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Remington D3710 Stylist Turbo Hair Dryer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Remington

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2013 21:51
      Very helpful



      great hair dryer but makes your arms ache

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ *
      I treated myself to a new hair dryer after my basic Argos one blew up. I had no faults at all with the basic hair dryer but needed something more powerful to help get my hair dry quicker in the mornings before school runs. I looked online and saw this hair dryer was advertised claiming to have a 30% faster drying time. The size of the hairdryer in the picture did put me off a little but I figured that if it dried my hair quicker I could handle holding something slighter bigger as it would be for less time due to the quick drying time.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Price and availability ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
      The hair dryer (model number D3710) is available at most stores, Argos, boots, Amazon etc. Its currently reduced on both Amazon and Argos from £35 down to £25.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Whats in the box? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
      Pink Hair dryer
      Black concentrator nozzle
      Black diffuser
      Instruction booklet

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The hair dryer ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
      This hair dryer not only claims to dry your hair with a 30% faster drying time but to also style it aswel thanks to the nozzle or the diffuser mixed with the cold air shot. When taking the hair dryer out of the box the first thing i noticed was the amazing colour, then the weight, it feels very strong and solid (but heavy). Its quite long and thin so pretty bulky.

      The hair dryer is classed as pink, its like a dark coral pink. It has 'Remington' written down the side, with transparent casing towards the back so you can see the fans moving. The handle is also pink with black turbo/cool switch, under that is the heat switch for the heat anf speed (3x heat and 2 x speed). At the bottom of the handle is the cable.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Its features are as follows ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Powerful 2200W, the 2200W is a lot more powerful than anyother hair dryer I have owned, ranging from 1800-2000. This hair dryer blasts your hair dry!

      2 Turbo fans which help create power dry your hair even quicker.

      Ionic conditioning to keep your hair fizz free.

      3 heat settings so you are guaranteed to find the right temperature for your hair.

      2 speed settings.

      Turbo boost and cool shot

      Nozzle to make your hair smooth and sleek

      Diffuser to give your hair a boost and add waves.

      2.5 metre cord.

      There is also a small clip on the hair dryer so that you are able to hand it up.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ In use ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
      As with using any hair appliance.....use a protection oil! The hair dryer was very easy to use, as with any normal hair dryer you simply plug it into a wall and select the heat setting and the speed that you require. Normally my hair is pretty straight so I first used the nozzle, it simply clicks onto the front of the hair dryer (the hair dryer can also be used without the nozzle or the diffuser). To use the diffuser simple click it onto the front of the hair dryer, use the highest settings and turbo switch. When finished use the cold settings to hold your style.

      The nozzle is designed to help with straightening hair and the diffuser is designed to help curl hair. Holding the hairdryer at different angles depending on what accessory you are using will also help to get the desires look.

      Nozzle - If you use the nozzle I found it best to hold the hair dryer pointing down, it helps with keeping hair straight and so you have to do less straitening....yes im afraid you will still need straighteners because this doesn't completely straighten hair, it also doesn't control the frizz that your straighter does either.

      Diffuser - If you use the diffuser you need to hold the hair dryer under the hair (facing upwards) and push it into your hair so that your hair is getting pushed into the diffuser to create the curls. The diffuser is pretty large so great for creating bigger curls, as my hair is shoulder length the curls were a little smaller, and if im honest, a little messy when you compare it to heated curlers.

      *****My thoughts*****
      I loved the hair dryer, its got a powerful motor with 2 fans which drys my hair a lot quicker than my old hair dryer. My hair is shoulder length and quite thin and its quite straight naturally but its quite flat so wanted something to add some volume.....which this did.

      I hardly ever have curls in my hair but the diffuser was great for some bounce. Its simple to use with the switches clearly marked with pictures.

      My hair was dry quickly and felt ultra soft thanks to the ionic conditioning there was no frizz at all. I was also surprised at how quiet the hair dryer was, obviously noise is to be expected but it was a lot quieter than my old hair dryer.

      The only problem I had with the hair dryer is that its very heavy. Im 5'2in and a size 12 so dont consider myself petite in the slightest yet I still struggled with holding it up, I also found the barrel pretty long so having to hold the hair dryer slighter further away makes it even more difficult to hold, I found that having to hold the hair dryer for more than 5 mins ment my arms were aching, so id have the hair dryer on the hottest setting to get it dry as quickly as possible, but this is something I don't like doing as I normally like to dry my hair on a medium setting to avoid drying my hair out too much.

      This hair dryer also didn't control the frizz, I found my old hair dryer while a basic one did control the frizz, this hairdryer is very powerful but even using the diffuser it blew my hair everywhere making it pretty knotted and frizzy.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Overall Thoughts? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
      Overall, its a great hair dryer and dries my hair quickly yet still feels in great condition. For the slight uncomfortable performance of holding the hair dryer I will have to knock off 2 stars as it really does make my arms ache, which is not ideal with a appliance that is used a lot.


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        30.07.2013 17:21
        Very helpful



        great lifesaver in the morning after a shower if youre in rush to dry your hair!

        Model: Remington D3710 Stylist Turbo Hair Dryer
        Price: Around £30 quid for a new one from Amazon

        Why Remington?

        Basically, my old Babyliss hairdryer was so weak (the air flow) it was pretty useless and my hair is long (member pic) so I decided it was time to treat myself to a new shiny hairdryer! Also, please note that I don't usually encourage using heat to dry hair but sometimes we don't have time to let it towel dry naturally boys and girls! You might be in a rush in the morning, before work and a hairdryer is a quick fix to get dry hair (even though shower fresh look is also in).

        APPEARANCE: Glossy, pretty pinky red shell. Not so huge but not small enough to carry in your handbag eiether, comes with a different attachments - either a narrow slit to confine the air blown to a certain part of your head/hair or a round attachment as shown in the picture to comb the hair with at the same time! My favourite is the slit one because it doesn't get tangled in my hair like the other one.


        This hairdryer is exceptional! Why? because it has a 2200W motor comes with 2 inbuilt turbo fans with variable heat speeds depending on what you want. Once you're done drying your hair (using a heat protecting hair product - my recommendation) then you can STYLE it - yes, it has a cool shot setting! For a nice cool blast of cold air, which will set YOUR style into place!


        If you have really frizzy hair, you might need to use some more taming product as with any hairdryer, drying curly or frizzy hair must be done carefully!!
        ALSO - make sure to take breaks between drying - don't use it continuously for ages as you may risk overheating - I tend to do it in bursts of 1-2 minutes, brush.. etc

        SUMMARY: Affordable way to achieve a nice salon look - without using a curling ion or straightener! Use leave in curlers and find tutorials online (eg. Youtube) to see that the same look can be achieved with less heat damaging the hair/


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