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Tria Laser Hair Removal System

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Brand: Tria / Type: Wax / Laser / Sugar

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2009 20:24
      Very helpful



      At Home Laser Hair Removal

      Being a girl who spends a considerable amount of time getting plucked and preened at the beauty salon, I was naturally intrigued to read about the Tria in one of my magazines. The article stated that there was now no need to go the salon for costly laser hair removal as the Tria was an appliance that could deliver the same results in the privacy of your own home. Now in my 15 year battle with hair removal, I have to admit that I've tried most things from the normal razors to home electrolysis kits, all of which are either short term or absolutely useless.
      The write up on the Tria was so positive that I was reaching for my purse ready to buy it. That was until I glanced down at the price tag! Yikes!! A whopping £675! I decided that this was far too expensive to risk buying something that probably wouldn't work and to just forget about it.

      As you may have guessed I changed my mind and opted to live off beans on toast for a couple of months so I could buy the Tria. What changed my mind you may ask? Well the idea of laser hair removal at home seemed too good to be true. To try and get the idea out of my head I decided to do some online research that would hopefully tell me that the Tria didn't work so I could move on and forget about it. Unfortunately for my bank balance, everything that I read appeared to suggest that the Tria worked albeit not to the standard of professional laser hair removal. So I went to www.tria.co.uk and handed over the cash.

      About Tria

      Now I'm not technically minded so won't go into the science of how the Tria is supposed to work. In a nutshell the laser from the Tria targets the dark pigment in the hair where it is transformed into heat which disables the hair. This gradually causes the hair to fall out and (hopefully) stop growing back. It is recommended to use the Tria every four weeks and results should be seen after around 6 treatments.

      Who Can Use It?

      The Tria is only suitable for those with light-medium skin and dark hair. It is ineffective on blonde, white and grey hairs and can cause nasty burns if used on dark or black skin.

      The Tria

      The Tria is the first at home laser to be cleared by the FDA in America. It looks like a small hair-dryer although it is much heavier. It needs to be charged for around 3 hours before it can be used and I was initially disappointed that this would only give around 40 minutes of use. It can only be charged for use for around 300 times so this needs to be taken in to account if you are thinking of buying it. It apparently dies after this many charges and has to be binned (no replacements). It has 3 power settings, the highest being the most effective but also the most painful. To use it you just turn it on, choose the setting and then place it on the area to be treated. It makes a bleep when it has blasted the hairs and then you move onto the next bit to be treated. It has inbuilt safety features that prevent the laser from working unless it is in full contact with the skin so no danger of getting yourself in the eye. The Tria is not recommended for use on the face though.

      My Experience

      I decided to use the Tria mainly on my underarms but also on the bikini line. The laser head is quite small so attempting the legs would be a long drawn out process. The area to be treated is meant to be shaved but not waxed or plucked. There has to be hair under the skin or it won't work. Of course the hair doesn't have to be shaved but it is certainly less painful the closer it's been shaved. The underarms were zapped with no problems on the highest setting. It was a bit painful in certain parts but certainly bearable. The bikini line however was another story. After the underarm zapping went so well I decided to go for the bikini line on the same setting. OOOUUCHHH! The pain was such a shock that I nearly threw the thing across the room. The pain has been described as elastic bands snapping against the skin. I would describe the bikini line pain like a lit match being held to your skin. I turned the setting down to 2 and managed to bear the discomfort. 40 minutes was more or less enough time to treat the underarms and most of the bikini line.

      The Results

      After the first use on my underarms I noticed a difference. I have very sensitive skin that usually results in red bumps on my skin after shaving this area, meaning that I can't shave as often as I need. One use of the Tria left no bumps and the need to shave slightly less often. After 4 months I don't need to shave the area half as much as I used to and again I have no red bumps. I still have hair but the growth is noticeably slower and sparser. The bikini line has been less obvious but I have only been able to tolerate the mid setting. In fairness I haven't treated this area as often as my underarms due to the discomfort. I have noticed though that hairs simply drop out after a few days which is very satisfying to see.

      The Verdict

      I personally am happy with the results so far. I don't think the Tria will provide totally hair free results but I'm already happy with the reduction in growth that 4 uses has provided. So far I have only charged the Tria 6 times so my initial worry about the 300 charges are quite unfounded. I would love to laser my legs but the nozzle is just too small and the fact that I have a full time job already means I simply wouldn't have the time to attempt this. It does hurt but in my opinion this means it works. I have tried other home removal contraptions which didn't hurt but also didn't work at all. It is expensive but if you are thinking of professional hair removal then this will probably save you money. Plus you don't have to get your hairy bits out in front of any one!


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    • Product Details

      TRIA is the first 40w strength (medical grade), FDA approved proven laser hair removal system for home use / TRIA is compact, hand-held and rechargeable, and harnesses advanced technology similar to what you would find in a medical professional's office / The difference? TRIA makes laser hair removal / permanent hair reduction in the privacy of your own home possible / If you are serious about wanting permanent hair removal, this is the product to try / The Tria will treat multiple hairs in a circular 1cm radius /

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