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Tresemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers

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3 Reviews
  • They're a nice colour!!
  • No curls even after leaving them in my hair for longer
  • Hair doesn't stay wrapped around the rollers
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    3 Reviews
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      27.10.2015 02:08
      Very helpful


      • "They're a nice colour!!"


      • "No curls even after leaving them in my hair for longer"
      • "Hair doesn't stay wrapped around the rollers"

      They don't work!!

      In this set there are ten plastic rollers, ten metal clips, the case and a charging lead. I paid £25 but the price now is £19 so they have reduced a little bit in the two or three years that I've had mine, not enough though because these are not very good rollers and once I've finished writing my review they're going to go into the bags that are being collected for charity later today.

      To use them you stand them in the case and plug it in, the rollers take about 15 minutes to heat up to the temperature you need and that is average to other heated rollers I have used since. 15 minutes seems like a long time when you're standing waiting so the best thing to do is plug them in then go and do something else until the time is up, I always go and have my shower and wash my hair while they're heating and by the time I get out they're ready to use.

      The spikes on the rollers are quite shallow so you can only use thin sections of hair and even then the hair doesn't stay in place for long enough for the roller to do a very good job of curling it. The pins are to keep the rollers where they should be with the hair twisted around them but they always pop off after a few minutes so every time I used these I had to sit there with my hands covering the rollers to stop them falling out, when I'm using rollers I like to put them in and leave them for quite a long time for curls to be created and to set into my hair but I couldn't do that with these because after about ten minutes they all started to fall out and even if the rollers didn't unroll all the way they drooped down badly so that my hair started pulling and feeling like the rollers were going to pull it out.

      After taking the rollers out my hair just looks a mess, the curls aren't defined and some sections did not even have any extra waves and that is unbelievable when you think the sections had been wound around hot rollers for an hour!! After combing the curls they always went frizzy (that is a problem I have with my hair) and I could not achieve the bouncy large curls Tresemme promised me when I first bought this set, I am no longer disappointed with them because that happened when I first realised what bad quality the rollers were but I have decided that they are not worth keeping and that is why I am giving them to charity because someone might have a bit more luck with using them than I did.


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      30.08.2013 14:14
      Very helpful



      Volumises hair and leaves it looking lovely!

      ~*~*~ Tresemme Salon Professional Hot Rollers ~*~*~

      I was given this roller set for Christmas last year and I could not wait to use it straight away. I have used many rollers in the past which have never really been worthwhile. My hair is extremely thick, long and curly. I do straighten my hair a lot which can leave hair looking flat and dull, so I was intrigued to try these to see if it would add volume. Please see below for my thoughts on this product...

      ~*~*~ Packaging and Design ~*~*~

      The hot rollers came in a black, cardboard box. On the front of the box is the Tresemme logo, the products name (Salon Professional Hot Rollers) and a picture of the product. The design of the box is black and pink which gives it a very girlie feel. Included in the box is the heating pod, 5 rollers, 5 clips, 5 pins and an instruction manual. The heating pod is lightweight and measures at 15.2 x 15.2 x 7cm.

      The pod is made from black plastic and the lid is made from transparent plastic. The rollers are quite large, pink in colour and made from plastic. The part of the roller which your hair goes round is made from a soft, velvet material. The clips are made from plastic and the pins are made from metals. Both the clips and pins are large enough to hold the rollers.

      To heat the rollers you simply pop the rollers inside the heating pod, switch on the pod and wait for around 20 minutes for them to heat. There are spots on the heaters which turn white once they have reached the correct temperature.

      ~*~*~ In Use ~*~*~

      The rollers are extremely easy to use, I take one section of my hair at a time and wind the hair around the roller and clip it into place with the clips/pins provided. I usually place two rollers either side of my head and one at the back of my head. I leave them in for around 30 minutes and then remove.
      Overall the process of putting the rollers in to removing them takes around 35-40 minutes. The machine takes around 20 minutes to heat , so I normally switch it on before I get in a shower.

      ~*~*~ The Final Look ~*~*~*

      After I have removed the rollers my hair looks volumised and bouncy. The rollers give a lot of body and shine to the hair. After use, hair looks healthier and less dull. I actually prefer this look to dead, straight hair.

      ~*~*~ Pro's ~*~*~

      Apart from making hair look gorgeous, the pod is very easy to use and is compact enough to store in my cupboard. I also think £25.00 for this pod is an extremely good price for the results which it produces.

      Once the rollers are clipped in the hair they feel secure and they sit comfortably on my head. The other great thing about the rollers is the material which they are made from. I have used rollers in the past which are made from a Velcro kind-of-material and when it comes to removing them I normally take chunks of hair out with them.

      ~*~*~ Con's ~*~*~

      The holes in, which the rollers sit to heat, do not hold the rollers very well which I think then adds onto the time in which it takes to heat them. Once they are placed in the holes they do wobble about a bit and I think a more snug fit would have been a better design.

      Another con with this product is the amount of time it takes for the rollers to heat, 20 minutes is a long time if you are in a rush. The final flaw which I found with this product is there are only 5 rollers. I think that this unit would benefit from having another 3 or 4 rollers. I have, in the past, used one set of rollers and then had to heat them all over again to add more volume to my hair.

      ~*~*~ Price and Availability ~*~*~

      My rollers were purchased from Boots last year for around £20.00, however I am not sure if they are being stocked at the moment. I have seen them being sold on Ebay and Amazon for about £25.00.

      ~*~*~ Would I Recommend? ~*~*~

      Yes I would recommend these rollers, they leave hair looking shiny and full of life. The volume these rollers add is amazing. There is some effort involved, which is mainly waiting around, but it is worth it. I would have preferred more roller, but for £20.00 I can't really complain. Overall I am going to give this product 4 out of 5 Dooyoo Stars.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review :o)


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        05.02.2012 15:42
        Very helpful



        A nice starter set but you need time and patience. (I have neither!)

        I have shoulder length dark hair and before being butchered by the hair dresser it was way below my shoulders. I found that the longer it become, the more lank and thin it seemed to become and seemed to just hang off my head. I saw these Tresemme rollers and was won over by their promise to add bounce and lift to my hair. I did not want to have full curls but wanted natural waves that would last all day and make my hair look thicker.

        *Price and availability*

        I paid £25.00 for this set which is quite expensive as you only get five rollers!

        *The product*

        The set comes with 5 large curlers set in a case. The case is light enough and small enough to store away. The base measures 15.2 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm. The rollers do not fit very snugly in their little holes in the case and wobble around. As a consequence of this, the rollers can take up to 40 minutes to reach their optimum temperature so you really need to start getting ready early if you want them for a night out.
        Also with the set are 5 pins and clips to hold the rollers in. The five butterfly clips are cheap looking and break easily. They are quite useless. However, the rollers struggle to grip in the hair so they are quite necessary. I had to buy a couple of extra to help control the rollers and keep them in place.
        The curlers heat up in the base unit. The rollers have a heat sensitive spot on and when the required temperature is reached the dot turns white. You can then set them in the hair . They are not too hot to handle which at first made me think they wouldn't work. Once in they feel comfortable and light as there are no sharp edges that scrape the scalp. You have to really spend some time applying the clips though as they will fall out or work loose if you are moving around too much.
        The recommended time to leave them in is around 20 minutes but I leave mine in as long as I can as my hair is quite thick; usually around thirty minutes.
        The best thing about the curlers is that they do not pull on the hair which makes it look well conditioned and smooth rather than fizzy. This means I can get away with just a little bit of hair spray.

        *The look*

        The effect after using them is volumised hair that hangs better and looks thicker and full of bounce. I quite like the effect but sometimes wonder if it is worth all the hassle of getting them out and waiting for them to heat up!

        I like the fact that you only get large rollers in the set as I never use small fiddly ones and this makes the set smaller and easier to store. I'm just disappointed with the quality and expected a much better product from such a big hair care brand. They do the job eventually but should I really have to wait 40 minutes for them to get hot, 15 minutes of applying and then half an hour of letting them set? I have to start getting ready in the afternoon for a night out!


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      • Product Details

        Inspired by the salon, the Hot Rollers are extra large rollers from Tresemme that build volume, body and bounce right from the root. The Hot Rollers includes 5 extra large rollers that are flocked for ultra smooth, high shine and frizz-free finish. The rollers heat up quickly and achieve a high heat for long lasting salon quality results. The Hot Rollers also include 5 clips and 5 pins to make styling as easy as ever.The Hot Rollers are an essential part of the Tresemme Body range of styling tools. All of the styling tools in the Body range are specially designed – and salon inspired / to create fabulous voluminous styles that last the distance.

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