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Babyliss Root Boost Hair Crimper

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4 Reviews
  • cheap
  • 360degree swivel cord
  • no heat protective pouch or mat with it
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    4 Reviews
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      12.02.2015 20:51
      Very helpful


      • cheap
      • "360degree swivel cord"
      • "works well"


      • "no heat protective pouch or mat with it"

      Helps me get some ooomph in my hair

      Babyliss Root Boost is a root crimper designed to build volume at the roots for thicker looking hair and big volume styles. The RRP is around £30, but I picked mine up in the January sales for £16.99.

      My thoughts
      I have really fine hair which I struggle to get any volume into, so when I first saw this advertised I really wanted to try it out. When I finally bought it I was so excited to try it. It doesn't look anything special and it doesn't come with loads of fancy features, but it's there to do one job and that it does!

      The idea of this product is to crimp the hair right at the root, which makes it stick out at angle from the head, thus making the hair look thicker and fuller. It's really easy to use, as you just clamp it onto the hair near the root and hold for a while, then repeat around the head.
      I'm not great with hair styling, I struggle with trying to contort my arms into the positions often necessary to style the back of my hair, so the fact that this has a 360degree swivel cord is really helpful for me, as it means I don't keep getting tangled up in the wire when I'm trying to style my hair.

      It has 3 different heat settings for different kinds of hair, and as I have fine hair I first tried it on the lowest heat setting, as this is recommended, but I found it didn't give the desired effect, and I had to actually use it on the highest heat setting for it to work on my hair despite it being fine. I would suggest using a good heat protecting spray with it as otherwise it will really damage your hair.
      Although I'm not very good at using any kind of heat styling device I was able to create a good amount of volume using this micro crimper, and I was pleased with the results, even though it is quite a laborious and time-consuming task! It really does help to create volume and lift at the roots, without needing to backcomb it, so you don't get that horrible 'dragged through a hedge backwards' look.

      The only disappointing thing really is that it doesn't come with it's own heat protective sleeve or pouch to keep it in, so I have to use one from another product I have with it to avoid damaging surfaces etc when I put it down.


      Yes, I would recommend the Root Boost crimper to anyone who struggles to get any volume in their hair, but I'd definitely recommend investing in a good heat protector spray to use with it to avoid damaging your hair.


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      26.10.2012 23:17
      Very helpful



      A great volume boosting tool ... Thanks BaByliss!

      ~*~*~ BaByliss Root Boost Hair Crimper ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      The BaByliss Root Boost is a very slim hair crimper that is used to add volume to flat hair without the need of backcombing.
      It is a slim black clamp type device with slim pink plates.

      ~ Why use it? ~

      I got this for Christmas last year and it's something that gets a lot if use indeed. I really do love this little crimper.
      Big hair is quite big at the moment, and I don't mean big hair is big I mean it's fashionable! And to achieve the bigger styles you need a lot of volume in your hair. If your hair is naturally quite big then I really do envy you! My hair is flat naturally and I can spray it as much as I like and I will still end up flat! So that was why I wanted these, that and I thought they looked really cool. So when I opened this on Christmas morning I was so happy.

      Back combing can damage your hair and whilst over use of heated appliances can be damaging too, I think these are quite fine.

      I actually think these make more of a difference than back combing and I find the results are longer lasting.

      ~ How to use it ~

      I suspect many of you remember when having crimped hair was fashionable, I was quite young then and I loved the look, now I think a full head of crimped hair would make me resemble Worzle Gummage but at the time I loved it, these are meant to be used just by the roots of your hair rather than all over, however if you so wish you can crimp your whole head of hair but it make take some time due to the small plate, the plate just adds three lines of crimp to the hair where 'boost' is needed.

      Of course the first thing to do would be to turn the crimpers on by pressing the power button, you will find that they heat up very quickly. There are three heat setting to choose from -

      These are chosen via a switch on the side and a display on top of the crimpers will tell you what setting you have chosen, the lights light up in green, amber and red.

      Use the lower setting for dry, damaged, brittle hair and the higher setting for thicker, stronger hair.

      You then have to simply part your hair, clip up a good amount leaving a thin section underneath free, you are then free to crimp away. Crimp the hair at the root section working your way around your head, when you are doing it you will notice that the crimped part sticks out slightly away from your head, this means it's working!
      Take down another section and then work your way around this one crimping the root area as you go, carry on doing this until you only have a small section left at the top of the head, you may also want to leave a small section at the sides of your head free from crimps if the hair is visable when it is down.

      You need to leave the top as you don't want the crimped areas to be showing.

      When finished and all the hair is left down you should see a massive difference to the volume of your hair, I do with mine.

      You are then free to style your hair in which ever way you choose, this may mean putting in curlers, straightening the ends, or even putting it up.

      If you feel there isn't enough volume for you you could go back and add two sections of crimps rather than just the one and if you feel you haven't got enough volume you could still back comb your hair a little and you will find that it stays better.

      Updo's look fantastic when I have used these as I find they help add lots of volume and texture to my usually flat hair.

      When finished using the crimper you will find that they cool quite quickly and then you can close them together and slide in a little locking slider that will keep the plates closed to protect them.

      ~ How long do the results last? ~

      I find that the results will last until I next wash my hair, if I sleep on it, it does flatten a little but a quick brush through puffs the crimped sections back up and it looks great again. I wash my hair everyday (most of the time) but I would expect the results to last 2 - 3 days with very little upkeep involved.

      ~ Would I recommend? ~

      Oh yes, even if you have quite big hair with lots of volume these can add more. They are very easy to use and I really like them.
      At the moment they are on offer in Argos priced at £19.99 which is a great price for these.

      They heat up in about a minute and cool down in a short amount of time too, they also have an auto shut-off after 72 minutes for safety.

      The cord swivels which makes them comfortable and easy to use and they are just great.

      I use them on the highest setting as my hair isn't that damaged there so I feel I can get away with it. If your hair is really dry though use one of the lower two settings.

      ~ Product specs ~

      *Add texture at the roots for an instant back combed effect without the frizz.
      *Slim micro crimp ceramic.
      *Up to 200°C for high heat and instant, long last results.
      *Ceramic crimping plates.
      *Variable temperature control.
      *3 temperature settings.
      *Maximum temperature 200°C.
      *30sec heat-up time.
      *Ultra-fast heat recovery.
      *Heat ready indicator.
      *Automatic shut-off after 72 minutes.
      *Digital controls.
      *Swivel 2.5m cord.

      ~~~~~Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!! ~~~~~

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        16.06.2012 12:02
        Very helpful



        A much better alternative to back combing, if you have the time to do it.

        I have quite thin hair and it does suffer from a lack of volume which is something I constantly complained about every time I caught sight of my reflection for a little while. My Sister clearly picked up on this and for Christmas last year I received these Babyliss Root Boost from her. I was already in two minds about whether or not I should purchase these myself so I was rather happy to receive a pair as a gift and was looking forward to trying them out.

        ----- Price & Availability -----
        The Root Boost are sold in the likes of Argos, Asda, Tesco, Superdrug, Boots and Currys and can also be found on Amazon and, more often than not, Ebay. I'm pretty sure my Sister said she paid £25 for these from Asda while they were on offer, £30 being their full retail price. A quick internet search has shown me these are sold from anywhere between £17 and £30 now though so it's definitely worth looking around before buying.

        ----- Appearance & Features -----
        The Root Boost is essentially a very thin crimper. The two plates are about 2cm thick and contain just four ridges. When these are closed so the ridges cannot be seen they just look like a very thin pair of straighteners. They're quite attractive to look at, mostly black with pink markings to show the on/off button and the different heat settings. The product name is also written on these in pink and the plates are pink as well.

        The Root Boost heat up to 200°C and has three heat settings. I'm guessing the other two heat settings are 150°C and 100°C although I cannot find confirmation of this anywhere so don't take that as gospel! I personally have never taken mine of the highest heat setting but it is easily done if you wish. You simply have to push or pull the slider on the side of these to which ever setting you want. They heat up really quickly, probably about 30 seconds on the highest heat setting although there is nothing to indicate when these have fully heated. The usual light that stops flashing when they're fully heated would come in useful in my opinion. These also have a really long cord which comes in handy if your plug socket is on the other side of the room to your mirror and said cord also swivels making getting to the back of your head much easier.

        To switch these on or off you just have to press the on/off button on the side located underneath the heat setting slider. These also have an auto shut off feature to prevent any house fires if, like me, you're rather forgetful. The plates can be locked shut which allows easy storage.

        ----- How To Use -----
        When I first went to use these I was a little miffed as to how you actually use them and found the official Babyliss instruction video which quickly demonstrates what you need to do. In short, this is how to use them:

        1. Section the hair into three layers securing the top two layers with a clip.
        2. Starting with the lower section of hair first and working with pieces of hair about 2inch wide, place the Root Boost plates close to the root of the hair and hold for a few seconds.
        3. Repeat this immediately below the first crimp.
        4. Once the under layer has been crimped, release the middle layer and repeat.
        5. Release the top layer of hair. Ruffle your fingers through your hair to break up the crimps for maximum volume and lift.
        6. Apply hairspray or mousse to the roots of the hair.

        In general I find using the Root Boost is quite easy, as long as you're capable of sectioning your hair evenly then I don't see why you'd have any problems using these. The swivel cord means getting to the back of your head and even the crown is done hassle free. It is easier if you have someone else to help you but it's still perfectly possible to style your hair using these on your own.

        ----- The Results -----
        These do actually work! I've used mine countless amounts of time since I received them last Christmas and I'm still amazed each and every time at how much volume is created by using these. I press the crimping plates to my roots and within a matter of seconds my hair sticks out a good few centimetres from my head. They genuinely do give my hair more texture, lift and body and just make my hair appear thicker and healthier. It's quite a transformation between the limp and flat look of my hair before I use these. The added volume is quite long lasting too. Although I would recommend using a good hairspray or mousse to finish off styling. Without product I tend to find my hair starts getting flat again after two or three hours, the volume lasts double that time if I've applied a decent hairspray. They do live up to their promises and I can't fault them in that respect.

        I do, however, have a few issues with these. Firstly, my hair is quite thin. Sectioning my hair into three layers means you can clearly see all of the crimps, particularly around my ears. My top layer of hair simply is not thick enough to cover two layers of crimping. So I have to settle with just crimping one layer of hair and using the other to cover these crimps. This does still work and the results do still please me but I have used these on my Sister who is the complete opposite and has masses of thick hair and, because we were able to add more crimps to more sections of her hair, hers did look much better than mine!
        I tend to find it is us people with quite thin, fine hair that require the aid of these most of all so it is a little frustrating that people who already have a fair bit of volume due to having so much hair manage to achieve much better results than me!

        Secondly, using these is very time consuming. This certainly isn't something you could do in the morning before work. It takes me a good hour to finish my hair using these which is all well and good if I've got an hour to spare but it's not very often I do! I mainly want to use these for nights out and I generally have to rush getting ready for such nights due to not finishing work until quite late. As a result I don't get to use these nearly as often as I would like to. On the plus, because you only concentrate on the roots of your hair with these, having longer hair isn't going to make it any more time consuming for you.

        My roots will remained crimped until I wash my hair, nothing else will get rid of them - not even straighteners. If that meant the volume stayed until I washed my hair then that wouldn't be a problem. Alas, it doesn't. When my hair goes flat again I'm just left with crimped flat roots which look daft and make my hair appear quite frizzy! Having said that they don't knot or matter my hair up and washing them out is simply done.

        ----- Overall Opinion -----
        Overall, I do really like these. It's very easy to achieve a good amount of volume and texture to my otherwise limp and flat hair. Using these gives my hair almost an entirely new style and makes it look a lot healthier. It's a shame achieving this look takes so long though as I'd love to be able to use these a lot more frequently than I currently do.

        It does annoy me that hair which requires these most of all is the type of hair which cannot get the full impact of these but the impact these do give me is still pretty impressive.

        I would recommend these, just don't expect completely amazing results if your hair is quite thin and fine as, unless you wish to reveal your crimped roots, you won't be able to achieve this. If you do have enough hair to comfortably section into three layers (or maybe even more) then these will give you that completely amazing result, I've witnessed it and it really is impressive!


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        15.05.2012 19:57
        Very helpful



        A must have for everyone

        I recently went on a beginner's hair and beauty course and these crimpers were recommended by the professionals as the quickest way to get big Cheryl Cole style hair! The key is to section the hair and crimp at the roots in small sections - we were given the tip of doing it in chunks like a brick wall rather than rows and rows of crimping. For even bigger hair you can then back comb the crimped sections! It's important to make sure you leave enough of the top section of hair to cover the crimping and it's a bit difficult to keep all the crimped sections covered if you tie your hair back. I've got thick hair anyway so I can really achieve big glam hair with these crimpers but I've also tried them on friends with much thinner hair and it gives them the volume they can't achieve usually.

        It does take a bit of practice but the result is worth it and but lifting the root of your head you'll find that you don't need to wash your hair as often.


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