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Nad's Natural Gel Facial Wand

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2 Reviews
  • gets all the little hairs off
  • excess washes off with water
  • very few strips included in package
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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2014 00:47


      • "excess washes off with water"
      • "gets all the little hairs off"


      • "very few strips included in package"

      works well

      Really simple to use, you can run it under the hot tap for a few seconds to make the gel/wax easier to spread. There's a twist up mechanism at the bottom of the wand that's really easy to get the right amount of product out, then you just smooth the tip of the wand over the area you want to wax. I've mostly used this for shaping my eyebrows and it works really well at getting the annoying little tiny hairs out that are hard to get to. It's really quick to use, takes me about 2 minutes to do both brows thoroughly and it's a lot less painful than tweezing because it's over so quickly. Once you have the wax spread on the area you want to wax you simply place a waxing strip over the wax and smooth down a few times. There are a few strips included in the package, but you will definitely need more. I'd recommend getting a few large waxing strips and cutting them down to the right size because it's cheaper than buying a new set of strips. Remember to pull off quickly otherwise it will hurt more and be less effective. It's really not too painful once you get the hang of it. There are a few cleansing strips in the package that you use to clean the area before and after you wax. They are really good, but you don't get many. A good replacement for them is to use mouthwash (yes, really!) to clean the area before you wax, the alcohol content cleans the skin and there's something in mouthwash that makes the waxing less painful (science!) once you are done baby oil or pure coconut oil is great for removing the excess and calming your skin.


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      29.07.2008 03:57
      Very helpful



      Almost a 5 star- if they had included enough strips that I didnt have to buy replacements to chop u

      This is the best eye brow wax in my opinion. It not only is easy to apply, it works to yank out all the unneeded brows FIRST PULL! And gives a very exact result. You can use this on your bikini line, chest, back and upper lips and but I have no need to do these areas so unfortunately cant review the other areas.

      It is £10 (or £9.99 to be precise) and I have seen it in Boots but not in Superdrug, Tesco or Sainsbury, so Boots is the only place I know that sell it.

      It comes in a white and green box, white background, green writing and you can see the actual facial wand from the packet exterior, just to show you they didn't forget to put it in, its there, it in the box. Its a transparent tube which has green wax (or called gel) inside and Nad's 0.2oz 6g printed in gold on the tube. Also inside the box is a packet of 10 cotton strips, 2cm by 9cm. Also there are 5 cleaning wipes for before and after the session.

      What you need to do- read through the little instruction leaflet and follow the instructions. Basicly you warm up the kettle and pour the hot water into a mug, then plonk the wand inside. Allow it to heat up the gel for a few minutes and then your ready to go. In the waiting time you can clean the area your going to wax.
      Get the gel out of the cup after about 5 to 10 minutes, pull off the lid and wind it to start, at first it can take a while for the wax/gel to show but it does. As soon as it does, facing a mirror, simply paint over the eyebrow area you want to get rid of.
      Next, take one of the cotton strips and place over, and as the instructions read, push in the direction shown
      Then, holding taught, pull off, staying close to the skin (and the instructions read) in one quick motion.
      When your done, take the cleansing wipe you used before and wipe away any left wax- though actually you will probably find there's nothing much really left there anyway!

      I wont lie, its not 100% painless, BUT! It is less painful then plucking every hair out, even if you use Tweezermann tweezers.

      I have tried many eyebrow shaping kits, boots and Superdrug sell them. I have tried Veet, Wax Away and another newer one on the market- cant recall the same but its in a white box with pastel colouring (sorry! Boots site didn't have it either!), as well as stores own brand. You are either given ill fitting strips of wax to place on your face, dodging your actual need to keep part of eyebrow and unsurprisingly, causing unhappy accidents. Even 'Wax Away' which has actual shapers in the pack, is not that great, it is hard to find a one size fits all as one size clearly does not fit all! In addition, they don't seem to do as good a job at getting all the hairs up as this does.

      The only point I could fault this on is the amount of cotton strips your given, OK so they are replaceable if you chop up bigger replacement strips by Boots or someone, but that's not the point, the wand seems to go on forever, you can heat and cool it over and over again and it works fine, so there really needs to be about 10 times the amount of cotton strips then there is currently.

      I will be buying this again and I have bought this again, twice for 4 years, not bad really huh?! Mainly though, I shape every 2 or so months and let everything just grow out in-between, the only reason I re-bought was as I lost my last one, not because it ran out. Definitely, you get a lot for your money.


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      If you are looking for eye-catching eyebrows, the unique Nad's Facial Wand is the easiest way to get salon quality results at home /

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