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Tresemme 5543U Salon Professional Diffuser Dryer 2200

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tresemme

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    3 Reviews
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      29.07.2014 23:43
      Very helpful




      I do not really use hair dryers regularly due to the fact that I like to let my hair air dry because my hair tends to get very dry very quickly, so I like to protect it as much as I can by not applying heat to them.

      So I got this hair dryer quite recently because it is always good to have one lying around - I did already have one but it was not that amazing!

      I got a Tresemme hair dryer because they specialise in this sort of hair stuff so I thought that this would most likely be a good product! I purchased this from Boots for under £25 which is fairly reasonable considering that hair dryers do not seem to break that easily and last a long time.

      Compared to my last hair dryer this one is probably a thousand times better! My hair dries far more quicker which is great because I do not have to give up half way and have wet hair when I am supposed to be going out, in winter! There are plenty of settings to choose from to please everyone!

      This comes with a little diffuser, which I tried the other day for the first time. For every hair dryer I have had I have never used the diffuser so I thought it was about time that I give this one a go. Overall I liked it, it adds a nice wavy look to your hair without it becoming frizzy, which my hair is extremely prone to doing.


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      10.10.2013 14:29
      Very helpful



      a good blower

      ==Tresemme 5543U Diffuser Hairdryer==

      Having hair that can either be curly or straight I tend to always buy a hairdryer which comes with a diffuser so that I can increase my naturally wavy hair. These hairdryers however are not always that easy to find and the last time I needed to buy one I had to look online as all the shops locally either didn't have any hairdryers with diffusers or I had already tried the brand before and wasn't pleased. This is where this Tresemme Diffuser dryer comes in to play....

      ==Price and Availability==

      I hadn't seen this particular model in any of the high street shops that I had done a little research in so I am not sure if this is still something that would be sold in Boots and the like. However living on the Isle of Wight the amount of shops that have hair dryers in few and far between and when they do actually stock them there are not a vast amount of them to choose between. As far as hair dryers which have diffusers with them I must say that some of the shops I looked in didn't haven't any of these available where as others might have just the one. This is the reason I looked online and was able to find a good few to choose from. This particular make and model was in a fair few of the online stores such as Boots, Very and others and the price did seem to range quite a bit.

      I purchased mine through Amazon where there was a slight money off promotion going on at the time and because of not having to pay out for the posting and packaging of the item it worked out considerably cheaper than other sites. I think I paid around the £15 region although having had a look today the offer appears not to be on and buying it from Amazon would cost you more like £25. As with most things it is always worth having a search around to get the best price on the day.

      ==Look and Design==

      As far as hairdryers go I am not really bothered about how they look but I just want one that works well and is practical to use. This Tresemme one is nothing special as far as looks go and it is an all black design which in my opinion makes it appear a little cheap (but then it was really). It of course comes with the diffuser and also a concentrator nozzle which are again both a black plastic colour.

      There is not an excessive about of buttons or knobs on this product which makes it simple to use and the instruction booklet which accompanied the drier are really not needed. The buttons are located in an ease to reach place which sit just by the thumb when holding it in the position to dry with. There is one solitary button which is the "cool shoot" and the other speed/heat button which is less of a button as it is a slide operated switch. All in all the look of the dryer might not be the most beautiful one I have owned but it is clean looking and the design is a good one in everyday use.

      ==General Use==

      The use of the hair dryer I find very easy and because the one slide switch gives both the settings for heat and speed at the same time there is never any confusion over getting the speed or heat mixed up as would often be the case with my last dryer. It simply works on three speeds whereby the lowest speed is also the coolest and the faster you want the dryer to blow the hotter the heat coming from it will be. It is by far the most simple hair drier I have ever use and I must say I am very impressed with it. I find that the two lower speeds are not suited to me as I tend to prefer it fast and hot! The highest setting is pretty powerful and the heat although hot is not scalp scolding in any sort of way.

      Not only do I find the hair dryer easy to use but it is also very lightweight and good for the wrists. Fitting the diffuser on is simply a matter of clicking it in the front nozzle of the blower and it fits in very securely, so much so that you do need to give it quite a pull for it to come off. Of course if you have been using the diffuser on a high speed/heat setting you have to be careful as the diffuser will be rather hot to touch so either wait a short while or use a towel to pull it off. When the diffuser is in place it doesn't add excessively to the weight of the dryer and it is by far the lightest hair dryer I have ever used.

      So it may well be the simplest and lightest hair dryer I have owned but with regards to the noise of the thing it is not the quietest. On the highest speed/heat setting there is no chance of holding a conversation in the same room as it is pretty loud but to be fair who wants to hold a conversation when your upside down drying your hair!?! The two lower speeds is where it runs quieter which I suppose is to be expected really.

      I find that the dryer will dry my hair in around 7-10 minutes depending on how much I have towel dried it before hand and for me having long curly hair I think this is very good going indeed and it is certainly a lot quicker at the job than other makes and models I have used and owned previously. The dryer does get hot to the touch on the outside so I would just mention that for safety reasons, even after use, this dryer need to be kept well out of reach of little fingers or even big fingers as you will get a little shock with it being pretty hot.

      The hair dryer can come apart to give it a clean if you so wish to remove any hair or dust that generally these types of products do attract and probably aid in the eventual death of such products. I have to admit to not cleaning mine nearly as often as I should and this is probably the reason I tend to go through hair dryers at a rate of about 1 every 7 months or so! It is surprising once you have removed the mesh backing, how much dust can be removed. Of course it is just advised to clean this out with a little bristled brush and don't go thinking you can give it a rinse under a tap as of course water and hair dryers do not mix!

      The power cable of the hair dryer is a nice long length that enables me to move around my bedroom slightly, from mirror to mirror, as am I drying my hair which I have struggled with when using other dryers before. It does get tangled somewhat because of this length but it being longer than most seems to be more of a positive than anything else.

      ==Overall Opinion==

      All in all I think this hair dryer is a brilliant one for the price. The only downside I can see is that it looks a bit cheap but really for me I don't think that is too much of a worry as who really sees your hairdryer anyway. The fact that it works very fast and super efficiently is for me by far the best aspects of this dryer. It may be a little louder than most in the highest setting but again taking into account the simple ease of using this product I don't feel that I can't really hold it against it too much. The lightweight feel of the dryer really counts for a lot as other dryers I have used take their toll on my wrists especially with the diffuser stuck on the end but this one didn't.

      I really think this is a super hairdryer for the price I paid and even at the price that it is up for now on Amazon I would still be pleased with my purchase! I am going to award a top score of 5 out of 5 stars for this nifty little dryer and just say that the little bits I have found to pick at really don't matter in terms of all the other aspects of the product. It is definitely an all round good hair dryer especially for those who like to use a diffuser and even those who don't will be pleasantly surprised with the speed at which this lightweight blower can get you dry.

      I would be more than happy to give an exceptionally high recommendation of this Tresemme Hair Dryer to everyone and anyone. With any luck and me giving it a clean out every once in a while it should last me a good few more months to come!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        19.03.2012 18:13
        Very helpful



        a fantastic hair dryer

        I bought my Tresemme hair dryer in September to replace my old hair dryer that lived a long life, eventually stopped working and started to smell like burnt toast. I picked this particular hair dryer as it was decently priced and also because I have heard that the Tresemme brand is very reliable in hair care.

        This hair dryer is quite large, however it is easily held and manoeuvred to blow dry and style my hair, it is also quite light, compared to its size which makes it more comfortable to blow dry my hair, especially compared to my old hair dryer, which was very old and felt very heavy.

        I bought this hair dryer in Asda for £20, though you can get it cheaper online. I think that this was a really reasonable price to pay for this hair dryer, though I did see it cheaper on promotion in Superdrug around Christmas time for £10, so you might be best to shop around if you are thinking of buying it.

        This hair dryer comes with a concentration nozzle to help blow dry hair more efficiently and also a diffuser to help you create lovely waves in your hair, the different nozzles are easily put on to and taken off the hair dryer and make it much easier to use.

        This hair dryer has quite a lot of power behind it and it doesn't take too long for my hair to dry. It has hot and cold settings and also a medium and high power setting of hot air flow, so you can choose which setting is best for your hair type, I usually just put it to the highest setting so then my hair can be dried in the quickest time.

        This hair dryer comes with a 3 year guarantee, so if it breaks you can send it back to Tresemme to get fixed or a new one sent out. I have found that my hair dryer is quite sturdy, though it is good to have the guarantee for peace of mind.

        Overall I think that this is a great hair dryer, it is a nice size and shape and is light weight and it has quite a lot of power in it so it blow dries hair very quickly. I am really glad that I bought this hair dryer and think that it was a great buy. Overall I would give this hair dryer 5 out of 5 stars.

        *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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    • Product Details

      Tresemme 2200 watt Hair Dryer delivers a powerful airflow for fast drying results.A large diffuser and ionic technology leaves your hair with smooth, frizz-free curls.Helpful HintsUse a high heat/speed setting for rough drying. Use the low heat/speed settings as hair begins to dry for styling or to get volume and curl into hair.Use the cool shot button on warm hair to 'set' your style.Diffuser drying gives you more control over your hair and is perfect for enhancing curls. Tilt your head forward and aim the diffuser upwards so that the warm air circulates freely through your hair. Use your fingers to lift the hair up from the roots.

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