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Vidal Sassoon VS046 Micro Crystal Straightener

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Brand: Vidal Sassoon / Hair Care Type: Electric Hair Styling Straightener

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2008 20:49
      Very helpful



      A fairly good pair of hair straighteners by Vidal Sassoon

      When it comes to hair, I am possibly one of the most haphazard people out there. Don't get me wrong, I definitely like it to feel clean, washing my locks every night to prevent the dreaded grease attack, and regularly comb (like at least ten times a day!) but I can't be bothered to stand in front of a mirror for hours on end, blow dryer in one hand, hairspray can in the other, in a misguided attempt at making a groomed style. I'm far too uncoordinated for that!

      When I got my hair cut a little while ago to a shorter length, I knew I needed some kind of product to help keep my do looking semi-neat. The problem is that my hair is naturally quite weak so I wanted something that wouldn't add to the split ends but equally something that would help create a neat style.

      I came across a pair of straighteners that seemed to be flawless in the eyes of many, after seeking much advice and inspiration; a pair of hair straighteners that seemed to keep every type of customer content; the Vidal Sassoon Micro Crystal Plate Technology.

      One of the things that drew me to this particular model of hair care product was obviously the brand name; Vidal Sassoon has been a respected hairdresser since the 60's when he invented the bob cut. Since then, the man behind the scissors has turned his talent into a much bigger, multi-million dollar industry, offering advice through books and even television shows and through the sales of various hair care product. Plus, one advisor said that this particular brand were good for weaker hair, which was exactly what I needed.

      After finally making up my mind to try this product, and a botched delivery, which came five days late, I finally had the pink and silver straighteners in my hands. From the internet shop Empire Direct, I paid less than £20 (a bargain!) on their special sales price. They came in a very good tin case which was, like the product, pink and silver and a great way of storing my new buy and keeping them safe.

      As well as the protective tin, the only real thing to mention inside are the actual straighteners and a leaflet about how to use them to achieve your own, perfect style. I was a little disappointed to find that there was no heatproof matt included like there is with some Remington hair care products.

      Specifically, you also get the following fairly unique features with these straighteners:

      * Digital temperature control which is powered via two buttons below the LCD screen. Very easy to use.
      * Curved plates which are said to prevent any snagging against any strands of hair.
      * Sleep mode which switches off after an hour.
      * Just less than 3m's of cord so you can plug your straighteners in at a distance.
      * Heat up time of just 20 seconds.

      One of the things that made me initially want to buy these is the fact that they have a digital heat management system. Included in the box is an instruction guide that does vaguely advise you what temperature would best suit you length and thickness of hair. The heat controls are very easy to use, great for anyone who is using hair straighteners for the first time.

      The heat up time for these babies is phenomenal - it literally does heat up in a matter of seconds. You can even hear the 'crystals' popping as they heat up! Obviously, as I have had the product for over a year, this sound effect has lessened somewhat but the heat up time is as quick as ever. I can usually get the micro crystals to heat up in about 20 seconds so it's obviously a good product for somebody who is in a rush.

      The slim design is quite good too although may be a little bit fiddly for some people if, like me, you can be a bit impatient and would like to do bigger 'chunks' of hair at a time. Combined with the clear LCD display and the micro crystal plates, which are designed to prevent too much damage being done to each strand of hair, this product is one of the most unique on the market and arguably the best.

      Although the design is slim, one thing I will say is that, no matter how many times I have dropped them, they haven't been broken. Well, at least the plates or outer layer of plastic haven't which is a bonus.

      ...AND CONS
      However, like most things, there are some draw backs. From my experience, I wouldn't totally agree with the statement that the plates have been 'specially designed with acutely curved plate edges to eliminate any snagging or dragging to the hair' as a couple of times, that has happened to me and been a little bit of a pain then to unclog (the things us women will do for beauty!).

      One thing I have noticed as well, now that they are getting older, is that the micro plates don't heat up correctly; it is still fast but the LCD light is a lot slower in lighting up to its bright blue colour. There are nine bars, with each bar going up in roughly 10 - 15 degrees for the straighteners to be manually altered by the person using them. I usually have them on about 6, which means roughly 160 - 175 degrees which is about right for my hair. However, I was horrified the other day to find that they heated up to over 200 degrees which is way too much for both my heat protection spray and hair to handle.

      The over heating has meant that these are sometimes literally, too hot to handle. If you do have them up to the maximum setting, be warned that your hand may be at risk of feeling- or indeed getting - burned. Aesthetically, they haven't worn too well; the writing of the company logo wore off fairly quickly and there are a lot of marks on the outer plastic too which is odd as I have always tried to look after them and put them back in the tin shortly after use.

      Also, whilst the cord has been designed to be used at longer distances, this can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance and you may find yourself wrapped in them. Ok, maybe not literally, but the cord can be a little irritating! Good for somebody staying in a hotel with few power points perhaps but in the home, it can be a little aggravating.

      I would definitely recommend cleaning the micro crystal plates after every use. I find that waiting for them to cool down for about half is usually sufficient so that there isn't any excess grease or styling products on them before the next use. Using just an ordinary cloth and a little splash of water should work fine on them.

      Also, storing them back in the protective tin is always a good idea so that you don't accidentally stand on them or anything!

      I would recommend the Vidal Sassoon Micro Crystal Straightener. They have helped make my hair a lot tamer and manageable although the effects of one bout of straightening barely lasts two days for me on the temperature that I have them on. They do heat up in a short amount of time and are fairly easy to use, especially with the buttons under the LCD screen.

      However, my hair hasn't completely benefited; like putting an iron onto silk, damage does happen with and I am currently looking for a new pair of straighteners as these ones have issues with the heat control. They do come with a two year guarantee but it'll be pretty worthless unless I can actually find the receipt!

      Overall, not a bad pair of straighteners at all with a pretty even amount of benefits and flaws.

      (Note: Previously written and displayed on Ciao by myself, MizzMolko).


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    • Product Details

      Features: Solid Micro Crystal 1 plates, Ultra slim line design, Digital temperature control, Top temperature is 220C, On/off switch, with 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

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