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Breville HB12 Hand Blender

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Brand: Breville / Blender Type: Handheld

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2014 23:02
      Very helpful
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      A mixed review but it's lasted me well and I have no reason to change for the sake of it.

      This Breville hand blender is endorsed by Anthony Worrall Thomson, which suggests that it was probably new to the market quite a while ago now. I bought this mine about 5 years ago - or more - but I have to say that it is a very sturdy piece of kitchen which has lasted brilliantly.

      The Look & Feel
      The blender is in two parts - the main handle to which the power cable is attached, and the lower blender section. The two parts are secured together by simply placing one part up to the other then turning until they click firmly together. The whole thing is made of robust plastic, but the top handle section has a very smart looking brushed metal effect finish which adds to the classy look of the blender.

      Overall, the blender is around 40cm in length, and the handle is a chunky size, around 7cm diameter at its widest point but tapered towards the end. That said, there are no 'grip' areas on the handle and the whole thing does get slippy sometimes, especially if hands are slightly greasy or it's hot in the kitchen!

      The most noticeable characteristic in terms of the feel of this blender is how heavy it is. The mechanism is inside the handle part, and it really is quite weighty. In one way, this all reassures about the quality, but in another, it makes for a little bit harder work than blending should, or could, really be.

      The actual blender section narrows down towards the foot before opening out into a dome-like cover for the actual blade. This dome is fully formed around the blade, so without actually reaching a finger inside, it's difficult to catch yourself on it. (That sentence makes it sounds like I've tried! I haven't!) The dome is vented all the way round, which I imagine enhances the actual blending capabilities. The blade is a usual arrangement of a kind of "S" shape, each 'arm' around 20mm long, angled appropriately.

      In Use
      As I mentioned above, the biggest factor in use is the weight of this kit. It is actually quite large and heavy for me to use, but fortunately it's the nature of it that it is only used in short bursts. The other issue is that the controls to actually operate the blender are situated right at the top end of the handle - that's to say, nowhere near where your fingers are naturally when holding it. There are two speeds to choose from, (the faster of the two speeds always the one I use) but they are just really badly positioned in terms of how the blender would comfortably sit in one's hand. The buttons do not require much force to press, and are fortunately quite responsive, otherwise this could be a major issue as it is quite an awkward arrangement. One other thing that occurs to me sometimes is that the 90cm power cable could really do with being a bit longer, just to give that extra freedom in use.

      Once over these factors, this has been a great blender, and we do make soup most weeks so it gets a very regular and sometimes robust workout. It's my preference to blend my soups this way rather than in the processor as I'm reluctant to create the extra washing up! Popping the blender into the saucepan of soup and blitzing for a few seconds at a time, and the soup is soon ready for serving.

      The blender is easy to clean, because the materials of the handle/body are good quality and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The blender section is washed with the other washing up and the blade is easy to access to wash (with care!). The only thing is that the section is hollow so it does hold water whilst standing on its end to drain. I still regularly forget this after 5 or so years and get a shower when picking it up to dry!

      The blitzing is quite noisy, but as it's the only hand blender I've used, I've got nothing to compare against, and I imagine that a quiet hand blender probably doesn't exist. In terms of performance I can't really fault this blender.


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