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Remington AS1201 Amaze Air Styler

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2 Reviews

Brand: Remington / Type: Styler - Curling Tongs

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    2 Reviews
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      25.08.2013 20:24



      Great air styler i highly recommend it!

      Hi there everyone,

      I would like to review this air styler as I have had it for a while and it is one of my favourite air styler. It comes with 5 different attachments, which is really handy and useful as I am very versatile with my hair. The attachments its comes with are as follows: a concentrator nozzle, small bristle brush, large thermal brush, curling tong and a large brush with 2 sides.

      It has a rather large handle so it is a bit on the bulky side especially for people like me with small hands.
      The attachment I tend to use the most is the large brush as it straightens my thick curly afro hair out really well. It has three heat settings and a cool shot. I only use the medium as it is the perfect temperature for me and it dries and straighten my hair really quick. It is a bit on the loud side to which is why I don't really use the high setting, unless I am in a rush to dry and straighten my hair. It is ceramic and ionic so I have not experienced any heat damage with it. I love this air styler!


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      08.04.2011 13:23
      Very helpful



      A styling device that left me somewhat underwhelmed.

      My beloved Babyliss Beliss had just recently begun to die on me with a hideous crunching noise in the motor that sounded like it could explode in my hand any moment. This was a real shame. I adored this hair dryer. It had these comb-like straightening plates that ran through your hair as you dried it. I have somewhat unmanageable and frizzy hair and it turned out that using this function was much more effective in taming your hair than your standard concentrator nozzle and brush.
      I immediately wanted to get another hair dryer like this. My first port of call was the Tesco Direct catalogue. As an employee I get a 10% discount and my double Clubcard points. When I looked, however, it appeared that Tesco had stopped stocking Beliss. However, the Remington Amaze Airstyler caught my eye as something which is highly similar.


      The airstyler is fairly well priced. It's not as cheap as the Babyliss Beliss hairdryer (which I picked up for something in the region of £15) but it is £24.97 in the Tesco Direct catalogue (£22.47 with my staff discount). This is a fairly similar price to elsewhere and works out particularly well if you opt for free collection at any Tesco Direct collection point (found within selected Tesco stores). Including or excluding mail delivery, I don't reckon you'd be able to find it for any cheaper than about £21. I would say this price was pretty decent and I tend to grudge paying loads for a hairdryer. Why spend oodles of cash on hot air?


      When I first opened my airstyler I was in the presence of my rather dirty minded flatmate who, giggling, decided that it looked a bit like an oversized sex toy. Fair enough. I suppose its phallic shape is one of the quirks of this rather unconventional hair dryer.
      The airstyler is certainly different to your common hairdryer. The main part of the dryer is a stick-like implement which you hold in your hand. Now arguably, this may be quite offputting to some as it's quite large in comparison to most hair dryers. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for those with small hands and for those who have an issue with grip. Nevertheless, I found that I could hold it quite comfortably even if it was rather heavy.


      Now, in order to use the air styler you have to add on the attachment of your choice to the handle. These attachments include:

      1) A 25mm round brush with thermal bristles
      - This is my attachment of choice which I tend to use most often. I like the way it straightens yet gives my hair a tiny bit of bounce. I don't quite know what 'thermal' means but I assume it has something to do with retaining heat. Whatever the case, it seems to do the job.

      2) Double-sided paddle brush
      - This is my second favourite brush. It's pretty good at straightening your hair which I like although it could grip the hair better.

      3) Concentrator Nozzle
      - This is just your standard concentrator attachment. I would probably never use it as it would just leave my hair frizzy and it looks so awkward to use, pointing out rather than in towards the hair. Looks like you'd have to be quite flexible to direct it on the hair effectively.

      4) A 25mm soft curl spiral tong
      - I really should give this a go although I suppose I don't have the patience for it. I'd probably be more inclined to borrow my flatmate's hot iron curling tongs rather than use this.

      5) 30mm round brush with retractable bristles
      - I really don't understand this one. The bristles for this seem pretty week and minimal. I don't think I'll ever use this.

      The variety of attachments was definitely something that attracted me to the product. I wanted something that would sculpt my hair and, like my old hair dryer, encourage me to use straighteners less and thus keep my hair in a better condition. As for keeping your hair in a better condition, it has an ionic conditioning setting. This claims to smooth your hair and leave it unfrizzy. I never really understood this feature until I read up on it recently but apparently it charges your hair with negative ions which neutralizes the atoms (rather than positive ones which leave your hair static). It also apparently dries your hair better. To be honest, I don't really notice the difference and assumed this to be a load of scientific guff used to sell higher priced hair dryers. I could be wrong about this but who knows.
      When it comes to speed and heat settings, there are two heat settings and two speed settings. The best thing about the heat settings is the cool shot which I do like to have in a hair dryer. The cool shot is great for styling as it cools your hair and sets your style. I highly recommend this setting to anyone. However, I do think that the hair dryer gets a little too hot and I have ended up using the cool shot just to cool down my hair when it gets too hot.
      As for the speed settings, I think the speed settings are pretty limited. I have a tendency to use high speed settings when I'm drying my hair to get it done quicker. However, I dislike how loud this setting is with this hair dryer. I understand it is a 1200 watt appliance but it's a lot louder than any hair dryer I have owned and I find this a bit off putting.

      Another feature of the hair dryer is that it comes with a handy bag which is great for storage and travel if a bit bulky. The hairdryer itself has a very long lead and that combined with its size can make it a bit difficult to get in the case.

      *~SO DID IT AMAZE ME?~*

      I had high expectations of this device but I am sad to say that it didn't impress me too much. It definitely is somewhat beneficial for my hair as I can style it whilst I dry it rather than with hot irons after I've blasted it with a hair dryer. However, I would prefer if it didn't get quite as hot when I'm drying it on the normal heat setting. I don't think this does any good for my hair.
      All in all, the air styler was rather good value but there really isn't anything spectacular about this product. It does the job reasonably well but, in the end, I would say that it was remarkably average.

      *~Thank you for reading my review :-) Also published on Ciao - April 2011 ~*


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