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Veet Gel Wax Kit Sensitive Skin

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Brand: Veet / Wax / Texture: Gel / Subcategory: Wax / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      30.07.2012 17:59
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      Worth the pain!

      Hair removal is never fun. It's often laborious or painful, and unless you want to pay the professionals, its awkward to do yourself, and the results are never perfect.

      I've been looking for a way to get good results on the bikini line, and haven't tried waxing before. After nightmare experiences with hair removal creams and shaving, I finally plucked up the courage and bought Veet's Gel Wax kit. It seemed appealing, and comes in a very compact little tub complete with everything you need; material wax strips, a spatula, and of course, WAX.

      You have to heat the wax up for around 45 seconds depending on the strength of your microwave - not to worry, the spatula also tests the heat and a red cross appears if it is too hot, so you won't end up burning yourself! I followed the instructions and heated the wax to the correct temperature, no problems. The instruction are fairly easy to follow, I might add, which helps for first time waxers!

      Next you apply a thin layer of wax, the thinner the better, and this is the difficult part which requires quite a bit of practice. The gel wax is very gooey, very sticky, and not the easiest thing to apply to your own skin - especially bikini area! Although I have not tried other wax, so this wasn't a major concern for me. Then you simply apply the material, pull the skin taut, and yank it off! The instructions give a few handy tips for a less painful experience (such as keeping the material as close to the skin as possible as you pull it off), but I find that practice makes the whole thing a lot easier.

      I was quite impressed with the results too. I have quite fine, blonde hair - most of which had dis-appeared with the wax. There were a few rogue hairs left but I was generally pleased with the hair-free aftermath. Like I said, practice makes perfect so I'll keep using this product until I have the knack for how to do it quickly and effectively! The results do last a while (perhaps not quite the four weeks the tub suggests) but certainly over two weeks.

      Plus, the wax washes off very easily so if there are mis-haps, or if there is excess wax on the skin it come right off with soapy water. The material strips are re-usable too, so there's no extra expense in that department; simply wash them and let them dry and they're as good as new!

      As I said, I've never waxed before and never been to a spa to have it done, so I have nothing to compare this product to. However, I was pleased with the result and would recommend this to any other first time waxers!


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        07.07.2011 05:35
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        Do not buy this!!

        I have never waxed my legs before and have recently been thinking about giving it a go at home to see if the results are any better for me than shaving. When I was in Boots a few weeks ago, I saw this Veet Gel Wax Kit on offer for about £6 and decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a go.

        ** Veet Gel Wax Kit **

        The Veet Gel Wax Kit comes in a version for normal skin and another for sensitive skin. I picked up the version for sensitive skin, simply because it smelled nicer than the other.

        The Kit comes in a large, 250ml pot which includes the gel, 12 reusable strips, 1 wax spatula with temperature indicator and 1 instruction leaflet.

        As I said before, I picked this up on offer for £6. I have just checked Boots website and it is still on offer for this price but normally RRPs at £11.99.

        The Gel Kits can be used on legs, underarms, bikini and face.

        ** The Packaging **

        The Gel comes in a large pot, which feels quite heavy considering the size of it. The Gel for normal skin comes in a bright pink pot and the one for sensitive skin comes in a light blue pot.

        The packaging is actually quite pretty and girly and really does jump out at you, which is probably why I wanted to buy it so much. The labels on the front tell you that this is a new product and have several short statements of Veet's claims for this product.

        ** Veet's Claims **

        Veet claim that warm wax is the most effective way to achieving long lasting smoothness. Although warm waxing can be difficult, Veet's Gel Kit is easy to use and is 'so effective it works from the first application...giving you smooth legs for up to four weeks'.

        ** The Gel **

        The Gel for sensitive skin is extremely thick and very difficult to dip into when you first open it. The Gel is the same blue colour as the packaging (I would assume the normal skin one is pink but I don't know) and does smell quite nice.

        Once the gel has been heated, it is still very thick and 'gloopy' but it is a lot easier to get the spatula in and spread over your legs.

        ** How to use **

        The instruction leaflet for the Gel Kit directs you to warm the Gel by either heating it in a microwave or in water on a stove. I used the microwave to heat mine and remember it stating that I should leave it in for 45 seconds, then leave to stand for 1 minute before using.

        There are then three simple steps you must follow, once the Gel has cooled slightly.

        1. With the spatula, apply a thin layer, which is almost invisible, of the Gel to the area you wish to wax. Apply in the direction of hair growth.
        2. Immediately cover the wax with a strip, smoothing the strip in the direction of hair growth.
        3. Whilst pulling the skin taut, pull the strip off in one quick movement, in the direction of hair growth.

        Following these three steps should leave you with silky smooth skin, for up to four weeks.

        ** But does it work? **

        I could round up this whole review with one word ... No!

        My boyfriend enjoyed applying the gel and strips to my legs over and over again and causing me severe pain in an attempt to achieve silky smooth legs. However, the gel didn't remove even one hair off my legs and I just ended up with red legs that were sticky from the wax and itchy from so much irritation.

        We decided that the wax wasn't working because the hairs on my legs weren't long enough, so I refrained from shaving my legs for a whole two weeks! By the time we came round to doing them again, the hairs on my legs were longer than my boyfriends! And again, I just ended up with irritated, still hairy, legs.

        I am really disappointed with this product as I thought, even if I don't have silky smooth legs for four weeks, it might work and hold out for a week!

        I definitely do not recommend this, even at its offer price! And have thrown away a pretty much full pot of Gel as I know I will never bother with it again!


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        24.06.2011 17:10
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        I have a bit of an obsession with hair removal these days and will try anything I can to get rid of the dreaded fuzz for as long as possible. Unfortunately, I can't go down the laser hair removal route as I have very fine, blonde body hair which means the laser can do nothing for me as the hair lacks pigment. Along with that, I can't go down the epilation route as I'm yet to find an epilator that can actually grab my fine hair and pull it out from the root, so my next option was waxing! As someone who likes all body hair to be removed, I figured I'd do the waxing at home so as not to have to get naked from the waist down in front of a stranger armed with hot wax. To do this, I picked up the Veet Gel Wax Kit, more specifically, the one for sensitive skin, from Boots and bounded home with excitement. It was time to get fuzz free!

        The wax kit comes with everything needed for an at home waxing session and claims to be effective from the first use. I thought that was a bit of a strange thing to put on the front of the tub as you'd expect it to work straight off the bat anyway, but that's just me being nitpicky.

        The tub contains the wax gel, the strips needed, the wax applicator and of course the all important instructions. This is all nice and compact in a little tub like the one shown in the image above. The lid screws off of the wax part of the tub to reveal a foil lid that must be removed before heating the wax and then there is also a flip lid on top of this that will open up for you to find the instructions, applicator and strips.
        The front of the tub does have a few ambitious claims on it, so I was eager to see just how well it worked - "smoothness for up to 4 weeks" really did seem too good to be true!
        I don't really like to just copy the information from product packaging into my review, but I feel it is 100% necessary that you read this before I carry on.

        "Introducing the new luxurious gel wax for sensitive skin. It is so effective that it works from the first application. The easy to use gel, with gentle almond oil to protect sensitive skin, will leave your skin moisturised and give you touchable smoothness that lasts for up to four weeks. Warm before use - carefully follow the directions for use indicated on the leaflet inside this pack."

        Veet seem to be really backing this product up, they seem to think that it will 100% work. I suppose it's up to me to find that out for myself!

        I removed the foil from the pot and heated it in the microwave as instructed (45 seconds on full power for and 850w microwave - my microwave is an old one with only 700w, but I still followed these instructions). Once the 45 seconds was up, the blue gel wax really hadn't changed much at all. It was still the exact same thick, rubbery gel consistency except it was now very very hot and had a strong aloe scent - strange considering the key ingredient in this is almond oil with no signs of aloe whatsoever. The applicator comes with a temperature indicator on the bottom of it, in the form of a black dot that will turn red with a black cross if the gel is too hot to use. I popped it into the gel and the little red dot appeared. It stayed this way for 10 minutes, so I can't imagine that the heating instructions are very accurate!

        After the 10 minutes was up and the wax cooled down a bit, I applied a little of the gel to my bikini area and pressed one of the strips on top. I'd already cut the strips a little smaller so that they'd be easier to use on this area of my body as the strips are quite large.
        I was then told to hold the skin taut and pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, resulting in 100% hair removal.

        So I yanked it off, fully expecting to be left with a little cute bald patch, but instead I was left with sticky stubble and a sticky strip in hand.
        Okay, so maybe I used too much? It did say to use as thin a layer of gel as possible. Let's try again!

        Process repeated. Results repeated.
        I was then left with two sticky patches and two sticky strips. It wasn't quite going as planned. I figured I might as well try it on my legs and see if I could get any use out of it that way, but after 3 similarly unsuccessful attempts, I closed the pot, popped it up on the shelf and went in a bit of a humph. My plans of being fuzz free for 4 weeks had just been shattered. Veet's promises of being effective from 1st use were also shattered.

        I gave the rest of the pot to my mum to try, she has very thick, dark hair so I thought maybe the gel wax would work better for her, but she had the same results as I did.

        Fortunately, the gel was very easy to wash off with soap and water, so I wasn't left with any sticky marks for long, but after paying upwards of £10, I really didn't want to just apply it and wash it off again! Unfortunately, this actually dried my skin out, so not only was I left still stubbly, but I was now dry and stubbly! Luckily my boyfriend is out of the city until midnight tonight, so I have enough time to sort myself out, I can't imagine how he'd react to the mess I'm in now!

        So let's go back to the information on the back of the pot, shall we?
        Effective from the first use? - NO.
        Leaves skin moisturised? - NO.
        Touchable smoothness for up to 4 weeks? - I THINK NOT.

        I will add that I think it's more to do with the fact that this is a gel based wax rather than Veet just producing a bad product. It's a great idea, but it just doesn't work. The gel is far too sticky to actually be able to grip the hair and keep it sticking to the strip while you pull it off. Instead it'll just a tug a bit and then the strip will detach itself from the hair.

        The pot contains 250ml of product, 12 washable fabric strips and promises to last for 3 uses, meaning both lower legs 3 times. If you want to give this a go for yourself, it's actually on offer in boots right now for £5.99, with it's usual price being £11.99. There is also a pink version of this for normal skin which may or may not work a little better, but according to the low ratings these products have received on the boots website, I'd just give it a miss if I were you!

        In conclusion, I think Veet had a very good idea with this product, but sadly the quality of their products just doesn't translate into this and instead I was just left with a sticky mess to wash off. I'd like to give this 0 stars, but I can't, so they've lucked out with a higher rating than they deserve. 1 star. Back to the razors!

        Thanks for reading!


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