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GHD Peacock Gold Classic

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Brand: GHD

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2013 12:13
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      Super hair straighteners

      I've owned GHD straighteners for many years. As soon as I tried them at a friend's house, I knew I wanted some as they straightened my hair so effortlessly even back then - that was around 10 years ago and I've been using them ever since! In those years, I've owned three. I have long and very thick hair so my first two were the wide plated GHD stylers, the first eventually gave up after around 4 years after a lot of use and the second are still going but as I wanted to try putting curls in my hair with them, I replaced those with straighteners with thinner plates.

      For my birthday last year, I asked my parents for new ones. My mum mentioned that GHD had a peacock limited edition gift set that came in three colours - green, blue and purple. As purple is my favourite colour, I chose that one but unfortunately it proved to be harder to buy than the green and blue. In the end, I chose the blue as it's a bright, vivid blue and looks quite funky. My parents purchased mine from a local and independent department store but I know they were also on Amazon and in other local salons. They cost £129.99 when they bought them last June.

      The set seemed better value than buying a normal standard pair from the GHD range. The reason I say that is because the straighteners in this set are essentially the same as the gold classic stylers that GHD sell for £120, but the set also includes a nice cylindrical bag to keep the straighteners in, a cover to put over the top of the straighteners and a rolled heat mat to put them on. The mat clips onto the bag and wraps around it when they're not in use so it all tidies away neatly. The cover slots over the top of the straighteners when not in use to keep the straighteners compact. The bag then fits into a shiny box and would make a super present (like they did in my case!).

      In terms of their styling, they are by far the best I've used for straightening hair. The previous thick plated GHDs I've owned were very good but these smaller ones just glide through my hair with no issues, no effort is needed really, apart from sectioning my hair. I was sceptical that they'd straighten my hair as well as my previous ones, just with my hair being so thick, but I find as long as I section my hair and straighten in smaller sections, then my hair ends up completely straight with no kinks. I do need to use this method though - my hair looks a bit messy if I just go straight at it with them without doing it bit by bit and the kinks are still noticeable. I also find that it's better to use them a bit after drying my hair, around 30 minutes after otherwise it doesn't straighten as well. Although thick, my hair is quite straight anyway, just with a few kinks in it naturally so I'm not sure how well they'd work on curly or very wavy hair.

      The temperature of the straightener gets up to over 175 degrees so I do always ensure that I use a heat protector spray - although I don't pay out for the GHD one, just a normal one from Boots I find works just as well. There is a swivel cord feature on the straighteners which also makes it easier to use them all over the hair. There's a sleep mode on the straighteners, but I never spend ages using mine so I can't comment on how well this feature works.

      The bag is beautiful, with the pattern of a peacock sewn into it and feels as though it's made from a satin like material. The bag looks quite expensive on it's own! It has a sectioned part within it so there's a part in the bag to house the straighteners and a part to house the cable and plug. I do find it's a bit of a tight squeeze to put them in there as it has a zip fastening and there's not much give with it. I don't always use the bag if I'm just at home with them, just because I can't be bothered trying to squeeze them in, but the bag's great when we're going away somewhere. The heat mat has the same satiny material on one side and is black on the other side. The black part of the mat is where the straighteners can be placed on top while sectioning hair before using.

      The straighteners themselves are black but the plates match the colour theme - in my case, blue. There is also a pretty blue ring around the straightener where the cable joins them. The plates are around 3cm wide. To switch the straighteners on, they just need to be plugged in and flick the switch on the arm of the straightener upwards. This then lights a small 'GHD' sign up on the switch that flashes on and off until they have heated to the required temperature. One of the first things I noticed with these is how fast they heat up - within 10 seconds they are ready to use and straighten my hair with ease. Once they're ready they also beep to let you know - this is handy as I'm usually on the last minute getting ready and sometimes have to do other things at the same time!

      I said before that the main reason I wanted a new pair was to try and curl my hair. Unfortunately, I just don't find it possible with these, although I will put a big caution on that because I'm by no means a good hairdresser, even on my own barnet! I've found that I prefer to create wavy hair by plaiting my damp hair or by using my curling wand - using the straighteners just left prominent kinks in my hair and didn't look anything like curls or wave. I've seen videos of others managing it though with these straighteners so it's probably just user error on my part!

      I would thoroughly recommend a pair of GHD's in general, but I would also recommend this set as I feel it adds better value rather than buying the straighteners separately. I rate them 4 stars overall, just because I do think they have a large price tag, even though they are great to use.


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