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Brand: Kenwood / Type: Hand / 2 Speeds / 120 Watts

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2008 18:44
      Very helpful




      I've had my Kenwood HM200 for years and years now and it was one of the best ever small appliances I have brought. It has been used for so many different things over the years I have certainly had my money's worth 100%.

      It is a very basic hand mixer and I have never needed for anything extra on it. You get a corded power unit with a nice ergonomically designed handle. This allows for very comfortable use when holding it. My daughter, who also uses it occasionally, at four years old finds it a bit top heavy when the mixers are attached and does need some support to effectively mix ingredients, however for an adult the balance is right.

      The mixers are separate and are like two wands with sphere shaped mixing balls on the end. They simply slot into the holes on the underside of the power unit and once in they will click and you will not be able to pull them out unless you depress a button on the top of the power unit to set them free. They do come out with a bit of a ping so I have got used to either holding both prongs in my hand when the button is pushed but this does get messy if you have mixing something sticky, or hold the unit over the sink and push the release button and they fall straight into the bowl. It is easy to do this because the release button operates whether it is plugged in or not so you can reach it anywhere.

      There are three power settings on it as well. Slow, medium and high - what more could you ask for. The power control is a sliding switch which goes higher for each setting and this can be a little stiff sometimes meaning it will push onto the highest setting occasionally instead of a lower one you were trying to achieve. The fastest setting is easily enough to whip egg whites into meringue or double cream into gorgeous thick luscious whipped cream. Yum!

      The unit is shaped with a flat bottom so to speak. I have found this invaluable to rest the unit on with the mixers attached but they can still be over the bowl to catch any drips. If I have to mix and then add more ingredients this flat portion of the mixer is very useful. Even the power cord will lay flat against the work surface when it is in this position.

      The mixers are dishwasher safe but the power unit can only be wiped with a damp cloth when it is unplugged.

      I paid around £15 for mine years ago and would pay that much again now it is so good and reliable, but unfortunately this product is no longer available having been updated with bigger and better versions. However, if you can lay your hands on this little beauty I would heartily recommend it.


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      Short name: Kenwood HM200

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