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Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler

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Brand: Babyliss

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    6 Reviews
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      20.08.2013 13:31



      Wouldn't recommend.

      I have had 3 sets of these curlers and they always break for the same reason which is very frustrating. Plus, they appear to be a reasonable price until you start buying the gas to power them. So generally I am disappointed and would not recommend them.

      The 'handle' of the curler actually contains a little gas canister. This is great for styling your hair when you can't get to a plug easily - such as on a camping holiday or at a festival or when you are sharing a room with 7 other girls as you get ready for a party and their is one socket (don't ask...). You insert the canister in the handle and then connect it buy puncturing through a tiny cap on the top of the canister using the point of the connecting tube that is inside the curlers (at the bottom of the barrel/top of the 'handle'). After about 6 months of use (so about 10 canister changes) the connecting tube breaks. When I bought my third set of curlers I broke all the rule and started piercing the canister of gas before inserting it. I thought this may let the curlers last longer. It still breaks after a few months of use. I think the gas canister must not fit properly or be attached correctly and so the tube breaks during use.

      Plus, the gas canisters are really expensive. I could style my mid length hair a couple of times before the gas runs out but at £6 - £10 for four canisters it can get expensive quickly.

      Whilst the actual use of the curlers is easy and the effect is lovely and fairly long lasting I have since go the same for much more durable products.


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      13.08.2013 09:37
      Very helpful



      didn't do the job

      As some of you may already know from some of my recent reviews; I recently went camping at the Royal Welsh Show. Now bearing in mind that I had never ever been camping before and to be honest was not looking forward to it, especially as I was worried about how I was going to be able to 'look good' for our nights out of partying. My hair likes to do its own thing and so is difficult to style as it is - so imagine how I was feeling knowing that I wouldn't have my hair straighteners with me. Until that is, I discovered these Babyliss Cordless Straighteners which were selling on Amazon for just £20.87.

      I have GHD straighteners which are considered to be the 'best of the best' and so I wasn't expecting these hair straightens to do half a good as job as my GHDs. The straighteners come with a gas cylinder - although once this runs out you have to buy a replacement - they are available online for around £5.

      There is an on button (more like a switch which you have to flick) and on the other side there is an off button. I was worried that the hair straightens would 'start' on their own when they were in my bag and cause a fire. However, the on and off buttons are not difficult but they do take some effort to switch on and so I do not think that they would switch on that easily if something accidentally pressed against them whilst they are in your luggage. When you press the on button, it activates the gas and you can hear it whooshing a little bit. I'm a real scared-y pants and am scared of fire etc - I remember in school I used to be absolutely terrified of the Bunsen burner and so I was terrified of switching these straightness on for the first time. So I made my friend do it first - luckily it was fine and I am now not scared to put them on now! Haha!

      Whilst camping, I let my friend try them out first - mainly because I was scared of the whole 'gas' thing. She has short hair and wasn't impressed with them to begin with as she said they were not hot enough. She accidentally left them on and then when I picked them up about ten minutes later they were boiling hot and so I would say that they take a while to heat up which is a bit of a pain. Having read other reviews though, I could see that other people have said that they are hot within around 10 seconds - however mine were only luke warm-ish in around ten seconds. We had to wait around 15 minutes until they were super hot.

      One good thing about these straightners is that there is no limit on them and so they are quite flexible because there is no plug or lead attached and so you can take them wherever you want rather than having to wait by the plug. They are also quite light which means that they are easy to carry around as they easily fit into your bag - although, then again they are straighteners that are designed for travelling and so they have to be easy to carry.

      To be honest, I was not that impressed with these straighteners. I don't know if it was because I didn't have much patience with them - but I found that they just would not straighten my hair properly. They did a good job of my fringe although they just would not 'look' at the rest of my hair. I have shoulder length hair - I wouldn't say I have thick hair, but I do have a lot of hair and they just wouldn't do anything with my hair. With any sections that they did 'do' - it took far too long and so probably would have taken me around an hour just to do my hair which is just far too long. I found that they worked better if I had already used my GHDs and then used these a little bit later on in the day to 'top up'. Although straightening from scratch they just couldn't do it unless my GHDs had done the hard work first.

      The straighteners comes with a protective shield which you must always put on after using the straighteners to prevent them catching fire to anything.

      All in all would I recommend them? Well it is hard to say really. Based on my experience I would say no as they just didn't work for me. However, they may work for you and so I would say that if you are going camping or something then you could give them a go.

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      26.03.2013 03:45
      Very helpful



      A great item to have to touch up your hair on the go, no plugs needed

      Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler

      I purchased this about 8 months ago, as my last one had given up, it was 15 years old, how times have changes.

      =The Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler=

      This is a dual hot air brush and tong that you use on the go, it is heated by replaceable gas cartridges. Giving me the freedom to style my hair on the go.

      They are idea for travel, I use to take mine away on the plane, but I would say check with the air carrier as regulations may have changed.

      =Price and Availability=
      The style is available for around £20 and can be brought from Argos, Boots, Amazon although some retailers may charge post and packing for online orders.

      =Gas Canisters=
      The styler comes with one gas cannister, and when this is empty just unscrew the bottom and replace, new cartridges can be purchased from many retailers, and generally can be up to £6 for a new cartridge, although my last refill, I found a twin pack for £3.99 in Home Bargains

      The styler is black plastic with a chrome filter, it has the Babyliss logo in white on the side.

      The styler is set up as curling tongs, and to use the brush, you have a brush attachment made in black plastic that you slide over the tongs section and this clips into place, so you now have a styling brush.

      =To Use=
      When you first purchase the unit you need to set up the gas cylinder, this is done simply by undoing the bottom of the styler inserting the gas cylinder and then connecting, (full instructions are included) and it is a 30 second job to set it up.

      =Switch on=
      On the bottom half of the styler is a switch that you flick, this is the ignition and lights the gas, you will hear a small noise with the ignition (like lighting a gas cooker), this has then activated the gas and this heats up the styler.

      Within about 10 to 15 seconds you have a styling unit ready to use. The barrel for your haor is 28cm long, you use the tongs as you would normally whether that is for a flick, to straighten, to give some volume. The brush is the same, easy to use.

      =Dry Hair=
      This styler you need to have your hair dry before you use it.

      As there is no electric cords, you have full flexibility to move around with, and you have the choice of tongs or styling brush. I have naturally curly hair, and find that the brush just gives me some extra volume without having to wash and blow dry.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would recommend this styler, it is value for money, handy to use on the go. The gas cartridges are quite economical, depending on your use if how long the gas lasts bit for me, for 4 holidays using it nightly then that takes about 1 Gas cartridge.


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      26.01.2013 16:29
      Very helpful



      A great buy!

      **What is it?**

      The Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler is a tong and hot brush you can use on the go - it doesn't need any battery or electrical supply at all, doesn't need recharging - it heats up in 10 seconds from it's replaceable gas cartridges, meaning wherever you are, you can style your hair!

      It's obviously aimed for and marketed at people who travel - be it for leisure or work, who can't always access a power socket. It's handy for when you actually *are* travelling - I've used mine in the car when I've been late (not when I've been driving it at the time, obviously!) and I've seen people use them on the train. I wouldn't recommend taking it in your hand luggage on a plane, however.

      **Price and Availability**

      The Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler is available for £19.99 in good electrical beauty retailers such as Boots, Superdrug, Argos, and online at places like Amazon, though a P&P charge will usually apply. It comes with one gas canister and I buy replacements from a store called Bodycare which is a national chain, for £3.99 for two, which I think is a reasonable price as I've seen them as much as £5.99 in independent stores.


      The Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler is styled in black plastic and chrome, with a black hot brush attachment. It has the Babyliss logo in white to the side. There is a gas switch, ignitor switch and a small black hinge for the tong arm. It looks pretty professional.


      Use of the Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler is easy, you simply add or remove the hot brush attachment (it's not advisable to add it after it's hot, as you may burn yourself, but you can if you are careful!)

      You simply then switch on the gas and flick the ignitor and whoosh! Ten seconds later you have a hot, ready tp use tong. The barrel is 28mm, which is a slightly bigger than average barrel, and means you can work on flicks, curls, fringes, straightening, volume and so much more. It's just as good as an electrically heated tong, in fact, better in some ways and not just it's portability - it's easy to use it with the freedom of movement you have as it allows you to move about your head and not get tangled up in any flex.


      I really do like my Babyliss gas styler, I don't acutally bother with my electric tong any more though I do have an electric straightener. It's great for travel, I use it when I'm running late for work, I use it to go abroad, visit family and so on - it's very versatile and I use it a lot. It would actually make a great gift, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a gift which is both 'pampering' and useful.

      I'm going to give this 5 stars out of 5 - it's a great little styler, it's cheap to run and it's so handy. The Babyliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler is a great product and it works really well.


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      05.12.2012 22:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      5 stars

      Every now and then my step mum gives me a massive bag full of clothes and accessories after a good clear out. I like shopping and love buying new clothes but I'm also partial to a few freebies too (who isn't), especially when she's a similar size and has great taste! The last bulging bag she gave me was also full of beauty products that she didn't use, and included the Babyliss gas styler. Not something I would ever buy, but she uses one regularly and after going away for the weekend and leaving hers at home, she bought this one from Boots. Now she has two and preferring the other over this one, it found a new home with me!

      Gas styler's are something that I always associated with an older generation, no disrespect to anyone, I just always saw my mum or my grans using them when I was a child. Products seem to have developed so much over the years that I actually didn't even know these were still available to buy so I was quite dubious about using it for the first time.

      The cordless gas styler is a little stroke of genius. Why I always had such preconceptions about them I have no idea. The fact that it is cordless speaks for itself, however regardless of that, the product is fantastic and perfect for styling hair and adding volume to the root. The brush attachment allows that you can easily add shape to the hair and the lack of a cord means it easily navigates around without becoming trapped by a cord.

      The fact it can go anywhere with you is in my eyes what makes this product so fab. I could have done with this at my graduation in March which I had to be ready for and set off at 9am and I didn't actually graduate till about 2pm, which by that point my hair had lost all its curls despite having half a can of hairspray on it! Of course, you don't want to be carting the styler in your handbag on a night out or anything like that, but for the odd special occasions which are nearly always long days, then this item is for you. Perfect for festivals, camping or on holidays where the power of a styler can be an issue (my GHD's just plain refused to work in the Dominican Republic), although do check you can carry on board a flight as the gas canister may be a problem.

      The fast heat up and high temperatures means its quick to use and the style will be achieved with ease through the high heat. I would always recommend using a heat defence spray of some kind (The GHD one is quite good), as using high heats on your hair day in day out is obviously going to be doing your hair no favours. Easy to use you simply have to switch it on before waiting a few seconds and then depressing the start switch on the handle a few times (it took me a while to work that out!), once a light appears on the end of the barrel, you know the tongs are heating and after a minute are ready to use. This is obviously a longer process than heating GHD's or curling tongs which literally take around 10 seconds, however they are corded and running through the mains, whereas this styler is running from the small gas canister. I have spoken to my step mum, who told me gas styler's used to take an age to heat and so this heats in a jiffy in comparison. The protective heat shield cover for the styler is a must after you have switched the product off, to protect the styler, but also to protect other things that may come in to contact with it whilst it is cooling.

      To use you simply wind your hair around the barrel. The large 28mm barrel makes it perfect to create different looks and it's easy to style your hair with curls or waves. Just be careful not to let the styler touch the scalp as it doesn't offer any protection from the scalp like GHDs etc. do with the outer shell. As with curling tongs, the tip of the styler is cool meaning you can hold the styler in place for the few seconds needed to curl the hair.

      The clear base of the gas cell means it is easy to check the amount of fuel left inside. You can pick up replacement gas cartridges for around £4 online.

      The best product that I have never bought!

      Comes with a 3 year guarantee.

      Priced at around £22 online.


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        18.10.2012 22:59
        Very helpful



        A convenient styling tool.

        ~*~*~ BaByliss 2585U Cordless Gas Styler ~*~*~

        ~*~*~ What is it? ~*~*~

        The BaByliss 2585U is a cordless gas styler. In other words it is a hair styling tool that is powered by gas rather than the need for it to be plugged in.
        This particular styler has a chunky 28mm barrel and will therefore give your hair looser curls and larger waves. It's also great for adding volume to flat hair.
        It is made by BaByliss just like many other hair and beauty products. BaByliss is a brand that I have come to know and trust over the years as I have had many hair styling items made by these in the past.

        ~*~*~ Why did I buy it? ~*~*~

        I actually didn't buy this myself, it was a birthday present off my mum, every year I will get a hair styling item off my mum, over the years I have had hair straighteners, dryers, curlers and tongs so I was expecting a hair related item anyway I just didn't know what it was going to be this time, I suspected it wouldn't be a hair dryer as I had one for Christmas but I was pleased with this present even though my hair is quite short (shoulder length). I do however occassionally wear hair extensions that I style in the way I want so I knew that I would be able to use these on them.

        ~*~*~ Is it any good? ~*~*~

        Having had this since August I have infact used it a good few times, I do like the convienience of them being cordless, this means that I am not stuck in one place when I am doing my hair. I usually do my hair in my bedroom in front of my dressing table mirror, however my dressing table is not located anywhere near any plugs so this means I often have to use an extension lead and run it along my bedroom, but with this I am free to just sit down and do my hair where ever I want to, I can if I want stand infront of the bathroom mirror and do my hair there, or I can curl my extensions sat on the sofa watching the telly, I really like this feature as you can probably tell!

        The longest layer of my hair sit's just below my shoulders and I find that this styler will give my a very slight loose curl on this part of my hair, and when I use it on the shorter layers I find that this helps give a nice lift and adds a nice amount of volume.
        I don't find it offers as much heat as my corded hair appliances but it does manage to do the job quite well.

        ~*~*~ How does it look? ~*~*~

        I actually quite like the simplistic look of this styler. It has a sleek black plastic handle, a silver ceramic barrel and a small plastic section at the top that stays cool to the touch. As it has no cord this makes the styler look neater I think. It also comes with a black plastic brush attachment that is great for adding volume at the roots, and also a handy protective sleeve that fits over the ceramic barrel to protect it whilst on the move or even in storage.
        It has a nice chunky feel to it and is comfortable to hold.
        These are powered by a gas cartridge that fits into the main body of the styler.

        ~*~*~ Overall Opinion ~*~*~

        I do like this styler. When I first opened the box I was quite surprised by how light it was, due to it being cordless I expected it to be quite a heavy item but no it was fine. Included in the box was a gas cartridge that needed to be placed into the main part of the styler, this was easy enough.

        Having not used one of these type products for years, and then I only curled my friends hair when we were about 14! I didn't really know how to use it but following the instructions made it nice and easy for me. You have to push the ON switch and wait a few seconds, you then need to push the start switch on the handle a few times and a light at the end of the barrel should light up and the styler will begin to heat up, you then wait a minute or so until they are hot and then carry on as usual.

        The first time I used these I sat on the sofa and curled my hair extensions, my extensions are human hair so they can be styled and coloured in whatever way I may wish. I clipped the extension onto a scarf that was tied around the back of one of my dining chairs and set about curling the hair. I did it section by section and was pleased with the result. My extensions are quite long and the curls came out in large soft waves more than a tight curl which is what I wanted.

        When I finished with this I set about styling the top parts of my own hair, for this I placed the brush attachment over the barrel and used it to add volume, this worked fine and held in place well, I did spritz over a generous amount of hair spray and then clipped the extensions into my hair, of course I was then left with the top of my hair being all volumious and nice, the bottom being full of toussled waves and the mid section of my hair was flat and straight, so I removed the attachment and used the tong to add waves into the mid section, in doing so I also worked the extensions into my own hair and the end results were really good. I do feel however that whilst the heat wasn't as high as my usual corded tongs it did do a good job with my hair. I did feel the need to hold the styler in place for longer but I think that was more to do with my own slight paranoia that the curls wouldn't hold otherwise!

        I have used them numerous times since, with my own hair I generally use them to add volume, but I do find that they will add a loose wave to the ends of my own hair. I would usually opt for a smaller barrel on my own hair but I like the convenience of these so I do choose to use these quite a lot.
        My mum bought me replacement gas cartridges but I haven't needed to replace the cartridge as of yet so the gas does last well.

        ~*~*~ Price and Availability ~*~*~

        You can buy this online at www.amazon.co.uk priced at £22.94, I have also seen it available in Boots priced at £24.99.

        I think the prices are very fair as it is a decent hair styler.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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