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Boots Expert Moisturising Hair Removal Spray

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Brand: Boots / Type: Hair Spray / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Smoothes, Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2008 23:23
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      Boots Expert Hair Removal Spray

      A few weeks ago, I was looking at my arms and decided they were looking kinda hairy. I'm sure they didn't used to be that bad, but I was starting to resemble something from planet of the apes, so I decided to do something about them. I have used lots of different hair removal creams and mousses in the past, none of which have ever worked, so it was a strange choice to buy a can of Boots Expert Moisturising Hair Removal Spray. Even stranger, as I have used quite a few products from the Boots Expert range and although a few of them were OK, I have never been overly impressed with any of them, so I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I bought this!

      ~About the Product~

      Made by Boots Expert, this is a spray on product designed to remove hair - that's body hair, not the stuff on your head, although who knows, maybe it can do that too, but I for one am not going to try!


      The spray comes in a white aerosol can. The front of the can features the product name in blue and orangey-pink, along with a picture of a woman with incredibly thin and perfect legs, wearing just her knickers! On the back of the can are step by step instructions.

      ~Using it~

      Before using this you are told to do a patch test by applying a small amount to the skin and waiting 24 hours.

      They tell you to use this in the bath, I can only think that this is because a shower would rinse it away. You simply hold the can a couple of inches from the skin and spray, which leaves a sort of white foam on the skin. For underarms they tell you to spray onto your hands and then rub on, making sure you wash your hands thoroughly straight afterwards.

      As soon as you spray the product you will notice its strong chemical scent. I find that most hair removal creams have the same smell - it's pretty awful, but you only need to leave this on your skin 4-5 minutes, so you wont have to put up with it for long.

      After the 4-5 minutes are up you should use a tissue to rub off some of the foam. If the hair comes off easily it is ready to be rinsed away, if not they suggest leaving on for 6-7 minutes. You should not leave the cream on for more than 10 minutes - they put this in big bold letters which I guess means it's pretty important!


      I was really shocked when I removed this, as it had actually removed the hair. As I said no hair removal product I have used previously has ever managed to do this, so I was pretty impressed.

      I usually wax or shave my legs, but after the success on my arms, I decided to try this on my legs too. I applied it the same way as I had done on my arms, but even after waiting the full length of time, it had made no impact on the hair.

      This has lead me to conclude that this only really works on fine hair, such as that on my arms. It's a shame that it didn't work on my legs, but to be honest I wasn't exactly surprised. It might be a good product for young girls who have fine hair on their legs as it is less dangerous than shaving.

      As for the moisturising properties, I cant say that I found this to moisturise my skin in any way.


      This costs £3.99 for a 200ml bottle, however you need to use quite a bit which means that one can won't last very long, especially as this only dissolves the hair, rather than removing it from the root.


      Although I wouldn't recommend this for thicker hairs, I was very pleased with the results that it gave on the finer hair on my arms. Yes, it smells disgusting, but so do most other creams, the difference with this one, was that it actually got rid of some hair!


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    • Product Details

      Spray on hair remover for legs and underarms that leaves skin smooth for up to five days!

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