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Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin

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Brand: Veet / removal cream / Type: Hair Cream / Subcategory: Hair Removal / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      25.07.2011 23:21



      very quick to use, but not as effective as I expected.

      Although I had previously used veet wax, before this product I had not used a hair removal cream. Despite being much more pricey than just a simple razor, the retail price varies but it costs around 7 pounds, I was persuaded by my friends promise that it lasts a lot longer than just using a razor; however I was very disappointed by this product.

      Although it is a lot quicker than waxing or shaving your legs, it only takes about 5 minutes, the product smell is not unlike the paint like smell you get with fake tan products, despite showering, this smell does not go easily! This product does give your legs an almost glossy appearance, as well as leaving them very soft, however, I repeated found that this product, even when used correctly, does not always remove all hair completely.

      Despite this product coming in a large sort of tub, it does not last as long as expected. For it to work effective you have to cover the whole area in a thick layer of the cream, and if you are using it on both your legs, it won't last long!

      Although being disappointed for the previously listed reasons, I did find that I gained the desired smooth result for a few days longer than I would have, if I had just used a normal razor!


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      25.02.2011 11:43
      Very helpful



      An easy way to trim my hedge!

      I must admit when it comes to removing unwanted body hair I tend to use razors and my epilator. I find this the most efficient way to trim hair and am happy with this regime. However when it comes to my bikini line, I have found a cream hair remover is better as regrowth tends to be slower and not as uncomfortable as with a razor - and I am far too much of a wuss to use the epilator there!

      Over the years I have tried several brands but for the past few years now I have been using Veet's In Shower Hair Removal Cream as I find it an effective product but efficient to use too. It's also a delicate product which hasn't brought either myself or my daughter out in a rash and it's available in several different varieties.

      My daughter is a sucker for the Lotus Milk & Jasmine fragrance, whereas I tend to buy whichever one is on offer. My favourite variety is this one for Sensitive Skin which has Aloe Vera & Vitamin E however.

      ~~The Product~~

      Veet's In Shower Hair Removal Cream comes in 150ml tubes or in 300ml bottles. The product comes with a sponge to aid in removing the hair. I prefer the 300ml bottles as I find the packaging more sensible, along with the fact that although your initial outlay can be more, it works out cheaper buying it this way.

      I am reviewing the 300ml bottle for Sensitive Skin here and these cost in the region of £11.20 although I have seen them significantly cheaper elsewhere. With anything it pays to shop around - I have picked this up for £3.99 in Bodycare for instance. The Sensitive Skin variety comes in a blue bottle.

      What I like about the packaging of the 300ml bottle is the fact it is designed to accommodate the sponge, which fits inside a lid at the bottom of the bottle. To get to the product you have to remove this lid completely and then flip another lid to squeeze the cream out.

      The cream is white in colour and while there's no denying it doesn't smell half as bad as some other hair removing products I have used over the years, the fragrance isn't exactly delightful.

      To use, you apply the cream evenly to the area you wish to treat. Your skin must be dry so although this is an in-shower product it's imperative you are aware of the fact you apply this before you step into the shower. In fact you have to wait two minutes after application before stepping in to the shower.

      You then do your normal shower routine, avoiding if possible, direct water contact with the area you wish to treat and wait another three minutes before using the sponge to see if the hair is coming away. You can leave this on for a maximum of ten minutes and you must ensure all hair and cream are rinsed away before coming out of the shower.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      What I love most about this hair removing cream is the fact it's efficient to use. I am one of those people who used to loathe treating my bikini line as it invariably meant me standing still in the bathroom for ten minutes waiting for the cream to work. This just struck me as an incredible waste of time, so when Veet launched their In-Shower creams I immediately bought it.

      As a result, a part of my beauty routine which I found a terrible chore has since become something I can do quickly and easily and more importantly isn't something I find an irritant.

      When I use this cream on my bikini line I usually trim excess hair off first before application. I find this maximises how effective the cream is but I appreciate that's a matter of choice.

      The cream is very thick in texture and is easy to apply. It also comes out of the bottle easily and cleanly.

      It's important you don't rub this in - you just use your hand to cover the area you want to treat and leave it. The cream dispenses easily from the bottle although it's worth bearing in mind that the flip lid on the bottom is curved so if you want the bottle to stay fully upright you have to put it back into the main lid which houses the sponge. Not a biggie really as you will probably have the sponge out in readiness for your shower but something I think is worth mentioning. You must thoroughly wash your hands when you have finished applying the cream to your body.

      Waiting two minutes before stepping in to the shower isn't a big deal either in comparison to the interminable ten minute waits I had with other products in the past. Once I am in the shower I invariably work on washing and conditioning my hair which usually ensures a good five minutes have elapsed before I set to work washing the cream off.

      Veet do say to try to keep the areas you are treating out of direct contact with the shower and it's surprisingly easy to do this. Even when I have treated my underarms I've had no problems with the cream washing off when it wasn't supposed to.

      The sponge which comes with this product is a small oval with a white exfoliating topping which isn't unlike a scourer for non-stick pans. Don't be put off by this - it's actually quite soft and is designed to help speed up washing the hair the cream has removed away.

      When I have finished with my hair I pick up the sponge and using the white side check to see if the hair is coming away easily. If it is, I continue removing the hair with the sponge by using circular motions to help tease the hair out. You will find you have to rinse the sponge out under the shower regularly to remove hair from it. It's quite a time consuming job removing the hair and the cream but it's something you shouldn't rush - take your time and ensure you haven't missed anywhere.

      If the hair isn't coming off I wait a little longer - usually I shave my legs - and then go back to work on the treated area with the sponge. I tend to find that six or seven minutes is long enough to remove the hair in my bikini line.

      Once the cream is removed I wash my body thoroughly and rinse thoroughly. Veet suggest you don't' use any "perfumed product" within 72 hours of use but I've never had any problems using a Body Shop shower gel afterwards.

      I do find hair removal creams to be quite messy and this is no different, but it's easy to wash the mess away with this product because you are in the shower when you are doing this. Even the sponge is easy to clean - hairs don't adhere to it if you apply some copious rinsing and I just leave it to dry off before putting it back inside the bottle lid. This is much better to the tubes of Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream my daughter has - we have a small basket in the bathroom to store her sponge but like most teenagers she tends to put it somewhere else instead! The bottle is a much smarter way of storing the product components in my opinion.

      As well as avoiding perfumed product for 24 hours after use, Veet also suggest you avoid anti perspirants as well as swimming and sunbathing in that period. I must admit I have used deodorants after using Veet on my underarms without any adverse reaction but this is something you should consider. You should also consider the warning label which advises not to use on broken skin, scars, moles or irritated, sunburned or spotty skin. Moreover, once you have used this you shouldn't use it again for 72 hours.

      I really like the results this hair removal cream brings, especially on the bikini area. It is effective for removing the hair and I find regrowth is both slower and less irritating than if I had shaved.

      I like how easy it is to use too - never mind the fact I don't have to stand around waiting for it to work it's also fairly easy to remove, albeit a little messy. Let's face it however - all hair removal creams are messy to remove. The cream also contains Moisturiser Complex and this leaves your skin not just smooth but soft too.

      I am specifically reviewing the variety for sensitive skin which I do prefer - my preference being down to the fact it doesn't have a strong fragrance and it is very gentle next to my skin. I find the fragranced varieties Veet produce to be as effective but I really prefer to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible when removing hair from delicate parts of my body. I also like the fact that the scent of this variety doesn't linger at all - even when you are removing the hair from your body the familiar smell of hair removing cream tends to have faded.

      I do prefer this large bottle over the tube too - it's a better designed product and I like how the sponge fits neatly and discreetly inside the lid when not in use.

      So if you are seeking a hair removal cream that doesn't require you to stand about for ten minutes doing nothing, then I suggest you try this.


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