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Remington AS7040 Air Styler

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Brand: Remington / 1000 watt Airstyler with 2 heat/speed settings / Separate cool shot / Extra large thermal smoothing brush with natural and nylon bristles for volume, body and curl / Slim curling brush with natural and nylon bristles for firmer curls and volumising shorter hair / Air concentrator directs airflow for initial drying and sectional styling

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2007 17:05
      Very helpful
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      A reasonably priced air styling brush

      A couple of years ago I received £20 in Boots vouchers as a birthday present. As there wasn’t really anything I particularly wanted I decided to just have a wander round the store and see if anything took my eye.

      I saw the Remington Full Volume Air Styler (AS7040) and thought that it looked interesting. Until then I had used an ordinary hair dryer but I am not very good at styling my hair. I figured that, as the air on the Remington was being blown through the styling attachments I thought that it may improve my ability to style my hair!

      I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for this but it was about the £20 mark. The current price in Boots is £22.99, but looking on the Internet I can see that it would be possible to get it cheaper elsewhere.

      So what did I get for my money?

      Firstly the whole thing comes with a three year manufacturer’s guarantee.

      It is a mains powered hot air styler, with a power of 1000 watts which isn’t the most powerful hair dryer on the market by a long way but I believe that it is powerful enough for the way that this particular machine works. It comes complete with a 13 amp plug fitted as standard.

      The three attachments are as follows:

      A ceramic and Teflon coated extra large thermal smoothing brush

      A ceramic and Teflon coated slim curling brush

      A small nozzle called a concentrator

      Apparently the Teflon coating is exclusive to Remington and stops product build up on the brushes and helps them to glide easily through the hair.

      The styler is smart and classy in black and grey.

      The styler comes with three metres of cable which is plenty long enough to plug in at the side of our bedroom and still be able to stand in front of the mirror to do my hair. There is also a hang up loop on the cord at the base of the styler but I haven’t bothered using this as I keep mine in my wardrobe drawer.

      The styler has two heat / speed settings and a separate button to give a cooler setting.

      To use the styler you put the concentrator on the end of the power handle and turn it until it clicks, which means that it is locked in position. You should then turn the heat / speed to high and dry your hair using your fingers to lift and separate the hair from the roots to the tips. If you want extra volume you can tip your head upside down and dry the roots thoroughly, which gives a real bounce to your style.

      When your hair is about 75% dry you can begin to use the other attachments.

      You need to remove the concentrator and to do this you just press the attachment release button and pull it off. I then use the smaller brush to style my hair. I can get some extra volume at the roots and also tidy the ends by turning them under into my neck.

      You can also use the extra large thermal brush for extra volume and shine. Starting with the underneath layers you brush out the hair a section at a time using tension to straighten the hair and smoothing the hair as you dry it.

      To get smooth hair when straightening just use the styler like an ordinary hair brush to lift the hair at the root and then pull away as you dry each section. You then brush down through the lengths of hair at right angles to the scalp and this leaves it straight and smooth.

      You can use either the large or small brushes to create loose curls and waves. You just begin by curling sections up from the end to the roots leaving each section to heat and dry fully for a few seconds. Then just carry on until you have all the curls or waves you want. It’s that easy even for me!

      You can also use the smaller brush to give root lift. Starting at the crown of the head you just grip a section of hair a few inches from the scalp, wind the hair around the brush down to the roots and heat with the setting on high.

      The instruction leaflet that comes with the styler is concise and clear. It has a diagram of the equipment showing the position of all the various buttons together with their use. It then explains briefly how to use the styler and gives some tips on styling. It gives instructions on cleaning and maintenance and safety information.

      To clean the styler you only have to clean the whole thing with a damp cloth – having first unplugged it and left it to cool down first! The air filter grille also needs to be kept clean to maximise the air flow and thus the performance of the styler.

      The safety information is all the obvious stuff – don’t immerse in water, don’t leave switched on after use, don’t rest on combustible surfaces, etc.

      The leaflet also gives information about service and warranty.

      In conclusion I would recommend this styler to anyone. If I can use it to make my hair look good anyone can!!!


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