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Brand: Braun / Type: Curling Tongs / Smoothstyler Cordless Hair Styler

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    3 Reviews
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      16.01.2013 13:56
      Very helpful
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      I can't live without it

      Braun is a German company which actually began in 1921 building radios. In 1967 however it was co-owned with The Gilette Company. It is also partnered with Proctor and Gamble, but that share was bought out by italian company De'Longhi in 2012. The company mainly produces Electrical bathroom products. Its range includes;
      -Shaving and grooming (electric shaving, hair trimming, beard trimming)
      -Oral care (now under the Oral-B brand)
      -Beauty care (hair care and epilation)
      -Health and wellness (ear thermometers, blood pressure monitors) (out-licensed)

      But now also includes these categories;
      -Food and drink preparation (coffee makers, coffee grinders, toasters, blenders, juicers) (out-licensed)
      -Irons (out-licensed)
      -Clocks, watches and calculators (out-licensed)

      The C31 s smoothstyler is a cordless curler that is heated by a gas canister. The curler itself is around 12 inches long (with the long handle) and silver in colour and has a ceramic barrel for effective yet gentle styling . It has a protective see-through black lid over the tongs. The curlers come with two different sized handles as you can get a small gas canister and a larger one. It has a little bit on the end, which you fill with water and it has one switch only. It has a small lever that you press with your hand to open the arm of the tong, and it has a black button which you press to realese the handle in order to change the gas. It has express heat up to salon high temperatures (180 degrees)
      You can buy these in Argos, Superdrug and Boots or online in places like Amazon. Now mine were a present but looking online today the price varies around £70-£80
      The gas canisters are also avaliable at the same places and for two larger sized Blues ones its £12.49 and for 2 small ones (green) £6.47
      One of the blue large ones tends to last me about 3 months of everyday use.

      So first, fill up the water thing on top- to do this you just pull it off gently, unscrew the sponge bit, fill and put back on. Easy. This is the Steam moisture feature and adds shine to your hair. Then to switch on you press the switch up once, wait a couple of seconds (you should here the gas cominng out) then push up once more and it sparks the flame for the gas, it sounds like your cooker when you light that! Now look through the holes and it shouls be orange. If not spark it again (sometimes it can take a couple of sparks depending on when you last used it ) They heat up very quickly so you can use them straight away. Now press the lever, put the tongs at the bottom of your hair and put the arm down then curl up towards your head. Dont get too close because its rather hot!! Then press the water filled plastic thing in and it will create a puff of steam. This is to make the curl hold and add better shine. Then press the lever to realese the hair and pul tongs out from the bottom. Repeat action. Now I like to put my hair in sections and work my way through. I also spray my hair with hairspray ever layer to keep the curls in. To change the gas you simply open the handle by pressing the button, pull down on the gas canister to realese and then push the new one up, put the handle back on by pushing up and your done.
      I couldn't live without these, seriously because there are cordless you can use them anywhere and they are great from travelling and fit in your bag easy as they are so small. I found the water part with the stream really adds shine and helps keep the curls in. I curl my hair in the morning and it lasts all day, and even when I brush the curls out my hair has nice waves the next day. I find them very easy to use and with the gas being so cheap as well, they are worth the money. Iv had mine 2 and a half years now.
      The only bad point for me is that you can't control the temp, and they do get very hot. You really have to be careful of ears and skin on your head because even when not touching they can burn.

      So I give them 4 out of 5 but I would give them 4.5 if I was aloud! They lose half a mark for no temp control, but overall I would recommend them to everyone, great product and I dont know what I would do without mine.
      Thanks for reading and rating, comments always welcome.
      Thiis review is also on Ciao under the same name :)


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        18.09.2012 18:21
        Very helpful



        A great quality curler

        Yesterday I wrote a review on straighteners, so I thought it appropriate to write today's on curling tongs!

        This curler was recommended by my mother.  Ever since I can remember she has curled her hair every morning with a Braun curling device.  Ironically, when she used to have perms she used it to take the curl out, and since she stopped having perms she uses it to put the curls in!  Anyway, if she has used Braun (and only Braun) curling devices for a good 30 years then that's a good enough recommendation for me!

        ~My Braun Curling Tongs~
        I bought mine in the sale about 5 years ago and I think they were only about £15.  Only in the past 3 years or so I began to realise just how curly my hair really was and the massive mistake I was making was to use a hairbrush on it, instead of a comb.  The hairbrush made my hair into a frizz bomb and so, when I was going out or for special occasions I used my Braun curling tongs to get the frizz into nice neat curls.

        The tongs are cordless, which is really handy, this is also why my mother gets this type, as my parents like going on holiday in a touring caravan!  They are fuelled by a small gas energy cell, which can replaced at places like Boots or at Amazon.co.uk, although I am still on my first cell!

        The tongs are quite dinky, perhaps about 18 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter and light in weight, so would be good for people who want to pack them in a suitcase for the plane.  The energy cell is kept in the handle of the device and there are two heads to the tongs, the styling tong barrel, which is for tight curls which is operated by a tab which sits under the thumb and lifts the "tong" up and down so it holds the hair onto the barrel and a hard plastic brush-like head which slots on over the barrel for larger curls.  There is then a plastic lid which goes over the head of the tongs.

        ~Switching the Tongs On~
        Firstly they need to be switched onto the "on" - there is an on/off button on the handle.  Then the gas needs gas needs to be switched on via a button the handle (when on it makes a hissing noise) and ignited, a bit like a gas cooker, by a button on the top end of the head of the tongs.  This clicks when pressed and the gas should light after two or three tries.  The tongs take 2-3 minutes to warm up.
        ~Using the Tongs~
        I have only ever used the barrel and tong head and not the hard brush head.  With the tongs I can get perfect ringlets, like something out of Jane Eyre!  It is quite difficult to do the back of my hair neatly by myself, but I guess this comes with practice.  My mother (who has slightly wavy hair naturally) only uses the brush head as she is not looking to get tight curls, and therefore gets a more loose curl/wave look.

        For the curling tongs to work me my hair needs to be about half dry.  I find this makes the curls neater, but also my natural curls form whilst drying, so the more dry my hair is the more my natural curls begin to form and then the tongs have to fight against these.  However I discovered that with my best friend, who is Chinese, the opposite was true and she needs to have completely dry hair, otherwise the curls would fall out immediately if her hair was even slightly damp.  Also I had to keep the tongs in her hair for much longer to get the curls to set in.

        The curls stay in my hair really well, I can get away without using hairspray or even curl serum, although I do use it to protect my hair from the heat.  Once, when I was a teenager a friend crimped my hair and it took several washes to get it out- never again!  However the curls fall out of my Chinese friend's hair within 2-3 hours.

        I don't feel these tongs would do a huge amount of damage to my hair, I think strengteners are more "vicious". I also don't use them enough to cause damage, but my mother certainly hasn't got split hair and she uses them every day.

        My tongs were about £15 in the sale around 5 years ago.  I just checked and funding them on Amazon currently selling at around £30-£35 although I am sure it is possible to get them for less.  Replacement energy cells come in a pack of 3 for around £12.  They do last a long time, I probably used my tongs twice a month for the first 2 or 3 years I had them, although very rarely use them now. 

        These are a good, solid pair of curling tongs for those who want curly or curlier hair.  Since discovering that a comb and some frizz serum makes my hair curly rather than frizzy I have found less need to use them, but they work well for my mother who has slightly natural waves so the curls stay in well.  The tongs are quick and easy to use - much better than the alternative, individual curlers, eek, my granny used these - although aren't a miracle "curl" for those with super straight hair.  I guess the moral of the story it to be who we were born to be, but then as women we can't resist fighting the urge to be something else...

        Difficult one, as they are an excellent product, just not quite for me anymore. I think though they deserve a five, as for price, durability and effect I doubt whether many other curling tongs products could compete.


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        26.06.2009 21:48
        Very helpful



        A bargainous beauty styler

        I bought these in Superdrug on special offer for £12, purely due to my inability to use my GHDs to create curls. A friend recommended these and I made an impulse purchase - one that I'm thoroughly thankful for!

        These are cordless curlers, being powered by Braun gas cartridges which are well priced, easy to find in stores and long-lasting. These cartridges also come in two sizes, to suit the different interchangeable handles available for the portable curlers. Taking a couple of minutes to heat up, it's fairly simple to turn them on, and a metal spot changing colour with the curlers heat shows when they're ready to use - not the highest technology, but they work perfectly.

        Their price convincing the shop cashier to buy some herself, I wasn't entirely sure how long these would actually last, but their quality has been impressive. The barrel isn't ceramic, but the steam application ensures that hair remains soft and shiny after curling. The steam device (the little see-through button at the top of the curlers, releasing a burst of steam through the perforated curling barrel) is very easy to use and refill. Similarly, with the heatproof top these curlers are perfect to use while out and about, as there is no need to wait for them to cool down before carrying.

        The curls produced are wavy, natural-looking and bouncy, however the medium barrel is suited for long hair - a friend with hair just above her shoulders only really managed to achieve flicks, and would definitely need curlers with a slimmer barrel. I would recomment these curlers to anyone with long hair, who wants a styler on a budget that's portable and simple to operate.


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    • Product Details

      The C31 wireless blower brush from Braun combines the best features of a curling rod and a hot brush. The C31 blower brush works with a gas cartridge and thus can be used both in house as well as during journeys without you having to worry about power supply. In addition the C31 blower brush has a vapour feature that ensures your curls remain perfect for a long time. The C31 blower brush is always ready to give a new hairstyle and a new look to you.

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