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Boots Style Solutions Jumbo Hair Tongs

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3 Reviews
  • They make it easy to curl my thick hair
  • They are gentle on the hair
  • There are no disadvantages
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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2015 03:51
      Very helpful


      • "They are gentle on the hair"
      • "They make it easy to curl my thick hair"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Boots jumbo curling tongs

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a set of curling tongs that are bigger than usual so that they create large curls when you use them. They are also better suited for long or thick hair than usual size curling tongs and I am happy about that because my hair is very long and thick.


      These are very good curling tongs and they were cheap also. The barrel is very easy to gather the hair up and they get hot but they have not caused damage to my hair on any times that I have used them.

      I like that when I curl my hair with these the curls are big because I brush them out good then so that I can make my hair wavy and it does not take very much time.

      The tongs are easy to use because you can not change the temperature so you have only to turn them on and wait for them to get hot, that happens fast and the tongs stay at the same temperature for all the time that you are using them. I like also that the heat makes the curls stay in my hair and they do not fall out immediate like when I use my other curling tongs that are thinner.


      The jumbo curling tongs cost only £12 and you can buy them in Boots and on their website also. I do not buy beauty products that do not have a big name brand usually so I am shocked and very happy that these have been so good for me and I think any woman who has thick hair should buy themselves a set.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      25.07.2011 20:59
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product at a great price

      Boots Style Solutions Jumbo Hair Tongs

      I have had a curling tong before and I really didn't like it, whenever I used it, it just created a kink in my hair - not a curl. So I am very happy with my babyliss heated rollers but I could not take them on the cruise with me so I bought this product as it would be a lot more travel friendly and hopefully a lot quicker to use than my heated rollers.

      - Boots description of the product

      "Boots Style Solutions Jumbo Hair Tongs have 32mm ceramic coated plates specifically designed to create beautiful curls with minimum effort and is great for adding extra volume. Boots Jumbo Curling Tongs have a fast heat up system to help create your perfect style in no time."

      - Product details/features

      *Ceramic plates
      *2 meter swivel cord
      *Cool tip
      *Heats up to 180 degrees Celsius
      *Worldwide voltage
      *Large 32mm barrel

      - About the product

      This product is part of the boots own 'Style Solutions' electrical range. I did not know about this range until I found these curling tongs but they also have a hair dryer, straighteners and heated rollers in the range. The curling tongs come in a cardboard box and they also come with an instruction booklet.

      - Appearance

      The tongs are completely black in colour and the barrel has a metallic sheen as they are ceramic and the handle has a black rubber coating. The only switch on the curling tongs is the on/off switch - there is no indicator to tell you when they are heated up (there is just a light to show that the product is switched on) and there are also no heat settings. The tong section has 'Style Solutions' printed on the side and the handle has 'Style Solutions' printed in pink text. There is also a silver pull out rest on the back of the curling tongs to stop the barrel from resting on the surface beneath it.

      - Using the curling tong

      Firstly I brush my hair thoroughly to get any tangles out and if you hair is smooth it will result in smoother curls. Once I have brushed my hair I then separate my hair into two halves - you can either separate your hair starting at your ears and working inwards so that your hair is half up/half down. I have been using this method of separating my hair but I find that it is not the easiest method as when it comes to curling the second half of my hair that is pinned up, it can get quite messy and confusing. So I separate my hair starting at my centre parting and working downwards so that all of my hair is split into two sections, I then tie one half up so I can start curling the other half.

      I then take small sections of hair, about 1 inch sections. Tip: I spray a very small amount of hair spray on the section before curling it as it helps the curl to maintain its shape through out the day/night. I use Wellaflex Silvikrin Hydro Style hair spray which is fantastic especially when used with this curler as it does not make my hair crunchy, dry or sticky at all and it holds the curls well but still allows my hair to remain soft, smooth and flexible.

      This curling tong does not take very long at all to heat up fully - it probably only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute for the barrel to become hot and useable. Also there is only one heat setting on this product, the maximum heat is 180 degrees Celsius which is a little bit less than most straightening irons (which are usually about 200 degrees Celsius. This is not a negative point against this product, as for me I always use the highest heat setting on any hair styling tool - such as my GHD IV Styler which only has one heat setting as well.

      To curl with this product I take the 1 inch section of hair and I put it in between the barrel and the tong and clamp the tong down on the section of hair. I start in the middle of the section of hair because if you try to curl your hair by placing the curling tong at the ends of your hair you will just get a strange kink in your hair and not a curl. I then twist the tong until the hair above the tong is around the barrel, I then release the clamp a little bit and slide more hair into the curling tong and then roll the hair around the curling tong by twisting it upwards and stopping before you touch your head. To curl one section of my hair, it only takes about a minute to a minute and a half - and to curl all of my hair it takes about 15 to 20 minutes as my hair is long and quite thick.

      I follow this method of slowly pulling the tong down the length of the section then rolling the hair around the curling tong until I get to the ends. I then release the clamp of the tong gently and slowly pull the curling iron out of my hair - don't unravel the hair from the curling tong just slide the section of hair out of the curling tong and then you will have a smooth curl.

      I then just twist the section of hair with my fingers in the direction of the curl to make it a little bit curlier and to just smooth out my hair before apply a small amount of hairspray to the curl. I use this method as it is easy to do and I get smooth curls as a result. If you did not understand my description of the process, sorry, I have found a video that basically shows the method I use to curl my hair -

      I like using this curling tong although one negative point is that the cool tip (as stated in the product features) does not remain cool - after about ten minutes of the curling tong being switched on the cool tip is quite warm and then after about 15 minutes the cool tip starts to get hot to the touch. Although this is not such a problem for me as I don't use any way, I find that it is easy to control the curling tong and to hold on to the handle, without using the cool tip.

      - Results and longevity of the curls

      I really like the results from this curling tong; it gives me large curls that are really smooth and soft. I just spray some extra hair spray on each section of hair once I have curled it and I do not need to put any other hair styling product on. You could use a shine spray or serum over the top but I think that would just make the curls heavier and drop even quicker.

      I find that the only problem with this product is that the curls created do not last very long. For example, I curled all of my hair yesterday for a night out and I finished curling my hair at about eight in the afternoon and by about ten they were already dropping and making the curls look loose. Then by about twelve the curls were large soft waves - which looked quite nice but I would have liked the curls to have remained curlier for longer. And even with the hairspray which is 'extra long hold' they only lasted about three/four hours before turning into waves.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this product from boots.com for £15.31, which I think is a really good price and it is a product that is made to a fairly high standard. I bought this online and I don't think I have seen is product in stores. You can have it delivered to your home (for £2.95) or you can have your order delivered to a store - this service is free.



      *Very affordable
      *Simple sleek design
      *Easy to use - if you use it correctly, if you don't you will just get a kink in your hair and not curl
      *Gorgeous medium/large smooth curls and when the curls have dropped you are left with nice waves
      *Easy to control
      *Heats up really quickly - it only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute


      *Cool tip does not remain cool - after having the curling tong switched on for about 10 minutes the cool tip is warm bordering on too hot to touch
      *Curls do not last very long

      - Overall, would I recommend this curling tong?

      I would recommend this product as it is really affordable; it is lightweight so it is easy to use (if you use the correct technique), it gives me large smooth Kardashian/Hollywood style curls and then when the curls drop I am left with soft waves. Although I would have liked the curls to have lasted longer and the cool tip does not remain cool for very long.

      For more information: http://www.boots.com

      Thank you for reading my review - this review will also be posted on ciao (with photographs) under my username labellavita1992


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        18.08.2010 20:34
        Very helpful



        Make waves!

        I have very thick long wavy hair, and getting it to look pretty is quite a job. Using tongs tends to help because it makes the waves look more deliberate.

        Looks: like a basic, simple, jumbo tong. The diameter is 32mm, and they are ceramic coated. The swivel cord is 2m long, which is perhaps a little on the short side.

        How they work: they heat up quickly to 180 degrees, and make big waves or ringlets, whichever you prefer. They have universal voltage so can be used abroad.

        Price: I bought these from Boots, and as far as I know that's the only place from where they are available, being Boots's own brand. They cost £14.99 and can also be ordered online.

        My thoughts: One important thing to mention is that although the tip does not get hot, the heat-protection stand is (bizarrely) made of metal, and therefore does get VERY hot. This is the only major disadvantage, however; I found that the tongs work very well on my hair, and although it is a bit of effort, it looks considerably better. I get smooth waves that don't fall out (given a bit of hairspray), so all in all, recommended even for those with thick or 'difficult' hair. One star taken off because I've burned myself once on the 'heat proof' stand.


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