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Nicky Clarke NSS042 Hair Therapy Straighteners

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Brand: Nicky Clarke / Type: Straighteners

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    2 Reviews
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      13.09.2012 01:16



      very very good buy considering the price!

      i got these as they were cheap (around £20) to do me for a short while until i could get a better set of straigteners as my old ones broke. that was a good few months ago now and i'm still sticking with these. I find they straighten my hair very well considering my naturally curly hair, they heat up quickly and have different heat settings. they aren't bulky or heavy which is great as you can style with no hassle, the plates are thin but long so you can straighten a good chunk of hair at once, I have very long medium thick hair and it takes me under 10 mins to straighten with these. the only downside to these that i find are that it could be quite easy to burn your fingers trying to turn these off, so be careful, the off switch is very near to the plates. Overall i find these to be a really good buy!


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      26.10.2011 13:16
      Very helpful



      What more could you ask for for £20?

      I've been having a bit of a nightmare with technology and equipment since starting my PGCE course a few weeks ago. It started off with poor internet that makes it very difficult to use Dooyoo but, slightly more devastatingly for someone with short hair that doesn't look neat naturally, my straighteners broke. And with me being in school up to four times a week attempting to teach, I really need to look smart and tidy! After an attempt at a fuse change I had to accept that there was no saving them, and so I set out trying to replace them.

      I wouldn't say I'm addicted to straighteners, but it has taken me a while to find a pair that really worked on my stubborn hair. I decided this time to try Boots as they always have good offers on straighteners, as well as having pairs that actually make my hair straight - and I was right. I picked up these Nicky Clarke straighteners for £20.42, saving at least £20. I did only want to pay £20, but only on straighteners that are normally a higher price, as 'cheaper' straighteners really don't do anything for my hair. So, price I wanted - check.

      The only other things I looked for is temperature and temperature control. I made sure that these went up to the temperature that usually works best on my hair (210°c, but these go up to 230°c), and that the temperature can be adjusted (just in case it gets too hot). All requirements filled, the straighteners were purchased and brought home.

      Now the box for these straighteners is quite compact, and I was a little worried that these would be small straighteners, although there was no indication on the box whether they were or not. The box is quite simple, with a slight rubbery feel on it, which was unusual. A bit of a surprise when I opened the box - not only were there straighteners, but a full-size paddle brush (the sort you can find in Boots for about £7), a comb, and two clips for your hair to use when straightening. And the straighteners were full size, rather than just for short hair. A definite bargain, as I now use this hairbrush rather than my old one (which was due a replacement anyway!).

      So, the straighteners themselves. They really are quite plain, just black for one half, and sliver for the half where the ceramic plates are. There is, like the box, a slight rubbery feel and smell to them. It makes the straighteners feel really smooth, and probably improves grip, but now I've used them for the past three weeks I really don't notice it. The Nicky Clarke logo is on the black handle (probably so it stands out), and the only other marking is the words 'Hair Therapy' in small black letters on the silver section. The straighteners are quite rounded, and to be honest, I really like how the look and feel. I think the only issue with them is where the heat control and power switch are; these are on the inside the straighteners, so are a bit awkward to get to as the straighteners only open so far. Also, once the straighteners are on, they are up to full temperature within 30 seconds. This can make changing the heat settings, or even turning them off, a little dicey, mainly because the controls are so close to the heated plates (and I seem to be a magnet for burning!). So there is obviously a bit of a trade-off there - a sleek look for a slightly risky way to turn them off. I think I'd rather the controls on the outside, but that's just me, and it's definitely just something I'll get used to.

      I love how these straighteners work on my hair - I've actually had to turn the temperature down a little because they get so hot, and unlike my previous straighteners they keep my hair straighter on lower temperatures. It's a little awkward working out what the temperature is, as there is min, max and also thin, medium and thick in between (referring to thickness of hair). I started off between max and thick, but I find now that they work really well between thick and medium. I definitely would like some actual temperatures on there!

      Not only do these straighteners successfully straighten my hair, and cause it to stay straight for the day, but they leave it really silky. My hair is quite silky anyway after I wash it, because of my John Frieda shampoo, but I find on the second day it's less silky. But, using these straighteners every day (so far) leave my hair feeling really soft and silky, which I absolutely love.

      So, risky temperature controls aside, I really like these straighteners. They do exactly what I want, and leave my hair feeling and looking wonderful (corny but true). The accessories in the box were an added bonus - and all at the price I wanted. A very suitable and effective pair of straighteners that definitely won't break the bank, even when they are full price!

      Update - Unfortunatly, these straightners have not lasted as long as I'd hoped! Recently the cable has come loose, meaning that the straightners only heated up if it was at a certain angle, or eventually only if I held it in place - which are both very tricky when you are trying to straighten hair! However, I could cope with this, as it was only a minor bother meaning I had to get up a little earlier, and I presume it may have occurred as I wrap the wire around the straighteners to store them neatly. The final straw came when I was heating up the straighteners and saw a lovely orange glow under the plate, accompanied by a weird crackle. I'm not quite sure what happened, but needless to say, they are not coming near my hair again and have now been replaced - and I won't be wrapping the wire around them anymore.

      A bit of a shame considering they made my hair feel so nice!


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