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Babyliss Pro 235 Styler Hot Pink

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Brand: Babyliss

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    3 Reviews
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      16.03.2014 17:01
      Very helpful



      Great value hair straighteners

      === Why did I buy these? ===

      My old faithful straighteners seemed to be on their last legs, though considering they were about 5 years old, it was to be expected. They didn't seem to heat up as much as they used to and it seemed they were dragging slightly through my hair. With that in mind, my mum offered to buy me a new pair for my birthday. I have a close friend who is a hairdresser and she recommends the Babyliss Pro straighteners, as she uses them in the salon. My old straighteners were also made by Babyliss, and I thought that they were as good (if not better) than GHD's. These also have a five year warranty, as opposed to the two years that you usually get with GHD's.

      These straighteners are a hot pink colour and have rounded plates so they can be used to both straighten and curl hair. I'll admit that the colour was one of the things that first attracted me to these straighteners.

      === What's in the box? ===

      When you open the box for the first time, the straighteners are wrapped in a heat protection may. The mat is black with a hot pink trim to match the straighteners. The mat also has hooks inside the mat which makes it ideal for travel. The fact that these are multi-voltage is also handy when travelling, as it guarantees that these will work well abroad.

      The straighteners themselves are very light, with a long swivel cord. They are a hot pink colour, with slightly rounded edges. These straighteners are 25% longer than most on the market and you can tell just by looking at them that they are slightly longer than most.

      === In use ===

      There are two buttons on the side of the straighteners, one to switch them on, and the other to switch it off, there is also two small lights which show that the straighteners are switched on, (the red light) and when the straighteners are ready to use, there is another green light that comes on. There is also a small switch that you can adjust the heat, although these are indicated with small circles to indicate the heat, rather than the heat. These straighteners heat up to 235°C, (guess I now see why they are called the Pro 235 straighteners) and there are also two other heat settings, 180°C, and 200°C, although I have only used these on the highest setting so far.

      They only take around 15 seconds to heat up - even if you are using them at the highest setting. The 3m long, swivel cord is also handy when trying to straighten the back of my hair. These also feature floating plates (if you press gently on the plates, they move) , which means there is even pressure on your hair while styling. As these are longer, I can get more of my hair between the plates at one time, particularly when finishing the back of my hair.

      I have found that these straighteners heat up quickly, and do a great job of leaving my thick, wavy hair straight. It only takes me a few minutes to straighten my hair, as there's only a few sections around the front that I have to go over twice, but that is more to style my hair rather than straighten it.
      Another thing that I noticed about these straighteners was that they seem to cool down really quickly. I'm always concerned about pets tugging at the leads and burning themselves, and the fact that these cool down quickly means that I have one less worry when using these straighteners.

      === My thoughts ===

      I have had these a few months now, and they have exceeded my expectations. They heat up really quickly and do make a good job of taking my wavy, unruly locks. I was surprised how cheap these are, as they seem to rival more expensive straighteners. I do like these straighteners, they are easy to use, heat up in seconds and leave my hair looking very well groomed. I have yet to try to use these to curl my hair, but as they are quite light and easy to use, I can't imagine it will be a challenge to use these to curl as well as straighten hair. Being very shallow, I also love the hot pink colour of these straighteners.

      After borrowing a friend's GHD's., the only thing that I would say that I prefer the GHD's on is that the GHD's leave my hair very shiny and well groomed looking, which I don't seem to get the same results from the Babyliss ones, but considering the price difference, a bottle of shine spray is a lot cheaper than buying the more expensive straighteners! These are also not ionic, so for anyone who is looking for ionic straighteners, these won't appeal.
      Price and availability

      As these were a present, I am unsure how much my mum paid for these, They are £60 from Babyliss direct but I have seen them on Amazon for around £22.00. I think this is a fantastic price, especially since the build quality and effectiveness rivals my old GHD's. I also had five years of use from my Babyliss straighteners, compared to two or so from the GHD's. I know that there are people who will swear by GHD's, but having used many different straighteners over the years, including two pairs of GHD's, these are a firm favourite. I won't be going back to the GHD's.

      These straighteners are available from the following retailers and price:
      Amazon £21.99
      John Lewis £29.99
      Tesco £30.00
      Very £30.00


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        28.01.2013 02:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great set of straighteners by Babyliss.

        ~*~*~ Babyliss Pro 235 Hot Pink Hair Straightener ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is an ultra cool looking pair of hair straighteners in a bright pink colour. They have a fast heat up time and are nice and easy to use. You can not only straighten your hair with them but also curl or wave it too.

        ~ Why I bought them? ~

        I didn't buy these myself, they were a Christmas present from my brother which I was very grateful for indeed!

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        These straighteners are quite widely available. Having checked online I can see that they can be bought from -

        Argos, Wilkinsons, John Lewis, Amazon, Boots, Currys plus more places.

        The price varies from store to store but ranges from £29.99 - £49.99.

        ~ The Look ~

        These as very attractive to look at and have a nice sleek look about them. They are a nice shiny pink colour all over including the plates.
        They rounded edges of the straighteners make it easy to curl or wave your hair too.

        They come with a neat little heat proof mat which wraps around the straighteners to protect them during storage or travel. The heat mat also protects the work surface.

        The straighteners have a long 3m swivel cord which makes them nice and comfortable to use.

        On the side of the straighteners you will find two buttons to turn it on and off and there is also a sliding switch to control the temperature.

        ~ Using the straighteners ~

        After plugging these into the socket they heat up incredibly quickly and are ready to use within 15 seconds. They have a choice of temperatures up to 235°. I keep them on the highest setting at all times as I find this is what suits my needs. Even keeping them high they still heat up within the 15 seconds which I think is great.

        They feel very comfortable in my hand and are nice and easy to grip and use. The rounded design looks and feels nice.

        They plates close down together nice and snug and pull through the hair easily.

        I generally section my hair and start with the underneath, I then section that into two separate sections and run the straighteners through my hair I find that running these twice down each section will get my hair smooth and straight.
        I then repeat this with the rest of my hair and find that I can complete my whole head of hair in around 10 minutes.

        I have also used these to curl my hair but I use thicker sections to do this not to over curl it. I have found that they have worked brilliantly for this as it's easy to bring the hair around the rounded 'barrel' and by giving a slight twist I am left with large yet perfect waves.

        ~ Overall ~

        I am very impressed with these straighteners. They look really girly and pink which is something I love yet they don't look childish.
        They heat up quickly and also cool down in quick time too.

        They leave my hair looking straight, glossy, shiny and fab.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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          02.11.2012 09:59
          Very helpful



          Stick to the GHDs or Babyliss Pro 230


          I have straightened my hair for many years and have bought numerous straighteners. After the invention of GHDs, other companies finally got onto how to make a decent set of straighteners which aren't as expensive as GHDs. The Babyliss Pro 235 straighteners are slightly different to most in that they are bright pink. I didn't buy them for that reason though (honest!) but that may appeal to teenagers who want to buy a set of straighteners. I had a set of Babyliss Pro 230 and left them at a friend's house who lives abroad by accident so when I came home I had to find another set of straighteners to buy. When I saw the Pro 235 I decided that the upgraded version would probably be better to try than buying another set of Pro 230 straighteners. The cost of these straighteners is around £50 on the Boots website but I'm sure I got them for around £25 in Sainsbury's as I wouldn't have paid £50 for them. In the box you get the straighteners, a heat resistant pouch and a heat resistant mat for the price.

          ==My Opinion==

          The Pro 235 are sleeker, smoother and curvier in design when compared to the Pro 230. This actually helps if you want to try and curl your hair with the straighteners (rather than straighten it) as they are slightly narrower than the Pro 230. The straighteners have variable heat settings which is good for people who have fine, damaged or brittle hair as they may need less heat. However, for me, unless the straighteners are set to 230 degrees or higher, my hair doesn't straighten properly. The maximum temperature for these straighteners is 235 degrees so they are on par with the heat settings in GHDs. Unlike GHDs they aren't 100% ceramic but havea mixture of ceramic and titanium in the straightening plates. Personally I'm not convinced that this is an improvement to the straighteners as there is something about them that doesn't straighten my hair as well as the Pro 230s. I'm not sure if it is because the plates are narrower or if it is the difference in make up of the plates (the Pro 230s are ceramic plates only). I have fine hair but a lot of it so it looks quite thick and just find that the Pro 235s don't straighten my hair as quickly or as well as the Pro 230, I find I have to go over the hair numerous times to get it to straighten properly, something I never really had to do with the Pro 230 or GHDs. The one thing I do like about these compared to the GHDs I owned a few years ago and the Pro 230 is that it has an automatic shut off after about an hour so if you forget to switch them off when you go out, they are more intelligent than you and switch themselves off which quite frankly is extremely useful for me as I regularly have OCD moments once I've gone out about if I have switched off the straighteners or not (I usually have but nice to have a back up).


          I don't find that the Pro 235 are worth the extra money compared to the Pro 230 (which are £30 full price but regularly on offer for £20 or cheaper) and in fact I have ended up buying another set of Pro 230. Compared to the GHDs, I personally don't find that they are as good as the GHDs, unlike the Pro 230 which I think are on par. Just three stars out of five from me as I believe they are also quite expensive for what they are.


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      • Product Details

        The Pro 235 Styler has been specially designed with a curved housing so you can easily create both straight and curly styles. It reaches up to 235ºC for high heat performance and is ready to use in just 15 seconds. The 25% longer titanium-ceramic plates can style larger sections of hair at one time giving you a smooth shiny finish to styles. Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.

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