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Babyliss 2299U Total Freedom Curls

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Curling Tongs

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2010 20:11
      Very helpful
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      A great hair styling product for curls 5/5

      This product is one of the best curlers I've used really great for long hair. Warning to all potential buyers if you are going to buy a pair you need to have hair past your shoulders as the 32mm barrels won't work if your hair is any shorter!

      You can use the barrels either to produce nice tight or natural looking loose curls. They have four digital heat settings so suitable for all different hair types. Using them is easy, they heat up really quickly the top performance temperature is 200°C. Very straight-forward to use, good grip & the time it took to produce the curls is very minimal. From experience, they don't give a dry look to your hair that cheap curlers usually do, they leave a nice shine and smoothness to the curls & they don't pull or tug at the hair.

      The curls however do have to be hairsprayed if you want them to stay for the whole night or day, they wont last too long if you don't or if you've done the curls too tight you can leave them to go looser and then spray depending on the look you want.

      I really don't have any negatives about the product that I could mention, mine came with a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee when I bought them & I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking to buy.


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        28.06.2009 20:38
        Very helpful



        Great curlers which heat some seriously high temperatures

        In my ongoing quest to do something with my lank and often volumeless hair I had taken to using my younger (12) sisters hair curlers. I had grown attached to the pink Disney pair and for the last three years have commandeered them to my numerous abodes as I've moved about the country but in the last two months my sister has taken it upon herself to grow up! She has begun to care about her hair, lip-gloss and is even beginning to feign an interest in washing.....this has meant the curlers have now returned to their rightful owner and I was on the hunt for a new set.

        I will admit now Im not fussy, I was looking for a decent household name that would do the job and wasn't going to cost me the earth, I came across the Babyliss Total Freedom Curls on Amazon and it was retailing for £13.49 - as I had a valued opinions voucher to use I quickly checked the ratings were good (four star so not bad) and then handed over my vouchers and the additional £3.49 selecting free delivery as I am a scrooge and knew I had time on my side.

        Two days later (a small side rant here but the free delivery actual meant my parcel was the fastest delivery I have ever had from Amazon....wont be paying for Express again!) my box arrived featuring a picture of a blond with flowing curls, I begin to worry, I like ringlets but the curls on the model looked distinctly more 'free' hmmm could that be where the freedom curl description applied?? I did get a very pleasant surprise my £3.49 purchase had a cordless option! Fantastic I thought not really knowing why but its always nice to have options.....

        ***The Curlers***

        As with all curlers they cant help but be slightly phallic....the girth (ahem) on these curlers is hefty, easily equipped to deal with my fine but lots of it hair and I am able to curl reasonably thick sections with no trouble. The curlers are gold with a slim black handle and the power lead plugs into the bottom. There is a very small rest on them that on carpet is hardly going to protect the floor so I would recommend a heat mat of some sort. The section that grips the hair is also large and easy to use with a decent amount of plastic so you shouldn't accidentally slip and touch the hot section.
        The power cable moves easily so I have had no problem with it getting in the way but the cordless option is really useful if you too far from the plug or want to move around whilst curling. The cordless option comes with a circular base that you plug the power cable into and stand the curlers up in, I actually find this the best way to store it all as your not going to lose any bits.
        They can heat up to 200 degrees, incredibly heat and you can feel it on your cheek so a significant amount of extra care is needed with these (as you will see from below....) but you can easily turn them down and I think this makes them suitable for a wide range of hair types.

        **1st Use (Quelle disaster!)**
        Feeling inspired by the model on the box and keen to try these out I launched right in....how hard can it be? Instructions?? Pah! How needs them these bad boys are self explanatory.....smoke?
        What smoke?
        Must be damp hair - its only steam....................a few hours later over dinner the very kind waiter scurries off as he can smell burning, all I can smell is new curler smell or so I thought!! Not only ignoring the 'smoke' I always foolishly assumed the smell was because they were new! Not so.... Several washes later and not only does my hair now naturally dry in ringlets with a large amount of frizz but the smell is not disappearing....a sheepish trip to the hair dresses, five inches off my hair, a moisturising treatment and a heft dent in my wallet my hair was saved.
        Moral of the story.......read the instructions, just because the Disney ones took over a minute these only need 8 seconds!!!! That will teach me.

        **2nd Use (Muchos Success!)**

        Amazingly or stupidly depending on your viewpoint I went in for a second go. Much more successful and even leaving them in for 8 seconds gives fabulous ringlets which I hair-sprayed in place and they only dropped very slightly. The curlers are so easy to use and provided you are very careful with them as skin contact with 200 degrees is going to ruin any night out they are really good.
        A little tip from my hairdresser was that if you shampoo/conditioner contain silicon then 200 degree heat can be extremely damaging so at all times use a heat protector spray.

        I have also tried these without the hairspray and the ringlets do drop into very natural curls that personally I think look lovely and bring a little bit of life to a very straight world!

        For the price these really do the business and the flexibility of having a cordless option could be terrific for some users, I dont think my stupidity deserves a star being knocked off.


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      • Product Details

        Babyliss Total Freedom 200 Curls. Product detail. Up to 200¦ celsius salon temperature performance. Advanced Ceramics heating system. Ready to use in 30 secs with ultra fast heat recovery. 32mm barrel for fashionable loose curls and waves. Tourmaline-ceramic barrel for smooth styling and frizz free high shine finish. Corded or cordless for total styling freedom and convenience. 4 heat settings for different hair types. Up to 4 mins cordless use then replace in the stand and the tong will return to temperature in seconds. Heat ready and on/off indicator. Auto shut-off. Power base. 3m salon length lock-up swivel cord.

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