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GHD IV Mark 4 Styler Straightener Green Envy Limited Edition

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4 Reviews

Brand: GHD / Hair Care Type: Straightener

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    4 Reviews
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      01.08.2012 15:09
      Very helpful



      After trying many hair straighteners, GHDs are by far the best!

      I was given these straighteners as a birthday gift and am so happy with their performance! When I was younger I inherited a second hand pair of GHDs from my cousin and although they were old and well loved, they were the best straighteners I'd ever had. Unfortunately they had a run in with a glass of water and unfortunately the water won!

      After my first pair I was unable to afford to splash out on another pair so I had to make do with Mediocre appliances that just never lived up to the high standards that GHD had set.

      As well as being my favourite colour, these straighteners have so many benefits. they heat up 210 degrees which is plenty hot enough to do a great job of styling but not as hot, and therefore not as damaging, as some other stylers.

      ceramic plates seem to be the highest quality that I have ever had. I must admit that I am not as gentle or as careful as I probably should be with these straighteners, but the plates are still smooth and scratch free, which is a problem that the cheaper models have! As well as this, the quality of the plates ensure that your hair stays static free, which is always a bonus!

      Not only do these GHDs excel when using them as straighteners but you can also use them as curlers which is handy! The pouch and case that come with the straighteners are also really handy for travelling and keeping them safe from clumsy ol' me!!!


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      14.04.2011 23:36
      Very helpful



      Beautifully straight hair courtesy of GHD

      I am now on my forth pair of GHD straighteners, I have been investing in them for a good number of years now because I really do feel that they are the best brand on the market. I lost one to a fatal accident whilst running across my bedroom, which I replaced. I was given a pink pair one birthday and sold those recently to buy these GHD Colours Green Envy Limited Edition Spring 2010 Mark 4 Styler Straightener.

      GHD is a British company that established themselves in 2001, it is amazing the growth and success they have had in the past ten years. GHD stands for Good Hair Day and they are used a great deal in both commercial and domestic households across the world. This success is founded on a quality and stylish product that is long lasting and reliable.

      So what is different about these straighteners? Well the actual straightening irons themselves are the same standard, sleek shape of all GHD's being a long, thin rectangular shape with curved edges and a wire attachment. The ceramic iron plates are as silky and smooth as glass which when clasped together match perfectly, gripping sections of hair between them. When grasped together the irons flex slightly so that you don't accidentally grip the hair too tightly or pull, yet keeping a stable and even grip on your hair. GHD straighteners are very comfortable to use and you do not get nasty surprises such as individual hairs getting caught in the irons and being pulled out like I have experienced with other straighteners before now.

      The results given off these straighteners is really amazing, my hair looks really smooth, shiny and static free. One run of the ceramic plates over my hair leaves it incredibly straight for most of the day. I would recommend using conditioning treatments or the GHD straightening oil on your hair to keep it in good shape as GHD reach very high temperatures as anyone who has accidentally straightened their ear will know and everyday use can take the nutrients out of your hair. I really have never used such a good straightening iron on my hair with results as good as this.

      These limited edition Spring 2010 GHD's are available in four bright, funky colours, pink, purple, blue and of course my chosen ones in green, much different to the older black and matt black original editions. They are a shiny, glossy colour and really stand out. The GHD name and logo is subtly written on the top of the irons. I think these limited edition colours are a welcome change to their previous designs, being different and unique.

      The straighteners operate simple by a on/off switch which is located on the inside of the straighteners arm, halfway down from the ceramic plate. This avoids any accidental switching on episodes. Once on the irons beep to warn you they are heating up and then beep again once they are at their optimum temperature. The good thing about the latest GHD straighteners is that they automatically switch off after 30 minutes which is good for HandS reasons!

      As well as the irons you also get a limited edition bag to carry your straighteners in, the outside of the bag is padded silk, shaped slightly larger than the straighteners with a zip and tassel that match the green of the straighteners exactly, it is a very luxurious addition to the GHD's. The inside of the case is heat proof and can be used as a carry case or as I use it for placing the straighteners after use to cool down in a safe place. As well as this you get a pretty enormous black plastic case with the set, I don't really see why but some people might like it, mine went in the bin.

      With Ghd you get a two year guarantee on the performance and durability of the product but if looked after and stored properly they will last much longer than this. This limited edition set cost £129 but standard pairs can be bought for as little as £85, they can be bought in salons and on the internet. I would always recommend GHD straighteners and will continue to purchase them in future.


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        08.07.2010 12:41



        GHD - 5 stars !

        The new GHD "Choose Your Destiny" Range is bright and theres a colour to suit every personality. I bought the Red Lust ones, but my sister also has the Green Envy. The straighteners mood reflects your straighteners instantly. Everytime i go to use my Red Lust GHD's, i want to have 40's/50's pin up hair, i think of Dita Von Teese and Rachel McAdams who wear similar hairstyles, and while im styling my hair, i almost feel like one of them. While my sister uses her Green Envy, she says she feels empowerment. Sounds strange, but she says the fact that her GHD's are called Green Envy, makes her feel like the envy of many. She says when she has styled her hair that she feels like her whole look is envied and feels strength, almost unstoppable. Colour is said to adapt our moods and this is 100% the case with these GHD's. On top of the effect they have on you personally, they make your hair look gorgeous. There is no style unrealisitic with these, straighten, volumise, curl, wave, flick and twist, do anything you like! Also, you needn't worry about any more burns in carpets or even worse, Fires. These handy GHD's go into auto cool down mode after 15 minutes of inactivity to help prevent such accidents. Also, if you choose to take them on holiday with you, be assured that these adapt universally to their voltage so you need never have a bad hair day!

        i bought mine from a price comparison site, because i couldnt be bothered searching for the lowest price, so used one reccommended by a friend


        They use all GHD approved sites and guarantee the lowest prices in the UK for GENUINE GHD's.


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        07.06.2010 21:56
        Very helpful



        Recommended for both professional and home use.


        Here I am going to review the brand new limited edition GHD hair straighteners, owning a hair salon has its benefits as I can evaluate and try out new products before I commit myself to buying them.

        A few weeks ago my regular GHD representative popped in with yet more limited edition hair straighteners, which at first I was a bit cheesed off with as they seem to bring out different irons every four of so months and it cost a fortune to stock all of the latest products, at all times.

        After viewing the new brightly coloured collection, which consisted of Bright Blue, Bright Red, Bright Purple and lastly Bright Green glossy hair straighteners. I was instantly sold on stocking the full collection as they looked so funky.

        Within the salon I am currently using the Green Envy hair styler, as this in my opinion was the most appealing and I was sure that using them myself, would encourage my clients to purchase them.


        Good hair days, is the correct name given to the legendary company GHD, they are well known for producing top of the range hair styling products and tools.

        Many will know that GHD have the monopoly when it comes to hair straighteners as they are very popular for both men and women around the world. These were introduced in early 2000 and since have gone from strength to strength.

        Over the years GHD have teamed up with certain charities, such as Breast Cancer Awareness and every year they produce a hairstyle that promotes the charity and with all straighteners sold a percentage goes directly to the charity involved.


        The Green Envy hair straighteners are part of a new promotion by GHD, They are being promoted as the destiny limited edition hair straighteners. This promotion is like nothing that GHD have done before, as the range consists of not one brightly coloured styling iron but in fact four different colours.

        Apart from looking totally fantastic in its unique Bright Green glossy casing, this straightening iron holds all of the features and benefits that the original straighteners provide you with.

        You can only buy the straighteners as part of a gift set, which will not only provide you with the funky styling irons but you will also get a padded heat resistant green pouch. The pouch is designed so you can either transport your irons without damaging them or you can use it to store your hair products in, as it comes with a zip to hold everything in place.

        A black GHD hard case is also given within this gift set, which I found very strange as you get the green case too. I would personally store the irons in the hard case and use the green softer material case to chuck my make-up and bits in.

        As with all GHD hair stylers you will also get the instruction DVD and manual, which gives you a detailed account on how to use the hair straighteners, to get poker straight of fuller looking waves.


        Many people feel that the expensive prices that GHD charge are too excessive, and that many are only paying for the name on the straighteners, here I am going to detail what the straighteners are all about so you can appreciate why they are so expensive.

        The straighteners are ideal if you travel frequently as they are compatible with both a 240v and a 120v socket. They come with the standard three pin plug for use in the UK, but if you undo the one screw on the plug, this will release a two pin plug which is permanently attached to the electric cord but always disguised buy the three pin plug.

        This is ideal as you can take them on holiday, without having to worry about buying travel adaptors. The two prong plug is universal and can be used in any two pin socket, this can be either a flat or a round pin socket. Therefore they can be used anywhere in the world.

        GHD have added a sleep mode to the straighteners, which basically turns off your irons after half an hour if they have been left on and un-used for that period of time. I feel that this has been a welcomed addition to its features as I am sure many have left the house, leaving the straighteners still turned on.

        Another of the new features over the last year of so has to be the shiver mode, this is basically a feature that lets you know when your irons are in danger of being damaged. The shiver mode lets out a constant beeping, and will only occur if your hair straighteners are too cold.

        According to GHD your straighteners should never get switched on if they are cold, any temperature below eight degrees will activate the shiver mode and stop the components inside getting damaged. Over the first few years many people damaged their irons as they turned them on in cold temperatures so this feature stops the irons from working and prevents them from damage.

        All of the straighteners come with solid ceramic plates, which are designed to evenly spread the heat and therefore give you nicely smooth and straight hair. The plates themselves are slightly rounder than the older versions, but this has its advantages as it is very easy to add waves to your hair, saving you a trip to the hairdressers every time you want to add curls.

        For me the extra long length cord is a big bonus, as I tend to use these at work I do need to have the room to manoeuvre around the clients, but with my irons at home this also helps as I tend to straighten my hair at the dining room table and the socket it a fair way away from the table.

        As with any GHD styling iron you will get a full two years warranty, which covers and internal damage and imperfections, but this does not cover accidental damage so try not to drop them. Although I have know GHD replace broken straighteners to clients in good faith.


        If you fancy treating yourself to some of these wacky designed hair straighteners you can buy them from many hairdressing salons, who are registered GHD stockists. You will be charged £129.00 for the indulgence.

        I personally feel that these hair straighteners are very reasonable, as GHD usually charge you anything from £135.00 - £155.00 for limited edition gift sets.

        If you don't have a stockist near you then you can also buy them online, at the official GHD website www.ghdhair.com. Currently you can buy these on the site for the £129.00 as they are offering free delivery at the moment.

        If the green straighteners do not appeal, then go and check out the other destiny colours they are all equally as amazing.

        MY OPINION

        I adore these straighteners as they look really funky, it's a shame that I only get to use them at work but in a few months when GHD bring out yet another different straightener, I may be able to take these home. I have managed to get myself the green protective pouch and hard case, which I am currently storing my make up in as this would have just been hanging around the shop for years to come, collecting dust.

        Since stocking this destiny range they have flown off the shelves and I can understand why, as they are so unique.

        I do have to stress that you are paying for the colour of the straighteners and the added extras, in the protective pouch and hard case, if the colour is not an issue and you don't mind a standard Black iron then go for the normal one as you are paying twenty pounds for the pleasure of a green styling iron.

        I strongly recommend that you have a look on the website at the other colours as they are all equally as nice, I find that the Green and the blue ones are the most popular as GHD have never introduced these before.


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      • Product Details

        Green envy GHD IV styler / a gloss green GHD IV styler. Set also includes a heat resistant quilted green styler pouch and an exquisite black case / the hottest way to carry the green envy GHD IV styler

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