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Babyliss 2098U Elegance Straightener

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Brand: Babyliss / Hair Straighteners

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    5 Reviews
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      06.03.2012 12:04



      Good value for money, suitable for all hair types

      I had tried GHD's of all kinds since they first came out and thought they were the best until i bought this hair straightener. Great value for money especially if you are on a budget (decent hair straighteners can be expensive now).

      Besides the obvious that they look appealing and comes with a snazzy bag to go with them, they are practical and mine have lasted two years now and still work as if they are brand new. I used other Babyliss straighteners before which i found caught my hair as i would straighten it but these once are very smooth and make straightening easy.

      The temperature on them is fantastic, it can range from warm to very hot which is perfect for different uses such as low heat for going over straightened hair and high heat for straightening the hair from scratch. I have naturally thick, curly hair especially at the roots and have always found it hard to get those bits straight. However with these straighteners the size of them makes it easy to do this and get those roots straight.

      These straighteners are also great for travelling. I found GHD's very chunky and heavy but these aren't at all. In fact they are very light and can squeeze into your suitcase.

      If you have extra thick hair, these are great but it might take longer to straighten your hair all over, however the heat i find quickens the pace so it shouldn't take you too long. For thin/fine hair i would say these are perfect as the width is thin and the low-medium heat would be perfect so you don't damage your hair.

      Great hair straighteners and great value for money - suitable for all hair types.


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      04.03.2012 17:23
      Very helpful



      Finally, an affordable alternative to GHD's

      I bought these straighteners after reading a review on here recommending them. I've been using some awful straighteners for the past couple of years, well actually I've not been using them because they're so bad, and I haven't been able to justify spending in the region of £100 to replace the GHD's I once had which unfortunately went to GHD Heaven.

      When I read the review on these straighteners, I had a look round online, and saw they were reasonably priced on Amazon, costing me £40 including delivery. They were on sale through Amazon's marketplace so it was actually a pharmacy who sent them out. The delivery time was excellent, I received them a couple of days after placing my order.

      I was so excited when they arrived, I had to stop myself straightening my hair to watch TV! I try not to use electrical products on my hair too much, because I'm trying to grow it so I don't get it cut very regularly, and using excessive heat can lead to breakage because my hair is already quite weak. The first opportunity I got to use them, however, was going for a meal, and I quickly scanned the instructions (how difficult can it be to work out the on/off button?!) and got straightening.

      I'd already opened the box when they arrived, to have a nose at what they looked like and what was included. In the box were my straighteners (obviously), a heat mat, a lilac purse/carrycase to store them in, and the instruction leaflet. Looking at the straighteners, they looked user-friendly, there weren't too many buttons or confusing lights, it's all very straight-forward (no pun intended!). The straighteners are purple and very stylish looking.

      After plugging the straighteners in, you simply press the "on" button (there are two buttons, the "ON" button is labelled 1, the "OFF" button is labelled 0). The light comes on to let you know the straightener is heating up. You also have to set your preferred heat level, as these straighteners give you the option of three heat levels - with the lowest being 180 degress, and the highest 230 degrees.

      The straighteners take no time at all to heat up, 15 seconds in fact. The cord is 3 metres long which is one of my favourite features, as I can move round the room to position myself in front of the mirror, and I've taken these away with me and they're ideal for hotel rooms where the sockets may not always be positioned in the most practical places if you need a mirror.

      I have very thick hair, so I always use the highest setting on these to make sure I get the best results, and I don't have to go over the same piece of hair several times. Sometimes, I think repeated straightening of the same hair causes more damage than just using hotter straighteners and going over it once. The thing I love about these straighteners is that after using the ones I had been using previously, I was amazed at how the plates just glided through my hair without catching or dragging it. This convinced me that my hair was less likely to break than it was by using the other straighteners. Apparently, this is because the plates are titanium, and they are also longer than average straighteners, so they cover a larger area of hair meaning it takes even less time to get your barnet looking poker straight.

      The straighteners have an automatic power shut off timer, which although I haven't needed yet, puts my mind at ease that if I ever accidentally left them on, it wouldn't result in the house burning down. The product also comes with a 5 year warranty, which is a good indicator that the manufacturers are confident about the product.

      So far, I have no complaints about this product. They make it so easy and quick to straighten my hair, it's something I might start doing on a more regular basis. I also feel like they're doing less damage to my hair than other straighteners, due to the long plates, the titanium finish, and the highest heat setting meaning I only have to straighten each section of hair once and very rapidly, minimising damage to my hair. Other features I love are the cord which is an ample length for anyone's needs, and the automatic shut off.

      In terms of my hair results, I would say as a previous owner of GHD's, that these straighteners give results which are just as good. My hair is poker straight in a flash using these, and it copes well even with my hair which is very thick and can be quite unruly at times.

      The accessories that come with these straighteners are also quite useful. The heat mat is good for resting the straighteners on so you're not damaging work surfaces, and they're great for wrapping round the straighteners if you need to take them with you, for example, on leaving a hotel. The carry case is a bit superfluous, although it is absolutely lovely, I'm not sure I need this to store my straighteners as the heat mat has a Velcro tab which keeps them secure. The straighteners only just about fit in the case so I don't really see the point of it. It looks like it would make a lovely clutch bag, but is a little big and not the most practical for this purpose either so I'm not sure I'll ever use it.

      Overall, I'm delighted with my purchase, and would like to thank "SUZIEDRE" for helping me find my new straighteners.


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        15.02.2012 22:58
        Very helpful



        Great straighteners, wouldn't know what I would do with-out them!

        -- Useful Information --
        The Babyliss Elegance Hair Straighteners heat up to 230C, they have advanced ceramics for ultra fast heat up and heat recovery, true titanium plates to ensure top performance. Attached is a 3m length swivel cord and come with a luxury pouch and heat mat.

        -- Reasons for buying --
        Since I started straightening my hair from age 12, I used one of the old makes of Remmington Hair Straighteners till about 6 months ago (I'm now nearly 18) the type of hair straighteners that you could feel your hair being ripped out as you glided them through. Well they finally died on me and I decided I was going to treat myself to a lovely new pair! So whilst browsing through boots, I came across the Babyliss 2098U Elegance Straighteners, very elegant looking indeed.

        -- The packaging --
        What definitely attracted my attention to these was firstly the colour of them and purple being my favourite colour I didn't proceed to look anywhere else I instantly picked these up and off home I went. They come with a beautiful purple satin pouch, which the hair straighteners fit snugly into. You also receive a black heat proof mat with the Babyliss logo presented in the corner. I was very pleased to get a heat prove mat, as from my old straighteners I had brown stains where the heat had effected the furniture in my room. The hair straighteners also have the Babyliss logo in white shown on the front of the straighteners.

        The straighteners come in a cardboard box which has some information and pictures of the items you receive. The straighteners have three heat settings which I assume are low, medium and high heat. You can choose between them simply by sliding the black bar across on the side, either once for medium or twice for high heat. There are also two buttons you can press next to them which turn the straighteners on and off.

        -- Using the straighteners --
        The straighteners are very easy to use and heat up extremely quickly. They glide through your hair effortlessly without any pulling or tugging. What I think is great about these hair straighteners is you can not only straight your hair but you can also achieve beautiful spiral curls, whether you want big curls all smalls ones, depending on how big a section you curl at a time. The 3m cord means it offers you a lot of length, so you don't need to sit directly next to the plug. It gives you plenty of room to be able to move it all around your head and even sit in-front of a mirror if its fairly close by (which for us girls is great so we know what were doing!).

        -- Pros and Cons --
        I find these straighteners to be an absolute must for me, I don't know what I would do without them. There really easy to use, glide through your hair effortlessly no matter how big a section your trying to straighten.. The results are also magnificent, as I only need to straighten my hair once and it lasts until I wash my hair again (2-3 days depending on how I feel).

        With my Remmingtons it took me roughly hair an hour to get my hair fairly straight and you knew that an hour later the ends would start to go wavy, especially in humid conditions. But with these it only takes me about 5 minutes, 10 if I'm curling my hair, so these were a godsend for me. They look absolutely gorgeous and definitely elegant! They add style to my room, as well as my hair!

        The only con I found with these was the price luckily for me I got them half price at the time, but I definitely wouldn't have paid the full.

        -- Price and Availability --
        These straighteners are widely available online and varies in price a lot. I bought these in Boots for £49.99 the original price being £99.99. For me that is quite a price to pay for hair straighteners, only being because my old ones only cost me roughly £15. I have seen these being sold now anything from £30 - £100. My advice would to pay what you think there worth, if you don't think there worth the price there advertised for, either wait till them come down, or try somewhere else because they are always changing.

        -- Conclusion --
        I really would recommend these hair straighteners, they keep my hair straight for days, quick and simple to do with any pulling or tugging and you can even use them as curling irons. The price can be a little expensive, but if you catch them at the right time you can pick up a good bargain like I did. Lets just hope they last as long as my old pair!


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          09.02.2012 21:50
          Very helpful



          Brilliant for £39 - I love them

          I have been straightening my hair for around 10 years now. I have thick, wavy to curly hair that's prone to fizz, and it refuses to sit properly when it's blow dried straight, and looks like an unruly mess if I let it dry naturally into curls. Therefore, I am chained to my straighteners. I hate that I have to use them; I wish I'd never started, but I did so that's that!

          The first pair of straighteners I ever had was the old white plastic Babyliss ones that had the little water chamber at the top. They took ages to heat up to their fullest and it would take me over half an hour just to straighten all of my hair. Then when GHDs started to become popular, I got a pair of those instead and fell in love. That first pair of GHDs went on fire, like a lot of people's did around that time (I think it was on Watchdog at the time that there was a faulty batch), but I have had my current pair since 2004.

          My GHDs seem to have been getting less effective recently, and not as hot as they used to be. One of the plates is also very loose and keeps falling out while I am using them. After 8 years of almost daily use, they have served me well and I definitely got my money's worth out of them.

          I can't afford to buy a new pair of GHDs so I was looking around online for a reasonably priced pair. I saw these Babyliss 2098BU Elegance straighteners on the Very website, and was intrigued by the brilliant reviews they had gotten; both on Very and the Argos website.

          The usual RRP for these is £79.99 which is very expensive, but they seem to be for sale for around £39 (which is what I paid) on most websites. £39 for a pair of straighteners is a damn good price in my opinion.

          They come in a black cardboard box with the Babyliss logo and a photo of the straighteners. Inside, within a clear plastic bag, is the straighteners themselves, a heatproof mat, a storage pouch, and an information/instruction leaflet.

          The straighteners are a metallic pale lilac colour; fairly light and slightly longer than GHDs. The plates are mirrored. The heatproof mat is black, while the storage pouch is a pale lilac satiny material that you can wrap the straighteners up in once they have cooled down.

          The straighteners have 3 heat settings: 180C, 200C and 230C. It's recommended that you use the lowest heat setting if you have fine/coloured hair. To use, you press a small button and wait for them to heat up. They heat up very quickly; within 30 seconds for even the hottest setting. The red light on them will stop blinking once the desired temperature has been reached.

          Your hair has to be dry to use these. I guess you can use them on damp hair if you wanted to, but your hair would sizzle and end up looking frazzled.

          Initially I was dubious about using these straighteners as I really didn't think anything could live up to GHDs. However, I found the slightly longer plates very convenient as you could straighten a larger section of hair each time, cutting straightening time down. The plates were lighter and felt smoother on my hair as I moved them down the length of my hair - my GHDs plates tended to clamp my hair very tightly which caused breakage on occasion.

          These get extremely hot so the heatproof mat came in very useful. I couldn't rest these on my knee like I usually do as I would have burnt the legs off myself!

          I have long hair that comes down past my shoulders but I was able to straighten my entire head of hair within about 10 minutes. They are quick, very hot, convenient, light... I can't see what more you'd want in a pair of straighteners. My hair felt and looked straighter and less frizzy after usage. It also didn't feel dry or frazzled.

          A bonus with these is that they switch themselves off after 72 minutes. My GHDs are so old that they did not do this like some newer models. I will now no longer have the hair straightener paranoia that sees me running up and down the stairs in the morning to make sure the blasted things are switched off before I head off to work (even when I unplug them and put them in a drawer, I will STILL go and check, such is my fear of burning the house down).

          I am not sure I will use the storage pouch much but it will be handy for travelling - I will be able to wrap them up in the pouch and stick them in a suitcase/overnight bag very easily.

          In short, yes. Even if I had paid the full price of £79.99 I still would have been very pleased with these. I have to say I am surprised that a non-GHD pair of straighteners is this good. I had honestly thought I would buy these and be ultimately disappointed. They seem, in straightener terms at least, to be reasonably gentle on your hair; and their straightening ability is not in doubt. They glided through my hair and I did not have to keep straightening the same section of hair to get the desired result.

          I can't answer this question fairly because my current pair of GHDs are 8 years old, so obviously these brand new Babyliss straighteners are better. I have not used the newer GHD models, and therefore I cannot give a genuine comparison. What I will say is that faced with the choice of a £90 pair of new GHDs, and a £39 pair of Babyliss, it is not difficult to guess what I would go for.


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            15.09.2011 21:29
            Very helpful



            Still work after a year a really good buy!

            I am hopeless with straighteners as for some reason the past 5 pairs that I have had seemed to all have broken within about 8 months which really did annoy me as there not the cheapest of things. The BaByliss ones are amazing I got them last September as a present for going to university and they still work perfectly.

            ------Price & place-------
            My Dad let me chose them so I know that they cost at about nearly £100 from boots but I did see them on offer at Christmas time at half price so a good time to get them you can also get them from Amazon at £99.99 Sainsbury also sell them for £79.97 there are various other places that do sell these strengtheners they are a really good buy for how good they are.

            ----The Product-----
            The straighteners have 3 heat settings: 180, 200 and 230 degrees I have tried it on all these settings now I always go for 230degrees but it depends on your preference as I do find that they get really hot. Although this means that it does straighten your hair quicker which is for me best. When I do other peoples hair I do put it on 200 as I am really cautious and worried I might burn them I also find that this is best for really short hair. The strengtheners have a on and off button they flash red and go green when they're ready to use which takes 15 seconds.

            Another good thing about the product is that it does look nice and stylish with its metalic purple look. its really nice girly!

            With the hair straighteners you get a heat matt which is really useful as you can just put the straighteners down after using them or you can leave them on there whilst heating up its really ideal. The hairstraighteners come in a purple heat bag this is so you can put your straighteners in whilst they are hot and take them whereever you go which is ideal if your in a rush.

            -----What I Think----
            I love them they do my hair better then my previous straightens, my hair never gets frizzy and they have lasted me longer than other straighteners now they are a little expensive at £100ish pounds but as I have mentioned you can get them on offer. I would recommend this product to anyone as they are really easy to use and it doesn't take long to get hair straight!

            (This review is also available on Ciao under the same username)


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