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Philips QC5530

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Brand: Philips / Gender: for Men

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2012 23:00
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      Give the barber the brush off by doing it yourself at home... but not with this.

      I haven't got a lot of hair left on my head these days, I don't know where it went but I noticed it disappearing about the time that I got married, with it really thinning out when the kids were born... coincidence? I think not.
      Anyway, as I'm, well, I'd like to say challenged in the hair department , although most people like to say balding, I tend to try and keep my hair nice and short, which hides the fact that my head gets colder a lot quicker than those who actually have hair.
      A while back, when I wanted my hair cutting short, very short, I used to travel to the hairdressers, or barbers as us men like to say. Which cost me a few quid each time just for some bloke to get out some hand held hedge trimmers and run them a few times over my head, charging me an arm and a leg for the privilege, and I did not even get a blue rinse or curlers thrown in.
      These days, after I realised that I could save money in the long run by spending a few quid in the short term, I shave my own head using hand held head shavers which are all the same style as the ones that Boris the bandy legged barber used to use.
      Over my head shaving years I have used quite a few head trimmers, from several different companies, with some being mains whilst other were battery powered, but they all had one thing in common, and that was standard head trimmer design.

      But a while back I happened upon a new type of head shaving equipment, albeit using the same principle as the standard devices, with this one being designed to make shaving you own head a lot easier with less chance of leaving clumps of long hair scattered about the back of your head, (although clumps of 'long hair' isn't really an issue with my head).
      This product that I am referring to is on fact from a company called Philips, with the device itself being called the Philips QC 5530, although the name is not going to give you a clue as to what the product actually is.

      Firstly, allow me to give you a brief run down on what this device looks like so that you can see how different it is to your normal head trimming equipment.
      It looks like a phaser from a well known space series, with a firm handle which acts as a very comfortable grip.
      Right at the bottom there is the power connection port, this is where the power lead slots into when you want to charge the battery or, if in a rush, to use the trimmer with the mains lead plugged in.
      As we go up the handle, there is the on/off button.
      And finally, at the top, there is the main cutting head, which houses the cutting blades that the adjustable heads sit on in order to get the correct cutting length to your hair.
      The cutting head looks like a normal one, having a flat metal section which has another section running, or more shaking, across from side to side, with the blades moving over each metal section which the hairs slip between and are cut as they do so.

      Then there's the attachments, which you'd expect, three of them in fact, a large setting, a small setting and a precision one, plus there's a length setting attachment which is used for all the heads.
      These heads, or combs as they like to be called, (although I have heard one or two asking to be called Herbert... but that was when I was not too well and I had a high fever), have raised runners positioned at set distances from each other and all being a certain depth so as to trim the hair to a particular length. Only these combs, look slightly different as these ones aren't just flat bottomed, they have what looks like a half tube sticking out of the bottom of them which slot into the trimmer in order to trim the hair.

      The combs themselves give certain lengths of cut. (this information is taken from the leaflet that came with this device). With a cutting range from 0.5mm, with no head attached, to 30mm with the large head attached.
      Or to be precise the small comb giving 3 - 15mm, the large comb giving 18 - 30mm and the precision comb giving 2mm.
      Each comb give you the chance to have your hair as long as you want it, (although I want my hair as long as I live really as my head gets really cold in winter season).

      And the power comes from where..?
      If I said it came from the pixie dust that I'm growing in the shed at the bottom of my garden next to the swing seat would you believe me? Or would you think that it's time to call in the men with the white coats to put me in the room with the padded walls?
      Alright then, I'll tell you that the power comes from a built in rechargeable battery that can charge up in about an hour and can then give up to 60 minutes of head trimming time. It also has a ten minute quick charge feature which gives you enough time for one head trim, if you rush it.

      When the internal battery is running out of charge a little light around the mains lead connection port begins to flash orange. It is then just a matter of slotting the lead into the port, waiting about an hour for the battery to charge, then you're away, ready to finish off your hair as you know you can't go out with half your head cut short whilst the other half is longer than a hippies from the 60's.

      If the battery runs out all of a sudden the good thing is that it can be used either cordless or, if you're in a hurry and the battery is flatter than a witches... (hang on, no, don't go there, but you know where I'm going don't you?), ... anyway, if the battery is flat then you can still shave you head with this connected to the mains. Although this can be a bit restrictive with the wire sometimes getting in the way.

      What about using it..?
      You simply choose the comb you want, be it the large, small or precision, then slot this on to the main cutting head on the shaver. Then, turning the ring which is below the cutting head, you raise or lower the comb to the right height, in mm). once selected you then tighten the ring once more and you are then ready to begin shaving your head.

      Simple as that really.

      Plus, to make it easier to get around the top, back and sides of my head, even without a load of mirrors surrounding me, the head can be turned 180° and can still go about its trimming business.

      My opinion...
      This started off as a rather fine device that I soon got the hang of and was shaving my head with one hand behind my back and my left eye shut, with my right eye squinting slightly.
      The handle is designed well and feels comfortable to hold whilst the motor buzzes away inside, although it does get a little warm the more the motor works, which is quite normal. But don't panic it doesn't get that warm that you have to drop it onto the floor in order to run your hand under a cold water tap in order to get rid of the blisters.

      The heads slide, no, it's really slot, yes, slot into place quite easily, although the height adjustment settings do take a little effort getting used to, but once there it does lock well into position so that it doesn't flop about causing different lengths of hair all over you head.

      Sadly though, after a while, it all started to go wrong.
      I don't know if it was just this one that I bought but as I had had it for a while, using it quite often in order to have the perfect head of hair, or lack of it to be precise, but it went down hill faster than a thief holding a DVD player under his arm with the old bill chasing him.
      Firstly, the combs that you need to use this shaver properly, seem to be made out of what seems to be the same material as that found in a box of chocolates. You know, that flimsey black plastic that seperates the layers of milk tray... although other chocolates do contain the same type of plastic trays... and the 'clips' that hold them onto the head itself seemed to explode for no reason at all, which is a bit 'dodgy' shall we say, especially as at one point I was half way through a weekly trim, which meant I had to drag out the old reliable mains trimmer to finish off the job. Luckily my hair wasn't that long so it didn't make much of a difference.

      Before you panic though, I'm fine. There was no real damage to my head as I may have exaggerated when I say the clips exploded. What I really mean is that they just disintegrated after a while, so the combs had nothing to grip onto, making them about as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

      And the other thing that really let this down is the power of the battery once it started to lose its charge, which is about two minutes of using it on the battery. It just seems that the motor needs full power to cut the hair on my head properly, but as the charge dropped slightly I could feel the blades seeming to snag my hair rather than cutting it, making a hair trimming experience more like a cat fight with a demented lady of the night after she'd discovered that the cheque had bounced.
      This can be avoided by constantly using this on a mains lead, but that defeats the object really as what I really bought this for was so that I could use it where ever I wanted to without being stuck near a mains supply.

      So what would one expect to pay for this head shaving clipper..?
      This clipper, trimmer, shaver... or what ever you want to call it... sells for about £40 in most good retailers... and some bad ones too.
      For this you should get the device itself, plus the three combs, a mains lead, which doubles as a charger, and a little cleaning brush.
      That's it. You don't even get a bag to put it all in. unless they put it into a free plastic bag so you can take it home with you.

      Would I recommend this shaver/trimmer/clipper..?
      To be perfectly honest, after using it for quite some time, now having it lovingly living in the back of the shed. I'd have to say a big over weight NO, especially for the hefty price tag of £40.00.
      It is supposed to be a battery powered device, and it is battery powered, but it doesn't give enough power to do what it's supposed to do for long enough to do the job in hand, or on the head to be precise. To get the best job done I found that 8 out of 10 times I had to plug it into the mains as the battery let it down, causing the blades, or clipper heads, to pull out my hair instead of cutting it, and as I Haven't got much hair left I can't afford to have what's left pulled out willy-nilly.

      For the price tag I'd seriously consider going for a better modal. Something that will last the day out without fear of having bits of plastic exploding over your head and burning the bare patches where the blades had ripped the hair follicles out.
      There are many out there on the market, both mains and battery, so keep looking and save you cash as this will let you down after a while.
      It let me down so much that I sometimes wish I was completely bald.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      The 180 degree rotating head on the Philips QC5530/15 Rotating Hair Clipper means it's perfect for cutting your own hair. Easy to use and giving perfect results every time, the QC5530/15 is great for men who believe DIY is a motto for life, not just for putting up shelves. With three interchangable heads that let you cut from 1mm up to 30mm, this clipper set is water washable for easy maintenance. Additionally the blades are self-lubricating and self-sharpening, meaning its as hassle-free as possible. Contour-following combs make sure that the cut is an even length, while protective combs and skin-friendly blades prevent scratching.

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