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Rio X60 Scanning Laser Hair Removal System

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Brand: Rio / Type: Wax

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    3 Reviews
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      20.06.2011 01:37
      Very helpful



      Use for the small areas, good safety features.

      My mother brought this off a shopping channel, thinking in the long term it would save money, on razors, hair removal creams etc.
      A basic breakdown of the product, is that it uses a laser. The "gun" is placed on the skin, and it shoots the hair follicles. After regular use (about once a week) for about 6 months, hair reduced is meant to be dramatically reduced, or stopped altogether in the areas that had been treated.
      The aim of this prodcut is to stop hair growth from the follicle, so hair must be shaved before use, and no creams or perfumes are to be on the skin when in use. If there is hair, it can singe the hair deep into the skin, and hurt quite a bit. There are different strengths for more or less sensititve areas of skin from 1 to 5. Also, it comes with a key and a code, to keep tiny hands safely away.

      The laser gun leaves an impression on the skin after being held there for the amount of time, which is meant to act as a guide to where you place it next, so you dont miss a spot.

      When i first recieved this i was excited at the thought of not having to worry about unwanted hair growth in the near future. I started on my leg, and started lasering away.

      There are 3 settings, "single" "x20" and "x60" x 60 lasers every bit of the covered area by the laser, and x20 doesnt laser every area. Single does a single hair ( good for the strays)

      Using x60 takes alot longer, and the gun has to be held in place for some time, the are that gets lasered is tiny, and i found myself sitting there for hours trying to get one half of my leg done. The same is for x20, and using the single setting is tricky, you have to perfectly line the hair up with the single laser beam, and yet the whole safety function of the item, is that the laser cant be seen when in use. (There are metal pads which need to be touching skin for the laser to work.)

      I did stick at it for while, focusing on getting one leg done first, and i noticed hair growth was reduced, which i was pleased with.
      The main issue with this product, is the fact that it is very time consuning. To do the areas of the body that need doing takes so long, and although doing it once a week doesnt sound too bad, when it comes down to it, and you see how little you actually laser in say an hour, you are eaily put off and think shaving your legs isnt so bad after all.

      One place where this does have a good use is under arms. Its only a smal area, which sometimes is forgotten about in the shower, and doesnt take long to treat, and once done, you wont have to worry about putting on a sleevless top again! One less thing to think about!


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      28.08.2010 11:07
      Very helpful
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      Would not recommend

      Suffering from very dark hair 4 months ago I decided to take the leap and spend out on an expensive Laser Hair Removal system and chose the RIo Salon 60x Scanning Laser Hair Remover and have regretted the decision ever since.

      ** The Product:- **

      The laser is wired and therefore must be used next to a plug socket (although I do find this preferable to having to charge a wireless unit). The item itself is made of sturdy white and blue plastic and feels pretty well made.

      It comes with several keys - which are a safety feature along with having to enter a code before the laser will switch. This is a good idea if you have inquisative children in the house.

      The laser wand is a little bulky and can therefore be difficult to manouver if you are looking to use it on your face (areas around your nose can be very difficult to get to). Even though the wand is quite large the actual treatment area is only around 1cm x 1cm which makes working out where you are placing the laser quite difficult.

      You have the option of changing the settings for strength and number of scans so that you can adapt to your needs - with a choice of single scans, 20x scans and 60x scans.

      The laser works by heating (and theoretically destroying) growing hair folicles causing regrowth to either stop or for the hair to become thinner and less noticable. As it is only effective on hair in the growth cycle the process must be repeated over several months to ensure all hairs are treated.

      ** Using the Laser:- **

      I decided to focus on the underarm hair first and build up to the larger areas. I did feel an elastic band ping type pain (which can get quite unpleasant for 20 seconds at a time) and on occassions smoke could be spotted rising from my singed hairs.

      I tried using the 60x scanning option which takes 20 seconds to complete making the whole process exceedingly slow.

      You are also supposed to overlap the treatment areas which when working with a 1cm squared area on each round makes doing large areas very time consuming.

      All in all it took me 2 hours to treat both of my underarms and the results were better than shaving however as shaving would have taken a matter of seconds I am not convinced the extra effort was worth the slightly less stubble.

      ** The Results:- **

      I have repeated the process several times as instructed and have found that a few of my underarm hairs have stopped coming through however because of the size of the treatment area the whole process is laborious and the results received do not compare to the effort put in.

      I could not even begin to estimate how long it would take to complete a whole leg and must admit I have lost the will to try.

      ** In Conclusion:- **

      All round I have been very disapointed by this product and for the price tag I expected more. I would not recommend this product and am not convinced it has made much difference to my underarm hair growth. The results have definately been minimal at best.


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        16.04.2009 22:40
        Very helpful



        Salon laser hair remover - allegedly

        The Rio 60x Scanning Laser Hair Remover - BEWARE OF THE CON !

        I would give this unit 0 stars but the system won't let me.

        I did a lot of looking online before I bought this and there were not many reviews for the new 2009 model that does 60x hairs at a time. The fight against "tarantula legs" has been a life long battle for me, so I thought this machine was the answer to my prayers. I am very pale and have black hair, so I am an ideal candidate according to the literature. The booklet also says that it is not suitable for dark skin, grey, white or red hair.

        I found the units on the Argos site for £ 293 and took the plunge and spent the money as for once in my life I really wanted smooth legs for the summer. Be warned though - these units are non-returnable: Once bought you are stuck with it. There is no taking it back for a refund!

        The unit is quite small and made of white and sea-green plastic. It comes in a box with a DVD and a booklet and a set of keys which sets out how to use the machine clearly. There is no carry case - which seems a bit mean for an appliance that costs almost £300. The keys are a safety feature. You need to switch it on by unlocking it and by punching in a security sequence in order for the machine to work. Once activated it is fairly easy to use. Select the setting 20X 60X or single hairs, position the hand set on the patch of skin until the probes are aligned and the light flashes. Press the button on the top of the handset and the laser is supposed to then zap the hair follicle, permanently killing it.

        All this sounds good so far? Indeed. This is why I was induced to part with £ 293 of my hard earned pounds.

        I've had laser treatment before with a salon laser, but it was too expensive to keep up. Salon laser treatments feel a bit like a snap with a rubber band on the skin when they zap you with the laser. The zap kills the hair and after a few days they fall out, till the next cycle - so you need between 5 and 7 treatments to make a difference as a normal person has about 5 or 6 hairs lined up inside their skin. I suppose this is a throwback to times when we lived in caves and needed body hair to stay warm. This way you always have a covering. The first treatments also do not kill all the hair follicles, so you do have regrowth, but finer. The laser also only works on hair in the growth stage, so it is a complicated process. You have to keep going back for it to be a success, but it costs a fortune.

        From the moment I positioned the Rio handset on my skin, I knew I had been conned. This unit barely raises the sensation of a pin prick on its strongest setting. The 60X feature is a lie too. It is the exact same thing as the 20X unit but only takes longer as the little laser eye "scans" a slightly bigger area. If you have to buy this product, you are better off getting the 20x one which is the same size laser and even the same plastic casing, but with one less button. The 20X retails for about £ 175, so there is a big price difference.

        The laser "eye" only does a tiny area - about 1 cm x 1cm at a time and on the 60X setting takes up to 75 seconds to complete one patch. According to my calculations, it would take about 6 solid hours of zapping to do one round of treatment on one leg - ankle to knee. So if one does the math it becomes very apparent that it will take forever to be completely hair free, even if the laser worked as it claims to. This is fine if you are living in a monastery and have nothing else to do in your life but spend time zapping the hair on your legs, but for normal women it is simply not realistic.

        Rio claims the unit is "clinically proven" but the "studies" Rio site on their website are very vague and seem to relate to general studies done on diode/ruby lasers - the big ones used in salons. I question whether this unit's "laser" is strong enough to penetrate right into the skin to reach the follicle. It certainly singes the hairs, but I suspect that if the Trading Standards Board examined this product, they may find the claims Rio make sorely lacking.

        I wish someone had written this review before I bought the Rio Rio 60x Scanning Laser Hair Remover. All I got for my efforts were a few singed underarm hairs and the knowledge that I am £ 293 poorer. I suspect my unit will end up at the back of a cupboard or in a car boot sale someday. No wonder there are so many of them for sale on eBay.

        You are better off saving up for a salon treatment or spending £ 700 - £ 900 on the TRIA home system which does actually have FDA approval and was designed by dermatologists.

        Summary: Home Laser Hair removal system, or so they say.


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      • Product Details

        The scanner sends a laser beam to the hair follicle with enough energy to destroy the root, without it affecting the surrounding area.

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