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Vidal Sassoon VS201 Hair Straighteners

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Brand: Vidal Sassoon

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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2010 13:46
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      They are great if you just go over your hair every day :)

      First off, i have to point out that these are my 'back up' pair of straighteners and that if i lost or broke my GHD's then i would probably be happy to stick to these for a while until i got some more.

      When i first bought my main straighteners, i had a problem with the wiring so they had to be sent back to be fixed. I bought these ones from Boots for about £10 a few years and i do actually love them! They kept me going until my baby got back from the repair shop so i owe them a lot.

      If i hadn't bought my GHD's, i would probably have stuck with these. I am a GHD addict and love the shine i get from them as well as the straightness, so these unfortunately do not beat them.

      They are amazing little straighteners for their price though! They straighten my hair really well and don't snag it, the results just don't last the whole day and i'd have to do it twice to keep it nice. That is the only reason i use my other ones and not these.

      If you have the money for more expensive ones, i'd suggest buying them. But if you don't have curly or really wavy hair, these will do really well and it'd probably last all day. I have really wavy hair, and after a day of college and/or work my waves started to come back through with these.

      In an emergency, Vidal Sassoon do actually save the day!


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        05.02.2010 16:03
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        The Best Buy , recommended as highly as possible

        Vidal Sassoon Ceramic hair straighteners

        I almost choked ! 23 inches got lopped off in one foul swoop..Yes My Hair ,it had been getting really hard to control it and took half an hour just to get the brush through it all, I had been sitting on it for the last 15 years. I thought that's it I've had it I told my husband I'm going to get my hair cut, surprisingly he agreed he said you probably need a change...More like he'd think of it as him having a new woman ..So I sat there with my head feeling about half a stone lighter.The hairdresser a really nice girl called Sophie said to me now that's all off your hair has a real curl to it do you want me to straighten it ? Yes ! Of course I do ...3 hours later I walked indoors and my husband said , who are you ?no really it looks great but your gonna have to buy some hair straighteners to keep that look up...There's a sale on electrical items in the health and beauty dept of our local sainsburys go there now and buy some.Off I trotted to the shop .

        I Looked around and there was a set of their own make straighteners, basic, would have probably done the job but you do tend to get what you pay for when you buy the basics.So I kept on looking and there on the shelf was a Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Straightener for £9.00 reduced from £39.00,me being me I picked them up and rushed to the checkout to pay for them.

        The following morning after waking up I had a shower and after drying my hair realised exactly what Sophie had meant when she said my hair had a curl so out came the straighteners..

        ***** The Product *****

        Sassoon Ceramic Straighteners come in a long box with the Sassoon colours . On opening the box the first thing you notice is the professional look of the appliance, just like the ones used in hairdressing salons ...

        *** Appearance ***

        The straighteners are about 15 inches long and black in colour they have 25mm ceramic plates which they claim is a highly durable surface for a professional finish when styling,and hold a constant heat throughout the plates.

        There is an on off switch located about half way down the bottom of the straighteners, which has a red indicator light to let you see when it is on.

        It also has a built in temperature setting with the top temperature of 180 degrees C

        There is a 1.8 m swivel cord this is great for the length as you don't need to struggle to reach the back of your head while trying to navigate the wire out of the way.

        ***** Directions for use ****

        After washing and Drying your hair , (you are advised to completely dry it )take two inch sections of hair from as close to the scalp as possible clamp down on the handle so the opposing plates have the hair section between them and gently pull down the straighteners through the length of hair until you reach the ends...at this point you can choose to either carry on with straightening or you can create curls by and flicks by using the rounded ends of the ceramic plates.

        ***** Cleaning and Maintenance****

        After unplugging the straighteners wait for them to cool down completely , before using a damp cloth to clean the ceramic plates...as the meerkat says simples ...tsk

        ***** Ease of Use ****

        I'm usually all fingers and thumbs when it comes to electricals but I have to say that after using them for the first time I feel completely competent ...not something that I'm used to but it's nice for a change.

        ****** Summary *****

        Would I recommend these Straighteners ? I'm quite shocked but in answer to the question I have to give an unequivocal YES ! And even more shocking I would actually pay the Full price for them too. They do live up to their promise and give you a salon look from home.Worth every penny !

        ***** Contact for Vidal Sassoon Appliances ******



        or telephone 0114 290 1455


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        Hair straighteners.

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