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Babyliss 2330GU

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Brand: Babyliss

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    2 Reviews
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      19.12.2013 22:33
      Very helpful



      Not recommended if you appreciate an easy to use hair curling appliance

      I was given the BaByliss Curl Press 2330CU about 5 years ago on my birthday by a friend who knew I had a set of GHD straighteners and that I liked to curl my hair once in a while. At that time I thought it was an awesome present and was really pleased with the idea of having a set of curling tongs after so many years of just using straighteners.

      The Curl Press was presented in a nice looking box which looked as smart as the box my GHD had arrived in and considering the price difference in the products it showed that BaByliss could provide just as classy a box as GHD could for ¼ of the price! In the box were the Curl Press and a very basic set of instruction which included the product description, safety cautions and UK guarantee which was 3 years. The brief booklet also gave details of UK after sales service, detail of who to contact for faults outside of guarantee and UK wiring instructions. I can't imagine contacting them outside of the guarantee period as the Curl Press is so cheap to buy, you'd be better of buying a completely new one (although I'm not likely to be purchasing this model again personally).

      Back to the product itself - let me tell you a bit more about it. The Curl Press is a slim 19mm barrel tourmaline-ceramic coated curler which was designed to give the user perfectly defined and noticeable curls .With dual heated spirals and a press-action it's supposedly to create longer lasting and more defined curls by compressing and heating the hair at three angles. That's the theory anyway. The Curl Press has a 3m cable which is handy as some of these products previously had much shorter cables.

      The booklet gives you instructions on how to achieve these so called defined and long lasting curls, but to date I've not managed to achieve this even once. I've used curling tongs on and off since my late teens - that's well over 25 years and never had such difficulty previously achieving curls that lasted. The instructions advise you to separate your hair and to curl 1cm of hair at a time. I've tried using that amount of hair and less but do these curls stay in longer than an hour or two maximum? Not one single time. I've tried with strong hold hairspray which made the curls last a bit longer, a few hours longer, but I really dislike using hairspray in my hair or gel or styling mousse.

      When the curls are actually done, I'm quite impressed by the look and people have complimented me when I've first arrived somewhere with my "defined" curls but within an hour or so the same people have exclaimed in surprise "Oh, where have your lovely curls gone?" which is quite annoying. The only times they've stayed in have been when I've used a lot of strong hold hairspray and as already mentioned I don't like using that sort of product in my hair.

      I actually also find it very difficult to actually operate the Curl Press because it seems to be designed in rather a stranger manner in that it's quite difficult to get the hair around the base to actually curl it. It can take well over an hour to get all of your hair done and I really don't want to spend that amount of time messing around with curling tongs before I go out.

      I've asked friends to try the BaByliss Curl Press 2330CU on my hair to see if they have any more luck but it always turns out the same.

      When I was given the Curl Press the price was around £25, although currently it seems to be available for around £15 if you shop around.


      Due to not finding this very effective personally I can't rate this Curl Press with more than 2 out of 5 stars.


      * 19mm high heat barrel
      * Speedy heating
      * Cool tip for safety
      * Swivel cord
      * Spoon lever
      * Tourmaline-Ceramic coated moving spiral tong
      * Curl press switch
      * Not to be used by children
      * Complies with EEC Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC and 93.68.EEC
      * Product should be allowed to cool before storing away
      * Lead should not be coiled around the appliance as this could cause damage.


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      02.10.2013 15:50
      Very helpful



      see review x

      I have had these curling tongs now since well before my kids were born and they are 11 now, so I am hoping you do not expect me to remember how much I paid for them. As I have not got a clue, over the 11 years, I have had other curling tongs, but I have always gone back to using these. I must say no matter how much I paid for these it was well worth the money as they have lasted me a lot of years, and they are still going strong now.

      The curlers are pretty easy to use, well to turn on anyway. You just plug them in, switch the plug on and that's it just leave them for I would say 15 minutes to get to the right temperature. There is no temperature settings on this, so it is just one setting. The curlers do get very hot, and I have had many incidents using these, lots of burns on my hands and on my forehead loll.

      To curl your hair you have a small handle on the curlers if you push that it opens up, and you put a small amount of your hair, (if you do a big amount then it will not curl your hair properly). So a small amount of your hair and insert it into the clip. Let go of the handle and it will close on your hair. Pull the curlers as far as you can to the bottom of your hair, without losing any of your hair out of it. I do find if your hair is fine, you can not go down as low as maybe you would like as the hair will just fall out as soon as you try to wrap it round the tongs.

      When you have the hair clipped into the tongs, you need to wrap the hair round them. This is the easy part, just turn the curlers and it will wrap your hair up. The is a button you can press that will push the tongs together more, which makes the curling quicker and maybe adds a little more curl. But I do not use this, as I find that when I get half way round my hair my thumb starts to hurt from pushing the button up. So I just leave it that little bit longer. As I only want little bits of curls in I only leave it on each art for around a minute and half, and that gives me my desired curl. But each person is different, so you might want to leave it longer or shorter.

      I do find that the curls would soon drop out, if I did not put lots of hair spray on. When I do this my hair stays just as curly as I wanted for the entire night. My hair does get very knotty because of this though, but a quick wash the next day its back to normal.

      I do think this is quite time consuming as it takes me around an hour to curl my hair, but I always find it harder to do my own anyway. If someone else does it for you then it will not take as long. Or maybe its just me that's slow.

      I would recommend these for purchase I mean 11 years and not a single thing has gone wrong with them, they were well worth whatever I paid for them. The curls they put in my hair are just how I like them, and with a little help from hairspray they stay in all night. See the picture of my finished hair. This is as curly as I like it but you can make it curlier if you like.


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  • Product Details

    This revolutionary slim, tourmaline-ceramic coated curler is designed to give perfectly defined, dramatic curls.It has dual heated spirals with a unique press-action that create longer, lasting more defined curls by compressing and heating your hair from three sides.Helpful Hints For perfect curls ensure hair is dry and take small sections to wind around the barrel. To set the curl, do not comb or brush hair until it cools. For a more casual bed-head look, lightly break the curls up with your fingers.Product Features: 19mm High heat barrel Tourmaline-Ceramic Coated Moving Spiral Tong Curl Press Switch (Press switch for Moving Spiral) Spoon Lever Fast Heat Up Cool Tip Swivel Cord 3 year guarantee