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Remington CI9522 Pearl Pro Double Barrel Fork Hair Styler

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Brand: Remington

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2013 18:14
      Very helpful



      Absolutly in love

      I find if I try and curl my hair with a curling wand it drops straight away and I just waste my time. Even if I try and curl it with straighteners, it just won't curl. I received the Remington pearl pro styler for Christmas (along with the straighteners which I did a separate review on) and I have fallen completely in love with the brand and product.

      Packaging and accessories

      They come in a standard sized box. The box is black and white (the white is more like an ivory colour, almost the colour of a pearl - which ties in with the 'remington pearl') with flowers on it, the same flowers that are printed on the curlers (well on the handle)
      The brand is printed at the top of the box in black and then the name of the product is printed next to it which is elegant colours and match the colour scheme perfectly. Then there is a fairly big picture of the product, double prong curler and some key information just underneath.
      - 30 second heat up
      - 5 year guarantee
      - Luxury pearl ceramic
      - 235 degrees
      "Professional double barrelled tong for softly defined curls"
      On the left hand side of the front of the box there are a couple of small pictures which shows you how your hair will look if you use the pro styler.
      On the back of the box there is a slightly smaller picture of the pro styler and the heat pouch it come with. Just below it there is a paragraph about the product
      "Remingtons exclusive shimmering pearl ceramic coating provides even heat across the barrels whilst styling. The professional double barrelled tong is easy to use by simply wrapping your hair around the barrels in a figure of 8 to create beautifully soft defined curls that last."
      Inside the box there is a plastic tray containing the curlers and also a gold heat proof pouch which you can slide the tongs in once you have finished using them which is handy but can also be a bit annoying as when I am using hot tool like this I like to have a heat proof mat underneath them if I put them down so it is lucky I recieved some with my straighteners but would be nice if you got one with the curlers.

      Using the curlers

      The curlers are light and easy to get a good grip on when your using them. The control buttons are on the front of the tongs and the on/off switch is closest to the cord and then the + and - buttons that control the heat are closer to the tongs. The lead is 3m long which comes in so handy and the cord also swivels.
      When you turn them on an LCD display lights up with the temperature which you can control. The temperature ranges from 130 - 210 degrees celcius and claims to heat up in 30 seconds.
      The tip of the tongs are cool tip so you can hold onto them without burning your fingers but you also get a protection glove. Although it stops some of the heat I would still be careful when using them as you can still burn yourself.
      If you are like me and are constantly in a rush, I find I'll be sitting on the train trying to recall whether I switched my curlers off and whether the house will be burned down by the time I get home. These have a special safety feature which means they will automatically turn off after 60 minutes.
      There is a small peice of plastic on the bottom of the pro styler which means they won't touch the table when you put them down but I still feel happier using a heat proof mat when styling my hair.

      The cost of the pro styler

      If you buy them at the RRP you are looking to pay about £30 however you can get them a lot cheaper. I think I have even seen them for sale in a shop called B&M for £9.99 I think £30 is a good price for these you get extreme value for money and they do such a good job.

      The result

      With the minimal amount of effort you get amazing results. The curls are more of soft waves but they are absolutely gorgeous. The style would probably last for 2 days before starting to drop just make sure you use hair spray however due to washing my hair everyday it means I have to style every day as well (condition hair a lot to keep in good shape).


      I can only think of one fault and that is that the heat proof pouch is pretty useless to me and I would prefer if it came with a heat proof mat instead however you get what you pay for.


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  • Product Details

    Inject some volume into your hair with the Remington CI9522 Double Barrel Styler. Simply wrap sections of your hair around the professional twin barrel tongs to create beautifully defined waves and curls. The luxury pearl ceramic coating provides an even heat across both barrels ensuring quick curls without overheating and damaging your hair. The styler heats up in only 30 seconds and with settings ranging from 130ºC to 210ºC, you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair. A handy digital LCD display allows you to track the temperature change and a temperature lock prevents accidental changes.

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