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Nad's Depileze Soothing Balm

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Brand: Nad's / Spray / Type: Wax / Laser / Sugar / Subcategory: Balm / What it does: regenerates, Soothes,

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2009 18:03
      Very helpful



      Another great product from across the water

      I've written several reviews of Nad's products recently and this is the latest. As I mentioned previously Nad's is a hilariously named Australian based company specialising in body care products aimed at hair removal. I somehow doubt that the name of the company means the same to people in Oz as it does here but that just makes it even more fun.

      This product is a rich, thick body balm designed to be used after hair removal to calm the skin and put moisture back preventing dryness and irritation. I hadn't considered using a body balm before and usually stick to lotions but seeing this was a part of a set I recently bought it seemed daft not to give it a try.

      Packaging -
      The product comes packaged in small tubs containing 100ml or 3.4fl oz. The tubs are a bright green colour with the name of the company and the name of the product on the side together with the list of ingredients and directions for use. The tub has a wide base helping to prevent it being knocked over, but even it if was there's no need to worry as the product is so thick there's virtually no chance of any leaking out and ruining your carpet or bed covers.

      Directions -
      To use the balm scrape out a small amount, warm between your hands then apply to your legs (or any other body part) and rub in using a firm circular motion. It's best to use this immediately after hair removal for the best results though you should any areas of skin that are sore or have open wounds as the balm could irritate them. For best results use daily.

      Consistency -
      The balm is very rich and thick, I liken it to slightly softened butter or thick cream cheese. This isnt a problem however as the balm soaks into the skin quickly and doesnt leave any trace of greasiness or stickiness so you could use this in the morning and get dressed straight after with no fear of staining your clothes.

      Fragrance -
      I find it hard to pin point the exact smell of this balm but I would say it smells quite fruity, with hints of grapefruit and kiwi. It's pleasant and subtle and wouldn't interfere with any perfumes or fragranced shower gels etc... you might want to use after applying this.

      Results -
      Of course with any product such as this the most important thing is, does it work? does it do what it says on the tin? as the saying goes. Well I think it does. The product claims to be soothe and calm irritated skin after shaving or waxing, and also to reduce redness whilst at the same time conditioning and rejuvenating the skin. I'm pleased to report that the morning after applying this for the first time the skin on my legs was indeed smooth and alot less red than usual after epillation. With regular use the flakiness and dryness of my lower legs has reduced significantly and no longer itches.

      I'm very pleased with this product and would definitely search for it again. I bought this as part of a set so dont know if the product is available in individual tubs, I certainly hope so as it works wonders.


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    • Product Details

      Nad's Depileze Soothing Balm soothes and calms skin following hair removal / With an appealing coconut fragrance Nad's Depileze's ingredients include Cocoa Butter which has been carefully selected to cool condition and rejuvenate the skin / The inclusion of Vitamin A and E as antioxidants works to minimise irritation and redness caused by hair removal / Nad's Depileze also contains Shea Butter an ingredient that helps cell rejuvenation and capillary circulation working as an asset against skin ageing / Simply massage into the skin following hair removal or use daily as soothing moisturiser When is the best time to use Nad's Depileze Soothing Body Balm? Use straight after any type of hair removal to soothe the skin but it can also be used as a daily moisturiser / What is special about Depileze compared to other moisturisers? Depileze has been specially formulated for after hair removal as opposed to general moisturisers / It soothes the skin and minimises redness and irritation /

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