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Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream Suprem Essence

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Brand: Veet / removal cream / Type: Hair Spray / Subcategory: Hair Removal / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2011 22:00
      Very helpful



      one of my skin

      **Please note dooyoo have provided the wrong picture..the picture above is the spray on cream but this review is about the normal hair removal cream**

      Veet (formally known as Immac) is a world wide company which produces hair removal products. They products are manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser and the range includes gels, creams and wax products.

      *~*Put You Hairy Leg In, Take Your Smooth Leg Out*~*

      Hair removal creams are designed to do just that..remove hair. Suitable for women, there is many options available depending on your skin type and preference. Using a hair removal cream allows the hairs dissolve at the surface leaving your skin smoother and hair free for longer. Veet offer specialised creams for the legs, the underarms, bikini area and face.


      If you are considering using a hair removal cream Veet offer a few different options. You have the choice of creams to applied whilst in the shower with various sponges and spatulas. There is also the option of a spray on cream or a normal cream. Different formulas are available for normal or sensitive skin. The Suprem Essence range from Veet offers the option of 3 different products :

      *In Shower Hair Removal Cream
      *Spray On Hair Removal Cream
      *Hair Removal Cream

      The Hair Removal Cream in this collection contains velvet rose and essential oils and is aimed at normal/dry skin. It claims to work in 3 minutes but can be left of for a maximum time of 6mins (5mins for sensitive skin). The cream is described as being non greasy and silky and claims to remove hair as little as 2mm in length. It can be used on the legs, around the bikini area and the underarms but no where else. A patch test should be carried out 24hrs prior to use and if a reaction occurs, stop using immediately. Also do not use if you have had prior issues with hair removal creams.

      *~*What Do We Receive?*~*

      A burgandy box with all the information required is presented to us in the shops. Directions, warnings etc are included and it is recommended that the cream is finished up within 12months of first opening. Inside the box, we have a strong plastic tube with the same colour design as the box and a screw off cap. The tube can be recycled and all warnings etc are on the tube. A transparent, pink spatula is also in the box and this is to be used for applying and removing the cream.

      *~*Let's Get Going*~*

      The hair removal cream should be applied directly onto dry legs or wherever you plan or using it. Either squeeze a blob onto the spatula or directly onto the skin and use the end of the spatula to spread it. Once the area is covered in a thick, even layer, relax for 3mins. After this time, use the spatula and test and area. If the hair comes away easily then you are done. Remove it all and then rinse the remainder of the cream away and dry the area. It is advised to allow 24hours before applying and sprays or perfumes near the area.

      *~*Availability and Price*~*

      The 90ml tube and spatula set can be purchased from chemists and other stores. It is priced around the £5.00 mark.

      *~*My Experience*~*

      As you read from my previous review, I find hair removal a chore but not one to be seen prancing around the house with bushes on my legs, I do need to keep on top of it and make the effort. My quick option is to rub some shaving cream or lather over my skin and run my Gillette razor over the top. Hair removal creams have never really interested me as I find them to be eye wateringly smelly and never seem to remove my dark, thick hair. I do attempt to use hair removal creams on my unwanted and inheritated facial hair but my legs are a totally different ballgame.

      I picked up 2 packs of this Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream in Wilkinsons last month. The RRP was around £4.00 but these were in the reduced section down to 75% off so I was happy to pay this price. In the past, I have used Veet products and never found them to be effective. Having sensitive skin, I do need to watch what I use and I stayed on the safe side and tried a small amount on my leg before going in full force the next day. I didn't apply this for any special reason other than the desire for smooth legs. The first tube I used up last month and last week, I decided to use the second tube. I left my hair to grow on my legs for around a week and had a healthy grow! As I had used it the previous month, I knew what to expect.

      *~*On With The Show*~*

      The tube is easy to hold and unsealed so quick to dispense. The cream itself is quite thick in consistency with a vibrant white colour. Despite claiming to be scented with rose and essential oils, I find it to be floral but with that same, horrible chemical undertone that we all know hair removal creams smell like! I apply this in my bathroom with one leg up over the bath..not a pretty sight I can assure you. Towel down just in case as I am messy with everything. I apply this directly onto my legs with one squeeze and it swishes out. The spatula is a good size allowing me to comfortably hold it and not worry about my hands getting covered in cream.

      The cream feels incredibly cool and rather soothing on my dry legs which is new to me..more like a thick shaving foam. Despite its thickness, it spreads incredibly well and I applied from my ankles up to my knees. I needed to spread the cream out and ensure all hairs were evenly covered. I did need quite alot of the cream to fully cover my dark hairs and ensure good results. One tube was sufficient to cover both legs and I was shocked at this the first time I used it as it seemed such a lot for one application! Once my legs were fully covered, I sat on the toilet seat and read a magazine. I timed the 3mins on my mobile as I didn't want to risk as reaction. I am so used to a tingling sensation alerting me to remove the cream but it never came so do keep an eye on the time!

      After 3mins I used the spatula (which I had washed) and the hair pulled away with ease. Although removing all the cream and hairs does take some time, it isn't very long. I start with the first leg I applied the cream too. The spatula head when held point downwards, allows a gentle but effective aide in removing the cream and hair. I use short sweeps starting around my ankles which are very sensitive. After each sweep, I rinse under the sink tap and go on to do the next sweep. The spatula quickly scoops up the cream and lightly pulls the disintergrating hair from the surface. It pulls the hairs clean away and they can be seen mixing in with the cream and going down the plughole with each rinse.

      Once I have removed the majority of the cream, I jump in the shower to rinse off any excess. Whilst I don't experience any tingling or discomfort, immediately applying hot water to my legs proves quite nippy. A sharp blast of coldish water is effective and allows the rest of the cream to wash off. At this point, my legs feel quite oily but I make sure I don't allow any soap or lather to come into contact. I get out the shower and gently pat dry my legs and take a peek at the results.


      The first time I used this cream, I was certain I would end up with big clumps of hair remaining or stubbly, uncomfortable legs. My legs did feel smooth and not the tiniest bit dry. Within a few minutes though, the bottom of my leg near the ankle, had went spotty and a bit tight. This was shortlived and I would say it was down to my skin and not the cream! In terms of hair removal, the cream with the help of the spatula, effectively removed all the hairs on the bottom part of my leg. None had been missed and there was a silky smoothness over my legs which I liked.

      My legs remained hair free and more importantly stubble free for 4 days. They kept a good smoothness during this time and no dry patches became present which I believe may be down to the rose and essential oils within the formula. After the 4 days, the stubble started to come through but not as strong as shaving would cause.


      This cream suited my sensitive skin and did actually do its job on my dark, coarse hairs. Whilst I did not choose to apply it to my bikini or underarm area, I'm sure its gentle nature would suit these areas fine. The let down for me is the full price and there is no way I would pay nearly £5.00 for a tube that only does the two bottom half of my legs for one application. It isn't purse friendly but at 75% off I was happy to pay this so I recommend looking out for special offers.

      I suppose if you were looking for cream to remove hair for a weekend away this would be an ideal alternative to shaving. I recommend it.

      Thanks for reading x


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