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Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer

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Brand: Remington

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2013 20:25
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      Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer

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      The Product
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      The product I am reviewing is a hairdryer by Remington. Remington is my favourite brand of electrical beauty/hair products as I have always found their products to be reliable and really good. My 2 previous hair-dryers were by Remington, which of which I purchased well over 5yrs ago and it's still working really well, and I have had no issues or problems with it. The same with my hair straighteners as well. I wanted to purchase a new hair-dryer so I could keep it at my boyfriend's rather than trailing one to and from there every weekend on the train. I immediately decided that I was going to get a Remington hair dryer so I looked in my catalogue (Very) to see what they had. This particular hair dryer is meant to protect hair colour and helps prevent colour fade. This sounded great, as I have blonde hair which I colour every few months; although I wasn't sure how believable this was going to be. The hairdryer boasts the very latest technology. It has a unique coating on its ceramic grille that's infused with Colour Protecting micro conditioners. This helps to cleverly lock in the colour to help prevent colour fade that's caused by washing and exposure to UV light. As you style your hair, the conditioners are transferred onto your hair that leaves it super glossy, colour vibrant and radiant. At the moment the product was sounding pretty good but would it really work and help to prevent colour fade. I personally couldn't see this myself; how-ever I was hoping that I would be proved wrong when using the hair-dryer.

      The hairdryer is black and purple in colour (although mostly black) and it has a powerful 2100W motor for speedy styling. When purchasing a hairdryer I like different speed and heat settings and I always make sure there is a cool shot button on the dryer as well, as I use this to finish off styling my hair. The dryer has three different settings which can be selected easily by using the slid button on the handle of the dryer. There are also two different speed settings which is good as sometimes I toggle between the two when styling my hair in a specific way. You get a concentrator nozzle with the dryer which is black in colour and clicks onto the end of the dryer easily. This is easily removed as well. I would use this occasionally and my hair-dresser normally used this when he comes round to cut my hair. The concentrator nozzle is perfect for creating a smooth, polished finish to your hair. You also get a black diffuser attachment with the dryer which helps to add texture and injects volume into your hair. I haven't really used a diffuser on my hair before as my hair is really flat anyway, so I probably wouldn't ever use it. It was nice to have it though just in case. The hair-dyer is apparently lightweight and has a nice, compact design. There's nothing worse than using a hair-dryer which is heavy to hold and bulky, especially as I tend to dry my hair using a large barrel brush which can take a good 15-20mins. The hair-dryer also has a 2.5m cord which is great as it means I don't have to worry about not having enough cable when I want to dry my hair in front of the mirror in my room. The filter to the hairdryer is removable to enable you to clean it and the hairdryer itself comes with a 2yrs manufacturers guarantee.

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      I purchased this from www.very.co.uk; how-ever it's no longer available from there. You can still purchase the hairdryer from Argos for as little as £19.99, which I think is very reasonable. I think I actually paid slightly more than this.

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      Using the Hairdryer
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      I washed and combed through my hair as normal as well as applying any products I normally apply before drying my hair. The first thing I noticed was how light the hairdryer was. The one I currently have at my boyfriend's is by John Frieda and it's really heavy so it's quite uncomfortable to hold for long periods. This dryer was so, so much lighter and I preferred the look of it as well. I think it looks quite girly due to the purple on the hairdryer which is slightly metallic looking. I put the dryer onto the low speed setting and also put it on the middle heat setting. I didn't want the hairdryer getting too hot and feel like it's burning my scalp. As the controls are on the handle of the hairdryer they are easy to move. The heat and speed settings can be changed be sliding the switch to the right or left. I started to dry my hair but then though I would switch up to the faster speed setting. This was slightly noisier than the previous setting; how-ever it was a good speed and would dry my hair a lot quicker. I found the switches on the hairdryer easy to use and as they are sliding switches there is very little chance of you accidentally changing the heat or speed setting when using it. I had been using the hairdryer for a good 5mins and my hand wasn't even aching yet. The heat setting was perfect and I didn't want to move it up as I didn't want it too hot. When my hair was almost dry I then turned the speed setting down a little so that I could concentrate more on the parts that still needed drying. When I did this, the hair-dryer did quieten down a fair bit. I was able to get a good grip on the hairdryer when using it and didn't have to worry about it dropping out of my hand. When I had finished drying my hair I helped set the style by using the cool shot button. For this I ensured the heat setting was at the lowest and pressed my finger onto the button which has a blue snowflake on. It was easy to keep my finger on the button whilst using the dryer on my hair.

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      Although my previous hair-dryer was a faster speed than this one, I felt as though this one still dried my hair a lot quicker and I ended up with less tangles than I did with my previous dryer (the John Frieda one). I looked in the mirror at my hair to look at the results. . If there were any. My hair looked bright and shiny and there was also a lot less frizzy on the top of my head than what there normally is. I wasn't really sure whether my hair looked brighter and more vibrant or not. I think I would have to use my old hair-dryer again to test this out. I used my old hairdryer when I was at my boyfriend's (before I had taken this one down) and I then came back after the weekend and used this one when drying my hair again. This hair dryer is definitely a lot easier to use and so much lighter. I also found that there were less tangles too. When looking in the mirror at my hair again it definitely looking brighter and vibrant than it had done when using my old hairdryer. This was impressive as I wasn't sure whether I believed the technology behind this hairdryer or not. My hair was definitely a lot less frizzy as well and it looked really shiny and healthy. Since using this dryer for my hair I have noticed that it does look more bright and vibrant but at this moment in time I can't comment on whether it has helped to prevent colour fade or not.

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      Overall Opinion
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      I did expect this product to be good in terms of drying hair as my previous hair dryers from Remington have been really good and have lasted a good amount of time before I replace them with something slightly newer. I did actually go for this product because it claims to protect your hair colour and apparently prevents it from fading. I know technology is pretty good but I wasn't really sure how much of this to believe when I purchased it. The hairdryer was a reasonable price and I didn't really want to spend over £40 on a hairdryer so this one was perfect. The purple colour which is on the hairdryer also caught my eye too as I love purple and it makes it very girly. I always find Remington hairdryers very light and I wasn't disappointed by this one. This dryer was very light, in fact I think it was lighter than my previous one and it's so simple and easy to use (unlike my sister's technical Toni & Guy hairdryer)! Using the controls on the hairdryer is easy and you can change the heat or speed setting so quickly and there is no need to turn the hairdryer off when doing this. The middle heat setting is perfect for drying my hair but there is a hotter setting which I haven't yet used. The speed settings are great and I often use the faster setting when drying the majority of my hair and then I use the slower one when concentrating on areas which need a little more attention and longer to dry. The cool shot also works really well and this is actually cool when you press the button unlike some dryers than still shoot out lukewarm air rather than cool air. In terms of value for money I think the product is very reasonable as its good quality and definitely makes my blonde hair more vibrant, shiny and much healthier looking. The only downside to the product is that it does tend to show greasy marks on it due to the finish of the hairdryer and the fact that it's black.

      (review will also appear on ciao)


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