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Nair Shower Power Cream Body

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Brand: Nair / Type: Body Cream / Subcategory: Hair Removal / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2009 21:47
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      A hair removal cream from Nair that really isn't anything special.

      I recently bought a few things from the reduction shelf in Boots and this Nair Shower Power cream was one of them, bought for only £2 instead of the usual price which I believe was around £6! Nair do quite a few hair removal creams which are an alternative to shaving, and to be honest I hadn't tried any hair removal cream in years and stick to my Gillette Venus shaver. However this seemed like a bargain, and the tube came packaged with a sponge designed to be used with the cream so I decided to give it a go.

      The Nair Shower Power cream is designed to work whilst you shower, and it's also moisturizing as it contains Aloe Vera. The bottle states that this one is a 'NEW' Thick Forumla! cream, and promises smooth skin that lasts longer than shaving. This all sounds brilliant to me, I imagined slapping on this cream in the shower then washing my hair and face whilst it does it's job, meaning I could miss out on the amount of time it takes to shave.

      As I mentioned before the Shower Power cream came packaged with a specially designed sponge for 'effective' hair removal. I carefully read the instructions before using, it stated the skin must be dry before application, so this is something to apply before you shower, rather than during! The sponge has 2 sides to it, one is green and the other white, and there is a small amount of rope attached to it so you can hang the sponge up in your shower. The instructions state to dispense the cream onto the green side of the dry sponge and apply onto your skin evenly, until the entire area is covered. It also advises in big capital letters, 'DO NOT RUB IN,' making me ever so slightly paranoid when applying this cream with the sponge to my legs as to not 'rub it in!'
      I found the cream easy to apply to my legs, however I found I did have to apply quite a lot of the cream onto the sponge, might be down to it's new 'thick formula' maybe! The cream doesn't smell too pleasant, it smells exactly the same as all other hair removal creams and whilst it has been a long time since I last used one, I do vividly remember the smell as I just don't like it.

      The instructions then advise to wait 1 minute before showering. I was yet to wonder where the 'shower power' part of the name comes into action, everything so far has been outside of the shower strictly onto dry skin using a dry sponge. Reading on however it advises to get into the shower and follow your usual routine and the cream will resist being washed off. I was surprised to find the cream didn't come off my legs at all whilst showering, I did expect it to be washed away by the end of my shower.
      The instructions then advise to remove the cream using the white side of the sponge and massaging the skin in a circular motion with it. I did just that, the cream came off nicely and felt like it had done the job.

      I was then left wondering what the whole 'shower power' name is all about! I don't really know what I was expecting but I was thinking the power of the shower might affect the way this cream works or something, but it seems to work the same way as all other hair removal creams and for this, I didn't see why this product was any different. The hair on my legs was nicely removed, but grew back at the same speed as it would when I shave, I couldn't see how it was 'better' than shaving at all, it just seemed the same to me.

      I should point out I never have bad reactions to any health and beauty product, I don't have senitive skin either. Despite this, my legs began to itch like mad not long after using this cream and felt tingly and horrible. I used moisturising lotion but it didn't seem to help and whilst it only lasted until the next day, it really wasn't a nice feeling at all! Because of this I have not used this hair removal cream since. I followed the instructions carefully so I did not do anything wrong, and I wonder if there is a reason why this was on the reduction shelf in Boots...!

      If you do have the opportunity to ever buy or try this product I would strongly advise against it! I've found it quicker to shave and the whole 'shower power' name is meaningless and nothing special at all. I would not recommend this product to anyone!


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    • Product Details

      This amazing new cream hair remover is designed to work whilst you shower / Ideal for those of you with a busy schedule! The cream stays in contact with your skin until youãre ready to remove it plus, the results still last longer then shaving / Enriched with Aloe Vera, Shower Power Cream works in just 3 minutes and leaves skin silky-smooth and moisturised / Smooth on, shower, wipe-off Easy /

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