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Remington S3007

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Brand: Remington

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2012 22:37
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      Alright straighteners but they're not great

      As I hadn't managed to come home to visit my family since Christmas, I decided to go down to Newcastle for a few days not long after my exams were over. Since I was only going for four days, however, I didn't see the point in bringing a large suitcase and all my usual beauty products, and so things like my hairdryer and GHDs were left at home. While I've been here, I've therefore been using my mam's straighteners instead, which are these Remingtons. While they're not as expensive or as good as my wide GHDs, they are decent straighteners that I've been more than happy to use for a few days.

      == Remington S-3007 ==

      These are simple, wide hair straighteners. They have a power button on the front and a temperature dial inside to change the heat level on the straighteners. The straighteners are turned on by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds, and two red lights should appear to alert you to the fact that they're on. The dial can easily be reached inside, and the handle on the straighteners is quite long, meaning that you're there's a lot of space for your hand to hold without a risk of touching the plates.

      == What I Thought ==

      These are decent straighteners and they definitely do the job of straightening my hair well. While I prefer my GHDs as they straighten in less time, these are a good alternative that still gets my hair nice and straight. I did originally have trouble working out how to turn it on, as I didn't realise that you had to hold the power button for a few seconds rather than just clicking it, but after my mam showed me how they work it was easy enough to turn them on subsequently. I have to say that I didn't use the temperature dial much, but it was good to be able to choose to have it on a lower heat, as that would reduce the damage done to your hair. Straightening my hair with these was simple enough, with the only problem being that the straighteners are curved somewhat, so that they worked better when held with the side with the power button facing out. Considering that my GHDs can be used either way, I found this quite awkward and annoying as it meant changing the angle I was holding it at depending on which side of my head I was using them. I also have to say that, while they do a good job of straightening my hair, the effects don't last quite as long as when using my normal GHDs.

      == Conclusion ==

      While these are pretty good straighteners and are ones that I'm happy using for a few days when I'm back at home, they're not really comparable with my GHDs and I would probably not buy them personally. My hair isn't particularly thick and is naturally fairly straight, so straightening doesn't take a lot of time or effort, despite my hair being pretty long now, so most straighteners do do the job. Still, I would have to say that they in no way beat GHDs in terms of ease of use or longevity of results. These are actually no longer available to buy, since they're from 2007 (which I didn't realise when I started writing this review) so I cannot comment on price. If you manage to find them cheap on ebay or whatever then they're probably worth getting if you're only an occasional straightener, but I'd still say it's worth forking out for GHDs if you want beautifully straight hair and can afford it.


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