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Veet Hair Lightening Cream

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Brand: Veet / Type: Hair Cream / Subcategory: Hair Removal / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    5 Reviews
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      24.02.2011 13:23
      Very helpful



      A Fantastic Hair Lightening Cream that Works

      In my late teens the hair on my arms started to go really dark and I was very self-conscious about it, I thought I was starting to resemble a monkey! I'd heard about how bad it is to shave your arms as it causes the hair to grow back quicker, thicker and darker. So I needed to find another option. Hair Lightening wasn't something I'd tried before and I was a little sceptical about whether or not it would actually work.

      Veet was my first choice when buying a hair lightening cream as it's a brand I trust, I've used a few of their other products and I've always been satisfied with them. The Veet Hair Lightening cream comes complete with;

      1 Tube of Lightening Cream
      1 Tube of Activating Cream
      1 Mixing Dish
      1 Spatula

      The process of mixing the creams together was really easy and it only took me a minute or so to do. The instructions tell you exactly how much to use of each type of cream and believe me it isn't much that you have to use each time you use the product, so mine lasted me ages. You use the mixing dish and the spatula provided to mix the 2 creams together, both creams are different colours so it's easy to tell when it has mixed well. Then using the spatula again, spread the cream evenly over the area on your body which you wish to lighten, then leave for 10 minutes.

      After the 10 minutes wash all the cream off the area and Ta-Da! Your dark hairs are now very light, just like that. You might notice your skin has a few white patches for half an hour or so where the cream has slightly lightened your skin, but this fades away quickly.

      This cream didn't irritate, itch or sting my skin at all, it was really gentle. It also didn't have an unpleasant smell as I've found a lot of hair removal products do. I was also pleased with the length of time the results lasted, it was at least another 6 weeks before I had to use it again.

      Veet Hair Lightening cream is available in most stores like Boots & Superdrug for £5+, but I got mine in Poundland for £1! So if you do have a local Poundland, check in there for it first.

      All in all a 5 Star Hair Lightening Cream with impressive, fast results - I cannot fault it at all.


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      27.06.2010 23:11
      Very helpful




      I bought this product a few years back and although it is usually expensive I managed to purchase it for a pound. I used this hair lightening cream a few times and was impressed with the results. You mix the two creams together and apply the mixture to the area you want to lighten the hair on, in my case it was my face, then you leave it for six to ten minutes. I got a tingling sensation on my skin, but the leaflet assured me this was normal. When I washed the mixture off the fine hair that was black appeared to be a blonde colour and was less noticeable than before. My skin looked fairer than before and I was impressed with the results. The results lasted approximately four weeks. When the results wore off, the hair looked like it was slightly longer. I have been told that the bleach in products like Jolen and Veet actually feeds the hair and makes it grow, whether this is true or not I am not sure, but it sounds disgusting!


      The last time I ever used this product was when my skin started to feel like it was burning, so I washed the cream mixture off and was left with red blisters on my face. The product had actually burnt my skin and the scars took ages to heal!!! :( I was extremely upset and would never ever use this product again. What I think happened was that I did not mix the right amount of both products together.

      I would never risk using this product again - not worth it!!!!


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        26.06.2010 19:03



        easy to use for a quick fix

        I find this product easy to use. The instructions are clear and concise. I have had a problem with dark hair all my life and find it very embarrassing. With this product - which is quick and easy to use. All I do is use it quickly whilst I am in the bath and within 10 minutes it is all sorted! Ideal just before a night out or just to do once a week!

        I find that the hair is not visible at all after use. I have recently begun thinking about permanent laser removal, however this seems to be so much easier and does actually work! Within 10 minutes the hair is barely visible.

        The price is also very competitive with other creams on the market as well. And having used most of them I have to say it is up there with the best of them. This method is completely pain free also!


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        05.03.2010 19:12
        Very helpful



        A great hair bleach.

        I'm naturally dark haired and so do have a bit of hair on my upper lip that's also dark which I find embarassing so I like to bleach it blonde/white to make it much less noticable.

        I tend to use Veet Hair Lightening Cream. I like to use Veet because I know it's a well known brand so I'm not worried that I'm going to end up burnt or anything like that. I've also used other products from them in the past like wax strips.

        The box is a lilac colour which makes it look nice and feminine. It has the logo in big Blue letters and says "Hair lightening Cream" on the front so you can easily identify what it is.

        When you buy it, the box contains:
        A 50ml tube of hair lightening cream.
        A 50ml tube of pink activating cream.
        A small mixing dish to mix the two creams together.
        A little spatula to apply it with.

        You have to put an equal amount of each cream into the dish and mix them up with the spatula. You then apply the creams to the hairy part, i.e upper lip or arms with the spatula. You need to out a generous amount on to cover the hairs, especially if they're longer hairs like on your arm because otherwise you won't bleach the whole hair. It's a good idea to sit on an old towel because if you get it on your carpet or furniture, I think it could bleach them.

        You're meant to leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Before you wash it off, have a little peek by scraping a bit off to see if the hairs are bleached. If they are then you can wash it off, if not then leave it for a few more minutes.

        When it's on my skin, it is really irritating and my skin feels like it is itching like mad but you obviously can't scratch it because you're covered in cream.

        Afterwards, you can get it off by scarping it off with the spatula and washing the excess of which is what I do.

        Afterwards, my hairs are a really white blonde colour that is really hard to notice on my skin. From a distance, you can't see the hairs at all and it makes me feel much more confident. I also use this on my arm hairs sometimes but it is annoying to sit there with both arms outstretched and my face still for 15 minutes so I don't always do it. Your skin is also quite pale when you take the cream off but this does fade and go back to normal, especially after a shower.

        It costs about £5 from Boots and lasts quite a long time. It's fantastic and really makes me feel more confident so I'd definitely say it's worth the money.


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        04.01.2010 22:44
        Very helpful



        lightens hairs

        When my daughter started moaning that people had said she had hairy legs. I decided she was and still is far too young for hair removal or shaving. So I said we would bleach the hairs that way they would not be noticiable.

        I didn't really know what I was looking for and came across Veet Hair Lightening Cream.
        As I was buying it I was still thinking she is too young for this but did not want people making fun or her feeling uncomfortable.

        The box is a lilac colour and says it's hair lightening cream for face and body with softening oils.
        Inside the box is

        1 x 50ml tube of hair lightening cream
        1 x 50ml tube of pink activating cream
        A small mixing dish
        A small spatula
        To use you need to mix equal amounts of both creams using the dish and spatula.
        The skin has to be dry before you put the mixture on.

        As I was using it on the legs I made my daughter stand on a towel on the bed whilst I smoothed the mixture over the legs using the spatula. (I had to make more mixture a couple of times)
        The directions say leave on for 10 minutes and no longer than 15.

        Once its been on for the 10 - 15 minutes it says you need to take it off using the spatula and plenty of luke warm water.
        After the first time we found it far easier for my daughter to get in the shower and let the water wash it off. If some of the cream didn't come off with the water she just rubbed it off.
        The Results

        No more hairy legs as the hairs were very pale and not noticiable.
        The skin on her legs was also very pale but the skin soon returned to its normal colour and the hairs stayed pale. Result!
        At first my daughter wanted them doing every week, which we do but I didn't think this was necessary. We then went to every fortnight. Once a month is probably more than enough now and sometimes we wait longer.

        The instructions do point out some precautions such as
        where NOT to use it
        checking with your doctor if you are on medication which can affect your skin.
        If you experience smarting/tingling remove immediately
        Wait 24 hours before applying anti-perspirant
        Always wait 72 hours between applications
        Do not swallow
        Keep out of reach of children
        Do not let the producet touch anything else in case of damage or discolouration.

        As this was used on my daughter I asked her how it felt on her legs
        she said "it's cold and tickly when it is being put on. Then it feels like thick cream that would easily come off if you moved"


        Hair lightening cream
        Isopropyl Myristrate
        Hydrogen Peroxide
        Steareth - 21
        Cetyl Alcohol
        Steareth - 2
        Phoshoric acid

        Activating cream
        Cetearyl Alcohol
        Ceteareth - 20
        PPG 15
        Stearyl Ether
        Ammonium hydroxide
        Sodium Carbonate
        CI 12490

        It cost £4.79 at boots or £5.49


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