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Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves

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Brand: Babyliss

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    5 Reviews
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      03.03.2014 20:05
      Very helpful



      Fantastic styler,with a great price,I would definitely recommend it!

      I have dead straight and very (annoying) silky hair. I have always dreamed of having gorgeous and shiny (fairy tale princess-like) waves in them. I have gone through styler after styler to create, natural looking luxurious waves that stay in the hair for a long time. Most wavers don't work on my hair. If by some miracle of God a styler does curl my hair, it does not hold the curl and the curl just drops with in less an hour of styling. So I was on the look out for a styler that styles quickly and gives waves that last as well. My quest for the perfect waver led me to buy the Babyliss boutique styler and I was not disappointed with my purchase.


      Babyliss do a complete line of stylers under their boutique range. All of these stylers have a very premium look and come in gorgeous boxes that just beg you to buy them. It was the box of Babyliss Boutique waver styler that first caught my eye. It is a lovely rectangular box with a picture of a girl, with the most gorgeous hair in the world ever! That girl in the picture, with her gorgeous, shiny waves, literally hypnotised me to buy the waver.
      The box has detailed information about the features of the wavers and the items that come with it. Inside the box I found the styler packed inside a cream coloured draw string pouch. The styler itself looks very elegant. It has a gorgeous dull gold and black coloured theme. The handle part of it is black with the words ''Babyliss'' and ''Boutique'' written on it in gold. On the handle there is a small screen that shows the different heat settings. A light goes on inside this window when you turn on the styler and then this light glows against the heat setting you choose. You can choose between 5 different heat settings ,these are 150°C ,165°C, 180°C, 195°C and 210°C.Below the screen are the buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. And below that is the on off button.
      The styling barrel itself is of a very lovely dull gold colour. It is a 34mm thick barrel and has a very smooth feel. It also has a cool tip on top. The cord of the styler is very long and looks very practical. The styler has a swivel cord. The styler looks easy to use.

      **** ITEMS IN THE BOX****

      The box contains:
      * 1 BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves Tong
      * 1 Heat proof mat
      * 1 Heat glove
      * 1 Draw string pouch for storing the styler
      * 1 Information booklet

      ****PRICE OF THE WAVER****

      I bought the waver for only ‎£24.99 from Boots. Its original price was ‎£29.99 and it was on a special offer. I think that it is a fantastic styler to get at this price. It is far better than many other stylers that have similar feature but are much more expensive


      * The waver has a thick 34 mm barrel.
      * The waver has a longer length barrel.
      * The waver barrel is nano-ceramic.
      * The waver goes up to 210°C.
      * The waver has 5 digital temperature settings; 150°C, 165°C, 180°C, 195°C and 210°C.
      * The waver has Ultra-fast heat up which makes it ready to use in 30 seconds.
      * The waver has ultra fast heat recovery during using because of its advanced ceramics.
      * The waver has a cool tip.
      * The waver has an integrated heat rest.
      * The waver has a 2.5 m swivel cord
      * The waver comes with a 5 year guarantee
      * The waver has a heat protection mat and a protective glove.

      ****HOW TO USE THE WAVER****

      The Babyliss boutique waver is very easy to use. All you need to do is to set it to the heat setting that suits your hair. Thin hair requires less heat than thick hair. Also straight hair requires more heat than natural wavy or curly hair. The waver has a 30 seconds heat up so it will be ready fairly quickly. Now just wrap your hair around the barrel hold for 5 to 10 seconds depending on your hair type (my hair requires at least 15 seconds). Then release the tong from the hair and let the wave cool before styling further.

      The waver can be used to create different kinds of looks. You can wave all of your hair or leave the roots straight and just curl the ends. Also you can create different other looks.

      * LOOSE TUMBLING WAVES: For loose waves you need to take large sections of you hair ,wrap them around the barrel and hold for 5 to 10 seconds
      * TIGHTER WAVES: For tighter waves you need to divide your hair in to smaller sections and style each lock separately.
      * A TOUSLED LOOK: Curl the hair first and then let it cool. Then run your fingers through the waves to break them up to get really soft waves and natural movement.


      I love this styler and the different looks it helps me create. Here are some of the things I find fantastic about it.

      1. First of all the look of the waver is amazing. I love the dull gold and black colour theme. I am very happy to have this as a part of my hair stylers collection (and yes I have a big collection, since I am crazy about hair styling)

      2. Secondly the choice of heat settings is a really good feature. This makes me able to control how much heat I am putting in my hair. There is a little screen on the styler that shows the heat settings and I enjoy the peace of mind this gives me. My hair is very straight, silky and hard to curl ,so I am very happy that this waver goes as high as 210°C.The high heat gives waves quickly and the waves stay for longer in my ,normally very hard to curl, hair.

      3. The barrel f the waver is long which is very good for my long hair. This ensures that I don't over lap the hair while styling, so all my hair gets wrapped around the barrel properly, ensuring even curling.

      4. When I use this waver it gives very shiny, even and frizz free waves. This is due to the nano ceramic, smooth barrel.

      5. The waver comes with a cool tip as well, this is fantastic for holding the barrel while the waver is turned on and hot.

      6. I don't have to wait a lot for the waver to get hot. It is ready to use with in 30 seconds of being turned on. Also you don't find the styler losing any heat between styling as it has a fast heat recovery. So the barrel stays at the heat it is set and does not go cooler while styling.

      7. The cord of the waver is very long. This makes it very convenient to use.

      8. I also love the heat rest at the bottom of the waver. I am always worrying about burning things around my stylers when it's really hot. The heat rest ensures that the waver is at a safe distance away from the surface I am using it on and also does not just roll away.

      9. The waver comes with a heat protection glove, this ensures I don't burn my hand while wrapping my hand around the barrel.

      10. The waver does not have a clamp and you style by just wrapping your hair around it to style. I really like this feature of the waver, as I feel the clamps some times leave a crimp on the hair and the waves are less even with them


      The only disadvantage I find with this waver is that it does not come with a heat protection pouch. There is a draw string pouch for storing the styler and a heat protection mat to use while styling. But some times when I am in a hurry a heat protection pouch comes really handy and you can just put your hot styler in it and store it away, straight after styling. With this waver I have to wait for the styler to cool then and then store it. I would have given this waver the rating of a perfect 5 if it had a heat proof pouch to store the styler, instead of just the draw string pouch made of cloth.


      I have used this waver for a while and think that it works brilliantly if you follow a few of these handy tips of mine.

      1. A lot of people don't know that, although hair needs heat to curl or wave, but it needs to be cooled down for the wave or style to actually stay in the hair for longer. Many times it happens that we use a styler and it does give gorgeous waves but the waves drop out of the hair straight after styling. This happens because people don't realize that after styling you need to cool the wave or curl down to freeze the style in its place. The best way to do this is to use the cool shot of your hair dryer on your hair straight after styling, using a diffuser. This is the reasons most hair dryers come with a cool shot and a diffuser. Simply put all of your freshly curled or waved hair in the cup of the diffuser and give then a cool shot. This will cool them down and make sure that the curls or waves stay in the hair. If you don't have a hair dryer with a diffuser, then what you can to is to hold the curl for a few seconds in your hand after styling and then let it go after it has cooled down.

      2. When using this waver point the barrel downwards towards your shoulder and wrap the hair around the barrel in a spiral motion. Also make sure that the hair does not overlap around the barrel. This will ensure even and gorgeous waves.

      3. When you buy this waver don't just start styling your hair at the highest heat available. Not all hair needs 210°C to curl. You may end up burning or damaging your hair. Start from the lowest heat and style your hair on it. See if your hair waves and if the wave stays in the hair on not. If it does stay in the hair than this is the perfect heat setting for you. If not try the next heat setting. This will ensure you find the perfect heat setting for yourself and don't end up damaging (frying) your hair.

      4. If your hair is dead straight and very hard to curl, like mine, don't style freshly washed hair. Wash your hair the night before or at least 6 hours before you want to style and then when the hair has dried 60 % plait your hair. This will ensure your hair is slightly wavy before styling and you can get better and more long lasting waves.

      5. Always and I repeat always use heat protection for styling. Especially when you are using higher heat settings and styling your hair frequently. This will protect your hair from heat damage and ensure your hair stays healthy.


      If you have medium to long hair and want loose waves or a tousled wavy look then this styler is for you.


      If you have very short hair than don't buy this styler. This styler has a very thick barrel and it will not be possible to wrap short hair around it. Also don't buy this styler if you are interested in more defined and tighter curls. Instead of this waver you should go for a styler with a thinner barrel. Also if your previous styler had a clamp on it and your more used to a styler with a clamp, think twice before buying this waver as you will have to adjust to just wrapping your hair around the waver and holding it with your hand.

      ****FINAL OVERVIEW****

      The Babyliss Boutique Waver is a fantastic styler for all types and lengths of hair, except for very short hair as the barrel is too thick to curl them. It has a fantastic design and is very easy to use. Plus if it works on MY hair, it will work on any hair, take my word for it. Its price is amazingly good, considering its quality and style. So all in all, it is a great styler, if you want gorgeous waves in your hair.



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        28.02.2014 11:30



        A great styling wand for people who aren't pro's

        I'm not a complete styling virgin but my morning routine does tend to be quick brush and leave the house. Curling tongs have never been great for me, but this curling wand makes styling so easy for a great soft wave.

        The wand comes with an instruction manual, a heat protective glove, a heat protective mat and a carry bag. The instructions are simple to follow and guide you to the best heat & time length for your ideal curl & hair type, saving many a woman from burnt hair mistakes! The glove would fit most hand sizes, I do have quite small hands but there's still plenty of wiggle room!

        The wand is so easy to set up, using the buttons to adjust the required temperature & heats up in no time at all. Because the barrel is very long & wide, you can easily create either a tighter curl or a loose soft wave, depending on how tightly you wrap the hair around the wand. The instruction manual tells you how to create a glamourpuss 1940's wave or bouncing curls by changing the direction of the curl allowing you to create a multitude of styles.

        By using a wand rather than a tong, you can avoid having that kink at the end of the hair making your curls look more natural. I have thin & long hair and normally my curls drop quickly, however I managed to make two days of curls last with this wand.

        The only thing to look out for is that as you are using your hand to hold the curl in place on the wand, you do have to be careful not to burn yourself when wrapping the hair.


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        18.06.2013 01:49



        Great product but only for those with long hair

        I had previously bought the thinner curling wand and although it worked, I found it gave too tight a curl for my liking so I decided to give this ago.

        For the price, it is excellent quality. It looks nice with black handle and gold wand. It has an adjustable temperature so you can control how tight the curl is and you can make sure that it doesn't damage your hair. It also has a built in stand to stop nasty burn makes on your furniture and a nicely contoured cool tip to make it easier to hold. It includes a heat proof glove and although this did stop my fingers getting burnt, I found that it added extra bulk to my hand and made it slightly more difficult to use.

        I found that it took a bit of practice and a few youtube videos before I could use this product properly but once I got the hang of it, I found it gave me nicely defined, soft waves/curls that stayed in my hair all evening and looked very natural. The one thing I would say is that if you have short hair, stay away from this product as the large barrel means it wont work.

        All in all, a great product at a good price for creating glamourous curls on long hair.


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        03.05.2013 11:57
        Very helpful



        A good appliance that produces soft natural waves


        For many years now I have been a slave to my hair straighteners preferring a smooth sleek style for my shoulder length hair, which has a tendency to frizz as it is thick and naturally curly. A few months ago my hairdresser asked me if I ever left it to dry naturally, which I didn't, but it set me thinking that maybe it would be possible to do so with a bit of help from some hair products. I was really interested in doing this because when I go abroad on beach holidays I swim several times a day, and really can't be doing with constantly straightening my hair each evening before dinner, as it becomes a chore. The final decision to try something else came with the start of what has become my favourite TV show- "Nashville"- in case you aren't aware this is a country music series that is a mix of drama and music, and as a big country music lover it absolutely delights me. I began to notice how much I liked one of the main characters hairstyles- "Rayner James" who has soft waves in her long hair, and so I asked my hairdresser how to achieve this look in a few minutes. To my delight she explained how to do it and actually did it for me, and I was thrilled with the result- the only thing was I needed to invest in the right tool, and this is when I purchased my Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves Styling wand!

        Where To Purchase.
        I looked around for the best price and settled on John Lewis as I love their customer service attitude, especially with regard to the return of items that fail to meet expectations. I thought I would be able to return this, if with in a reasonable amount of time it developed a fault, which sadly many hair tools tend to do prematurely. The curling wand was £29.99 and delivery was quick, and as I had some other items I wanted it was free, although John Lewis have increased the threshold for free delivery now to £50 from £30 which is a slight annoyance.

        The Contents
        The wand comes in a large box and there are several contents- the wand itself, a heat proof mat, a bag for travelling to contain all the items, and a heat proof glove. There is also an instruction manual which is excellent, and further information regarding the product can be obtained on the website at www.babyliss.co.uk.

        The wand itself is designed to have a long barrel, and it does not have that clamp you normally associate with curling wands. Instead you simply wind the hair around the barrel and the result is loose waves with no kinks. As the barrel is ceramic this should ensure a smooth finish with less damage to the hair. You can choose several heat settings depending on your hair type. Mine requires the highest setting as it is thick and rebellious, but finer hair may be happy at lower temperatures. It is really a question of trial and error to find out what suits your hair best. As I have shoulder length hair I would say I have the shortest hair that can use this tool successfully, as it is designed to be of maximum use on long hair as the long barrel facilitates many twists of the hair as it is wide and accommodating. If you hair is less than shoulder length you need to look for a less wide appliance. Indeed I am growing my hair longer now as I am so pleased with the look this gives me, and I can see it will only get better with a few more inches to curl.

        Curling Technique
        The website has a superb instructional video which shows you the exact technique required, but in a nutshell the idea is that you decide on the level of waves you require. Smaller sections of hair will produce tighter waves. It is intended that you section the hair, then having combed the individual section you are working on, wind the hair round the barrel starting about two inches from the scalp and hold the hair in place for about 5-8 seconds. Following this you leave the waved section to fully set. I normally dry my hair after washing and conditioning and then apply a heat protecting spray before curling the hair in sections, usually away from my face, although you can also achieve a very pretty look curling towards the face as well which looks very different. After a few minutes you can then separate the curls and spray with hairspray is desired.

        At first I found it very difficult indeed, and actually burnt my finger, as I was rather a novice at conquering the technique and managing to do it whilst looking in a mirror. I think this had something to do with the fact that my hair is only just long enough and so it was quite challenging. However with practise I become more competent and now find it only takes a few minutes. The heat protecting glove is a real help in this as you can avoid burning yourself. I have experimented with all sorts of hair products that compliment this look and keep the hair in top condition, and so far I have been having a lot of success with Fructis - they have some excellent new styling treatments in Superdrug that are inexpensive, including a mousse designed to enhance curls and also a lovely spray on mist with Argan Oil which leaves the curls beautifully soft.

        I think this look is beautiful for the summer as it looks very natural, and it is possible to just curl the ends leaving the top quite flat which looks very pretty as well if you just want a slight wave in the hair.

        The appliance heats up in 30 seconds so is very quick, and the tip is cool so you can hold it if you wish when curling the hair. The cable on the wand is an adequate length and reaches 2.5m which gives a good length to work with - this is especially useful in hotel situations for example when plug sockets may not be optimal in their situation.

        Cleaning of the appliance can be done using a damp cloth and a mild detergent if there is a residue on the surface from hair products- obviously this must be done when it is switched off and completely cool.

        I feel that the instruction manual is written very much with safety in mind and for this I am complimentary, as devices like this present a serious danger hazard, and I would advise extreme caution when using these near animals or young children -especially the latter who may sustain serious burns if they were to touch the appliance in use.

        Any Negatives?
        I think the only negative things to point out are that firstly the bag they provide is not heat resistant at all, so if you are travelling you would have to wait until these were fully cooled before packing. This is a negative in my opinion and I think a heat resistant bag would be a serious improvement to the kit, as the top setting on these is over 210c so it will leave burn marks on anything that is not heat resistant. I also feel that the mat provided is a tad small and could be made longer.

        Final Thoughts
        In conclusion I would say this is a very useful tool for anyone wishing to have soft waves in their hair, and providing your hair is well onto your shoulders or longer this will achieve a good result. You have to treat this with the utmost care and set aside time to use this when you are not in a hurry, as it demands patience to master the technique and to avoid burning accidents. Having said that I think this is excellent value for money, and if the negatives I mentioned were rectified this would gain 5* for my rating. As it stands I think the small heat resistant mat together with the non heat resistant bag is very disappointing and so for me this is awarded a 3*. I think most people would prefer to pay slightly more for this product to have the confidence in the accessories provided, which as they stand at the moment are inadequate.

        This review will also be posted on Ciao under my user name Violet1278


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          01.02.2013 20:54
          Very helpful



          Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves.

          The Product
          = = = = = =
          I decided to purchase this product as I get bored with having my hair the same style all the time and I would like to do something more with it when going out into town for a night out or when going out for a special occasion. I have some good hair straighteners, but I can't seem to get the knack of curling my hair with them so I decided to look for something that would be reasonably easy to use and something that wasn't going to cost me too much money. There are various different products available to buy including tongs, wands and other products. I was actually torn between purchasing this particular product of the Remington Pearl wand, but after reading various reviews I decided to give this product a try. I also watched the video of how to use this product on the Babyliss website and it looked simple and easy to use.

          The product is called Boutique Soft Waves and is made by Babyliss. Many of you will probably have heard of Babyliss whom make electrical beauty items such as Hairdryers, Straighteners, Hair Clippers and other electrical items. This particular product claims to create soft natural looking waves in your hair in a short amount of time. The item isn't a tong but is more like a wand as it has no clamp to clamp hair down. You simply wrap the hair around the wand to create soft waves with no kinks. The barrel is 34mm and is made from Nano-ceramic, which helps to create loose, natural looking waves. The barrel has fast heat up which is ready to use in 30 seconds and heats up to 210 â--¦c to help create waves in any type of hair. The wand has 5 digital temperature settings and an integrated heat rest to stop the barrel from causing any damage to surfaces. The end of the barrel has a stay cool tip to allow you to gold the hold of the wand with your finger tips for easier styling. The product has a 2.5m swivel cord and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Included with the product is a Heat protection wrap, Universal Heat protection glove and a bag to store the wand and other items in.

          Inside the box should be a soft yellow bag, heat mat (sealed in a clear plastic bag), protection glove (also sealed in a clear plastic bag), the styling wand and information about the product. I was a little surprised that the styling wand wasn't sealed in a plastic bag and I first thought that this product had been used, how-ever it had a plastic cover over the plug and the lead was neatly wrapped up and secured with a black wire tie. The yellow bag in which you can use to store the product is soft and has drawstring to enable you to close the bag. This bag is not heat proof so you cannot place the wand into the bag until it has cooled. The bag is purely for travel purposes. The heat mat is black and a rectangle shape rather than square. The Babyliss logo is on the bottom right hand corner in silver. There is a piece of elastic attached to the bottom edge of the mat and Velcro, which I presume you use to wrap the wand in. The glove is black in colour and feels very soft and silky, it looks quite small and when I put it on to try it, it's quite tight but not so tight that it's uncomfortable to wear. The glove certainly won't slip off my hand when using it. The leaflet contains basic information such as features and safety precautions. It also gives you some information about how to store the product, heat settings, instructions for use, cleaning & maintenance and information about the guarantee that comes with the product.

          = = = = = = = =
          I purchase this from my local Boots store for £29.99, but this is also available to buy from Argos for around the same price. As far as I am aware you won't find this item cheaper anywhere else.

          Using the Product
          = = = = = = = =
          1. Ensure hair is clean and dry before using the appliance. Press the I/0 button the turn the appliance on and simply press the +/- button to select the temperature. The first thing I noticed about the product was how small the heat stand was which is attached to the product. I thought this was meant to prevent the product from touching any surfaces how-ever this doesn't really do that. I did place the wand on the heat proof mat whilst waiting for this to heat up to ensure the carpet was protected. Depending on what temperature you select on the wand depends on the coloured light. The lowest temperature shows a green light and then this goes into to orange and the hottest temperature has a red light. I was a little surprised that the whole screen which shows the different temperatures doesn't light up as the temperatures can be a little awkward to read in darker rooms, even with a light on. I left the wand to heat up and it did smell a bit, but I presume this was because the product is new. I suspected that this smell would disappear after using the product a few times.

          2. I combed the hair through and divided it into sections. I also sprayed some product in my hair which I recommend to protect your hair from the heat damage. I used L'Oreal Studio Hot Curl Thermo Curling Spray which can be purchased from Boots or Superdrug. Ensure you are wearing the heat glove on the hand which is wrapping the hair around the barrel.

          3. Take a section of the hair starting around 2 inches from the scalp. Hold the styler at a slight angle pointing the cool tip towards your shoulder then wrap the hair in a spiral motion, around and down the barrel. As you wrap the hair around the barrel ensure it's distributed evenly so the entire hair section is touching the barrel to heat the hair and form a wave. Try not to overlap the hair as your wrap it round the barrel. I had to admit it felt rather strange wearing a glove when wrapping my hair around the barrel and this certainly takes some getting used to. Wrapping the hair around the barrel is fairly easy once practised a few times.

          4. Hold the hair in places for 5-8 seconds depending on your hair type. Let go of the end of the hair and gently pull the styler away. Repeat through the hair until you reach the top section. The barrel does get warm so it is very important that you wear the glove. You do still feel the heat coming through the glove but not as much as you would without the gloves. The styler was easy to pull away as when you let go of the hair it loosens from the barrel a little. My hair didn't stick to the barrel and left a nice wave in my hair.

          5. Repeat this process through the hair until you reach the top section. To set the wave do not comb, or brush your hair. Once hair is cool, run your fingers through your hair to break up the waves. It took a good 20-30 minutes to repeat the process through my hair the first time as I wasn't used to using the product. With more practise I am confident that I will be able to do with a lot quicker.

          = = = =
          My hair is about shoulder length and although the waves probably didn't look as good as it would in longer hair I still had nice waves in my hair which looked natural and slightly more elegant for a night out or special occasion. I sprayed some hair spray into my hair to ensure the style was set and would last hopefully all night. During the night I received some compliments on how nice my hair looked. I was a little paranoid about the waves dropping out through the night and ending up with messy looking hair, how-ever the style seemed to stay looking great all night. I think the Curling Spray and the hair Spray helped with keeping the style in all night. As the barrel is made from Ceramic it does leave my hair looking shiny and conditioned and not frizzy or dry. My hair still looked slightly wavy the day after styling my hair, how-ever it had dropped a lot more and did look slightly messy so I washed my hair so could style it as normal without the waves.

          To keep the product clean ensure the barrel has cooled down before attempting to wipe or clean it. Simply use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to wipe the barrel clean. Ensure the product is dry before re-using or storing.

          Overall Opinion
          = = = = = = = =
          I had to use the product a few time to get the hang of it and for my hair to look nice, rather than messy. It does take practise to use this; how-ever once you have got used to it I think you will be pleased with the results. Although my hair is about shoulder length it's still quite hard to wrap the hair around the barrel and I think this would be much easier to do with longer hair than mine. Although the waves looked good in my hair I also think it would look better in longer hair. Depending what products you use probably depends on how long the waves will stay in your hair. I recommend using a Heat Protective spray such as the one I used along with some good hairspray. The heat mat that comes with the product is very useful and I use this every time I use the product. I also always use the heat glove as well to avoid any burns. The storage bag which comes with the product is good to stop the barrel from getting scratched or damaged, but you must remember that this bag is not heat proof. This is more of a travel/storage bag. In terms of value I think the product is very reasonable as there are much more expensive products out there to buy which do the same job. I have found a few down sides to the product which is the size of the heat stand which is meant to help prevent surfaces from getting damaged from the heat but as the heat stand is so small it doesn't really make much of a difference. I was also disappointed that the whole screen where the temperatures are displayed doesn't light up as this can sometimes be difficult to read in different light conditions. Due to the down sides of the product I am going to take off 2 stars.

          (review also on ciao)


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