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Nair Pretty Naturals Exfoliating Cream

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Brand: Nair / Removal Cream / Type: Cream / Subcategory: Exfoliator / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    3 Reviews
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      14.03.2011 17:23
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      A hair removal cream which doesn't deliver what it promises

      For Christmas my mother in law bought me a rather large bag full of toiletries. She does this every year for me which is much appreciated as I hardly have to buy any toiletries for quite some considerable time! One type of product I seem to be inundated with is hair removal products! Whether there was an offer on them or whether she is trying to tell me something I don't really know!

      Hair removal is part of my daily routine, if I haven't got rid of it first thing every morning than I tend to feel a little grubby all day. Generally I opt for a shaving cream and a razor although I have dabbled with waxing and hair removal creams. One item I found in my toiletry goody bag was the Nair Exfoliating Cream.

      *~* Who is Nair *~*

      Nair is a company owned by Church & Dwight Co Inc. They are an American company which was founded in 1846 and originally produced sodium bicarbonate. In 2001 the company expanded its household products business and purchased a number of brands such as First Response, Trojan Condoms and Nair Depilatories.

      *~* The Product *~*

      Nair Exfoliating Cream is a cream which uses exfoliating beads to remove hair. Nair also use orange oil which is naturally stimulating which helps leave the skin soft and give it a radient glow. It is suitable for underarms, bikini and leg areas.

      *~* Packaging *~*

      The hair removal cream comes in a clear, plastic tube with a bright orange screw top. On the front there is a picture of an orange representing the orange oil. On the main part of the tube it is semi-transparent but on the front there is a clear window type feature where you can se the product.

      On the back there is the instructions on how to use it and a list of ingredients together with all the other information you would expect to see.

      *~* Using It *~*

      ~ Scent ~

      No hair removal creams despite their promises can get away with that horrid smell they all seem to have. However, this doesn't have such a potent aroma and is I suppose freshened up with a very synthetic orange fragrance which is slightly over the top and a bit sickening. As for the papaya I couldn't trace this whatsoever but then again papayas don't really have much of a scent to start off with!

      ~ Consistency ~

      The peach coloured cream has a very velvet type feel to it and is a good thickish consistency which when applied it won't run or drip. It isn't too thin for it to slip through your fingers and it isn't to thick so you can't get it out of its tube. It is incredibly soft with the little micro beads added in for a little texture.

      ~ How to use ~

      To apply you just need to smooth the cream on your area of choice in a thick but even layer covering all the hair that needs to be removed. Once applied do not rub it in and just simply leave for 5 minutes making sure you have washed your hands immediately after using it. After 5 minutes simply remove with either a wet flannel or a sponge and rinse the area immediately with warm water.

      If the hair does not come off easily after 5 minutes then you can leave the cream on for a few more minutes but do not exceed more than 10 minutes.

      ~ Results ~

      The cream is applied easily as it is a decent consistency and it is great for applying without the fear that it will drip onto anything. I haven't really had any poor products with regard to hair removal as they have generally done the job well.

      Apart from the aroma of this which I don't particularly like the cream seems to do its job. However, the hair wouldn't come away easily after 5 minutes so I did leave it on for the maximum of 10 minutes and within one stroke of my sponge all unwanted hair was gone. Fortunately the aroma doesn't stick with you for long and soon disappears.

      Once my skin had been towelled dry my skin had a lovely shine to it which I guess you could call a radiant glow but nothing out of the ordinary. I used the exfoliating cream several times to see whether my legs would feel more moisturised and nourished but it really made no difference compared to either shaving or other hair removal creams. The orange oil and papaya extracts really didn't have much of an effect on my skin.

      As for exfoliation again it really didn't make much of a difference and I can have dry skin on my legs so I was hoping for a little change with less dry skin but it made no difference. I may as well have used a bog standard hair removal cream as I get the same effects. On the plus side my skin was left soft but again this can easily be done with a normal hair removal cream.

      *~* Price & Availability *~*

      I don't know where my mother in law bought mine from but I know Nair products are widely available in pharmacies, supermarkets and discount stores.

      Currently in Boots this costs £5.10 for 150ml

      *~*Ingredients *~*

      Aqua , Paraffinum Liquidum, Calcium Thioglycolate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Calcium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Ceteth-20, Synthetic wax, Silica, Synthetic Beeswax, Parfum, Glycerin, Citrus aurantium dulcis oil, Carica Papaya Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Limonene, CI 45350, CI 77019, CI 77491, CI 77891

      *~* Overall *~*

      Certainly nothing to write home about. It manages to remove unwanted hair which is what it is supposed to do. It just can't follow through with the exfoliation. Not something I would recommend to anyone as there are much better alternatives on the market.


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        03.09.2010 20:17
        Very helpful



        Not for me...I think its rather rubbish to be honest!

        When it comes to using hair removal creams I really should have learnt a lesson by now! I buy them, use them once and then realise that I have wasted my money (and time!) cos not once have they given me hair free bits!

        However the other day in Boots I was once again drawn into buying yet another hair removal product, because it was on offer at the time at £3.33 instead of the usual price of £4.99 a tube and I decided that as it was a new product it had to be worth a go...who knows maybe this would work I thought!

        The Packaging:

        150ml see-through and orange plastic squeezy tube that has a twist on/off cap to the bottom of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle I am told that it is 'New' Nair Pretty Naturals Hair Removal Cream 'With Exfoliating Beads' and that it contains stimulating orange essential oil and smoothing papaya extract and that it is dermatologically tested and there are pictures of sliced oranges on there. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit more about the product and how to use it, warnings and ingredients are given, the size is stated and contact details for Church & Dwight (the manufacturer of the product) are given. It's a nice attractive looking and easy to use tube of product that is informative enough of course.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Tube:

        Nair Pretty Naturals hair removal cream is dermatologically tested and suitable for use on legs, bikini and underarms. The exfoliating beads combined with the stimulating properties of orange essential oil help leave your skin radiant and naturally smooth.

        Using It:

        To use this all you do is to smear a thick layer of the rather nasty, chemically smelling peach coloured lotion to legs, bikini and/or underarms. It goes on cool and smooth apart from that you can see little dark red breads within it and in abundance too. You then leave it on for 5 minutes and gently remove a little with a cloth/tissue to see if it removes hair then wipe the whole lot away with a wet washcloth, if it doesn't remove easily then leave the cream on for a maximum of ten minutes in total and then wipe away the cream (again with a damp washcloth).

        I tried to remove it after 5 minutes as I didn't like the smell and my skin on my legs was tingling slightly (though not awfully or anything like that) but the hair didn't remove at all. After ten minutes I found this to remove rather alot of hair but not enough to go out showing bald patches! It really didn't remove all of my dark, thick and coarse hair at all sadly.

        It left my skin smooth enough though but why this has exfoliating beads within it beats me if I'm honest. You can't rub this cream in and your only meant to smooth it gently over where you want to remove hair from and so in my opinion the beads don't do anything really.

        Like I say the smell of this isn't pleasant either and I had to wash the fragrance off my skin with warm water and a mild soap as I couldn't stand being so pongy (not recommended by the way but it didn't hurt me).

        All in all I found this yet another pointless hair removal cream from Nair. It stinks and it don't work properly. It's easy enough to apply and to be fair to it if you have light and thin hair then maybe this would do decent job...but for me it simply didn't and no way did I think that this got rid of enough hair for my liking!

        Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          30.06.2010 14:40
          Very helpful



          A hair removal cream that's big on ideas but falls short on performance.

          My regular method for hair removal on the body (not the face) is using a disposable razor. As I remove hair on my legs and underarms I find that using a razor is quick and easy although it tends to leave skin a little bit raw and red, especially on my legs. When I fleetingly use hair removal cream as part of a girly pampering ritual prior to a big event it's always been Veet products as I'm familiar with their products and also use their wax strips for facial hair removal. I have recently been given the opportunity from a consumer product test company, BzzAgent, to try out Veet's major rival product, Nair Pretty Naturals.

          This is a hair removal cream suitable only for use on the legs, bikini line and underarms. It should not be used on the face. The product comes in a transparent tube and it's probably the most girly hair removal product I've ever seen. The cream is a soft peach colour with little dark orange exfoliating beads scattered among it. All product information is written on the tube. This includes full directions for use, cautionary instructions and full ingredients. The tube size is 150ml and the hair removal cream will stay fresh for 12 months after opening.

          Despite this being described as orange infused, with the image on the front of the tube being juicy orange slices, this cream does not actually smell very much like citrus. The overwhelming fragrance is unfortunately that same sour and chemical aroma that you get with every other hair removal cream on the market. I think that the fruity hint is far too subtle and overpowered by a nauseating burnt plastic smell.

          To use the cream you have to smooth it over the hairy area in a thick even layer. You have to use your hands to do this as there is no applicator supplied. You should not rub the cream in. This is actually more difficult to do than it sounds! The cream is so stiff that it requires a lot to flatten the peaks and I find myself rubbing more than I can help. You do need to use a lot of cream to cover the hairs as the removal process eats away at the whole hair so all parts need to be covered. It goes without saying that you need to wash your hands immediately after using this. I find that the horrible fragrance of the cream lingers on my fingers and under my nails and it's very difficult to remove the smell even after washing hands multiple times. It's also very thick and tar-like, meaning that rather than just melting away in warm water you actually have to scrape the cream off of your hands.

          The standard time for leaving the cream on the treated area is five minutes. You need to then check a small area to see if it has worked. Now I have very coarse hair; I'm a brunette and have thick wirey hair on my legs. After five minutes this cream has no effect in removing hair from my legs. You are allowed then to leave hair for another five minutes but you should never leave it for longer than ten minutes. When I use this cream I have to wait the whole ten minutes. Then I have to rinse. It's a very messy process because the cream is so stiff and waxy that it just won't come off with a showerhead rinse. You really need to use a wet cloth or sponge. During the removal process you are advised not to rub again. This, again, is almost impossible to achieve! I also fail to see the point in the exfoliating beads since at no point in the removal process can you rub these in. They therefore remain as tiny solid balls as you rinse the cream off. Totally pointless.

          After ten minutes this cream removes around 50% of hair from my legs. The other 50% of hair seems either unaffected by the cream or has become stringy and sponge-like with the ends melting backwards into the hair follicle. It's not a pretty sight! The result is patchy and ugly and there is no other way to get rid of the remaining hair except to shave it. Needless to say you can not shave immediately after using the cream. I tried this and almost all the surface skin came off in gooey lumps like soft cheese, leaving my legs red raw. The inconvenience of having to wait until my legs are no longer sensitive or the skin compromised is not acceptable and is also embarrassing. The brand warn users not to apply this cream to broken, irritated or sunburned skin but my skin has none of these problems and burns and itches nevertheless. It takes my skin about an hour to feel 'normal' again. The added ingredient of "soothing papaya extract" has no calamine lotion effect. It's just not worth the hassle.

          Ultimately I am very dissapointed in this new launch product. I think that the product conecpt and image overhaul is a fabulous thing as we ladies really appreciate the extra attention to femininity but unfortunately the cream just does not work for me. I suspect it may work more effetively on finer hair though.

          If you want to find out more about the Nair Pretty Naturals range visit the website:



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