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Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit

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57 Reviews

Brand: Veet / Type: Wax / Laser / Sugar / Subcategory: Roll on / Wax / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    57 Reviews
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      03.03.2014 19:15
      Very helpful



      I think there's a lot of pros and cons to this product but I am favourable.

      When I bought these I was already using veet ready to use wax strips and before that shaving but shaving every day was too much hassle. I saw these were on offer at amazon so I bought them since I wanted to try another brand of hot wax I was using boots own brand before which I really liked but I wanted to see if this one was any good.

      The wax takes 20 minutes to heat but I left it on for 60 as it didn't seem done then, I tested a bit on the inside of my arm to check it was the right temperature then I rolled it on my legs and the temperature was perfect and luckily just enough came out not a thick lot. When I applied the wax strip and pulled it off the majority of the hair came straight off just a few strays which can easily be tweezed out, I think the temperature helps the pores on the area the wax is applied to so the hair comes out easier.

      Although this is still a bit painful, the ready to use wax strips were definately more painful as even though I heated them up with my hands it's hard to get them at the perfect temperature as when there too hot it's a sticky mess and when they're cold no hairs come out.

      I must say these are hard to use even though I've been using them for a year, I just prefer to use the ready to use wax strips as there's less hassle heating the wax up which is time consuming but the results are worth it. I think if your looking for a hot wax lot and not the ready to use strips this is the one to go for.

      - easier to use than other wax kits I've bought in the past
      - cheaper than salon prices
      - you can buy refills
      - available at lots of places
      - works well with my sensitive skin

      - time consuming
      - still takes me a while to do one leg even though I've been using this kit for a year
      - not enough finishing wipes there's only 4 in a pack
      - only 12 strips in a pack
      - expensive for what you get
      - can be a sticky mess


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      28.01.2014 00:39
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Stick to wax strips or shaving

      Like so many beauty products aimed at women, I think more time and money has gone on making this look appealing that making it a product that actually works.

      Having plugged it in and waited the 20 minutes for the wax to warm up, I was disappointed to find the wax in a state similar to bright pink bluetack. I left it heating up to see if it would make any difference, and for me it just didn't reach a temperature capable of melting the wax. Perhaps my product was faulty, but looking at other reviews this seems to be a problem across the board. I was surprised that a product that simply can't deliver what it promises actually does come with a two-year guarantee - perhaps Veet is banking on people being too lazy to do anything about this shoddy product.

      Before giving up completely I did try to use the wax (maybe it was me, I reasoned, surely you can't expect a relatively cheap product to glide on like a salon wax roll on) but it wasn't sticky enough to even transfer itself to my legs, which is probably a good thing as the wax can't be mixed with water and would've been a nightmare to get off.

      Next time I'll go to the salon or invest in some wax strips - sure, they don't come in nice neat packaging or do anything fancy, but they are actually capable of hair removal. When Veet is perfectly capable of making wax you can warn up sufficiently just by rubbing a wax strip between your hands, it makes you wonder why they've made a fancy product filled with pink playdough that couldn't wax a molting cat in summer.


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        07.01.2014 21:53



        I bought this recently as there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do my normal shaving routine....oh my days!! It was horrendous!! The wax doesn't heat up properly in the time stated, I had to leave it about 40 minutes for it to even begin to soften. Upon using the kit I realised I would rather spend the time having my teeth pulled with no anaesthetic!! I was left with awful bruising to my legs and a very uncomfortable feeling for quite some time after! The wax is horrible sticky stuff that takes forever to wash off your skin! The result being.....give me my razor back anyday!


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        07.01.2014 21:47
        Very helpful



        Better than expected from a home waxing kit.

        When I received my Veet Easy Wax Kit and opened the pack, I was greeted by an aesthetically pleasing pink and white applicator unit with a handy stand. It only took moments to get the wax pack into the unit and plugged in to start heating up. Now this was where the wait began.....

        The instructions said to leave the wax to heat for 20 minutes but unfortunately, after that time, the wax was nowhere near ready to use. I had to leave the wax for a further 15-20 minutes before the wax would roll out of the applicator easily and evenly.

        I thought I would test the wax out on my legs first and felt that it only took a couple of tries to have mastered the process. The wax is bright pink and that makes it easy to see where I had applied it and pulled the hairs away easily. I was able to use each fabric strip repeatedly and this meant I only used 2-3 strips per half leg so had plenty of fabric strips left over.

        Unfortunately, I only managed to get one pack of the wax to do both half legs before I ran out of wax. I am unsure whether I was using too much of the wax or applying too thickly but in any event, I was a little disappointed at how quickly the product was used up.

        The oil based wipes contained in the pack are handy and easily removed any last traces of wax.

        Overall, I was impressed with the wax kit and will continue to buy refills for use. I hope to get the hang of the coverage so that I do not use up the refills as quickly in the future and therefore making the kit a more economical option.


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        07.10.2013 16:40
        Very helpful



        Okay product, but I would not bother again not worth it for cost

        Before I purchased the product from amazon I had never waxed before (apart from eyebrows) so I was a little sceptical. I had always shaved so to transition to waxing was different. I read loads of review before I bought and honestly everything negative I had read was true of the product so I was really disappointed in the end. Firstly, I will highlight that the product comes with so few wax strips that you can only really use the product once to do a good job before having to replace the strips. The Veet strips which they sell additional are a real rip off. I found they cost almost half the product again!! Instead I purchased some cheap 99p strips from amazon which do the same job and are much bigger. The actual wax heating device is really simple to use. You plug into a mains output and leave for a while to heat through thoroughly. The instruction say to heat for 15-30 minutes but realistically you need to leave the product heating with the full cartridge for atleast 45-60 minutes before you can even glide the roller ball top. Obviously though as the cartridge runs down it would take less time. Once you have heated the wax you need to glide in small areas against hair growth and then pat a strip on and pull. I made a huge mistake my first use. I was using on my legs and I had shaved 2 days before so my hairs were pretty short. The product says/claims that it picks up even short hairs. However, it doesn't!! I tried and tried and the strips came off clean each time. So, if you looking to purchase for this claim - don't bother it lies!!. The next time I used it on my underarms with longer hairs and it did work as expected the first time so I cannot fault the workings of the product. Veet sell different cartridges for other bodily areas. Underarms, Bikini etc. These cartridges have smaller roller heads but they contain the same wax regardless of the claim. For this reason anyone buying for say bikini waxing don't bothering wasting your money on the smaller cartridges unless you want to be really precise. Talking about the wax alone anyone who uses microwave wax will have a big shock as the Veet cartridge wax is bubblegum pink and really thin. It doesn't look or smell of wax whatsoever. It does however glide out really nice until the heating device cools. For this reason I had to keep reattaching it to the mains a good 2 times before I had removed all underarm hair. This is definitely a big design fault. overall I would say that it is a good starting device for someone unfamiliar to waxing but if I had known what I know from experience now I would opt for a microwave wax pot instead as this product isn't the best. It does have it goods points - easy to use, glides well, safe. But, it too had many bad points - expensive, needs reheating constantly, odd wax substances, not enough strips, takes ages to heat originally etc..


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          29.09.2013 03:41



          Worth using for arms and legs, save time and cash in the long run by using Veet roll on wax kit.

          After receiving the product to test for free by Veet, I was really excited. I usually use the waxing strips and its a hit and miss every time. I got the roll on kit, the wax for legs, and the one for bikini and underarms. After warming up for 20 minutes (as per instructions), I was ready to wax! Unfortunately that wasn't the case....I had to wait 60 minutes until it was fully warm!

          Once I got started, it was very easy to use, and left my legs smooth. Only downside for me was that I had to wait ages for the wax to warm up, and that I couldn't do bikini and underarms myself. My sister won't always agree to help in the future so I think I will have to stick to the salon for other areas. But for legs and arms, its brilliant.

          I would recommend as it saves cash and time (once fully warmed), and still giving you that salon feeling.


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          05.09.2013 21:37



          Good product if you know what you are doing

          I brought my roll on kit from superdrug at a price of £29.99 last week, it comes with:
          -the main roll on unit which heats the wax
          -the applicator to roll the wax onto the skin
          -a 50ml roll on refill
          -12 waxing strips
          -4 after wax wipes
          -a base to hold the roll on applicator

          I was pleased with what you recieved in the kit as you can reuse waxing strips for same area etc.. and you can also buy refills for around £9.99

          The first time i used it i was pretty pleased with the results, it took around 40minutes for the machine to heat up, which is not bad as salon roll on waxing systems take around 20 minutes to heat up to their maximum.
          The wax rolled on smoothly and it wasnt too hot, although, i found that it cooled down quickly and if I didnt wax it off my skin as soon as possible then it would start to set and would be really hard to get off.
          I was pleased with the overall results and in the end it did look of salon quality, although i would not recommend this for beginner waxers because of the quickness you need to get the wax off.


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          02.09.2013 11:26
          Very helpful



          Waste of money!

          After spending years of shaving and trying razor after razor, I realised the only times I had got that strived after baby soft skin was after a visit to the salon for a waxing treatment. So, I decided to purchase the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll On Kit. I paid £29.99 and that included, the roll on applicator, a heating base unit, a 50ml wax refill, 12 waxing strips, 4 aftercare wipes and an instruction leaflet.

          I couldn't wait to try it out and plugged in the unit as soon as I got home and waited the 20 minutes as stated in the instruction leaflet for the wax to warm up. After 20 mins I tested the wax on a piece of cardboard, and it was nowhere near ready! The wax was thick and sticky, so I left it another 10 minutes, and another 10 minutes. Finally, almost an hour later the wax looked ready to use.

          The easy grip rubber on the side of the roll on applicator made the unit very easy and comfortable to hold and the wax glided onto my legs smoothly. I smoothed down one of the provided waxing strips and held my breath as I pulled the strip off in the direction of hair growth. Although most of the wax came away with the strip, there were still sticky patches on my legs and only a couple of hairs had been removed. I tried again another 3 times before finally giving up as my legs were covered in patchy, sticky wax and I was still no closer to having that baby soft skin I thought this system would provide.

          All in all, a very expensive disappointed. I will most definitely be sticking to salon waxing and my trusty old razor from now on.


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          14.08.2013 21:34
          Very helpful



          good alternative to salon waxing

          Lots and lots of dark hair make summer legs the bane of my life. Shaving gives me plenty of ingrowns and so I always wax. Veet have been my go to for wax over the years, and when the easy wax was on offer at boots I couldn't stop myself from picking it up.

          The kit cost me £25 and contained
          - a self heating device with cap
          - 50ml roll on wax refill for legs and arms (you can re-purchase these at a later date)
          - 25ml roll on wax refil for bikini line and underarms (you can re-purchase these at a later date)
          - 12 non-woven strips (you can repurchase these too)
          - a base to hold the device
          - an electrical cable
          - full instructions

          To use you simply click the wax refill into the device, plug in and leave in the device to warm up for 20 minutes then you simply roll the wax on to the area you wish to remove the hair from in the direction the hair grows i.e knee to ankle, take a strip and press down firmly and rub the strip repeatedly then quickly remove the strip from the area in one swift movement. I'd like to tell you that it is pain free but i'd only be lying to you and myself but the the beauty of at home waxing is that you don't have to pretend that you are brave and can take breaks should you feel the need unlike at the salon. The wax has been formulated using the same ingrediants as salon wax, so there is no reason why the results shouldn't be as good.

          To finish up simply use one of the provided wipes to remove any excess wax, I also like to apply a quick layer of Aloe Vera gel too as it soothes and cools the legs. I tried this a good few weeks ago and found the results to last me nearly a fortnight beforeI felt the need to slap on some Veet Cream which is good going for me as I normally shave my legs every second day or twice a week if using a hair removal cream....what can I say i'm from a very hairy gene pool haha!


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          09.08.2013 12:48
          Very helpful



          I wasn't overly impressed with this one.

          As a Bzzagent I often get sent products for free to try and test in return for my feedback, I think its really fun and have received all kinds of things to try. When I was asked to try the new Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit I was over the moon, I usually just shave my legs but occasionally I wax too using wax strips, so I couldn't wait to try this out and hoped it would be the miracle hair removal product I had been looking for.

          The new Veet EasyWax electronic roll on kit is "an innovative self - heating wax system with roll - on applicator". Veet claim that as the ingredients used in the wax is the same as those used in waxing salons it will give "salon results at home". It will remove "hair from the root at first application" leaving skin smooth for up to 4 weeks. It is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive) and is effective on hair as short as 2mm.

          Veets Easy Wax Elecrical Roll On Kit comes in a pink box with the brand and logo displayed on the front along with a cut out "window" so the actual product can be seen inside. General information is given on the back and sides including quick instructions for use, Precautions and ingredients.

          The Veet Easywax Kit contains the following items:

          * A self heating device and its cap

          * A 50ml roll on wax refill, specially designed for legs and arms

          * 12 non woven strips

          * 4 post depilatory wipes

          * A base to hold the device

          * An electrical cable

          * An instruction leaflet

          The self heating device is approx 19cm in height, 18.2cm in width and 7.2cm in depth. There is an empty compartment on the top where the wax refill cartridge should be placed. The device is mostly white in colour with pink patches at the sides. It is made of rather thin plastic and its overall appearance is rather cheap looking. I don't think it would take much to damage the plastic, if it was dropped I can imagine the plastic would easily crack. Still, it is lightweight and comfortable to hold during use, it fits easily into the palm of the hand.

          The Kit includes one refill cartridge for legs and arms, additional refill cartridges can be purchased separately. The cartridge fits easily into the compartment in the device, it has a roller on top which is used to dispense the wax. Veet claim the cartridge will last up to 4 waxing sessions. Having used the device twice (on my legs) I can confirm that there does seem to be some wax left in my cartridge, but it is impossible to tell exactly how much. Cartridges for underarms and Bikini area can also be purchased, I also received one of these free but have not used it so cannot comment on it's effectiveness.

          The enclosed instruction leaflet gives easy to understand simple instructions on how to set up the kit. Set up steps are as followed:

          1) Insert a Veet refill into the device

          2) Plug the electrical cable into the device socket (a red light will illuminate to show the device is heating)

          3) Place the device on its base

          4) Wait 20 minutes for the wax to heat, after 20 minutes the product is ready to use.

          I actually first used this kit months ago and unfortunetly didn't get great results so ended up putting it away and kind of forgot about it. As we recently moved house I re - discovered it and decided to give it another go. I let my leg hair grow until they were approx 2mm as Veet advise, then yesterday I set the device up and got to work.

          I set the device up at instructed above, I set an alarm on my phone for 20 minutes and then left the product to heat up. On my return I discovered that the device was not ready as the wax had not fully melted, it was another twenty minutes before the device was ready for use. The exact same thing had happened on my first try of the product so clearly it doesn't take 20 minutes, it more like 40 minutes.

          Once the device was fully heated I was able to get started, following the instructions Veet provided. I began by rolling the device on my leg ( from knee to ankle) the pink wax was dispensed easily, it felt nice and warm on my leg. The roller glided easily over the skin dispensing the pink wax efficiently and evenly, it felt nice and warm on my skin. I placed a strip over the wax, rubbed the strip repeatedly before holding the skin taut and pulling the strip off in one quick swift motion (in the direction of the hair growth). Having had my legs waxed before I was expecting this to be a little painful, whilst I didn't exactly enjoy the experience it wasn't too bad either.

          I continued with the waxing session but was left feeling a little disheartened, my legs were mostly smooth but there were quite a few hairs left behind. Veet state that the same area cannot be waxed more than once, so I had no option but to shave them later that day, which I felt kind of defeated the purpose of waxing them in the first place.

          As with any wax kit, the Veet device did leave plenty of sticky pink wax bits on my legs. I used the post depilatory wipes to remove this, but it did take some rubbing for the wax to be completely removed from the skin. I found the wipes rather unpleasant to use, they were really greasy and left my skin feeling horrible, I needed to wash my legs thoroughly with shower gel afterwards.

          After the waxing session my legs were a little red but this soon went down and within a few hours they were back to looking normal again albeit with quite a few stray hairs! Thankfully I didn't experience any unwanted side effects from using the waxing kit, nor did it irritate my skin.

          The device needs to be left to cool down before it can be put away, I left it for an hour or so. I did discover that the device felt a little sticky, I wanted to wipe it over with a baby wipe before putting it back in the box but Veet clearly state in the instructions "Never use water, the Veet finish wipes or any other liquid to clean the device and roller head". How do you clean it then? " if necessary you can clean the roller head using the back of a used strip", this doesn't work very well though, so my device is left rather sticky.

          Overall I was not overly impressed with Veets EasyWax electrical roll on kit, I found it a bit of a faff and overly time consuming. There was still hair left on my legs after my waxing session and I had to shave this of later, which I felt defeated the purpose of waxing in the first place. However, my legs do feel nice and smooth but I think am going to have to continue shaving the bits the wax missed with a razor.

          If you spend huge amount of money getting your legs professionally waxed then I would recommend giving Veets Electrical Roll on Kit a go, perhaps if you persist with it it may end up saving you some money. However, if like me you generally shave your legs with a razor and just occasionally wax then I wouldn't recommend you bother purchasing one.

          I have struggled with a star rating for this one, I am going to have to give a rather disappointing two stars.

          * Prices *

          * Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll on Kit:

          Amazon: £29.99 (currently half price at £14.99)

          Boots: £29.99 (currently half price at £14.99)

          * Veets EasyWax replacement strips:

          Amazon: (24) £2.78

          Boots: (24) £3.49 (currently on offer for £3.14)

          * Veets EasyWax refills:

          Amazon: £8.99

          Boots: £9.99

          ( Delivery charges may apply)

          * Prices are as on 9/8/13


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            30.07.2013 12:51
            Very helpful



            I really got on well with this Veet easy wax

            Back on to the subject of saving money instead of visiting a salon for my waxing I started doing it at home. I've been waxing at home for over a year now and it has saved me a lot of money. Normally I would go to a beauty salon and have a full leg wax (£25) bikini (£10) arms (£16). I still have my eyebrows shaped at the salon though!

            Veet Easy Wax:

            'Formulated with the same ingredients as the waxes used in waxing salons, Veet wax removes hair from the root at first application, and is effective on hair as short as 2mm. It is specially formulated with natural beeswax for all skin types including sensitive. Skin remains impeccably smooth for up to 4 weeks!'

            My Findings:

            As I have said I started waxing at home to save some money I started getting the ready to use wax stripes which were ok, however hot wax works so much nicer. When in my local Superdrug around a month a go now I saw this Veet Easy Wax System on offer for only £14.95 half price its normal value. As it looked interesting and I had £10 of beauty points stacked up I decided to make the purchase.
            As it had been a round 4/5 weeks since the last time I waxed I got home and used it straight away. In the box you get -

            One wax cartridge (you can also purchase different sized ones for smaller areas)
            Four Perfect Finish Wipes - these are to use after waxing
            12 Blank waxing stripes
            One heat device with mains cord
            2 year guarantee
            One instruction leaflet

            Before I wax I exfoliate the areas I'm about to wax this will lift up all the hairs ready and give you a much better wax. As I'm about to rip my hairs out I always opt for a good nourishing exfoliater like Superdrug's Vitamin E body scrub. I dry my legs as normal but don't use any moisturiser after as this could re-act to the waxing.To start with you need to place the wax cartridge in the heat device plugging it in and waiting 20 minutes for the wax to heat ready for use. I personally found it took longer than the suggested 20 minutes and for the wax to be ready took pretty much double the time. As I tried to use it after 20 minutes but it didn't come out of the device smoothly and I needed a lot of force.

            So I put it back in its stand and waited a bit long and when it had been on 35 minutes it had warmed up and I was able to smooth it over my legs with ease. As it has a roller at the end of the cartridge it makes it nice and easy to roll over the area I want waxing. As I needed to leave it to heat longer than the time instructed it was still at a comfortable level to use.

            If you haven't waxed before the way you need to apply the wax is in the direction of the hair growth. Place the roller glide on the skin and glide down, enough for the wax stripe to cover. Once the wax is on your leg immediately place the wax strip over the layer of wax. Rub the strip in the direction of the hair growth so it has taken hold of the wax.

            Then! Holding the bottom of the wax strip, pull quickly in one swift motion against the direction of the hair growth. I personally don't find waxing painful in anyway but some of my friends find it very uncomfortable. Holding your skin taut awhile waxing can help avoid the discomforting. Remember the faster you remove the strip the more effect it will be.

            Once I pulled my first strip off I noticed how well it removed hairs, even the smaller/shorter hairs. You don't get many wax strips in this pack however you can use one strip several times before needing to use another. The strips are not washable and have to be binned once used. You can purchase more, or to save on the pennies make your own.

            It states the refill is sufficient for up to 4 wax sessions (of both half legs) now this is the second time I have used this. I have done full legs, arms and bikini and I still have just over half a cartridge left. As I have been waxing for many years now my hairs come back light and some patches no hair at all. If only I was hair free apart from my head and eyebrows I would be one happy girl!

            However the reason behind why I started waxing was that shaving doesn't suit me at all; no matter where I shave I would have a horrid rash. Even hair removing cream didn't suit my skin and would sting for ages after use. With waxing I have no irritation what so ever and I only need to do this once every 4 to 6 weeks.

            This Veet system has been the easiest hot wax I have ever used, it does take longer to heat than stated but once it has heated it remains at that level so you're able to just carry on and wax away. The cartridge stays firmly in it holder which is easy to hold a good size so you're able to remain a good grip. You also have a stand for it so you can place it back in its stand while ripping the wax strip off.

            They have pretty much covered all angles here, as you can purchase a cartridge for legs and arm waxing or one for smaller areas so the roller on the top of the cartridge is smaller. I personally found it easy to carry out all my waxing with the normally sized one. But if you're not all that confident when waxing it would be a good idea to purchase the smaller cartridge for you mini areas.

            When smoothing the wax over my legs I noticed that you did have to press down firmly so you are able to get the wax to coat your skin. The wax is standard consistency and leaves a good layer over the skin coating the smallest of hairs. This really has been one of the best waxing kits I have ever used and I like how you can purchase the refills too.

            For waxing the fronts of your legs and all your arms I found nice and easy but waxing the backs of my legs I find rather tricky. Being disabled bending my knee can be really painful so this is where my partner comes in and he waxes the back of my legs for me. (He really is wonderful!) Joe, my partner also found the waxing system easy to use.

            For me one of the kinks in this would be its short mains cable as this needs to be plug in at all time while using this device. You have to sit near a power outlet and the cord is only about one arms length so a longer cord on this would have been much better.

            When you have finished waxing you just un-plug the device and let it cool. Get one of your finishing wipes (only four given) and rub it over the areas you have just waxed. You will be surprised just how well this covers as it is very oily you're able to do your arms, legs and bikini with just one wipe. This will remove any excess wax and soothe your waxed bits. The fragrance of the wipes is a nice clean feminine scent.

            As I have been waxing at home for a little bit now one of my must haves when waxing is a product called After Wax. If you have sensitive skin this cream is great for calming the skin after a wax and soothe any redness. (have to purchase it separately though)

            Price and Availability:

            I purchased mine at half price over four weeks a go now from Superdrug and it is still at half price! Each pack already comes with a wax cartridge too. Only down side to this pack is that you only get 12 non-woven strips, you can use each one a few times each but you really need to get a pack of blank strips too good thing they are only cheap! Remember you don't have to purchase the Veet ones as any blank ones will work.

            You can also purchase the after wax wipes, again you don't have to use Veet ones, any calming ones will do.



            I have to say I have been really impressed with this hot wax system from Veet, at full price of £30.00 you may think it pricey but for me it has saved me a lot of money. As a wax session for me at the salon will cost me £51.00 each time.

            As I had £10.00 of points on my Superdrug beauty card I paid £4.95 for this! A complete steal, as so far I have now saved £97.05. If you can get this on offer of the half price £14.95 I would fully recommend it even at full price I would still recommend this product.

            Four out of five stars from me - minus a star as they should really put a whole pack of strips in.

            Thank you for reading.

            Additional Information:


            Ingredients - Veet Easy Wax

            Glyceryl Rosinate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Alba, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax.
            Ingredients - Finishing Wipe

            Paraffinum Liquidum, Hexyldecyl Stearate, Parfum, Tocopheryl Acetate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil, Limonene, Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil


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              19.07.2013 15:27
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Not worth the money

              I got this product from a website called bzzagent to try out and review. Usually for hair removal I rely on shaving, it's quick, easy and mostly painless and as I'm not over concerned with removing hair from my legs, cheaper too! I had my legs waved professionally before going on holiday a few years ago and was very disappointed with the results as my leg and arm hair is very light and fine, so there were a lot of hairs that didn't get waxed! When I got this kit through I was quite excited because I had 2 weeks off on holiday from work so I had the time to pamper myself so what's better to kick start a session than waxing?

              So a big box arrived with my kit inside which included:
              A self heating device and its cap
              A 50ml roll on wax refill
              12 strips
              4 post waxing wipes
              A base to hold the device
              An electrical cable

              Quite a lot in such a small box! I took it all out to examine it and had quite the time of it trying to fit it all back in which made me worry a little bit about storing it, as I don't have a lot of space for my products and try to fit them all on my shelves! The device itself is very pretty, it's a very girly hot pink colour and is perfectly shaped to fit into your hand with rubber shaping at the side for easy grip. To set it up, it was as simple as setting the device in its base and plugging it in. The instructions were very useful as it gave the user step by step actions on how to successfully wax your legs and different techniques.

              To prepare for waxing I exfoliated my legs and had baby powder at hand to help the wax stick to the hair, so I excitedly went into my room and set up my kit for ultimate de-hair time! From the instructions, it says that it can take up to 20 minutes for the wax to reach the optimum temperature suitable for waxing and to have a piece of paper at hand to roll the applicator across it to check that the wax is easily and evenly spreading. After 20 minutes I was surprised to find that the wax wasn't really at all and the roller was still stiff, and after 50 minutes (2 episodes of scrubs!) the wax was finally ready and spreading evenly across the paper!

              I rolled the wax onto a small area of my leg and the wax did feel quite nice as it wasn't so hot that it burned the skin or too cold that it was sticky. The strip stuck easily onto the wax and, by instruction I rubbed downwards in the direction of the hair growth and quickly pulled the strip against the direction of hair growth as close to the skin as I could. Feeling quite pleased with myself that I managed to remove all the wax I looked closely to find that I had removed all of the wax and only around 4 or 5 hairs. After trying this all over my lower leg I actually found that I had probably removed about 30% of my leg hair and after waxing my legs were patchy and no amount of going over areas was helping. Eventually I just gave up, went over my legs with the wipes which smell really nice and shaved them instead.

              In conclusion, I really think that this product is a complete waste of money. I had a little faith when I received it as I've had some positive experiences with the ready wax strips for my eye brows and my bikini line so I was quite excited to use the easy wax applicator but unfortunately this experience wasn't entirely positive! I found that it took far too long to heat up and also to cool down which is a total pain (excuse the pun) if you have a busy lifestyle like mine. The quality of the product though did not let Veet down as the wax smells lovely and the pre-wax wipes are very effective for getting off excess wax and soothing the skin.

              I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, I feel that Veet need to take this product back to the drawing board! From research the price of this product varies from £29.99 from Superdrug and £14.99 from Boots (both prices sourced from www.superdrug.com and www.boots.com) and I genuinely feel that for the time consumed using the product and the quality of the results, it's not worth paying over £6.


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                16.07.2013 18:58



                professional results at home but you might still need a friend

                A low mess wax kit that amateurs can use at home.

                The time it says to heat up is rubbish, it takes nearly 45 minutes to get the wax hot enough to roll evenly. The wax cart comes in two sorts, for sensitive areas like armpits and bikini line and one for general areas like legs. The wax is a delightful bright pink colour so it comes up if you do get it on a surface.

                The gadget does allow the wax to roll on nicely and evenly, it works perfectly at getting rid of the unwanted hair. The biggest issue I had was being able to reach certain places which this still does not help with but with help of a friend this worked perfectly.

                It may say that the gadget keeps its heat but the wax does cool down and rolling starts to become harder towards the end, especially if waxing a large area like legs. It does leave your waxed area hair free for close to 4 weeks and if done with help can leave a professional feel.

                The biggest issue I found was that the wax that didn't come over with the strip dried onto my leg and had to be painfully picked off.


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                14.07.2013 22:46
                Very helpful



                I will stick to shaving my legs.

                A while ago I joined Bzz Agent and since then have tried a variety of different products, one I recently received to test was the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit.  Now I'm not a massive fan of waxing my legs as I find it painful, and tend to just shave them, however I thought as I had received the product for free I would give it a try and may even be converted.  

                The Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit comes in a pink box, it has the Veet logo at the top in the centre of the box with the name of it just underneath, there are also a few other facts about the product written below this.  On the right hand part of the box part of the front of the box has been cut away allowing you to see the kit inside.

                 The back and sides of the box are taken up with quite a lot of product information including facts about the product, what the kit includes and precautions, inside the box is a leaflet containing the directions of use and more detailed information  reflecting what was written on the packaging.  Inside the box is a clear plastic tray which contains all parts of the Veet Electrical Roll on Kit. 

                What's in the Kit
                With the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit you receive everything you could need to successfully wax your legs.  The kit includes
                * A self heating device and cap
                * a 50ml roll on wax refill cartridge (designed for arms and legs)
                * 12 non woven strips
                * 4 wipes (to remove sticky residue)
                * A base to hold the device
                * An electrical cable
                With this kit you only received a cartridge suitable for waxing your arms and legs, however you can get 1 other cartridge which is sold separately, this has a smaller roll on head and is specifically designed for bikini lines and under arms.  

                The Roll on Kit Appearance
                The main device of the roll on kit is rectangle shapes with slightly curved sides making it easy to grip, there are also pink rubbery grips on the side of the device, again making it easier to hold.  

                In the centre of the device is the Veet logo and on the top is a bright pink plastic cap.  The whole devise sits in a white plastic oval shape base, this allows the devise to be stood up whilst you are waiting for the wax to heat, there is a small hole for the electrical cable to be pushed into on the side of the devise which allows the wax to be heated up when plugged in.  

                The cartridge does not come inside the device, this is simply a white rectangle shape with a roller on one end, you simply push this into the device with the roller pointing out of it.  There is a small red light on the front which when plugged in shows you that the wax is heating up, however there was no light to show when the heating process has finished, you have to time this yourself.  

                Product Information
                Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit is said to give you salon results in your own home, it is also described as simple and easy to use, so I was sure that even I could get this product to work despite my lack of experience when it comes to waxing.

                 The information on the packaging states that this is an "innovative self heating wax system with a roll on applicator", the ingredients in the wax are the same as those used in a salon.

                 The wax used by Veet is said to remove the hair from the root at first application and is effective on hairs as short as 2mm.  The wax is formulated with natural beeswax, this is suitable for all skin types including people with sensitive skin.

                 Once you have waxed with Veet is promises to keep your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks, obviously this can vary a little from person to person.  The roller ensures clean and even application, and also applies thin layers of wax giving total coverage so you do not end up with some thick areas of wax and then some areas with nothing on at all.  After reading all of the product information I was sure that even I could successfully use this product and achieve good results on my legs.  

                Directions for Use
                When it comes to using the Kit the instructions are quite simple, you simply put the cartridge into the devise and then stand the whole thing in the base and plug it in, you then leave it for 20 minutes to heat the wax up, after 20 minutes you can test the wax, if it does not apply smoothly then you can leave it to heat up a little longer.

                 Once the wax is ready you then apply the wax by rolling the device down your arm or leg in the direction of the hair (knee to ankle) you need to check the angle of the roller against the skin is correct to ensure smooth application.  

                Once the wax is applied you then immediately apply a strip over the wax leaving a 1cm gap at the bottom for you to hold, you then rub over the strip in the direction of the hair a few time and then in one swift and quick movement pull the strip back on itself against the hair growth, pulling your skin taught will decrease any discomfort.

                 Once finished you can then remove one of the wipes from the packet to remove any wax residue, these wipes are very greasy and quite messy, but they do remove the wax quickly and easily, this cannot be rinsed off with water.  The faster the strip is remove the more effective they are.  

                As with most products Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit does come with quite a long list of precautions, some of these include
                * Only suitable for use on the legs, arms, underarms and bikini line (in the case of this particular one only arms and legs)  you should not use the wax on any other part of your body.
                * Do not use on varicose veins, moles, scars, broken, irritated or sunburned skin. 
                * Do not use on skin irritated by other waxes in the past. 
                * Check before use with your doctor if you are on any medication that can effect the skin or your suffer from any skin disorder.
                * Not suitable for diabetics, elderly people or people with oral retinoids.
                * After waxing it is recommended your wait 34 hours before applying antiperspirant.
                 * Test wax for warmth and reactions on a small area before use. 
                * Keep out of reach of children.
                There are quite a few other precautions on the packaging, however there really were too many to list, and a lot of them are common sense.  

                Price and Availability
                As I have mentioned I received my Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit free as a Bzz Agent, however I have since seen this product available in a variety of shops such as Boots and Superdrug, Boots sell this product for £14.99 whereas Superdrug sell it for £29.99, personally I think the top price is a bit on the expensive side, however if you shop around it can be purchased for a reasonable price.  

                My Opinion
                I decided to give my Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit a go before I went racing at Newmarket racecourse.  I read the instructions thoroughly and followed them to the letter, I was  a bit worried about how much it would hurt as it is the pain that puts me off waxing.

                 I tried the wax on one area of my leg and found that despite using this particular kit waxing really does hurt, when I examined the area I had just waxed I was disappointed to find that it hadn't worked at all, it had remove 1 or 2 hairs but most of the hair was still in place and it hadn't worked at all.  I decided to give the devise another try and applied some more wax to another area of my leg, I followed the same process and was disappointed to find that yet again it hadn't worked very well, a couple of hairs had been removed but the majority had not.

                 I decided to give up with it and went back to shaving my legs, I was extremely disappointed that despite following the instructions exactly the wax did not work, the following day I was even more surprised to find that the wax had left a red mark on my leg liked it had skinned it, I know I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to waxing my legs but I followed the instructions exactly and allowed the wax to heat up enough and despite this the only thing it seemed to remove was skin, the hairs were still there.

                 Needless to say I will not be using the product again, I think this is very over priced, I did think that Boots had it more reasonably priced but after the problems I have had with this no money is worth spending on this product.  I will not be using this product again and I definitely would not recommend it, I shall be sticking to shaving my legs from now on.  


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                03.07.2013 11:10
                Very helpful



                Not worth the effort - I'll be sticking to a razor!

                ***I received this product from Veet for free to test and review***

                When I was told I was getting the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On, I was quite pleased because I was looking forward to trying it and seeing the results. However after seeing the various reviews about it, I was a bit disappointed because it seemed that the general consensus was that it isn't that good. Having now tried it for myself I can conclude only that it is OK. There are some good things about it, but the bad things outweigh these benefits in my opinion.

                ***The Claims***

                Veet claim that this product will give you salon perfect results at home in seven easy steps. I have never been to a beauty salon for waxing, but suffice to say I'd be disappointed to pay salon prices for the results that I got. I think it is fairly easy to use, but the results weren't as great as I'd been hoping for. I used the device on my legs, not wanting to attempt anything more sensitive on my first go and the hairs on my legs were between the 2mm to 5mm recommended length. I'd say that the roll on removed the majority of my hairs but that my legs weren't as smooth as I'd like. I usually shave my legs in the shower and I will probably stick to this method as it is quicker, simpler and more effective.

                ***What's In The Box and Is it Any Good?***

                The Self Heating Device and Its Cap is a stereotypical pink and white coloured device that I found quite easy to hold even in my little hands. It is white plastic and has pink rubbery bits at the side that double up as grips, which help with the application. I found that it was a little difficult to get round to the back of my legs to apply the wax, but this device makes it as easy as possible. Because the roll on bit at the end is hard plastic and about two inches wide, I found it a little bit difficult to apply it to the areas around my ankles because there is no give.

                The 50ml roll on wax refill cartridge is especially designed for use on arms and legs. I don't know what makes it specially designed for those things other than the size really. There was enough wax in there to do from the knee down on both legs. After using, I could see that there was a bit of wax left in the cartridge, but it was hard to tell how much. I'd imagine that there is probably enough left to do your legs again, but that they don't want you to know that because they want you to buy more obviously. I wouldn't have wanted to risk it though because it'd be a nuisance to get half way through waxing and find out there wasn't enough in there! The wax is pink in colour which makes it much easier to use because you can see exactly where it is on your legs or wherever you put it.

                You get 12 non-woven strips in a pack, which I found to be enough for the two half legs I did, but I had to use them sparingly. I thought it was kind of annoying that they were so short actually, it would have been much better if they had been the length of half of my leg to make things simpler. I have fairly short legs and they were nowhere near long enough. They are quite strong and I didn't have any problems with them breaking or tearing. They are very smooth too, which helps.

                You also get 4 post depilatory wipes in the pack. This is just a posh way of saying wet wipes I think. They weren't much cop to be honest because they didn't remove the excess bits of wax on my legs like it said they would. They smelt nice though as they are lightly fragranced which I liked, although I thought they were very greasy and I had to wipe my legs with a towel after using them. Four is more than enough - I only actually used two of them; one on each leg.

                You get a base to hold the device as well, which is just a little plastic stand that the device sits it when you are not using it or when you are waiting for it to warm up. I thought it was an essential part of the kit though because it meant that I didn't get wax everywhere whilst I was using it. The stand keeps the device away from whatever you are standing it on too, so you don't have to worry about it getting too hot on the floor for example.

                The instruction leaflet is very good too. It obviously includes the seven steps that you need to take but it has little pictures on which helps especially with things like which way you should apply the strips and in which direction you should pull to get them off again. It also has a list of dos and don'ts which were handy as well as an ingredients list on the back.

                ***What Are The Seven 'Easy' Steps and Are They Easy?'***

                First, you should insert the wax refill into the device and make sure it is fully inserted. This is quite easy to do and it is a nice snug fit so you don't have to worry about it moving around in there whilst you are using it. You know that it is fully inserted because it makes a clicking sound when it is in place properly.

                Next you plug in the device and check the red light has come on. It is easy to see this as it is on the front. I thought it would have been better if the red light had've gone out when the wax was warm enough but it doesn't do this so you'll have to keep an eye on it. You should leave it connected for twenty minutes after which time the wax is ready for application apparently. In the previous reviews I'd read, lots of people commented that it wasn't ready after twenty minutes and I have to agree - it was nowhere near. It actually took closer to forty minutes. You can tell when it is ready because when you go to roll the wax on, the roller spins quite easily and pink wax oozes out of the top a little.

                The third step is applying the wax in the direction of the hairs. On your legs this involves going down from knee to ankle. The wax did glide on really easily and it came out nice and thickly which was good. I didn't find that I had to go over it either.

                Then you have to apply a non-woven strip immediately. You really do have to do this straight away otherwise the wax will cool down and solidify on your leg which is no fund for anyone. Again you should apply the strip in the direction that your hairs grow, although I kept forgetting to do this, instead just lobbing it on, and it didn't seem to make any difference. You should rub the strip in firmly to make sure that the wax sticks to it - it is easy to tell if you've done this well enough because it makes the strips go a little transparent.

                Next you need to pull the strip off in the opposite direction to which your hairs grow, so from ankle to knee if you are doing your leg. This was the bit I was obviously dreading most because I am an utter wimp and have the lowest pain threshold you've ever known! They recommend that you hold your leg taut to reduce discomfort and I found that this actually worked. It is important that you pull the strip as quickly as possible otherwise the hair doesn't come out and I actually found that this made it hurt less too. I found that I could use each strip twice if I did it quickly enough as it was still sticky enough to do so, so after I pulled them off I reapplied them to another area really quickly. This made the strips and the wax go a bit further and meant that I could easily pull some of the straggler hairs out.

                The penultimate step is wiping the waxed area with the perfect finish wipes. As I said these are pretty useless in my opinion and you'll need a towel to rub them afterwards to get rid of some of the grease. Apparently water doesn't work to remove the wax so I ended up picking the little bits off afterwars.
                Finally you have to unplug the device and clean it so it is ready to use again. You cannot use water or the wipes to clean the device otherwise it makes the wax ineffective. They actually recommend rubbing it with one of the non-woven strips for the best results. You need to take care when removing the wax refill too because obviously the wax will still be very warm.

                ***Anything Else You Should Know?***

                After using the kit, my legs were smoothish, but there were hairs here and there and there was a bit of stubble in places which was a bit annoying. I also got a bit of a rash and my skin felt a bit sensitive, especially around my ankles. I have never actually waxed my legs before so I don't know if this is normal, but I wasn't too worried because it went after about an hour. The information leaflet does recommend that you test a small area of your skin 24 hours before if it is your first use. I didn't think the effects were particularly long lasting either really. I was under the impression that waxing gives you smooth legs for much longer than shaving, but I needed to shave about four days after using the wax kit. I don't know whether this was because it didn't give me completely smooth legs in the first place or not, but it was annoying.

                ***The Pros***

                - It is easy to use for the most part
                - It smells quite nice - much nicer than the Veet creams I have used in the past
                - It gives OK results but not great
                - It doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would

                ***The Cons***

                - It takes waaaaay longer than 20 minutes to warm up
                - It is difficult to use over awkward areas like the ankles
                - The strips aren't nearly long enough
                - The wipes are a bit pointless
                - The results aren't salon perfect
                - It's a lot of effort to get mediocre results
                - I got a bit of rash on my legs after using it, but that did disappear after about an hour
                - Not particularly long lasting results

                ***Price and Availability***

                The recommended retail price of the Easy Wax Electric Roll On is £30, although it is available for less than that in various places. You can get it in Boots and Superdrug on the high street. At the time of writing it is available on a half price offer in Boots. Online it is available from Amazon.co.uk for just over £14 with free post and packaging.

                You can buy wax refills on their own as well as more woven strips. The wax refill is available on amazon.co.uk for just under £10 and the strips for about £3 for a pack of 24. At these prices it is only just cheaper to buy the refills than to buy the whole set again which makes it considerably more expensive. I have just had a quick look on the website of my local beauticians and they do a full leg, bikini and underarm wax for £29.50. They do a half leg was for £13.50. Having seen these prices I'd have to conclude that the Veet Easy Wax Roll On kit is just not worth the money or the hassle because it costs as much as a salon treatment would anyway.


                Overall I would have to say that I thought the device was just OK. I have seen lots of reviews were people have said it is terrible but I thought it was better than that. If you tweak the seven easy steps a bit by doing things like re-using the strips to pull of straggler hairs, then it does an acceptable job. The main problem I have with it is that it is just too much effort to do an 'acceptable job'. Couple that with the fact that it is little or no cheaper than going to a salon, it really isn't worth the bother. Whilst I don't think the results were all that bad, I am definitely not a convert and I'll be sticking to the old Bic razor and shaving foam in the future!


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