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Brand: Kenwood / Type: Hand

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2014 11:41
      Very helpful



      A really useful and easy to use food processing set. Helps to make meals quickly.

      I make a lot of home made soup, and I managed to burn out my last stick blender after a couple of years use when a plastic part perished and some liquid worked up into the bit where the stick connects to the motor. I had grown used to my stick blender, so I was looking for another one ideally rather than going back to getting the whole food processor out just for soup.

      I asked if I could be bought a new stick blender as a gift, and this is the one I was presented with. I would perhaps not have chosen this one for myself as I was only looking for the stick blender part really rather than a set with a food processor, but once I got using this, I was happy with the choice.

      The stick blender part of it is similar to any other I have seen. You get the handle part which is a nice rounded shape so it is lovely to hold in your hand. I like how it has been designed so that the cable comes out of a bit in the top that is angled backwards as this keeps it well out of the way while chopping anything up. There are two speed buttons located at the top of this piece. The buttons are rubberised so they are comfortable and easy to press so I find it incredibly easy to use. They are much comfier than my last model, which I only realise now I have a new model. The motor is 400 watts, which seems ample to deal with the sorts of things that I chop on a regular basis.

      The way that the attachments screw onto the handle feels very secure, and it is easy to swap between the attachments. The main attachment that gets most use for me is the traditional stick end that I use for blending soups. I find that it deals with a couple of litres of vegetable soup quite quickly. Like any stick blender, it can be used in hot liquids because it is stainless steel.

      The stick blender also came with a 700ml beaker that can be used for making smoothies. The design on this is quite clever as there is a rubber bit that is on the bottom of the beaker. While you are blending, this acts to stop the beaker slipping around on the bench. When you finish, then you can take it off the bottom and use it as a lid. Personally I would never fill this right to 700ml to make a smoothie as it doesn't give enough room for the fruit to move around when you do it. I prefer to fill it around half way, blend the fruit till it is smooth with a bit of milk or fruit juice, then top up later. You need room to lift the stick blender up and down to get all the fruit puréed.

      The other bit that has had more use than I expected was the frood processer section. I looked at it at first and thought to myself it was a bit pointless as it is quite small and I already have a big food processor. I then realised, it is perfect when making up my own pasta sauces. The container you mix in has a small 500ml capacity which again I would not really fill. It has a similar rubber bottom to the mixing beaker so you don't get slippage. It is the perfect size for putting in something like an onion half, or some garlic cloves. It will chop vegetables really well. I do have to stop chopping sometimes and scrape some of the food from the top of the container back to where the blades are, but on the whole it works well.

      I love how the same handle can be connected to two different attachments, and it is much easier getting these smaller devices out to use than a bit food processor. The results are almost the same, and a lot less hassle in using and cleaning up afterwards.

      In terms of cleaning, I stick to washing up by hand and then leaving things like the blades to air dry on my draining board. The metal bits can all be washed in a dishwasher if you choose to.

      My overall opinion of this set is that it has been a lot more useful than first anticipated and it is very quick and easy to use and clean up after using. I have no idea what was paid for this as it was a gift and I have looked online and seen it advertised for between £30 and £50 which seems reasonable to me for what you get with it. There is a similar set HB665 that comes with an additional balloon whisk that is £94 on amazon. I could have been very tempted by that after seeing how good this works.


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    • Product Details

      The Kenwood HB645 Wizzard Pro Hand Blender is a highly versatile hand blender that is a perfect addition for your kitchen / The blender comes along with a beaker which has the dual function of being used to blend food and comes with a rubber base lid for food storage / It's included chopper will also help chop herbs and vegtables in a flash making your cooking tasks faster and easier / It also features two speed operation with pulse.High quality stainless steel wand and blades0.7 litre working capacity beaker with dual purchase base/lid2 SpeedsDetachable blades for ease of cleaningNon slip rubber base for extra stability / Short name: Kenwood HB645

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