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Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream

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Brand: Nair / removal cream / Type: Shaving Gel / Texture: Cream / Subcategory: Hair Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2012 11:35
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      Great if your skin can deal with it, awful if it can't.

      It's rare that I use hair removal cream these days. It never seems to work properly and frankly I have found more effective methods of hair removal. Regardless I picked up a bottle of this Silky Sensations hair removal cream by Nair when I came across it in my local Poundland. I'd never seen this particular cream before and I was rather intrigued by its unusual green and white swirly pattern. I thought I'd give it a try for a quid.
      The cream comes in two varieties, 'normal' and 'sensitive'. This review will focus on the sensitive cream. The cream can also be found in Boots for £3.49 and on ebay for around £3. I'm yet to see it anywhere else though.

      Silky Sensations comes in plastic bottle containing 200ml of cream. The bottle is mostly clear which reveals this strange but nice looking pale green and white swirl (green is replaced with pink in the 'normal' cream). The plastic flip top lid of this bottle is also pale green in colour and the front of the bottle boasts about the 'dual moisturising blend' of this cream and states this contains 'Kiwi & Vitamin C with antioxidants' which is suitable for legs and body. On the back of the bottle are the usual warnings about not using on sunburnt, broken or irritated skin and also advises users to test the cream before trying a full application.

      As usual I stupidly ignored the testing advice and went straight in with a full application to both my legs and arms. Why I do this I do not know as I've only ever found two hair removal creams which haven't given me third degree burns! The cream is quite thick and squeezes out the tube easily to reveal this white and green cream which resembles a toothpaste like pattern. The cream does still contain that usual hair removal cream smell which I find rather unpleasant but it's a lot weaker than others and has a fresh Aleo Vera type scent to disguise this as much as possible.

      Applying the cream is easily done as it evenly spreads out very easily; I applied quite a thick layer to my skin and let it work away my hair for eight minutes. It is recommended that you test a small area after five minutes, which I did to find no real results. You can then leave the cream on for a few extra minutes if need be as long as you do not leave this on for more than ten minutes. The cream actually felt perfectly fine on my skin although eight minutes in, when it was time for me to wash this off anyway, my knees started to feel quite itchy so I obviously removed this straight away.

      I took a damp washcloth and started to rub this across my arms and legs to remove the cream. The cream did clog up my washcloth somewhat so I had to continuously soak it under running water to clean it. Taking the cream off only took about three minutes in total though so it still wasn't a particularly time consuming process. I had to give my washcloth a proper clean afterwards though as it just felt covered in hair removal cream which I obviously don't want. Fortunately it all came out pretty easily and didn't ruin my cloth.

      It was when I removed this cream that I really started to wish that I had tested it properly first. Although my skin felt perfectly fine when it was on, as soon as I removed it and started to towel dry these areas of my body the burning began. It was definitely the worst burning sensation I've ever experienced with such a product, for a short while it actually had me in tears. My legs and arms were bright red and itchy, my knees were covered in blotchy spots and there were a few spots on my thighs just above my knees were my skin had actually split open causing a little blood to present too. It was awful. I applied plenty of cold water to these areas and then completely covered these areas in moisturiser and, after about fifteen minutes, my skin felt perfectly fine again although it took a few hours for the redness to calm down and for the blotchy spots on my knees to disappear. It was quite strange how quickly this all happened as soon as I removed the cream, I really thought I'd found another sensitive skin friendly hair removal cream when it was on!

      There are, however, some good points to this hair removal cream. In terms of actually removing hair it is by the far the best I've used. In the past I've used hair removal creams only to go over the same areas again with a razor to get rid of the odd strand which hasn't been removed. When I woke up the next morning and properly examined my legs and arms after the irritation had completely gone I was quite surprised at how well this had worked. There was definitely no need to 'tidy up' any areas with a razor as the cream had completely removed every last bit of hair leaving my legs and arms completely smooth. I went a good week and a half before I felt the need to remove any hair again too which was nice considering I normally need to shave every couple of days. In this respect I was very, very happy with the cream. I can't quite figure out if it does deliver on its moisturising claim as frankly I applied so much moisturiser after the irritation had occurred that it's difficult to tell if my very silky smooth and soft legs were obtained purely by the hair removal cream or by the other products I used too.

      Unfortunately these positives don't make me ever want to go near this stuff again. To continue applying this cream would be taking 'no pain, no gain' to extremes. I've suffered many irritations from products on my skin before but never anything as bad as this one. Granted the pain was quite short lived but it was still horrendous and not something I will voluntarily put myself through again. Considering this is the sensitive formula I dread to think what the normal one would be like! If you're going to use this I would definitely urge a skin test first and if you're fortunate enough to be able to use this without any irritation then, again, I would definitely recommend this. It really does work and fully gets rid of any unwanted hair. If you can use this safely this it's a perfect pain free alternative to shaving with longer lasting results.


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