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Vidal Sassoon VSDR5818UK Silky Performance Hairdryer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Vidal Sassoon / Type: Hair Dryer

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    4 Reviews
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      01.05.2013 17:22
      Very helpful



      Ok hair dryer.

      My Daughter was complaining to me about her Brother using her hair dryer every morning and when I mentioned this to my Mum she said she had a hair dryer I could have if I wanted as she found it to be to bulky for her to easily use and style her hair with. Obviously I said yes please as I was sick of the arguments every morning.

      The hair dryer my mother so kindly gifted to me is a Vidal Sassoon VSDR5818. The hair dryer is quite sleek looking as it is all in black, the only splash of colour is the white speed/heat setting switch, the cool shot button and a small panel on the side of the dryer. The name brand is also written along the side.

      To look at the dryer seems well built and like it will have some heft to it but when I pick it up it feels fairly lightweight. The handle is quite short in comparison to the body of the dryer which causes it to feel off balance when in use, especially with my long hair, my son has no problems with it though.

      The hair dryer only has one heat/speed button which I don't like as the only drying options are cool and slow or hot and fast. When I use the dryer I will put it on hot and fast and then press the cool shot button intermittently to stop the temperature getting to hot for my head.

      The results I achieve with this dryer are no different to what I get with my bog standard old hair dryer. The dryer claims it uses ionic technology to seal in moisture for increased shine. I think it uses hot air to dry my hair.

      The 1.8m cable is plenty long enough for me to be able to plug the dryer in and stand in front of my dressing table and dry my hair. I am quite short (5'ft 2 ¾ ) but I would imagine the cable is long enough for most people to comfortably use. There is a storage loop on the handle which my son completely ignores when he stores the dryer on the floor.

      The vented cap on the back of the dryer is easy to remove for cleaning as is the small mesh panel that is located behind the cap. The dryer when new comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser attachment. I only have the concentrator nozzle which works fine for directing the air flow.

      In conclusion I think this is a good hair dryer, it is nothing special and I would not pay any more than what amazon.co.uk are selling it for (£15.98). It dries my hair within 5 minutes, the cool shot button is an excellent addition as the top speed and temperature is to hot for me and the low speed and temperature would take me forever to dry my hair. The hair dryer is quite large in size and does seem a little unbalanced when drying hair but for occasional use it is fine.

      Thank you for reading.


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      23.03.2012 23:37
      Very helpful



      A cheap effective dryer

      Back in my metro sexual days I bought a number of things to make me look a mighty fine young chap. One of these items was a hair dryer. I thought it would give my hair a more vibrant effect and more manageable for when I went out to woo the ladies. I saw one available from Amazon for £9 so I decided to give it a go. My Vidal Sassoon VSDR5818UK Silky Performance Hairdryer arrived not long after.

      The hairdryer looked funky with a curvaceous black surround with shiny metallic panels and buttons. The nozzle has an attachment that closes in towards the end and looks almost like a sci-fi gun. There is a long cable (1.8,) that reaches easily to the plug allowing you to manoeuvre the dryer around your barnet.

      The dryer comes with a 200watt motor. To me it feels powerful on my head and dries my hair quickly. On comparing to other dryers on the market it would appear there are a lot more powerful ones on the market. There are three settings on the handle of the dryer. These settings are off, 1 and 2. Setting 1 is a hot setting the blows out at a slow speed. Setting 2 is equally as hot a blasts out at a high tempo (very good for a quick dry). Also on the handle is a cool shot button. This instantly transform any heat to cold and gives a refreshing blast.

      For my rather short hair the dryer made very quick work of evaporating the moisture. It would leave my hair fluffy, bouncy and easy to style. It probably is not powerful enough for someone with long or medium hair but for under a tenner this is a great accessory for the modern man. I have now moved on from my metro sexual phase and tend only to use the dryer to warm up my socks on cold winter days.


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        04.01.2012 14:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An OK hairdryer at an OK price but I do feel the quality does let the hairdryer down


        I have recieved this hairdryer as a christmas present, and have only just tried it out today. My mum (a few months ago), asked me what I would like for christmas and I said I wanted a hairdryer. I let her choose it and she did a good job in finding a hairdryer to suit me.

        This hairdryer was brought from Morrisons I believe, for the price of £10, my hair is well, medium length but thick so all I needed was a basic hairdryer. I did'nt bother me if my hairdryer had seperate heat/speeds or they were put together in one slider switch, just as long as it had a cool shot button i did'nt mind.

        I did spot the BaByliss turbo shine but soon realised the cool wasn't a seperate button, but built in to the actual hairdryer itself, which was not what I had wanted.


        Vidal Sassoon is a brand owned by Helen-of-Troy Limited, who also own brands such as Revlon, Vidal Sassoon (UK), VS Sassoon (Australia), BaByliss, Conair (America), Andrew Barton and TRESemme. These brands make hot air stylers, hairdryers, straighteners, curling tongs/wands and crimpers.

        Vidal Sassoon is just one of these brands, but has over 50 years of heritage. It started off as a hairdressers in 1942, but began selling shampoos, conditioners and styling products in 1972, and then it started selling hairdryers, straighteners and hot air stylers in the mid 1980's. Over the years the company has grown bigger and the copany is massive in Australia under the name VS Sassoon.


        On unpacking the box, which was fairly good designed I must add, I found the hairdryer (obviously), with the slim concentrator nozzle, instructions and all of the packaging that went with it. The cord length is 1.8m, which is supposedly a good length.

        I washed my hair and afterwards I made sure that I had combed my hair using a wided tooth comb, I also doused my hair in a little gel volumising spray to add volume.

        I attached the concentrator to the hairdryer and switched it on to the speed setting number 2, it seemed hot enough and the concentrator worked well at concentrating the airflow to exactly where I wanted it to be. I do use heat protection spray too just to put a barrier on my hair so the heat dose'nt damage it. However, the large white cool shot button cools the air instantly and helps set the style. The cool shot and heat protection spray stops the heat from also burning the more delicate areas of my head (e.g. the back and around the ears!).

        The box claims for the hairdryer to have ionic conditioning, (hence it's name), and I do feel a difference in my hair because of it's ionic conditioning. If you have a hairdryer that has ionic conditioning, during drying, it releases a stream of balancing ions to nourish and condition hair that is flyaway or frizzy, leaving it soft and silky smooth.


        In my opinion this hairdryer is worth it for £10, and if you need a diffuser, they sell one with a diffuser too. It works but can get hot over a period of time but the cool shot soon sorts that out!

        I rate it 4 stars, 4 for the brand name, professionalism, affordable, lightweight, and all of the other advantages in the advantages column. I take off 1 star for it getting a bit hot over a period of time.

        SUMMARY: A lightweight, professional hairdryer for a great price! THANKS FOR READING AND RATING!


        Oh dear! This dose'nt look good, I read somwhere that these dryers are prone to breaking during the first year by many reasons! It dose'nt matter to me really because I recieved this as a christmas present and it only cost £10.


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          29.10.2010 18:10
          Very helpful



          If I had paid £9.97 for this dryer I would have been happy

          Having been more than satisfied with my Vidal Sassoon VS936 hairdryer, I instinctively looked for another Vidal Sassoon dryer when the switch on my old model broke.

          I had been quite happy with the 200 Watt of power in my old model, so I set out to find one that was almost identical. I bought the Vidal Sassoon Silky Performance dryer for £17.99 at Boots, although I have now seen that Tesco are offering this dryer for £9.97.

          At first sight, the Silky Performance dryer is a less elegant and much more basic model than the VS936. The casing is made entirely out of a cheap looking black plastic, with a white plastic sliding heat control button and a white plastic cool shot button. The body also has a white plastic ornamental flash on the side. The handle has some black ridges for extra grip and the word SASSOON is written on the side in very basic white capitals.

          Although I understand that appearance is not really a crucial part of a hairdryer's function, I was disappointed that I had paid a mid-range price for a dryer that looked as if it could have been part of the Basics range. There are no concessions to style or sophistication in the design of this dryer, and it reminds me of a child's toy with large and cheap-looking plastic buttons.

          A rubber hook on the handle is less of a practical hanging hook and more of a tiny, useless triangle of rubber sticking almost accidentally out of the protective cable casing. It is far too small for realistic, everyday use; I always hang my dryer next to the bed, and I am annoyed every day by having to fiddle around to manoeuvre the dryer off the hook.

          The cable is sturdy and a reasonable 1.8 metres long, which I have found to be just about adequate for my needs, although in the ideal world I would prefer a 2 meter cord.

          Several people had recommended Ionic dryers to me, and I made sure that the new dryer I purchased had Ionic technology. Vidal Sassoon claim on their packaging that the Ionic nature of this dryer will make hair smoother, shinier and healthier. Having used it every day for 3 weeks, I am a bit disappointed with this and not really able to see any difference at all.

          The Silky Performance dryer has a 200 Watt motor, which is just about right for domestic use. The white sliding control on the handle has three settings; 'off'; '1'; and '2'. Number 1 setting is hot, but with a low speed, number 2 setting does not seem much hotter but is a lot faster. The large cool shot button is very effective and cuts out the heat immediately.

          I was surprised at the amount of noise that came from this dryer.
          Number 2 setting is particularly noisy, and even my partner mentioned that I had bought a new and much noisier hair dryer.

          As with most Vidal Sassoon dryers, the Silky Performance has a removal air inlet for easy cleaning. The hinged rear vent can be clicked off by inserting a thumbnail underneath the edge and pulling downwards. Inside, a small round rubber mesh is held in place by a small central rubber peg, and the whole mesh can be removed and cleaned, before replacing it and clicking the casing back together again.

          This is the same cleaning system that I had on my old Vidal Sassoon dryer, and is very efficient and easy to use, as well as being essential to avoid the dryer running too hot. If this does happen, the dryer is equipped with a thermostatic cut-off which stops the motor until the dryer has cooled down.

          Weight is always important for me with a dryer, and in the past I have returned dryers that are too heavy. This model is advertised as Lightweight, and I have been very happy with the balance and the weight when it is in use, although I cannot find any information about the actual weight on the packaging.

          Although I am not unhappy with my dryer, I expected much more for a dryer that cost nearly £18. It looks very basic, it is noisy, and I do not feel that there is any benefit from the ionic system.

          It works well, but I feel that I could have bought a much cheaper model that gave me the same performance.

          The instructions rather confusingly tell you to use the dryer on "dry hair only". To me, this nonsensical statement shows the lack of care that Vidal Sassoon have taken with the design and packaging of the whole product.


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        • Product Details

          Fusing hair care tradition with innovative technology Vidal Sassoon's Silky Performance Dryer with Diffuser is perfect for creating volume and enhancing curls. Multiple heat and speed settings give optimum control while a cool shot sets your style.

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