozzle for better styling and a straitening brush which is a fantastic idea for your hair

        I paid £27 and this has been the best buy i have had in ages my hair feels fluffy and light and looks like i have had it done at the salon....Best thing on the market at the moment for us girlies i would say...

        Before i forget you get a 2year guarentee as well incase anything goes wrong with your dryer...

        Although the dryer is fairly big to look at it is amazingly light to hold and exceptionally easy to use once you get used to it


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      • Product Details

        Product features: 2000 Watts true professional long life AC motor / Ceramic element for fast gentle radiant heat / Even heat distribution technology /Ionic conditioning / 3 heat settings / 3 speed settings / Separate true cold shot / Separate turbo shot / Cool blue indicator light / 3m salon extra length cable / Ceramic straightening brush / Hanging loop.

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