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Sally Hansen Hair Remover Spray On Shower Off

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Type: Hair Spray / Subcategory: Hair Removal

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    2 Reviews
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      15.11.2008 10:30
      Very helpful



      Better than most cream shavers

      Sally Hansen is an expert when it comes to skin care especially in the field of hair removal products. They make some very nice hand and feet products also like creams and nail polish removers etc.

      Anyways, this "Spray on hsower off hair remover" is unique and the latest in their line of products.

      The ease of use is the key to focus on. All you women on the daily run have finally found an extraordinary hair remover that is very easy to use and takes very little time to do it's incredible job.

      You just have to spray the amount to cover your well grown hair on whatever part of the body you want to use it on and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then just wash it off with lukewarm water. As with any such product, I would suggest you test it on a small area first.

      You get incredibly smooth and clean legs/ hands. You can reach out to the hard to reach areas yourself without any help (as you would not while waxing or smearing a cream) while spray this on.

      My only issue was that i found this product a little expensive. It costed about 6 pounds for the bottle at my regular drugstore.


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      25.06.2008 17:45
      Very helpful



      A spray cream hair removal

      The one thing I hate about being a woman is shaving, I detest it and it is a chore. I have tried and tested razor blades, creams, lotions and potions not to mention waxing when I am feeling really sadistic. Then in the post I received a competition win and within the package was some Sally Hansen spray hair removal cream, a new product which had been part of a prize I had entered to win. On closer inspection, the idea behind this product is to remove hair without shaving but remove it quickly, usually with these kinds of potions it means wandering around the house for whatever the allotted time is to give the cream time to work and then rinsing it off with warm water whilst creating an absolute mess everywhere. With this product it has been designed to try and not create a big mess whilst it is removing the hair, but any mess is dependant upon each person. The one reason I was looking forward to using it was because of the tagline "Just Spray and Rinse Away ... Hair is Gone!"

      As with any products of this nature there is no point trying to use it on stubbly legs because it just isn't effective, there has to be some hair growth for it to work. So having what I thought was suitable hair on my legs I used the product. When it came to the application the directions on the can couldn't be simpler and they are as follows,

      "DIRECTIONS: Remove jewellery. Shake can. Step into shower or tub. Before turning on water, spray a generous amount of Hair Remover where hair is to be removed. DO NOT RUB IN. Wash hands immediately and thoroughly."

      So, to apply this product was a fairly quick and simple process and much simpler than squeezing some cream on your hands and using a spatula to apply it evenly and so on. So I am impressed with it so far and no mess because the can itself has been designed so it is drip free. The can nozzle has also been designed so that it can be rotated 360 degrees so should you have hard to reach places, you can spray this cream upside down, so to ensure you have completely covered the back of your legs, you can reach much easily knowing you can turn the can upside down to reach the back of your calves which I often find difficult.

      The next step was to wait for approximately three minutes which to be fair by the time I have put the shower on and the water is at a temperature I deem suitable and then put my pre-wash conditioner on my hair, those three minutes are more than up, so it wasn't an inconvenience for me to have to wait infact I had almost forgotten I had applied the cream. Now before you begin you wash this cream off we need to know whether or not it has been left on for a long enough length of time, because each persons hair is a different texture and thickness, some people might need more than three minutes so the best thing to do is test a small area to see how easily the hair comes away. If the hair has come away then you can continue to remove the cream, if it hasn't then wait for a few minutes longer but the packaging does make a point of telling you not to wait longer than ten minutes.

      Removing the cream from your legs (or wherever) could not be simpler. Simply using warm water, not hot because that may cause irritations, gently using a cloth or your hand remove the cream and what you should see is your legs becoming a smooth, hair-free paradise. I was very impressed that after the original three minutes my testing area passed the test which meant I could remove the cream. Removing the cream once in the shower was effortless and extremely easy and I used a sponge to complete this part of the job. Again there was no fuss and minimum effort which really impressed me.

      Once I had finished in the shower it was time to see how wekll this product has really faired and as I patted my legs dry from showering, I was really amazed at the results. There was indeed no hair left on either of my legs. This product worked as it said it would and I was delighted with the results because not only did I have hair free legs from tip to toe, the skin on my legs was amazingly smooth and didn't have a dryness to it that I have experienced with similar creams.

      The one thing I have to say about this product is that it does smell delightful. It doesn't smell like a hair removing cream which to describe I find quite difficult other than a manky cucumber smell. Instead this cream is vanilla scented and although I personally don't care for vanilla as a scent at all, this actually smelt really nice and definitely not like I had expected it too. Within this product are a lot of ingredients for a start we have Aloe Vera which is used to sooth the skin and bring about a cooling sensation. Pumpkin seed extracts which are rich in fatty acids and help to hydrate dry skin and when put with other ingredients such as Saw palmetto and Willow herb they work together to reduce hair growth leaving your legs feeling much smoother for longer. Then we have Orange Peel Oil which is also good for dry skin and helps to hydrate and moisturise. Elderflower extract is used to help ease inflammation and keep the skin soft. Finally there is Black Walnut, Henna, Cherry Bark and Chamomile which are grouped together because they help to soften your hair at the root for an easy and complete removal. Black Walnut is again high is fatty acids and vitamins such as Vitamin E and is used to treat many different skin conditions such as Eczema. Henna in this product is used to help maintain a soft and clear skin. The last two ingredients are Orchid and Marine Extracts which work together to moisturize, soften, firm, nourish and soothe skin.

      There are many more ingredients which can be found listed on the product itself should you want to know more. Whenever I buy a product I always look to see what is in it before I use it.

      So having used this product for a good few months how good is it? I have to admit I am never fully convinced that any of these products will totally live up to their expectations but I was proved wrong with this one. My hair re-growth on my legs was much slower than it is when I shave them or use a different cream so I am really pleased with the results. So, although I don't use this constantly because your hair does need to be a certain length before it can be used, as with similar products, when I do use it, the results are brilliant and I like the lasting feel of soft, smooth hair-free legs. A definite bargain with absolutely brilliant results. There is one note of caution and that is to leave 24 hours between each application.

      I have only tried this product on my legs and not on any other body parts, so I cannot recommend it further than I have done. However the can does state that it can be used on the arms and body as well.

      Overall I am impressed with this cream; it is quick, easy to use and creates minimal mess. The results are long lasting but I suspect again it differs between each person because our hair all grows at different rates and strengths, but for me it worked brilliantly. This product retails at £5.39 for 291g which is very reasonable.


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      Extra Strenghth for Coarse, Hard-to Remove Hair

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